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8-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- It's Tom hourly and then it's -- it's local market. BA and its third. He had. Not being very Tom hourly thing facts. On news radio 930 W. Act coincidence coincidence coincidence coincidence with the Jones and coincidences. And got a funny by my ex wife took my kids to Cape Cod. And Cape -- probably about 5000 different hotels and motels from which to choose. You're well I have taken the kids to Cape Cod. And there are still thousands of hotels motels and -- got a ways at which Tuesday which believe that independent. The other person my ex wife stayed at the exact same place -- stay when I took the kids the Cape Cod and the funny thing is. Is that my kids were real small well they were real small they were other young teenagers at the time ever faced. -- some of the businesses in the area and they stellar. Ever hear rainy day when we were gonna go up the problems found evidence that we -- the movies to watch on what movie. Superman. Bit. And that is became the the running joke the entire rest of the trip. All right anyway -- small world they what are the chances. What are -- week -- we couldn't plan that. Anyway ten minutes after three bad news radio 9:30 WBZ. -- Let's see nothing new. On the Aqua ball front to report today I -- while Michael Capuano talked about the peace bridge jet machinations that are taking place. Right now and he -- story in the local newspaper. He covered it quite extensively today. All lol and this this is probably just coincidence -- has nothing to do it all politics guys this move literally happened in the last five minutes it litter just before -- earlier I was sitting at my desk. In my office well within fifteen minutes ago and it. I felt a slight gap brushing of the skin of my arm I looked down and there's this giant. Spider. On my arm and I just kind of gently put aside. And about thirty seconds later I realized that bastard Brittany said guys check this out. Check this out in my late hit he can't see it in there but if you -- to rub your finger over it. It is almost marble size the reaction I'm having to the spider bite but. I'm always prepared for any contingency -- it my best I happen to have. Hydro recorders don't cream. So all is well that ends well. There's a motto and there's very there a reason to always be prepared. As you never know when a giant hairy spider is gonna come crawling -- you at work. No no it wasn't -- -- -- it was up a horrible wolf spider there's all budget different kinds of spiders you know some kind of lie in wait habitat -- walks by. -- -- -- And this this that was a definitely an attacker. Molecular knowledge -- killer -- kill people when mimic the wrong turn he didn't know is my arm. -- -- -- Maybe it was -- Cuomo spider. Many have underestimated this man's intelligence and abilities and his Machiavellian ways I don't well. But if you go to my FaceBook page that he will not see a picture of the spider that bit me you will -- oversee a picture of wildlife. I genteel old. Pastoral wildlife that greeted me. And other ever -- workers in the parking lot here at WBBM. Just about the noontime hour Joseph I don't love you saw them John Sherman I don't know if you saw them. But there was a hurt I realize there's not the proper plural are herta of Canada geese probably about 28 to thirty of them. And when I came into work -- or marching in a line up the parking lot because there's this puddle of rain. That is may be about the 5 X -- and all of them seem to want to be at that level of rain when there's a perfectly good critic. I just a stone's throw all four were they all decided to congregate so I took a picture. Of by the -- like you don't see it up for those of Western New York out. But I did take a picture and put it on my FaceBook page because I do know that you guys enjoy close encounters with wildlife and and I know that you enjoy pictures thereof and I was enjoy your stories about. Close encounters with wildlife in fact it's been awhile since we've done. A close encounters with wildlife shell and I'm kind of thinking about that may be possibly. As a happy ending for later on today but I just don't know. I have made the comment yesterday that a fire was forced into politics every -- talk radio host oh probably. You are probably would go crazy I'd probably know I think I would turn into a stark raving mad lunatic I mean even more so than I am now. But I do wanna just a few things a Cuomo before we get into the body of the show. I mentioned yesterday the New York Post article three days ago now. That describes Andrew Cuomo is basically turning into a first class. Newton. In the governor's office in the executive mansion in Albany, New York. In the exact quote from the article by writer Frederic U Dicker. For whom junior high must've been a living hell. He had described Andrew Cuomo as quote crazed. With anger. And it reminded. Of a book that was very big about ten to fifteen years ago by a Chinese. Military leader from years gone by many many many years ago before mile. And the guy's name was -- true. And the look. It's called the art of war and one of my favorite. All time quotes from that book is. I remembered this is a book of strategy. This is a book on how to mess with people and how to win a war. And there's many ways to fight a war. And I before I told you guys before. Bet John Gotti fought a war one away and he became the boss of bosses. Of New York City -- died in prison. He was involved of course with that -- the ball and wiping out Paul cost a lot well. Actually met a -- of Paul Castellano. On vacation. Vote yes I met I met Paul cost a lot of -- on vacation and we are great conversation. Pitcher's got -- surprised at how much they knew. And other -- ago she was not BS and she she was the real deal and we had a very good conversation but anyway long story short. John Gotti basically took power by force by -- Powerful force he was -- target Sammy the bull was a thug and that's how they -- that's all they roll. And -- end up in prison bravado ended up basically. Getting away with murder. Carlo Gambino. Was a very mild mannered meek individual. Who won the war. And was basically the boss of bosses of New York for about a decade or more. And it died a free men. Now I ask -- in the great scheme of life. Would you rather have the headlines and have the -- bomb like John Gotti and Sammy the bull. And die in prison or would you rather be definitely under the radar and running things like Mario oppose those godfather. With the Mary and bring on the cover. You'd rather be -- and remedy Carlo Gambino. But. In any event. It is a book of strategy. Andy -- what is a book of strategy the -- are referenced a few seconds ago the by the Chinese military tactician and general true and true. The art of war. And this is free advice to rob asked to Reno who wants to unseat Andrew Cuomo as governor of New York's -- We know that Andrew Cuomo is in mania. Folks I'm not just. Making it up to be mean and nasty. I know this man I know people who know this man he is a mania. He is a megalomania. He is a guy who basically acts like a spoiled. Two year old. Who has gotten everything he has ever wanted in life. And basically was born with a silver spoon in his nether regions are right. He's a spoiled. Little chamber pot. And when things don't go well for Andrew Cuomo. He absolutely. Explode and implode simultaneously. Now if you know that about -- mobile NF I know that no doubt people who are familiar with asked to don't know -- Best thing you can know. Is to rely on what the Chinese military strategist in general talked to said in the art of war. If your opponent is of color correct temper seek to irritate him. In other words if the guy against whom you're running. Is easy to screw -- and get a great bench them and make. That's what that's what Astoria don't needs to do. He needs to get. Under Cuomo's -- to get -- ball off of his game to get Cuomo to ball. Explode and implode simultaneously. And then. Maybe he -- city. Cuomo drop precipitously. In the polls in New York State may -- I'm not -- count on miracles. But I've told you guys before and I'll say it again. Politics is blood sport it is -- it is dirty it is bloody it is thuggish and everybody is not made out to be a politician. I don't care if you're running for dog catcher I know that's -- share. No matter which political office you are seeking. How low it is on the food change how -- -- bottom of the totem pole of importance happens to be. The minute you set foot into the political cesspool folks your life will never be the -- Okay you instantly have an automatic crew of enemies whose sole mission and job will be to destroy -- To humiliate you -- to absolutely. Demolish view. Why -- See what I said earlier about politics being blood sport and you know I'm sworn to secrecy on this. But I've heard from a number of people in private emails so I will not reveal names. That. What I say is the absolute truth. That even in what seemingly ought to be Picayune school board races. They had. No I'm not exaggerating. It's not BS. Eat that apple lowest level up politics your opponent and your opponents organization. Will seek to destroy you. It's all about power fundamentally and ultimately it's all about the Benjamin's and it's all about the power over. Others and it's all about the ability to get your third cousin once removed the job. That's what it's about it's a game and some people are good at it and some people are just not cut out for. And in many respects being a talk show host is the same thing. And you stay at the game long enough and you realize how which play. And Sean Hannity talks all the time about -- that every day when he goes on the year. And I guarantee it's this way for city -- -- eager to -- this way for me for David Bell -- for Michael Caputo for Rush Limbaugh for Michael Savage. It's it's this way for anybody. In talk radio out of your -- 1000 -- daytime radio station. The minute you go on the year. As a political. Talk show -- or somebody who expresses strong opinions some of which are political. You will have a cadre of people who were assigned to monitor your every work. Why do they do others. Because. They want to be able to be outraged so that if you were not on -- team. They can call for your head should -- stepped over the line. Believe -- people. It's reality. It happens. Hannity knows that Limbaugh knows that I know it sandy beach knows that it happens. And it comes with the territory and as they say you're either cut out -- or you're not cut out for. Anyway I'm upset about that for now except to remind mr. asked to Reno and his followers. What do you know about and -- well. Andrew Cuomo is of color Eric temper. Okay he is a volcano. He is an -- bomb filled with rage and anger when things don't go his way. And I'm simply gonna keep this on the political front and not the personal. 821. The man has a hair trigger explosive violent temper. -- -- -- Can make him show his true colors the true temper of Andrew ball. Which by the way we caught a glimpse of what he talked about conservatives not being welcome a New York's. The lunacy of his. Speech. The more exposure. Is given to his lunacy. And his inner anger the better because that will create. That will create a point storm. That will get things going to wait critical mass so we can see Andrew Cuomo implode and may be asked to Reno electorate and by the way. Do not everything. That I'm naive enough to believe that if asked to Reno is elected to state becomes the panacea. It will. The best you can hope for New York State and I hate to say it. Is a slowing down of the rocked. That's all you can hope for -- take on a reverse it'll simply slowdown. I now. And that's that Georgia basically net. Do you do you stick with full speed ahead -- Or do you simply try to slow it down. -- those are your only choice is realistically in New York that. This week. Well I happen to have a pair of tickets to. Jesse Jackson -- this coming Monday August 11 7:30 PM at. Park on a Monday value is sixty dollars courtesy of live nation. General contest rules apply and if you were gonna come down to pick up the tickets and are planning to do it tomorrow Friday we have summer business hours on Friday so I think our business our start at 9 AM and end at about 9:30 AM. So seriously. Definitely get here early early early early in the day if you're gonna pick up the figures tomorrow. Monday we have regular business hours but the really wanna cut that close if you -- to win so -- good luck caller number twelve at 6449875. Call or twelve will be 6449875. Pretty Jackson Browne targets and a good luck to you. I've tonight by the way the -- it's Jon -- I think the rest of the show we're gonna have to do some Jon Fogarty ZZR bumps Skype which African amazing performance and he sounds better than ever here's a guy who walked away he John -- Those of you don't know John -- he was knew he was the you know -- for a long time. He was the man took the word wouldn't beat the man and he was it. And basically you -- up got sick of music put down of guitars didn't come up again for years. Pick them up again. Instantly wrote a couple of big great songs center field. Put me in coach I'm ready to play. And -- buffalo paper rock and roll girls by -- way that shuffle off the buffalo. And just sounds better than -- Jon -- so enjoy the show tonight I'll be -- ago but there you guys will and enjoy it he really is true American classic I just hope he's excise Bill Clinton video from his opening. That was the only offensive part of your program. Anyway it is at 335 news radio 930 WB EN. -- -- Let's say. Started off the show today by asking a very sad actually up by asking questions but right offerings -- simple -- -- free advice. To -- -- regarding his race against Andrew Cuomo. And if you didn't hear it in a nutshell it is there's -- all. -- is a time bomb of temper tantrum. He is already. Being described as crazed with anger. And he is becoming increasingly. Abusive to the people closest to him. That does not surprise me in the least. Big key for rob -- to Reno is going to be. To continue. The implosion. And the explosion. Of Andrew Cuomo. To do everything you can. To bring out that true Andrew Cuomo to the voters. Because if there's one thing voters don't want. It is a politician or a leader who is seemingly just ought to control. In America we don't want our politicians to have temper tantrums. We don't want our politicians to be Bala told an explosive we want them to be contemplative. We want them to be circumspect. We don't want them to throw crap against the wall like Hillary Clinton -- all the time in the White House. -- the Secret Service guys oops I mean read some of the books. She was approach in the White House there's no other and there's no nice way to put it guys I'm sorry but that's just the way that he kept him apologist -- -- best that's what you it's. And a leopard does not change its stripes. Anyway or cancers as as the case maybe now. I realize that. This is not one of those end of the world topics. Actually this one is going to be an end of the World Cup as -- you could see if that -- but there are some people who actually gave me some grief we have today about -- -- Chicago. Your alarming people. And remember Joseph and John I remember talking about the fact that you know what. I just have a feeling that there are things we are not being to hold about Ebola for our own good. Our own good of course being in quotes. And I have consistently referenced a certain episode. Of the TV show criminal minds. The episode called amplification which deals with the scientist who invents this super horrible strain of anthrax. Are right. And at one point the biggest concern of the people in charge of tracking this guy down. Is keeping the story under wraps so people don't freak out. And this is a story now from CBS Atlanta. And I wanna share with you and you can draw whatever conclusions you like to from this story just don't shoot the messenger. Released if you do make it a good head shots or it's quick. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued its highest alert activation. Over the a bowl outbreak. I'm gonna say that again. And this goes out to those people who purport to show the other day what -- -- like finally does get sick of debating -- -- -- -- my FaceBook -- -- it would just that you reached a point where you -- -- a -- I'm spending part -- which I'm one person. And there's just no way I will ever break through the wall. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued its highest alert activation -- the Ebola outbreak. The director of CDC announced on Twitter. That there operations center has moved to a level one response and here's the -- CDC emergency ops that are moved to level one response to Ebola outbreak. Given the extension to Nigeria. And hotel jolt to affect many lives. The last time the CDC issued level one response was back in 2009. For bird flu. And then the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. So over the past ten years or so there have only been three instances were CDC has bluntly level one response. And this Ebola outbreak. Is the third of three in the last ten years where CDC has gone the level one. And again folks. I don't wish to. Unnecessarily. Or unduly. Put fear into people I think that's irresponsible. But. I do think prudence dictates. -- We'd be very alert. To any cluster of people in the United States. Because this is our homeland and frankly part of Homeland Security is keeping -- so help me right. Keeping -- a bowl afraid -- longest possible but we need to pay very very very very very very close attention. To any Ebola outbreak. In the United States. And the other question I raised to people who pooh poohed. What they considered to be in my fear mongering. On -- is well. If it's as an iron and as non contagious as we're saying it is how -- -- doctor wearing fully protective gear come down with it. I think that says all you need to know about Burris. So will continue to follow that story now Drudge has backed off -- the nonstop Ebola coverage quite a bit. But that does not mean that it is still not an issue because it's. When you've got something with a fatality rate of up to 90%. Up to 90%. And it gays I held a lot more easily communicable -- is something like HIV. It is certainly -- Not -- and acting. But a proper fair and circumspect level of caution. And keeping an eye on it and being aware and alert to the possibilities. And the other thing brought up yesterday news -- -- yesterday -- before. That. You know all 3000 people died. In part because our intelligence agencies. Failed to think like bad guys think that was one of the conclusions of the 9/11 commission report. That we lacked imagination. A failure of imagination. Now science fiction writers. And political thriller writers. Had long talked about jetliners being used -- guided missiles. Yet the smartest people in the world. In Washington. That was outside of their box of thinking. So using the 9/11 commission conclusion. As a starting point. There is nothing in saying whatsoever about suggesting that. There are bad people in the world who want to kill Americans. 3000. To them was not the that was just a good day. Three million now you're talking thirty million you're gonna have and or -- And if I were a terrorist mastermind. And I mentioned this the other couple weeks ago. I already would have been sending people to Ebola areas hoping they would contracted and then get them to the United States through the southern border as quickly as possible. And send them to various highly concentrated population centers. And by the time anybody know what it happened it would basically be too late. And you would see. Basically panic. You would see a widespread. Draining of our health care resources. Because remember at the same time as people would be coming down with Ebola you'll still. People coming at the emergency room to cut themselves in the abdomen as -- some pork belly in the today in Western New York those are not pleasant ones. I hope he's OK I hope he makes. They mercy plated -- and I hope they got there in time. And you've still got people don't undergoing treatment for cancers. And for various chronic conditions. So that if you -- to back. Ebola. And an eight -- outbreak in the United States. What do you think would happen and health care system. What do you think would happen we couldn't. We are in no position to handle millions of people with the ball. We we like to think we are. But at the end of the hit a situation like that. We revert to our most primitive instincts. Yes people would push people out of line in the emergency were absolutely. People would push stick people out of line and grab the water they were trying to -- That's human instinct. And if you have any doubts about bet. You might wish to re read something they forced to read in high school which was a gruesome book lord of the flies. By William gold. And a careful study of any human history will reveal that no matter how sophisticated. No matter how intelligent met -- rational society thinks and it's. That went about. Who gets the fans. Good manners politeness. And congeniality. Will always go first in the interest of survival survival of the fittest. So just be aware. And under sharing the story with futures as an awareness that. Centers for Disease Control. Has raised Ebola now. To a level one situation. Supposedly because it has spread to another African country. And I must I must admit but I have some skepticism about why that would merit a level one response. Bird flu and to treat. -- the only other two times in the last ten years. Where the CDC has one level one response. Now you can you can draw it you can infer. What you will. But. I leave it at bat except to say. Dot dot dot dot dot dot dot. And it's dot DOT. Now it is. Three 46 and who's ready at 930 WB yet the winner of my Jackson -- tickets is Joseph. I wanna make this I -- -- get this right Joseph go all of Hamburg. All right Joseph and Joseph remember what I told you meant for gonna pick up the figures tomorrow our business hours are like 9 AM to about 9:30 AM on Friday in the summertime so. Make sure you get here early in the morning -- not before nine to make sure you get your tickets -- Monday's Jackson -- show which will take place at our park. And by the way don't worry -- concert anymore art park about the traffic. Because the police and the officials in Lewis and have mastered the art of traffic control getting. Fifteen -- 20000 people out to be very small village. In good order. And that they really really really made some great improvements over the years there's Tom I would go to a concert at our parkers have -- all 3 in the morning. That they have -- definitely. They've mastered the art now. 347. That news radio 930 WB at all so it got nasty available for a game on the year. It's a nasty email that didn't even involvement. Which is always nice at a news radio 930 WB EM. And let's get -- the WB and AccuWeather forecast for Cuba today this evening will be well let's see a moonlit sky high and comfortable being overnight low 56 should be awesome night deceitful gritty atmosphere. And that I wanna go but I can't get there in time. Tomorrow it'll be sunny and pleasant and 78 and tomorrow night clear moonlit skies. 58 Saturday sunny and pleasant 82. And it is 74. At news radio 930 WB yen taking a quick look at the spider -- oh it's down by about 50%. Cop and you mock me for my Hydro cortisone cream I keep on my -- you mocking me. Now about five minutes the three. Out of my our -- is brown -- The -- had an apple and now that's not racial profiling. Is like a big spider with a big bushy hair do. And I brushed him aside bad curriculum would want to and yeah awarded with a bite which says started to be it was like the size of a marble now it's the size of baby. Now ought to know just as it is just a little for. Anyway it's a 350 to reduce ready at 830 WB the end. And I within trying to be. -- that's just what it looks like now. All right. Moving gun and it was great rapidity so I received an email roughly the same time as it being attacked by the expiration of spider. Who might have viciously racially profiled. And receive email from a woman -- have to be careful because they don't wanna get too many details on this because I don't wanna -- -- given the deep du -- literally figuratively or metaphorically. With her neighbors but. Yeah she asks. All but -- not of this question is. What are people not being taught anymore I -- ish about this what three weeks ago. What are people not being taught anymore. And complaint number one from this woman is. And finally say it is the dogs in her neighborhood not just one. But dogs and her neighborhood. Every evening our Arctic -- substantively. All over the neighborhood. And nobody. Is bring in the dogs -- Nobody is disciplining the dogs. That dogs are just bark bark bark bark and it is starting to drive this woman up a wall. You know. I'm fifty. And what was brought up we get a dog. And if that dog started to bark. Wind and ten seconds it's a family member would be at the side door. Either bringing -- inside or telling LP to shut up and LT understood the meaning of shut up. They do it for about two minutes and then get distracted from the start to -- again that you're going discipline the -- again and by discipline I don't mean hit. I just mean at no barking shut up. And the dog got to know exactly what we met. Well this woman says that people are not shutting up their dogs anymore either allowing dogs to bark with impunity. Are you finding this to be the case in your neighborhood. Does anybody shut up their dogs anymore. Sometimes it's good to be a little -- here. So that's that's questionable want the other thing that is driving this woman crazy in addition to the barking is something far more -- And it involves the dumping literally and figuratively. By way the neighbor's dog or local walkers of solid waste. By the dogged. Which is either left behind in a steaming pile. Or picked up but still leaving residue behind and that's about as much details I wanna give. I want it ponders. Can you relate to any of these things in your neighborhood or in your life are there things that people used to do. Out of consideration for their neighbors are just not do -- anymore is this woman is furious. I mean she's like global furious. She's crazed with anger under is ready at 930 WB and 80309. --

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