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8-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd -- -- protest over the because the guys out for a walk one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put -- People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet I quit net news radio and. I'm still amazed I really am bad I'll. All of a look at what it's like written that Casablanca. Of all places and -- -- -- get the quote wrong has been thousands have seen the movie which by the way Casablanca is the perfect movie. It's now Casablanca the -- perfect movie -- or other perfect movies it was a perfect movie. In a lot of all places in the world I still can't get over the fact that. All those years ago when I took because the kid got out of the hotel where we stay at a certain place on the cape. Fast forward 2014. My ex wife takes the kids the Cape Cod and she stays in the exact same place at my kids remembered it. And that's just awesome. And for those who don't know when are part of my ex wife I do so with great fondness as she is a dear friend and those of you who are currently going through a messy divorce I guarantee you. Mind it was worst mine it was my was legendary. Absolutely legendary. You know what. You grow up you become wiser. And. I can't imagine not having. My ex wife as the mother of my children. And as a friend and every dear friend. So. If you are in that situation right now. Don't do something now you're gonna regret later. Don't say things now all -- gonna regret in ten years. And you know without going into. Family stuff. We've had a heart to -- about. And it was a bad decision. But we. Made the best of and I know that she news. Happy. And happy to be my friend design tempers. But the story made my day. But -- -- just happen to -- the same place this summer are let's go to -- there in Lancaster. On WBE and -- you are on WB and hello. Quote. The topic is great today because I as a to have that I was the only one. Going true with this woman was describing -- You mean people in the neighborhood -- dogs and nobody shuts up their damn dogs anymore. Yes yeah I work -- -- -- all while they're in now. I hear he -- -- -- mark registry sparking concerns that we all they actually does not. Brigham and -- or even tries to curb and it just baffles me. -- and is that I don't understand it and their daughters just -- are in every. Yeah there are crazy. See I Victor I have to tell you bet that my neighbor has a Siberian. Husky. I eight don't think I've ever heard the dog go into a serious barking jag and I think Huskies are known for that. You're also known for huddling under fences that's right she's always an artist her name is hot -- she's the world perfect this dog ever. Yes the -- I'm dealing with across the street and the yellow lab. This is the first yellow -- others seeing. Are so much and being it really other German shepherd it turns the conventional. They get violent entire discussion with a bill that comes and just kind of scary. I've only been scared by dog once in my life and it was this summer and it won't go into details but let's just say somebody almost -- a doberman Pincher on me and a friend. -- And it would not have ended well for the doberman I assure you. Our audio but in any in any event I won't play the full story -- knows it and she's laughing -- she's listening but. Okay here's the question does anybody shut their dogs up anymore when the dog starts to bark incessantly. And how considerate are your neighbors about their dogs whooping on your lawn and then them picking it up. I'm I have very considerate neighbors are really do I -- not a great street I love my neighbors my neighbors actually like me I saw that in print once in the newspaper. That oddly enough my neighbors actually -- me and I know that might sound bizarre. So. But but at the barking dogs you know what I must tell you. There are certain streets from which I hear dogs barking in my neighborhood. Where the people are not shutting up their dogs and they literally will carry two or three streets over every freaking evening. It's like nonstop and I think to myself. Don't any of you ever think that there are other people who would like to enjoy a silent quiet tightly get knocked. That's holy night German I felt like being by for a moment. Yes and you know that's just the sector there are more Milan and I stuck -- that matters such -- but the -- work. -- you don't you don't wanna spend your time get maravent catastrophic and on the other hand you just. What -- say one more. Why is that it's the nice thing is when I step in crap I usually do public in my radio shows everybody used to say it's cited verbal. Up but seek here's the thing Victor I don't know if you know this or not because I did also see this -- -- house is loaded with security cameras and and has been for quite some time. And if I ever see. Somebody whooping on might well be a dog popping up my long and I can identify the perpetrator. I will happily bringing the -- to their front door and leave it there. I because it but I I don't have that problem because again people in my neighborhood are -- let my neighbors like living in freaking mayberry okay. Seriously. So Victor. When did it start here's my question when did people start not shutting up there dogs because I can Trace this back to at least ten years ago. Not on my street but in the neighborhood is on Kerry's. Yeah I would say that our warriors pretty much closed that though no one I would grow and out -- -- that was very strict about. Our arms are dark and he would know -- -- And and now that he he didn't want it here either but. What -- say that that dog and are proud to people's children that they're not washing their cheated on me over. It might landscaping. And pulling out by it. It. Okay Victor. The beauty of the cauliflower known as echinacea. Is never to be disturbed by human beings Victor. I need to ask you something written and in this this may become a personal. Are you multi cultural when it comes to your echinacea. Because I have a spot of echinacea. Where I have the typical per -- echinacea mixed in with the tomato color and orange color and a lime color and I have to tell you it is a it is a kaleidoscope. Of beauty every summer. -- -- our that our favorite perennial echinacea and the one that got ripped out the these currently with the tomato call. I got the one left and I'll to wonder. Are what that -- and where else did you you know Arnold. See here's here's where he had the dilemma you don't wanna beat that guy in the neighborhood because I will not -- on my front lawn and tell the kids off my I won't do it. I refuse to do it because they of the children in my neighborhood are very respectful. But losing an echinacea how close was it to the property line how close was it to where people would ordinarily be play. Well I would say it's pretty near your house at what side a quarter that. Or you know on the Grant -- and hit an annual -- I would say it's about. Probably ten feet from the felt that it was more culture of the house and street so they think what we're pretty close. How old roughly. Roughly how old was -- All I would say that earlier panel -- and -- in -- -- Milan. You know you have to -- a lot of factors you know was it deliberate in which case you got to talk to their kids parents. Was it just one of those things that it's not worth causing a neighborhood -- lawful probably. You know what -- the way the program -- but. And I put a funny story involving kids in the neighborhood and you'll you'll appreciate this and I'm not doing this I I don't like this is not bragging just understand I live in a small house I budget. Very very strictly in my life. I just had gotten a brand new Porsche like my dream car okay. And the little kids next door were playing baseball. One of the baseballs went right over my Stonewall and guess what it hit. My brand new Porsche now I had a decision I had to make at that moment. July could be that guy or two I have fun with it. So I waited until they got the garden hose out and started playing -- And I got my garden hose out and I started squirting out and I said hey this is -- hit my car with the baseball I was. But I am this grown men having a whole war with these little kids living next door it was one of the funniest moments of my life -- -- their mom was -- that I -- school with they're good kids. Or well yeah I mean certainly there's just things that just are -- get upset about material possessions are one of. And that just that took a lot bigger problems -- have a the world and you know this type stuff does it obviously had a bad -- what's going -- have -- -- -- -- topic you know that they're here. -- commiserate with other people that are going to change -- But there is no excuse for fiscal irresponsibility. I I. I don't -- that is that's wrong. And you also kind of prepared because Steve's new bit is when you see people with like plastic bags and they reached down and big rabbit in the they pull it up in the they pulled the bag over. I always -- Steve by that. And I'm I'm like comic German which you know it it'll Rouse me and it doesn't. All right thank you thank you very much. -- different you -- 30930. OK gang here's the overall topic. In your neighborhood. What aggravates you because I got a letter and email from a lady she's really pissed off about people in our neighborhood who do not shut up their dogs. Can they allow the dogs to death for Kate without taking care of the waste or if they do. They leave enough residue behind where it's unsanitary. To walk in beer three. And keep in mind I live in mayberry. My neighbors on my street except the Sherman's there idiots. John and I live on the same street by the way did you don't know he's -- -- But -- and they'll leave stuff in my mailbox it's work related -- I find that offensive I don't do radio business and my hope. All right you know three on -- thirty start I'm 3180616. WB the end dimension security cameras. Obviously because apparently in delusional felony harassment traffic. All right thanks Alan and if traffic does that do what you're neighbor's dog does and your lawn -- we get. We gotta get get that down okay if were were was all right here. It'll at least be doing -- tonight under AccuWeather is moonlit skies and comfortable 56. And I don't know if by Jon -- is listening to the show or not but mr. Fogarty. Thank you for being such a major musical influence in my life and politically we probably don't agree on much but I completely respect your musical talent. And I'd like to shake your hand and just not be a PIT able to say dude thank you great show. If you're at the fair tonight and you see Jon Fogarty -- guarantee you're going to be blown away. He's the voice and the lead guitar guy of the CCR credence Clearwater revival he. Basically he was that he was CCR you don't need to rest the -- he was easier. Right now 72 degrees overnight low tonight 56 tomorrow sunny and pleasant and a 78 degrees. Let's get back to the calls so what else are people not doing any more that they used it. -- when I was growing up in the sixties and somebody's. Generally speaking. If a dog was barking at the neighborhood neighbors would immediately. Silence the dog tell the dog to shut up which dogs understand. Don't bark dogs understand that but it seems that a lot of streets that isn't happening anymore. And they didn't get into the fecal issues but are other issues in your neighborhood that make it to scratch your head. And I happened to really liked my street a lot so like I even if I had just now -- We -- there -- simply aggravating me but. My neighbor's dogs specially the Siberian -- she's author OK here is frank in beautiful blue -- on WB EMI frank. I -- excellent. I might just tuned in when you guys are talking about the barking dog they. -- yet but you appreciate. I'm me and my wife we bought a house and just this past December. Then they needed a lot of renovation so we didn't in the moving in until I. I appreciate your wife already but you don't have to go any further bit please go ahead. We didn't we didn't. That we we -- -- the cattle couple doors down and it was something that I listened for what I was looking at the property initially. All you know. December isn't exactly the busiest time for boarding -- dog. Come the summer months. It -- little noisy in the afternoon and actually in all 110 o'clock at night. And the property is owned it to be -- whole allowable. Oh yeah yeah I mean at -- I want my neighbor and then the people on the panel also did you know I had no complaint accuses. Block the dogs barking until 10 o'clock at night. God dude dude. I'd like to talk to your further and I'm gonna put on hold if you've got something else to say because it's not just barking dogs that people are paying attention to anymore and blogs -- people aren't paying attention to any -- there are other neighborhood annoyances or things you run into on a daily basis you know I. Show as a happy ending I think a few weeks back. And one of the things I asked the question I asked at what point did people stop being taught that there is a blind spot when you're driving. And I cannot tell you the number of times. I have only been saved from each side swiping collision by looking over my shoulder because apparently nobody knows any more about the blind spot. The week and go player to ever show of political never expect that from. 8030 my thirtieth news radio 930 WB yet. Yes Jon Fogarty who I will be playing the grandstand. At the Erie county fair tonight at 8 o'clock and if you're anywhere near the fair I think it is your duty as an American to see one of America's true musical treasures Jon Fogarty. The man is amazing and no I don't have a man crush on but his influence. And his just. You know a lot. I've often told you guys yet don't have to be the world's fastest guitar player. Taste will outdo speed. Every time. And Jon Fogarty. Just knew exactly instill knows exactly which note -- hit. And exactly the right time enjoy yourself. I guarantee. You'll be in musical Ecstasy watching Jon -- I wish I could meet him. Anyway what Michigan meet -- sounds weird. Well. Right quick aside. When you meet somebody like Jon Fogarty -- here's my approach. Anything you can say to them they've heard before. So it's like when I met Rick Springfield. Just walked up to him now I was dressed very well. Walked up to Rick Springfield shook his hand and said that was one hell of -- show thank you very much for the music you rock and walked away. You don't -- playing you don't wanna fall on you don't -- gosh but you know what. I could tell in his eyes he really appreciated. That's how you deal with. You know that that's how you deal with situations like that if you're at a loss for words. When you meet somebody who had a musical influence on you. Short sweet to the point done. -- let's get back to the calls on the WB -- now -- guy who lives next to the cattle up in that new -- he did not hold up but. It in salt Fort Campbell. But what we're talking about today now you're outside more in the summertime and you're in the wintertime obviously. And as a result. Your neighbors can irritate you more. In the summertime then they do in the wintertime because. Well greater exposure to them. By the way my neighbors are so call that -- and Susan. For Suzanne they are always get confused even though were kind of related all. They are so cool that they just did a new garden and I think they put in a pond -- the invited everybody in the neighborhood over tonight to cede their pot. And to have a direct and of course me being me I had to ask Ian. I just hear you correctly we're supposed to come drink your pond. He enjoyed -- you know -- job. Suzanne or Susan Suzanne. -- what she'd ever answers my call all right let's get back to the girl she's a beautiful lady and she's actually Ian is actually related to my sister -- small world. -- let's get back to the calls on WB so that's how cool my neighbors are just say you know. Let's go to. And by the way. You really do like. -- -- They know about. And they accept me. They also know that I'm the one -- gives out the full sized candy bars and Halloween. I am not about lying friends. Here is Michelle and Cheektowaga on WB ER a neighborhood aggravation what are people doing any more that they used to do Michelle. OK I have been great neighbor -- love my neighbor explode. My problem and I have to god when I -- -- I have to get more. -- McLaren go somewhere locker because people don't you Dodd and deletions. And my god is mad dog friendly and -- that might. -- -- -- in god or three times in the past -- and add a run up. Two arts. Probably great friendly god. But I'll play dog fight about it. You do not wanna be in the middle of either a dog fight or cat fight I was in the middle of a cat fight once and I lost because my cat bit beat down to the ball -- today took off the next day because my hand swelled the size of Joseph beavers -- -- So. Yeah I don't know why I said to -- percentages seem to be the first thing I saw when I looked up so. Neighbors who were not properly leasing their dogs are these other dog walkers are these people who live by you. No I don't either people on allocated to people over there. I practice a little about that my dad that the and little little god. Anytime anyone lock their not only. They come running out from the -- yeah right I mean. God blockers. And keep them. On the target -- and I can. People familiar are -- god god don't. You don't like to Michelle. You know what I might do if I were you because you're like you're neighbors and you don't wanna start crap in the neighborhood you might approach it is say you know what. My dog is 65 pounds. And your dog is kind of small. And I do not want my dog to hurt your furry friend -- Is it possible for you to keep your dog on a leash or is it possible for you keep your dog behind a fence the times when I'm walking the dog. Because I'm not trying to be a bad person I just don't wanna see my dog -- your dog -- I couldn't live with myself. Exactly and you don't. Have my act unfortunately a couple blocks over -- blocking and trying to build then I you know little. Be a black lab puppy. Behind and a gateway -- Their name that I was standing that. -- that up because they came running right at us. And black lab puppies they always looks so spaz he and uncoordinated. -- like they're just not used to the size of their feet. Right well I didn't like I'm happy that I knew and you're you're well. I think I'm running outside but my dog is going to be -- Jack and the data I got my -- act of god in god we we're old news but and it went running not and the guy I would like -- -- -- running. MJ complete filing out. Yeah I do not understand people who allow other dogs to run free and I must confess I don't understand people who allow other cats to run free. Because when you love an animal you don't wanna expose it to unnecessary risks like vehicular traffic or other animals including predators like coyotes. I've had never had out there. -- don't. -- me. Now I can't and then there. -- the only time -- catwalk ever leave my property is when she makes a dash for it but she always comes right you know she always comes right back if she's -- out it's not something I want it's not something I encourage -- the -- of life for her she's got her own little house call my grudge. Until. They are I agree. It. And -- out here. And act. You are -- correct have you ever had a situation involving -- dialogue where you thought somebody was about to unleash their dog I -- that's only happened once in my -- -- -- about 22 and a half three months ago with a -- I've never seen that doberman before now I've never seen that -- sense and I love -- so I would have remembered it was really kind of freaky. Oh my god thank god it never happened no -- Democrat. Well it's a good thing for the Dover is -- did not -- And I love dogs please don't get me wrong but I collect my face and my body the way it is. I prefer my genitals copy -- chew toy for doberman. That was a funny line. All right thank you very much. Until 30930. Start 93180616. WBE and it gang between dogs. That are allowed to bark and bark and bark and somebody in the neighborhood which does not necessarily mean you or street -- this is not the case on my street -- make that clear of my neighbors. You know this I've not changed that one bit over the years I've got great neighbors. But from some of the streets over in the evening time that's all here's. There are and it'll go on for a half hour 45 freaking let's. I think to myself you know I've had dogs. Love the dog to bark like that are we were about that when I grew up. The minute LP would bark for more than five seconds we were all that side door saying no -- -- And again the dog do exactly what we met because he always shut up. 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB. Sometimes. Given the nature of digested food. Some has more easily and readily picked up without. Playing guns and others. And I don't need to go further on that without being gratuitously gross. In a -- going to be gratuitously gross I'll try to make it something sexual about expert Torrey. 8030 lead attorneys start at 31806. Point six WBBM you know what -- -- Winger. I will guarantee you there's. He probably tuned in exactly thirty seconds ago to the show and that's the only thing you heard me say all day. All right there is I love my boss -- school here's our Brian in buffalo WB EN Brian you've got a neighborhood annoyance talk to me. While the annoyances. There there -- sure if it's. They've cleaned up now along -- one space we are next to my house. Trampling. And screaming girls who -- Not who will be good you were there aren't. OK time out. When you say screaming. There is a certain shrieking. That is eight piercing high frequency shriek. Which children from the age of about two until six are capable of making which even I -- here. Corporate -- yes yes that's -- Well -- are now prepared to wanting to -- which were so. Cease to get our -- Just dark -- people. -- I don't know which one. Pick our order legacy. Should it should just take that -- make -- sick. Not the -- guys that are. Wonderful. Yeah. It were observed in the words of shell from the hangover singing from the hot -- sticky. Right right right now -- look. And that the dollars that that surround my pulse. And I've got a level site. Big screen remote. It and. And explain that one because that's awesome might never one of building my Stonewall or Roma hosts a dude what's next the -- so you got to explain theirs. OK so solo and he is somebody who wants your intruder. Control for whatever visual go to the next hour or about circular. As opposed to fuel our. But security. And I are here. So I -- on the big fear that dollars airing. Yet they will listen via -- that the worst ones are very low UB. Poll you mean like the little ship serves. Blossoms. Yeah they do attend the yet quite a bit. What but look at large bigot I used it but. Okay. Sold. Don't insert hurry love Britney girl -- Sure sure -- I've got right now -- patio. -- college. She's worried should you go about it were. -- they should. That's more than a buffalo school graduate. Oops sorry cheap shot totally under observed that I apologize I just couldn't help myself. But Porter Collie is out there and you talk about blogs -- security I'm not a believer in dogs as security because it is one of the blogs are one of the most easily overcome security features in the world. And I don't wanna be specific but trust me there easily over it there easily overcome. We determined than. Because I mean they they may be overcome what -- there -- stole. Most burglars in your neighborhood most trust testers are going to be children are going to be living very close to where you live in that situation. Dogs can be a great asset. But it professional dedicated burglar or trespass or a blog is an easy thing to get by trust. -- -- Your text that tell you anything you don't know. Ordered what looked. I can -- Shall we yeah I agree. By the way -- the dog I like and and I know you're you your pre open minded Adobe's and I think he's a German shepherds both of which I loved by the way I. I really like doberman Pincher is but I also like hit balls. Well yeah. He's the only dog is -- a little bit. Interpretation of what was -- -- And the resource was because they -- you know vaguely thinking clampdown. In gaining. Electoral that it got such strong. They were built for that. And in. The end. Are there any thought. I got that it here and what -- -- -- Actually constricted. Directly. OK wait a -- you do not make that statement on my show goes up right in the middle of Reading Albert Kumble played again you do. Not mention the plague and then expect me to say thanks for calling I need to follow up but I got a break can you please hold on brand. Sure sure OK and be ready to answer whether it was -- -- -- new -- or mistakenly diagnosed don't go anywhere WB Ian. And by the -- we're discussing earlier before the running thread of my incredible genius was strangled by my incredible and the past the -- senility if you see traffic situations and we're not telling you about them we need to do our job better and -- does a great job we always appreciate extra -- the number is 803032180303214. WB -- -- command a beautiful night and absolutely sensational night and I am -- to all get to -- Jon -- of the spirit tonight. I -- once you're going to be blown away he rocks mostly sunny and pleasant tomorrow 78 at seven. The seven the -- seven the for -- -- -- 74 and news radio 930 WB yet I want to wrap things up when Bryant because Bryant has been a vet tech and we started talking about dogs at a kind of scared him over the years and I said -- by the way I was bitten by a cat and I got the plague. You're gonna have to explain that my friend. Okay trying to through responsible. What is it like 1984. And one of 130. People look at it in the US. 230 years I love you okay so. It in by Kuwait doctor -- who were so it was so beautiful. Young doctors. And we've discussed earlier. These -- -- he could be picked up 1980s. For our league awards. And I did go to Children's Hospital. In the -- -- he took a picture my air war. Textbook now I didn't realize what was happening at her. Young because my arm started -- who own. Peace equation. Shut down. Did you develop swelling. In the underneath in Europe Europe's. -- -- It went all the way up went -- my age from. So do I hit three point red lines -- radio. But I -- Opera. And then one bright red light went she might get back. And but I didn't hit I expect all picketing at feet. In order to lose progressing then some mighty. News swallowing -- -- hole -- six. So was it robotic. And what are the -- that we penicillin or they go a little higher up the food chain. Sort through what did they treat it with which antibiotics. Are so -- And I presume the cat did not fare very well and I presume the cat had been affected by. A rodent that at the -- Or it and why I don't know why it was a year. I -- Brian you're the first person I have ever spoken with who actually has had bionic plague and -- if you were here. I would give you a hug it because my own medical history is a constellation. Of medical weirdness which defies every single law of statistical probability so dude you're in good company men. And -- -- And respect yeah it. And -- -- -- you know it's his birdie at eight that were children seven and. Outstanding bank thank you very much longtime listeners may remember a -- landing on -- and I got rabies shots at the strong insistence of the county helped the rector. 455 WBA and its hourly we're talking about the stuff in your neighborhood that is driving you crazy so what people are learning anymore talk about basic. Common courtesy.

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