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8-7 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back here to -- company. Here on news radio 930 WE EN it -- 1107. AM buffalo this is. Michael -- go in for sandy beach who is off on vacation until Tuesday. And I'm here today and tomorrow we've been talking about New York State crops and the resident in Albany but it emanates from New York City. Just like most mammals in the state. It comes up from Manhattan in the areas around it. We talked about the -- commissions this commission that the governor installed last year to recoup losses in the could investigate anything they wanted. But when they got too close to his cronies and himself. He disbanded them halfway through their eighteen month 318 month schedule. When that happened the US attorney in New York City got a sentence and this is just not right and he got all the files. From the more than commissioned local before they could be. Shredded are already starting the shredding machines in the governor's office and he discovered that the governor. Had been manipulating and interfering with the investigation. Of the Moreland commission in fact his lieutenants. Pre I'm sorry as pre pre Rory is the US attorney his lieutenants. The Joker cocoa and more in particular Larry Schwartz he's the one that was quoted in the New York Times article. Two weeks ago the terrorist blew the doors off of that story two and half pages in the -- New York Times. Going after New York Governor Cuomo. For manipulating and interfering with the commission Larry Schwartz his enforcer but just called local Roxy. Okay he called company said your your your -- your drop and subpoenas on the governor's friends you got to pull him back. Pull back. -- he didn't ask he'd hold them pull this back. I've never met Larry Schwartz he's got a very bad reputation among politicians for being a Rio. Tough guy I'd like to use of the word but a real tough guy he is bold. Rash and makes demands and you better not say you know if you do your trouble and the only reason I can talk about this is I'm not in business in New York State I have no clients in New York State. They would destroy me it would destroy you if you spoke got it back Larry Schwartz are -- A career. Bureaucratic career government worker just just got interviewed just. A nice interview. About a story about one of the -- program said very nice things about the governor was very supportive of the program Larry Schwartz came in and chopped his head off and he was fired. And god knows what's -- -- org right now you know he's got his pension because all he. All he did was speak out of turn in positive ways about the governor their brutal -- but it doesn't just happen in Albany. It doesn't just happen in New York City. Attitude that. Bet but I keep calling him -- this kind of dictator. Idea it is my way there or the highway you don't have to look any further from the front. Page of the Buffalo News today ladies and gentlemen take a look at -- front page of the Buffalo News headline plotting. At the peace bridge plotting at the peace bridge audio recordings of a little noticed April meeting of the -- of the -- -- authority's board described. How state officials had brainwashed potential opponents. Of the plan to expand applause are on the west side of buffalo. Now who's behind that brain washing. Very clearly Sam -- who was the president of the empire state development corporation and by the way peace bridge authority chairman. He said. The state officials had ended quotations the both -- brain -- potential opponents applaud the renovations the bridge manipulating the entire process. And this -- came to the attention. Two. An organization called the public employees for environmental responsibility who got the audiotapes that -- to the Buffalo News. And it's really. Well what a political whistles here what Peter says in this in the in this Buffalo News article. And it by the way and extensive. Article and it goes on and all and it's a very strong. Representative of how the Buffalo News will even investigate the Democrat governor of New York congratulations. To the -- when news during the they typically will bow in countdown to whenever they whenever he's he's in the area. But he this story by juries Gretzky out of -- ought to -- out of Washington DC. Is very strong. The here. Executive director Jeff rock. I think these -- it says in the story the peace bridge appears to exempt -- -- exemplified. Boost tourism trampling ethics. There's a pattern of underhanded deceitful actions employed by multiple government agencies which treat legal requirements. As speed bumps to be run over to reach their desired destination I can tell you with my own personal experience. That there is nothing. The governor and his. Enforcers will do to get his way nothing. They will interfere with the investigation. Of corruption and tell them to hold back. Of subpoenas have been dropped on friends of the governor. They will manipulate them -- opponents and brainwash them according to the to the comments of Sam appoint himself the governor's man here and Western New York. He is the Larry Schwartz of Western New York. He will do what ever it takes to stop. Things from happening to or to make sure that the governor -- plants are fulfilled a matter what those plans car. They're not always good ideas ladies to -- look at the peace bridge plaza but also take a look at the canal side. Take a look at WI BP yesterday reported that on Tuesday. Let's pick a State Supreme Court justice issued an order that bars that he's still construction company. From giving the media. Or any third party any information obtained while preparing its lawsuits against -- agencies and officials and the long delayed canal side project. Those officials. Thomas. Who was the president of the Erie Canal harbor development corporation. And -- Cuomo cronies. Sam -- president of the empire state development corporation chairman. Of the of the peace bridge authority. And deeply involved because the Erie Canal harbor development corporation reports. As -- -- man. In the region bear named in a lawsuit that's been filed by the piece of construction because the PE ZOR family company founded generations. This has passed on from the father to the children. Very very well regarded here at what's New York. Has been destroyed. By the cronies of Governor Cuomo who yanked a contract for them from them trying to blame them for delays -- actually. That were caused by the governor's cronies Thomas. And -- back just after these messages is Roseanne the -- yo who leads. The easier construction company. After father's retirement and is shot to. New York folks. It's not being covered very widely in the press -- here but it's most certainly not being covered in the press and all you ladies and gentlemen if you wanna know. How to clean up corruption in New York State you if you want a clean up corruption -- think you have to start with Cuomo. Come back and talk to Roseanne to PC -- -- news radio 930 WBE Aaron. Mike MacDougal in for sandy beach on beach company your reviewed -- the WP your 11:21. PM. We'd talk about corruption in Albany and -- touches our lives here in Western New York it's very important to note. That it is actually you can see this corruption this this. Manipulation this interference that's going on -- directed by the governor and his enforcers. Through local representatives here in the canal side project and I am actually joined right now by resentment -- your Vizio construction company. -- thanks for coming really appreciated. Well tell me a little bit double reason very quickly the listeners. About -- your company I guess I mean at stake in the last fifteen that. Little and my dad's not retired he's on his bulldozer for today. Effect on this particular job he was on the bulldozer every single parent can also -- -- make a retired and and spent retirement honorable. Yeah my dad never called work -- I guess you can't -- retirement it's what he loved to do he's built nanny nanny roads around Western New York. He's done it for 37 years we've completed over 380 million dollars over the years. And one thing my dad always said was it doesn't work it was what he loved to do. Well tell us. I understand that you your lawsuit claims that. -- your firm was wrongly removed from his twenty million dollar project to build bridges canals and an ice -- on a portion of the former memorial -- -- -- canal side. You claim that that -- point. And Thomas deal with the president in your county Erie Canal harbor development corporation. Did this improperly Telus would have been about your position. Tom -- is the president of EC HEC. And there's also another gentleman over there named personally in the defamation suit. His name is marks. He is the had of construction. He is the gentleman that is act every job meeting that would report. To Tom. And or sample eight on what is going on. Every time we tried to talk to -- years employee. They would not take a meeting with us they would not take a phone call they would not answer a letter while you're on the project while we -- on the project. And this is a project that they're personally invested in they would speak with the primary. Not only would they not speak. They toppled. Their superiors. That they met with assault type. Oh really so yeah that can Cuomo is -- lieutenants. In Albany thought that they were on top of this and they're meeting with the piece of instructional time. Absolutely when questioned by their superiors in New York Kenneth Adams -- Larry Schwartz. And me. Told them we meet with them all the time they can come talked at any time they want. And you were able to talk to Mark Smith. I had to talk to -- right. I mean it can't talk -- -- -- everything would. I wanted to talk to -- -- am sure that your. Now these delays the court is actually found that -- big -- you for the goalies and that's the grounds that they laid out there for firing easier. But in fact the court's found is true the court has found the delays were actually on the part of the government on comedy. Mark Smith and Sam point. Well what the court found was. And -- that the -- removal process that we proposed was in fact in accordance with contract and that the material that we had. Submitted for on the grant was in fact in accordance with the contract those two situations to add to the -- They haven't made a ruling or seen and the evidence on the rest of the designers that are coming forward however. In September of 2013 September 25 actually. There was a takeover agreement. Between travelers and EC HTC and travelers your bonding company correct my bonding company that agreed. To finish the project with a full reservation. Of rights what that contract says between me CH DC and travelers. Is we don't know who's at fault here. We're reserving to peace -- rights to make all of its claims and any defenses. We're reserving our rights and reserving our rights were just on a common here and finish the jobs of the taxpayers get -- project. Will determine later. Who's paying the bill. Which is in direct conflict with what a lot of people EC HDC say like travelers its just gonna come in and fix it and not cost the taxpayers anymore money. That is not what the contracts that's right an oddly enough that contract that travelers EC HDC -- Had a completion date of may first. They're nearest -- here. The one pastor Rick will be a -- for twenty -- contain me no home it's not complete and apparently were not sure but. Travelers as saying multiple designers and multiple design changes and a lack of cooperation as the reason it won't be complete now till 1230. Fourteen. Even with the new. Does that the company that they hired to replace issue they are getting the same -- exactly. So it really I mean it appears that it comes down to. -- very Erie Canal harbor development corporation. Doing the acting badly even now and -- -- -- in the acting badly even now they're making the same mistakes according to -- -- That's what we -- that's when I was going to be terminated because they're behind pipe is the name of the company that they've replaced him. Correct. Right and -- we understand it. That that missed that the ladies. Your. Position is delays were caused by. Errors and stupidity coming out of the EC HDC. And that that you were not responsible for those goalies the court is now found that some of those are about to find out more. But. What is this going to cost taxpayers -- that all the legal analysts I talked to have told me that you're going to prevail. And I'm not quite sure that's true I mean our our court system here in New York is very political. It is not immune from the manipulation of government. But if in fact you do prevail. Because all the damage that was done your company because -- in my right thank you are losing business because of this. My bonding company will activists have gone to do any more so if you can't get a -- you can't you work car acts so every thing that it costs us every day moving forward. Is a part of the damaged in this Los right now auction company at around 37 years 37 years of successful work in Western New York. Apparently we just become very -- contractors on the shop yet to all of us all of -- -- -- but we also know that Thomas. The president of your you know harbor development corporation in an Cuomo. And Sam -- the president -- empire state development corporation they apparently. Carter construction experts. I'm saying that's funny and I'm trying to be funny. They made these mistakes because they don't have a clue what they're going and they still don't have a clue what they're doing and they're making the same mistakes with the new construction. Well in court testimony during the preliminary hearing. CM -- this is a transcript rating. Sam -- said. The court asked the judge asked is this normal. The witness him quite -- your term your experience I have not. I do not have vast experience until taking this position twenty months ago. So this is one of the first major construction projects that I was and I've been involved -- So are his words Sam. Point the governor's enforce -- Western New -- now ladies and gentlemen I want you to understand that this is about the Moreland. This is a -- the interference of the governor in ongoing projects like. Investigating corruption like building the canal site. They've messed this up now what's it gonna cost taxpayers potentially. Real quick. Could be over 50000050. Million dollars ladies and gentlemen. Fifty million dollars because amyloid Thomas. Or to talk more to Rosanna Spiezio from Spiezio construction company get out your wallets ladies and dumb and fifty million bucks these radio in my thirty WB yet. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. -- -- -- Thursday. And yeah. Well. Back to -- company. Tony I love that. News radio in my thirty WB EM 11:30. AM ladies and gentlemen. Michael Caputo in for a city -- -- off until Tuesday got -- today and tomorrow. But more dead Bruce Edwards deputies. This was utilities say this was. This before my time -- this -- yeah this was march 31 1973. And now Buffalo, New York right rich stadium right. Think if this is not have voted for -- have to be all right yeah that's -- and I never knew they played I knew Jerry played the -- in all the debt. This is before my time animal. I was only nine there was but it. I related settlement we've been talking about corruption we've heard a lot about this -- commission if you did play excuse me paying attention. To the news in the last two weeks you know that. The New York Times and many other media outlets are now documenting -- interference of manipulation of the governor in the investigation process in this huge commission that he put together in order to expose corruption in Albany. He blew out -- water halfway through its job because they got too close to his pals. Buffalo -- that you need to understand that this kind of manipulation. And interference. Happens all the time right here in Western New York. It's not a corruption commission ladies and gentlemen check the front page the Buffalo -- a remarkable story. I I'm amazed at the New York Times took a two and a half page shot at the governor are uncovering this manipulation in an -- at the -- commission. Jerry -- -- ski in the Buffalo News this article is incredible. Incredible these the Buffalo News view and I know are very much and and log with Andrew Cuomo maybe not anymore -- this story is damning. And the players in this story. Are the same players. In the canal side project problem I'm sitting here with Roseanne -- easier to -- you construction company. There are some familiar names in the story on the front page of the Buffalo News today aren't there. Yes -- areas. The two people involved in this story and I read this story. And I know this story is true because I'm living it right exactly what happened to them is happening tops. An on Sam -- and Maria Lehman are directly involved in the conspiracy. -- share in the story but it Lehman is quoted saying that not to put out a press release. On. Advancements in the peace bridge project I think somebody has been a conscious decision. Not to kick sleeping dogs that otherwise might not be paying as close attention. As they are and then quite replies on the tape that was given the Buffalo News. But along those lines we've also. Continuing the analogy brainwashed now work closely with nudge those sleeping jobs and brought them over our side you'll third part -- recede as the best example. A brain washing. -- that makes it worth it tell me fifty. Million dollars in damages because. Sam point. A political guy was put in charge of a major construction project Thomas. Our political guy was put in charge of a major construction project. Fifty million dollars. Were the mistakes. The job will probably cost taxpayers over that one it's all done and it could've been complete it. For twenty million and it -- and on a year ago. So thirty million dollars cost of runs -- of them -- a lot of it legal legally. A lot and legal expenses. And -- have they done to your family company which has been around for two generations. It's damages yes exactly as you've explained it better come pounding every single day in growing upper deck. Those are damages today -- damages that travelers as sustaining and trying to complete the job. And we all know what happens when an insurance company completes its job right right but the taxpayers are gonna get that bill as well. The damages are growing every day so the public doesn't find out what happened here. And they will be exposed to at least another. Eight to ten million dollars in damages if this is not taking care of for another year. And the interesting thing. A states rights fees -- court justice. On Tuesday barred disclosure. Of any information from that Spiezio canal -- -- -- -- didn't -- the bee's story popped. Yesterday to fifteen -- -- that's. So that taxpayers won't even know. Who was culpable here you know the fact that Sam point could build a shipment backyard the fact that Thomas. And now Maria Lehman who is culpable. Along with point in this part -- -- -- -- in the Buffalo -- as a political person -- that also. Four different political 1233. Different political people. All there because of Andrew Cuomo manipulating the process. And destroying your family come. That's cracked and I'm not certain why. That decision was rendered. However I believe the question it really begs to be announced. Is why did these guys weren't court and ask them to seal documents on a public project. Right. Point asked the judge to hide this from the taxpayers cracked these would not be sealed if they didn't go winning ask. In if what they did to our company they did correctly. And it was right and it was justified. What are they hiding. Right and before election real quick call for a development that is some advertise here. Bobby in buffalo you got a question. What was the risk now by the church and -- you know the record. He really didn't offer rationale. -- would do well it was great north spirits construction. -- and protect. I don't know why mr. plate was named regional vice president of economic development with no experience that. You're I hope your attorneys in your company prevails despite the differences might be done detectors in terms of monies that. I understand now while the way they're going to around. In there and seriously talk -- talking -- a wonderful prevailed so that's. It is dirty it is rotten it is corrupt. I think you respect them. Bob thanks for your call thank you you know Bob makes it very good point. The -- for someone who's been -- politics for a while. -- -- -- The reason why standpoint with the charts there because he will do whatever ago -- no matter what he says not just Governor Cuomo bit Larry Schwartz and I think we're gonna go to break here for a moment right. We're gonna talk about Larry Schwartz the involvement in this as well when we come back -- news radio I'm thirty. WB -- -- you read the front page of the Buffalo News today this whole story about the plotting. At the peace bridge authority if you read that story that you don't get mad you'll art not a -- You have no. Heart. And the players that were manipulating. Everything very clearly in the -- -- he's a tremendous Buffalo News story. If you don't like the Buffalo News read today's paper you'll forget. You'll forgive because they expose Sam point embryo Lehman these political act put in charge these projects here Western New York as being. -- symbol manipulator is very much like what they did to the -- commission. Larry Schwartz as quoted in the New York Times story as being the guy who calls -- the -- commission. And tells them orders that forces them threatens them to take away. The subpoenas that they dropped on the governor's friends and bankers. And you know what's funny here -- or eight Maria Lehman Thomas dean these three political -- Acts who but it put in charge of millions and millions of dollars making terrible mistakes -- about the all the Cuomo cronies are involved here. -- -- -- -- -- From the piece of construction of your your being your your suing them for improperly removing you from the project -- destroying your company. What other name pops up. -- -- with warts. It does Larry Schwartz. In February of 2013. When my father and could not talk to any way and we couldn't get a meeting with Sam -- Tom. And as we know this little agency does not answered anybody but the governor's office. They don't answer too just like the Portland commission report directly to governor's office correct there's no representation by the people here they do not report to the assembly they do not report to the senate. -- go directly to the governor's office. So my -- sent a letter in February of 2013. To mr. Schwartz. And we have not received any answer yeah however I saw when he asked them what's going on than being quite in. They responded. Each and every single thing in there is twisted. And stand in such away that it's not true. So what you're saying is deep and point. Were basically misrepresent what was going on to the government office absolutely that's why we just sent to -- Schwartz so you have subpoenaed. -- -- -- We have you really have subpoenaed the governor's enforcer. I would like to -- well they have sad that they had his support I want to know what he knew. And why he gave their support -- Larry Schwartz by the way ladies and gentlemen voluntarily. Met with the US attorney pre Ferraro on its moral and commission. Manipulation. And interference. Yesterday. So Larry Schwartz. Coming back from. From -- for our office governor present from the -- construction. I'm not sure if he's been served yet it's been issued and it'll be served if not today. Yes it could answer yes but gas he is being subpoena. So if you're not quite certain whether Larry Schwartz who reports directly to governor -- with the governor parts he band -- -- right. You're not you're not saying that this is the governor do you think it might just beat the these three political hacks promised -- Sam point Maria Lehman. We're just making mistakes right laughed. Happy -- -- making all these things blow up in your basement and -- and making a piece of construction. Take the blame for their delays they may have been lying to the governor. Through Larry Schwartz. Yes I believe so so you're you subpoena -- -- you're gonna find out what he -- and what people go. So far every superiors employees that we have to post. Has also at the same thing with that they were not told of any designers they were not told of any design changes they were not told of anything factual on this job. They just trusted what Sam -- Tom Indian Marques Smith we're telling. What did you think you when you woke up this morning you saw his tremendous front page article in the book the thought it was Christmas. Well here's the thing I cannot imagine. Picking a fight with you I would never let me tell you something. When I heard recently that somebody made accusations about my father my head went through the growth. Maybe accusation -- -- clean respectable person somebody who's trying to manipulate some money thing is making activities I don't down there office and I would help them into the ground -- so my dad. And these guys -- telling you. Tell the public telling everyone -- that your dad was making mistakes on project for 37 years of business and not making that. That must -- They have no idea. You do not attacked my family you do not attack my father's partner. They are good people they have done nothing wrong but good for this community in 37 years. And what they tried to do it's it's despicable beyond if I can't fight for my father and my family. I have no reason to fight. Right qualities as they must've thought you'd be long -- I mean this has gone on for how long this is going on for two years. Two years go on for another year so. Well -- the recent court decision to seal all the records they're gonna be able to keep it quiet for at least another year so the records are sealed all the mistakes made by Sam -- Thomas the Maria Lehman. People who do nothing -- -- -- little bit about construction. Marino a lot about construction she -- exactly what she was doing. But when she testified she said she didn't know any of the relevant information. And she didn't bother to find out. But so. Because we're not gonna find out what the governor is cronies here in the -- mistakes they've made that did that -- -- -- it is basically the -- and outside. And from the just of Libya. We're not gonna find out about it before the election they can't damage well. You're not gonna find out. What they exactly sat what court testimony and depositions and lawyers' offices what sworn testimony it's so. You know what every media I can get. Will be helpful except you'll be able to hear from their own miles. What their answers -- until at least a year from now. Right along the election long after Governor Cuomo is returned to office. A potentially an -- and long after week even as the public do anything about it and there. Will your company -- here. I don't know. We're gonna try and it's awful they thought by now you well. Attitude that I would ties -- that are now looking back on I was reading some depth thing something I've seen that. I would never play. Never -- -- about my -- yeah. Well I got -- -- I don't know standpoint government I don't know Thomas the government I don't know really but I remember. As two of us with a look you do that you'll never met until recently while we Matamoros for fifteen minutes I could -- it -- like to talk to me until we subpoenaed him. And he's in charge and he's charts. It's amazing it's just it's astonishing. It's astonishing and the worst of the worst of all is that. There's so many family companies here Western New York so many companies that have been passed down from generation to generation. I know -- great examples Carl Paladino is company which being passed around his son bill who's a tremendous. General manager. These terrorists -- If you're part of one of -- -- of a family company and you listen to this and you don't get up in arms that that you have no nerve endings. I gotta tell you Mike I've been called by nanny many of the companies that your talking about and I been told by many people. I hope you can survive long enough to get the truth out because the people need to now and a lot of them have had similar experiences. It just didn't rise to the level of the millions of dollars that they have hurt -- so they gave us no choice. It wasn't a 101000 dollar fight I could've walked away from. Which would have allowed them to get away with that mind you but. Is it wasn't you're gonna die just roll over and not run well they'll have to kill. Well it apparently. They're not -- what what could. So upset by this story that I read. On WR DB dot com about the judge barring disclosure in this case because this is. A potentially. Fifteen million dollars today. Today and it's gonna get worse and the next year capsule is here occurring more and more damages and -- travelers. Travelers do the bonding company. Who have who have now stated. And who are joining our lawsuit against them and it wasn't a. Wow so fifty million are taxpayers fifty million -- we should have paid twenty million for this project work at fifty and probably more. Absolutely laid -- read the Buffalo News today read that story on the front page. Because this is all this but it's all about as the Moreland commission it's manipulation it's local biopsy and his lieutenants and we got -- his lieutenants right. Here Western New York. Present -- thank you very much for coming -- we really appreciate it thank you my. Pay attention people. Pay attention. This Michael Goodwin for sandy beach will talk you tomorrow.

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