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8-7 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's Michael put in force sandy beach today on the Palm Beach and company. Little bit -- do technical difficulties here. I love it leads and fly by the seat of our pants during India when -- equipment. Is not working properly. But it's 1005 here in Buffalo, New York here and news radio 930 WBE. Man Michael who enforce each. Are we even talking about corruption. And we've been talking we've been hearing about Governor Cuomo and his tendencies. In local proxies of his organization. The Joker cocoa. Hand Larry Schwartz Laura Schwartz the name I want to remember today. Larry Schwartz is an enforcer for the governor you'd do not cross Larry Schwartz the reason I can say this is I have no business. In New York State if I had one client in New York State. I would be it would be advisable for meat and not say a word about Larry Schwartz a joke I've actually met super prepared. He's nice enough guy but are you know behind the scenes he's a tough guy. Larry Schwartz is not that nice guys. He's had people fired for just saying nice things about the governor in the media he's a tough not on talent yet he's local proxy there's no question. In this the of Gucci community. Administration. And how much government in layers Schwartz is -- talk about that will be the week at the a lot of media interest in the more commission the commission. To investigate corruption here in your state that was. Put together by the governor last year and then abruptly closed down. Our only halfway through the year. Here eighteen -- schedule because they got too close to the -- they are subpoena in the governor's vendors friends and allies. -- Schwartz was calling it in and saying you better pull those subpoenas back and the investigators to which were saying while I mean we've. We're investigating where where where were issuing subpoenas Paula back. Do -- now. Eric -- medals in everything. But the governor cares about. And western new oracle -- summit is on the top. Of the governors I careless there's no question about it because he lost Western New York so badly. A win win he was running against. Wondering if Carl Paladino. He lost he was embarrassed and Western New York in we had. Incredible numbers. That came back in favor of of Carl Paladino Erie county in the surrounding areas. And the governor has warrants -- behind the scenes to make to change that completely. He wants -- to win by if he wants to win with 60% or more of the vote. 60% or more of the vote I believe. That's entirely possible if he is able to increase his numbers substantially. In Western New York now the Republicans haven't downstate candidate for governor this time we don't have a favorites -- like. Carl Paladino running. And the governor actually chose -- his present lieutenant governor has gone back to. Rochester where he's from and he gets elected. Hamburg native -- hopeful former congresswoman. Employee over at M&T bank until recently selected her as his. Lieutenant governor candidate in order to increase his numbers in western Turkey wants to win the western. If he wins in Western New York is numbers corporal -- you get 6% of the vote the reason why he wants 60% plus of the vote. Is he wants to wants. What we call politics a man date for leadership. He wants. The Democrats in Washington to understand that they have a strong potential candidate for president Andrew Cuomo and look how powerful he is in New York he won with sixty plus percent of the vote. To do that ladies and gentlemen he has to kill it. Here in Western New York -- the win and win pretty big he's gonna win huge downstate we know that because they basically don't have the mental capacity to analyze. The governor in his and use their cronyism. But here in Western New York key is working hard with the buffalo billion is the the basically its corporate welfare trying to get. Medical facilities here to corporations here he's given a free money. Anything he can do to the cranes in the -- down town so that all of us feel like brought -- -- to -- -- -- here in western new York and it's all because. Of governor go to -- more Cuomo. I'm telling you that his manipulations. But he did with the Moreland commission -- along and every single day in Western New York. We talked before -- last hour about some of the stories that was on politics. NY dot net if you go to politics and white dot that you look for the breaking column on the left those roster is I think you should read. In order to understand what's going on politics that they're put up three or four articles every day. And the caught the stories a barrel. Andrew Cuomo was manipulation and an experience in the moral and commissioner -- -- because the press. Has written that that horse and the horse is tired according to media. There's a lot more calm because creep Aurora -- of these US attorney in New York State. -- -- at the New York's in in Manhattan. It's not going to -- he's gonna continue to pursue the investigations. That the -- on commission was forced -- disband. On the talks were forced to give up on -- -- -- disputed in the abruptly. But we need to -- not just -- the more on commission where he manipulated and influenced interfered with the investigation. He's doing that every day in Western New York. The reason why is because he wants big numbers he wants -- projects here like the peace bridge plaza that he's trying to force on the -- on the web -- like the canal side project. That it was was going along slowly because of this so many changes from his inexperience lieutenants at the theory. Canal harbor development corporation Thomas. Is the president there. And the empire state development corporation president Sam Hoyt is very involved in the project. And they are responsible for the delays in the project and when they were called on the carpet. By the governor for these delays they blamed it on the peace -- construction. And fired the group. The piece of construction work we're gonna interview Roseanne to Spiezio at 11 o'clock she's gonna be coming into the studio to talk about this. Just yesterday and I want got aunts are on Tuesday want to look at this article on the -- -- politics and -- WI DB channel four has an article and it TV story on their. Web site now you can look at I got that link on the left column -- column politics and point out that. And this story BC it's by Rosie -- one of the top reporters. On WB. The lead -- purpose of pre State Supreme Court justice Tuesday issued an order that bars the piece of construction company. From giving to the media or any third party any information it obtains. While preparing its lawsuits against state agencies and officials and the long delayed canal side. When you say officials. She's that their talked about Thomas the the president of the Erie Canal harbor development corporation and Sam -- the president of the empire state development corporation who's involved. In this -- flood project and also manipulating. The peace. Acting Supreme Court justice Timothy Walker's order bars disclosure of any discovery to any third party or non party. In his order walker said the media plays a vital role in informing the public which may have an interest. In this public works project he insisted that the public's right to know will not be subverted but merely delayed until the trial begins delayed ladies and gentlemen -- late. This is. This this request for. For sealing all of the orchard was made by the attorneys for Sam Waite and Thomas. And the Erie Canal harbor development corporation they asked for the taxpayers. To too they asked the court how high it all back from the taxpayers. Until as the as the as the judge's order red. Until. The trial begins you know in the Providence and -- engine and take a while guests after the election. So of the of the judged by the way this judge's. It's not I don't you know sometimes you can question the judges sometimes. No they're looking for reappointment from the government there doing things they shouldn't be doing. -- Supreme Court justice Timothy walker I don't think this is on him I think he's doing what I'm not quite sure of logic behind keeping. Tax -- oriented lawsuit. Away from the taxpayers not quite sure why he did that I'm not a lawyer so I don't know the ins and outs of it but what's happening here. News Thomas. Has asked the court hide the facts in it's a lawsuit about tax money. And here's the reason why. -- -- talk about this the clock well. He's a construction has been material materially harmed by this action. The Spiezio construction cannot get bonding for other projects they're losing millions. Of their winning this lawsuit. And they're going to win this lawsuit by -- east at about -- now analysts will play that into what's gonna happen. Forty million dollars. That's what it's gonna cost taxpayers because of the mistakes made by Thomas. After this messages on news radio 930 WEB end Michael who -- sandy beach Vero Beach company. -- is off today tomorrow back on Tuesday -- Monday as well it's 1021. Here in Buffalo, New York. Idea I appreciate your your tuning you know really do this is real reform means for each I was just leafing through the Buffalo News crews. And that's what I do. And I noticed that our store is very nice great story by Mike Korolev which. On the came out it was actually -- -- -- yesterday it's him in -- today. About Sullivan's hot this guy behind all of our -- on Conan is a guy I've known for a long long time. Sullivan's hot dogs if you look at the -- their review is out on car you can drive in Niagara -- I go there a lot you do that's a great. Place yesterday as we take -- addictive and Samantha they would go for ice cream. Hot dogs that's that's one of our favorite places to go. You know I answered -- my house it's tough for us to get there with with the new babies and stuff but. Though the review work -- of it's actually talks about how it's great because you know you can -- -- to -- the car these kids can have -- around there. Oh yeah and a do they throw rate over the large over by the water than you got the the birds come by as well. It's a neat any spot you see a lot of motorcycles gone by some cool congress things like that you know common awful awful and nor common down. A Pagliuca it's a great place Perry's ice cream yet Perry's ice cream the sings hot dogs and absolutely fantastic place to go and they have yeah I would say it's a fish. Kind of fish fry in hot dog role and it's really good yeah. Well it's -- shots -- I've known him and his wife Robin Wolfgang I don't you know -- will -- for years and years and -- -- and I used to work together for Jack Kemp. Back in the eighties we have known them we lived in the same area in Washington DC. Robin Shaun came home for -- couple years later rob Mitchell park. They're great people -- hot dogs on car you drive and. And -- his mother is the one that Mary -- my my wife so now and well. You know it's strange because the places his hand several different owners in the in the eight years and I've lived. In Niagara Falls in insisting it's a treasure we love going there Natalia. Sean Harris. Years and years and years of food service experience and I think one of the problems you might have AC places opening and closing its. Is the owner doesn't come in with the experience. -- is it has managed I -- places he's managed. This is his own projects and I think that's why it's so successful so I drop your name in my and you look at this -- -- -- -- something happen. Had a great charge you double return and that's it. Thought I am I gonna target kids after this week let me know if you go well maybe we'll meet -- sounds good sounds good in -- can introduce that to yours is twenty months might have 43 months. And yours is climate issue. Unfortunately he's out -- -- means that mommy and daddy are very busy chasing you really cannot. Leave her alone I have to walk in goal by her every minute away. Otherwise she's just gonna grab my hand and dragged me all over the the house anyways so. I just follow around that she will climb and everything it if she can't get up she throws a fit. Yeah you know my problem I have is that -- might -- -- -- my daughter who's your child's age. Is gorgeous and and so sweet. And I just I wake up in the night with our terrible by yours mean not being good -- something happening you know you see these kids that. And not only now we also have a babies are pushing six weeks old now she is keeping up my wife awake every night of course this is breastfeeding wake me up here and there. But the little two year old you've got to watch him because terrible things can happen the kids we had a little an -- it doesn't take -- it doesn't have little five year old who. Accidentally wrote her big -- Out of the street on the circle. In east war and was hit by -- garbage truck. Mean luckily. The -- bit -- fuming and only can clipped her bike but she was grievously wounded species she hit her head on the sidewalk. Are we all hope she's going to be okay bit at just remind you that you know and it's in an instant in an instant they can take a little quick left turn. And -- industry. Frightens me gotta be vigilant -- be on top of them. All the time. It's it's tough and my wife who's you know I'm I'm trap on 234 days a week some time now with news. Crazy uptick in business. But yeah she's up -- -- all night to win the the breastfeeding thing here and there are little. Leo DiCaprio is now pushing six weeks. Is not still not sleep through the night of course battle go on for 67 mormons I mean what album to take for your groups -- mostly to. As she just really started recently. Because of that -- the the T dean and all that they would wake Rockport. I just just been recently that she's -- through all night. Tony I know you wouldn't you and I agree on something that's very important for people watched him. This whole kids thing. It's younger man's gain absolutely. I am too old for this man. I -- to be fifty this year Potomac worthless if -- -- not designed. You're constantly chase kids. Well I went I would I go on travel I think too much so we're gonna get some sleep in. So here I was I I was in I overnight did in. In I believe gosh -- was in four states in one and in Detroit twice -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we were in I guess it's Quincy Illinois I was statement late on only got a beautiful that I am gonna get a full night's sleep. There's an outside noise it kept me awake on my worst than my daughter on -- the next night -- sleeping -- In Grosse Pointe shores of the place were Wilson who's. -- gorgeous incredibly beautiful place I was there are staying -- gorgeous mansion of the CU work with. And unfortunately the other guy obviously in the that the next room had to sleep apnea and he forgot his. His sleek machine and you wake up every half hour you wake up with a little little Yelp. Like that and as beautiful as this house walk us -- thinner walls you up every thirty minutes on non. So I had to go on the gets a all -- the younger man's game for an it really is it is it's. Great -- apparently like I did I I've put my life. -- little different note you know I I've I went out I guess I retired person -- work. You know I went out and enjoy my freedom first -- Mallon having shall write you know and I'm gonna be seven years old going with a walker to their graduation. Yeah that's the kind of thing that bums me out taken out how old I'm gonna be when when they're in high school and when they have kids -- Are much in the senior citizens home or something like. But the one thing I've heard -- and over again for people who have daughters my cousin Greg just moved back. After 25 years away and so he told nieces daughters take -- there. That's when he you know so. I mean I know one thing I've got four room. I've got a hole I got three ships of nurses take here -- we -- -- we've got some callers. On the line here I want encourages that statistic to hang on because we wanna take your calls were talking about corruption in Albany. Corruption in New York City and how it reaches to buffalo. Every single day. Through the folks over at the empire state development corporation Sam -- the president and the folks over Erie Canal harbor development corporation Thomas. Our -- -- taking orders of Cuomo's enforcers. Larry Schwartz in particular. Hand we also know -- for Coco these other. But this column. Enforcers in -- local proxy statement comes to mind. These guys are manipulating projects every single day in Western New York to conform with Obuchi's iron fist. Every single day if you what you see in the news about the moral and commission. Make you mad if the weight that you sit here and -- at the top of the hour 11 o'clock to Roseanne he's who's gonna tell you. Just how horrible week. They are treating her and her family's company's been around for generations generations ladies and gentlemen. Callers please hold on because we're going to be back in a few minutes were going off to for some commercial messages here. On the beach on beach company. We'll be right back don't go away OK and on your form we got a whole phone banks don't -- -- -- you wanna call back there can be no room for you. Hear a speech in company news radio 930. WBE -- You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Are you kind Tony. Yes and -- and I love this on its agreed. Michael Goodwin for city -- on the beach and company show here on news radio 930 WP yen 10:36 the morning people. It's a great day it's a great day. Everybody on the -- thank you for holding on I really appreciated the Jeff and Lewiston and hang on for quite some time thank you very much. Gupta. You're lucky you're lucky played a little grateful status your bumper music. I had to turn off all jury all the time and except just to listen to you. So what's happened out there and -- the. You hear your thoughts on the dance studio and the victory and -- you believe. She will -- to win the election. I would I would open it out as though you talk about it -- advocate interest -- rather -- now under. Thanks Jeff thanks like you know it's it's interesting I saw no path to victory. When I was recruiting. Trying to recruit Donald Trump to run for governor I've known for a little while. -- -- -- but a lot of it was -- would. But I was hopeful because it takes money and and he has plenty of money to trump -- let's say the 35 million. That Cuomo has in the bank now. That's a lot of money for reelection to governor in New York State and people fear that kind of cash because when they line up that kind of money and ramped up your backside. Just ask. Carl Paladino -- really hurt. What what has been happier now as I said earlier you'd never factor a lightning strike into your campaign planned because lightning does not strike. When you want it to but it has struck. And Cuomo's singed. Not -- singed. Now if you look at the New York I'm sorry the New York Daily News piece that I mentioned on politics and why Darknet. In the left column under braking there's not a likelihood that the more -- commission is going to end up in some kind of indictment of Cuomo and his people. There's too many things that are in the way. I think however that it this news as it keeps coming out little horrible war every week. It will help rob -- you know raise money you don't have to you don't need 35 million dollars to beat Cuomo you need more than mastery -- out. He's got to raise money. He's got to take that money expended very wise he ran a lean mean campaign. And then camera Cuomo over and over in strategic areas of New York State. On his. On his manipulation corruption commission and being a part of Albany's corruption he truly news. But. It's a very its main street we'll tell you it's it's an uphill battle but -- has proven to be an uphill kind of guy. And I think it's possible if it's not likely. But it's possible and -- bought some more lightning strikes have to happen but you know what. I think it could. I really think the lightning could strike more than once in this whole situation so I'm hopeful -- best arena is gonna win and by the way I'm gonna write a check. Tom in Hamburg thanks for hanging on. Tom thanks Karl. Yeah I don't want to sound negative I'm not a negative person. But -- I'm so -- hole here hold down south I assume that teachers unions supporting callable are correct. I -- You don't want I don't know what my system I believe they are I think that they they that he buy it in his negotiations. With the working families party would negotiate with -- -- I think they got what they want. Yeah -- go back it goes back to his father. The old man called Paul when he eats. Start the ball rolling with the power of the teachers what he threw his hat in the ring back land where he says. I remember his words. He's you may meet governor of this fine state now making their highest state teachers of America and he just about that it did it. And then if you remember Hillary Clinton when she threw her hat in the ring keep it in Rochester at the new year teachers convention she had the exact same words. If you wanna continue to be some of the highest paid speeches -- let me senator that's fine it's. Well you know I'm I'm as you were talking and by the way I was searching on Google and it looks like Cuomo is having a difficulty. Giving the folks advice of the dead the of the teachers union to to endorse him they said -- they're not gonna do it early in June -- that. And there's that it would have been news reports and let them late in June were saying that it was not -- I haven't seen any news about him that him being. Endorse yet that's a very interesting problem for him. Yes because they popular all the dirt dirt because they want to squeeze them for more and the once they get what they want. Then that it's very difficult to beat the teacher. -- an optical because the teachers have money they got the political -- money. And they have numbers. And teachers vote. And teachers out and vote. And teaches families both. So -- like Obama Obama got the endorsement of every state and -- in the union. What every state. Teachers' union. Supported Obama and we're talking a lot of people a lot of money so. Something would happen happened and I hope it the. Well I'll listen. You do know that -- -- -- to -- to a woman the most of the teachers in New York stayed in the unions are opposed to common core. And day it's important to note that Republican gubernatorial candidate -- history you know has developed a third ballot line called stop common core. And he hopes to draw some of those votes away and it looks according to with the news -- I'm reading here they had a the teachers and has endorsed him. And is not likely to so as to Reno is kind of messing with that a little bit clever move very clever. Like Tom I I gotta go onto another caller here are up thanks leper colony thank you very much. Georgia and hamburger wanted to give to him before we go on break. -- -- Are it's already told me hamburger -- and welcome. Yeah well what about art department when his brother. Almost rather it meant to take over meet strict at all opened. Met sit up but nobody seemed to be pretty and a couple ballroom. Yeah. While you don't have -- Cuomo lit the fuse to the housing crisis when he was at housing and urban development in and in Washington he lit the fuse he absolutely did the of the people who were not qualified for mortgages were getting mortgages that was because Cuomo forced. A financial organizations to do that. Absolutely. It relieves and that is if anybody is directly responsible for the melt out of this economy in 2008. I hit it I think it's very clear the Cuomo lit that fuse is not responsible for personally but he lit the fuse. He get it into. It didn't panic in them. Right note and everything in my -- Well yeah I mean I'm not gonna criticize Steve pigeon you know I don't agree on politics very much but it. You know he's you know I I know he's got some naysayers here around -- the Steve's a friend of mine yet he actually in Georgia actually. Had during the actually introduced my wife. Sort. I'll -- it's Steve it's -- are white so like I'm I'm ever grateful to so. Added as well and as you know I've I've been in politics long enough towards where I don't take this political stuff personal. Sixty years old evident that central it's also an allowable topics eat pigeons and called on all. Well I mean you know -- I've been talking about six point eight billion. Cuomo's guy here in the region that. Well I wouldn't say criminal he'd be he is and he got in trouble for some some inappropriate activity did I wrote yes. I we talk about simply being. Almost guy here are really the one who's in charge around here for Cuomo steep ridge. -- -- -- Year yeah well -- -- is it's not a bad job and get. While George thanks so called it we gotta -- have a aren't that pays the bills -- all the callers on don't go away we'll be right. Back here on beach company news radio 930 WBM. Michael -- in force sandy beach. Here on beach company it's 10:51 AM. And there we've been talking in -- we've been talking about a corruption that I want it to. Bring to the audience the idea that the corruption we see in the in the -- commissioned in the manipulation it's happening right here right here. In buffalo. We had some callers hold on Peter in Ontario thanks for being so patient. But it took it. Back -- about it. Though we don't want to -- shore. Corporate -- that attorney. You look I'm -- it is now. -- sugar but there's no way you'd. The election. You know what you know it. Incredible. What you're really look at it. -- And all the -- Only. If you. Are all it. -- -- -- -- -- And all the odd -- comparable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that people. Unfortunately. Almost at -- situation right. Any different that the group and I'm telling you are now Americans back to back up your elite for the year. American. Are good at -- point. We're at a Fox News it is argued -- equipment that are living room for the people. That -- -- there -- -- these. -- is gonna knock on their doors. But it equipment Heritage Foundation and audit and our own people are gonna be a brave Americans. And. Obviously you know what Peter we've got 400 plus people -- camp out outside of retail center. Just so they get in there and and bison -- equipment. We can't get ordered fifty people sit and that it took protest Governor Cuomo. Apparently we did during the safe back but it's bear -- on this. We're just not the people that do that. OK to -- right -- A bright board all right you know unfortunately demand a consortium like. I had people working behind me. We told people -- the communities they look. Can go wrong and -- Not just in our financial -- here but all moral. Round of every. Community is shocked -- tell. I think we know it activity include social. That's what it's Obama -- light on. -- -- outward an attorney general in -- older. -- would hopefully. All of -- being caught up now -- murder. I mean what. I have more. The American soldier ticket out of the screen in the -- -- caught the open court you know. People walk out -- in and look at what's going. -- -- Peter and -- Michael Kinsley the writer said the scandal isn't what's illegal. The scandal is what's legal and there's nothing more there's no place that's more true in New York State. What Cuomo did to the more than commission is very likely quite legal. I don't -- all right so it's it's incredible ability and a lot out pleaded not I'll act are. It's -- type of outrage you wonder. What. You're not poppy here. And they -- -- you know what you co op art what's going Doug supporters get so outrageous we pot and yet you know. It's. A good but the American batter or two are about to get bit -- do we know why. Before we -- I gotta I gotta go to the -- let me ask you real quick question I what do you think -- Jon Bon Jovi. Don't -- live in Canada that you know he wants to move the team up there. Efficient and he's gonna do it you know he's got caught the what you call. Very very wealthy Canadians apparently -- aren't -- Canadian apparently already -- -- get out. I think it it's unfortunate that he caught up well. Especially to -- -- -- retaliate right now but I I think the companies are really you know. Off Peter gosh I hope you rock thank you very much for Conan Peter really appreciate it. Rick in west Seneca thanks for all non. Hey no problem Michael longtime friend and I love your program every time you come in and do a little bit of time for a week and I I don't mind -- concern. And criticism that the media. You know I'm getting tired of the media edges out there going to Cuomo and and basically. Just. -- -- -- -- Demands -- -- more coming into his demands of all three question didn't O'Neill -- the -- people want to discuss. No wonder the media basic cliche you know what is not how the media works and when you have. The time to actually answer the question that we wanna ask you the question that we feel are important question that we don't have -- -- You know maybe it should just boycott dealing with this man in general and maybe you'll actually. And -- and all but not because right now. He doesn't think he'll meet that he has to do any. Right well here's the thing ago. I would agree a 100% I think the media. Their sheep. I mean that somebody heard coined the phrase on on Twitter via I'm last week went when it is they call -- -- There there she hoarding -- they do they go wherever. That Cuomo tells them and the -- like -- But it's changing a little bit the thing with the media is they're afraid they're like mice they they mostly -- some real strong reported that their we've got a few here in buffalo were few and Albany. But a win win win when the worm turns. When Cuomo's -- and wounded. They're like sharks and and bloody water. And the problem I have and what really concerns me is if you look at the newspapers today. There's no talk to the Moreland commission that's on the -- is already off the line. You know you really as I've I -- the media is going to is gonna drop this drop this and we all we can only hope that creep or are keeps. Keeps dropping little bit more nuggets knew there was -- Rick thank you very much for calling and wanna give to John in Williams well thanks for calling and being so patient. Good morning we just got a couple of the government so. -- -- 22 real quick question big date up to arm for all if something does happen and Cuomo does become untenable to the Democratic Party. Who do you think. They would I mean probably won't put the Moody's equity Poland would do they move typical call or would you look for somebody with a little more political clout the second question is. If they got the other person would they then dropped ethical cloud of -- Democrats can -- panacea assistant. Right understood now I'll I'll tell you right now. -- teach out an attorney from New York State in New York City. Are far more liberal and Cuomo is running against him in the primary Cuomo try to block her get her kicked off for the ballot. People think if that -- he's accusing her not having not been the residency requirements. She would be the want to replace Cuomo if something would happen. If Cuomo were found guilty of something after the election it would be -- local who would step up but here's the problem. He's probably not to be found guilty of anything. The question we have the answer is is good enough for us in New York State Jersey to -- the lead to talk about that again. After the 11 o'clock hour with present -- -- -- -- -- he's -- construction will be right back here -- news radio 930. WBM.

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