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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8-7 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

8-7 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well good morning buffalo. Welcome to the sandy beach a city beach company this is Michael Capuano in -- city beach today sandy is off on a well deserved vacation. It's 908 in buffalo New York -- 908. I'm sorry your work folks. I'm glad I'm at work today. What a thrill to beat. Sitting in for sandy beach. It's a real honor to be here. I don't I haven't done that Tony I don't think I've been on sandy show for months ranked in a while he doesn't take much time off well I think are we were I was on for a week in November form is on a vacation. And Dennehy. Was L one day and I came and I think that might have been January it's been a long time since I've talked this at all. It's been a lot. Yeah I have some New York for -- -- either -- that you feel FaceBook and Twitter that's about it you know that's that that's that's the the problem with our modern society now are we get because we see enough each other on FaceBook we don't wanna get together for the year. I. Big news on the WBM dot com website. Bon Jovi has submitted his three bid for the bills. I idea I -- one of those folks that believes that the fix is in for Bon Jovi I believe that the the fans of buffalo have spoken up. And the fix may in fact be out for him. But I believe that Bon Jovi was cued up by six to seven owners. Spearheaded by Jerry Jones. Of the devil incarnate different critics if you're bills fan and also -- week he was. Supposed to be a of you know I mean he was supposed to be playing at there hall of fame weekend party on Saturday night for Michael Strahan and mistake and that's right and enough bills fans showed up with. Science and T shirts about Bon Jovi not being their preferred owner with -- politely. And just after and Andre reed. Said -- get Jon Bon Jovi agency for debt now used in other upward yet he did in the C lo green that spirit of the word. And if things turn around form of the owners that wanted Bon Jovi to play. On hall of fame weekend and probably advised him to pull out but he canceled at the last minute there were enough Buffalo Bills fans something like two thirds of the stadium was Buffalo Bills easily easily. And there were so many shirts now -- -- Bon Jovi free zone shirts and signs being held up all over the stadium. You saw them during the game you saw them on the camera shots of people couple of a couple of fans in particular for face paint. Victor. Looks to me like it -- Graham over at the Buffalo News is reporting. That some of Bon Jovi he's close allies in the among and if owners are saying you really got to get out now because your reputation is being damaged. I've never been a Bon Jovi fan I'm far less of Bon Jovi and now we've got good taste in music and that's the but the thing is I I frankly having grown up in bigotry in under the shadow of -- of the of the Ralph. I don't think it would be a pleasant circumstance for him to come to a game. And as an owner that is treading water until you can pack the trucks up and move the team north well I don't know question that that's what he wants to do and there's no question about that but you know I know all those guys on the as -- -- -- I've gone ever since I've moved -- 2010 was gone for thirty years. I've gone to nearly if I was in town and went to every home game and you know I never went in the state have been in the state juniors because I go and I are parts. At that -- he's parking which is right next to -- 45. Houses down from -- on ever wrote from the stadium. A pickup parked there it's it's it's a great place park. And and he's the founder of this bill spent -- group. I've been going their parking cars. And if I just I know these guys I grew up -- arm. They're not exactly happy about the idea of Bon Jovi in fact I would say that these that the folks who. Tailgate every week and the folks who work die hard bills that's especially these guys who live eat and -- the bills the guys who. Who lived in the shadow of the stadium they make really hearts Noble's. And immediately do as the dolphins. When their boss got -- that I think that Bon Jovi he's a tiny guys who is and he's a small target. But I think Bon Jovi might people that if he shows that the that the Buffalo Bills -- if he didn't have the nuts the stones. To go up on stage in play and hall of fame weekend. I can't imagine him. Poland upn and and taken a chance and get out of his car -- and the Ralph Wilson Stadium known as he knows what's new York and buying and selling. Not at all not at all and I've been not on the road here for a couple of days I was in for Tom Barrett last week -- I was open to come in for sandy all week but I had to go off on a trip and in fact. I spent little time and our gross Pointe shores. This week it was there -- And as you know aren't -- Donald Trump card according to the VO Buffalo News Donald Trump pitched his. Ideas for the bills in his bid for the bills in Grosse Pointe shores on Wednesday. Gross points that I wanna talk about this after the break what an incredible place what it -- I'd never missed I've been to. Monte Carlo I've been to all the -- -- and places on the on the Riviera. This gross Pointe shores where the well. Some family lives were Mary still mrs. Wilson. Is an incredible incredible place that I stayed and home gross Pointe shores on Tuesday night preparing for Wednesday and it was 45000 square feet. 25000. Square feet. And I think -- Wilson's house look like about an additional certainly. Not double but maybe you know half the size again more -- -- whether -- castles the palaces. And I gotta -- it will talk about the separate -- but I'm a little bit concerned because. I really believe that there isn't as much. Urgency in keeping the bills in buffalo as we fans believe. I just don't think there's. But we're gonna be right back after these messages. On that on beach company here on news radio 930 WB -- Michael couldn't -- for sandy beach here on the beach and company no news radio 930 WB Ian it is 9:20 in the morning welcome back to work every once in a beautiful day I'm sorry you have to sit in Albany along. This is one of those days when it would be nice to have an outside job -- you can enjoy the weather will meet senior. Making your paying. Last week we saw. Over and over and over again. Coverage. Andrew Cuomo's violations. Are ethical violations in my opinion of the -- commission set up to. Eggs and corruption in Albany the commission he set up and he said would have the have the power to investigate anyone anywhere even himself. Got too close to. And even though we set it up for eighteen months with a very item off the goal of rooting out corruption. He shut it down after nine months halfway through its schedule. Which upset US attorney down in New York City someone who is not. Barreling down and kissing. The backside of Andrew Cuomo on a regular basis -- -- which I think people are -- sounds more like the beer barrel polka. -- name but he is one guy who does not. Take no for an answer. And he took it even though they were shredding of documents as soon as they set the ship that place down there were there apparently -- there's apparently shredding it and capital in the governor's offices. Pre priority at. File the right paperwork and got it got ahold of all of the evidence all of the information that could be gleaned by this nine month old commission on corruption. And is now leafing through that stuff and not taking no for an answer from Andrew Cuomo this is one guy reaper is one guy you know. Does not fear Andrew Cuomo. Then -- ten days ago New York Times pops historic two and a half pages in the New York Times the liberal old gray lady. Went after one of its own Andrew Cuomo. In one of the most. Well researched articles I've seen. Out of New York Times in many months certainly maybe a year more. In this article they talked about in Cuomo. Interfering. Over and over again with the commission's work tell impact his lieutenants. He has two of them they would both be named local proxy in in it in Hollywood if this was a movie. Barry Schwartz. Is one of the guys that works for the governor here is known in politics I'm in politics -- -- for thirty years. Have a little bit of experience with -- Cuomo running Carl Paladino campaign against him in 2010. Barry Schwartz is -- dark force there's no question about it he was the guy who went out there and chastise there's a young RR midlevel bureaucrat who said positive comments about governor programs. In the press and Larry Schwartz went out since some snide words about him in the media and then whacked him. May be be be be cut him from the the payroll. The guy after many years in a career with government was on the street just because he spoke in the media. And said positive things about the government program Larry Schwartz. Is a guy that you need to watch and -- frankly now the governor. And Larry Schwartz and -- and a second enforcer for the governor. -- -- Have all -- weird up with criminal lawyers in fact -- reports and in the New York City newspapers the Larry Schwartz was interviewed yesterday or it could be before. By decree -- hours office of this thing is getting hot for Governor Cuomo getting very hot -- well. I remember when I was trying to recruit and friends of mine in -- of Republicans here and Western Europe trying to recruit. Donald Trump to run for governor back to work out the way we hoped but the reason why we wanted him to -- is because. We thought the only person who could be. Was a guy who could pour millions in his own money into the race. Well but the one thing I said -- was you can't factor lightning strike in your campaign -- because it never works out that. Release and settlement. There's been a lightning strike in the governor's race on lightning strike and foremost backside is singed his pants are on fire. This lightning strike could -- to would make it. Certainly makes it more competitive. It's very difficult to beat our guy like Andrew Cuomo for reelection here in New York the blue is the Blue States very difficult. He initially looked like he was gonna win by forty points but now he's he's beating in polling public polling -- -- he's beating. -- Serena although rob mastering the Republican nominee by 31 points. We also saw that he dropped precipitously in the polls -- let's just called a slide Tom barrel we said -- -- keep export slide the drop. I think he's probably. A bit of a sliding dropped five points this poll was done in the midst of the hoopla of the New York Times story. And he dropped five points in April that's that's a that's a solid dropped thing we know though. Is that report are the US attorney in New York City. Is not stopping he's going forward. And as some of the politicians and I've talked to think this this. This story's gonna be dropping a lot of issues it's gonna have it's it's there if it's like the senate Pete with shoes on one after the other to gather together. We may see this story go on and on and on and if it does. If it does. This 5% drop in -- in the in the poll that was announced two days ago this 5% drop is just the beginning and -- drop enough work. Rob faster Reno is within striking distance in -- at Rochester and will be able to save New York from the clutches. Obuchi I don't know I don't know -- as cynical guy because I've been running political campaigns for a long long time. I don't think it's humanly possible. To make up. Such a huge deficit is forty point. But look at this look at this. A question -- how's this gonna make Crist because we've talked about this on the program. We're Christie for did not want a common support Astrid says he does not support a loser. If tickets within close. You know within next month percentage I don't know what it would take. We're to be close enough -- secondly Christie look now. Well I'll tell hit a Chris Christie it's it's tough to look -- looks right now I find him reprehensible I thought he was pretty decent guy. But what he did the rob pestering you guys talked about partnership he said that rob master -- well it was a lost cause and he wouldn't put money in the loss clause. But then we find out that he's campaigning for -- probably putting money into other. Races that would qualifiers loss calls the governor's race. In California for example when that where the Republican candidate. Doesn't even have a 100000 dollars in he's out there campaigning form on a regular basis rob mastery you know it he he he doesn't have the -- Cuomo goes 35 million. He's he's he's creep up there and he's raising money especially now that we've seen a chink in in and Cuomo's armor. He started to raise a little bit Maurice daughters are still afraid of giving and I wanna talk about that -- to be show. But here's the problem with Chris Christie. Keep that doesn't matter Chris Christie. He won't talk about. About the race he won't speak about Andrew -- of potential problems with the corruption scandal. Won't even talk about it and people find that very -- I think it's -- to and I think it has something to do with the trouble the Chris Christie is in with this bridge gate situation because remember. The New York our ports authority. In that area which is what what runs these these bridges and tunnels. Are represented by Tuesday to New Jersey and New York in the head of both -- the governor -- reached so -- Cuomo actually knows what went on. In -- -- he knows where the bodies are buried in other ways. So I believe in many other people believe that there isn't a silent deal between Chris Christie the Republican governor futures. And Andrew Cuomo Obuchi that -- the Democrat governor. Our New York. That's what's I want round. Chris Christie is probably damage so seriously by his involvement in bridge -- That he can't run for president he still thinks he can he's running around he's more he spends more time and Iowa New Hampshire dozen jurors. But he's in trouble Tony he's in real trouble and I think he's afraid I think he's cut a deal with Andrew Cuomo about their very similar people by the way. Very -- both of them. Angry mean people bullies. So maybe he just doesn't wanna say anything about his twin brother Andrew Cuomo. Briefed on politics makes for strange bedfellows. There's no question of we're gonna talk after the this commercial break more about this corruption scandal that is enveloping our governor here on beach company and news -- 930 WB -- Your hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the -- companies show here in new review of 930 WN. It's 9:37. Morning 937 lead us. -- in Buffalo, New York Michael Goodwin for sandy beach and he's off on a vacation right now he'll be yet at -- back on a Monday Tuesday and Tuesday yes. What is it with this is taken one extra day out there -- think it -- that's would probably did too he was back in on Tuesday on Monday. Well anyway who wants to come back on Monday and that's true. Well anyway I'm in -- today and tomorrow it's my great pleasure to do this I enjoy coming in for stand in for on it's it's something that you know. -- -- Came home they -- at thirty years down politics and public relations I've I've lived all over the world that I've spent. The better part of a decade Russia working in politics Russia. But I guess across ten years. I've kind of lost my spear -- I it's it's very difficult job running political campaigns I I think it's. It's -- it's so on rewarding. And for years I've been dragged in myself that dragged myself around a bit and I work in particular for sandy could carry it out. Men rather compared to Tom who's. On three. I give up forty alarm clock. I get up and I haven't done that in years I give up I jump in my shoes I'm here early. This is something I've really enjoyed doing and I really appreciate you taking the time to listen in today hero. News radio 930 WP. We're talking about corruption. In the New York State which is really based in Albany and emanating from the fetid swamps of New York City. It's not that we don't. We don't get a pass here we have her own forms and have our own problems with corruption here in your own problems with misbehavior politicians here in there. But the vast majority. Could this -- 8085%. Of it comes from. Albany most of it emanates from people who were elected in New York City. And corruption is something in fact I believe we -- the New York State is the last state. When it comes to business friends. We are among you where were considered Buffalo's. The one of the third is I believe the third port city in the nation and nothing's really improving right now looks good we could be doing better. But. It it really has turned out to beat this that the state of corruption. Meaning not the empire state if the state of corruption -- -- -- -- blog here in Western New York called politics and -- dot net. It's been around for about 1012 years I've I've picked it up a couple of years ago I -- keep up through the heart and I'm very busy. But I have some people would help him and write some articles for. But more importantly we have in our area called rumor and innuendo that. That -- here at politics and white dot networks people click on quite a bit we get some inside scoop on what's happening in Western New York politics. State politics. But also we have this area called braking which is on the left column on politics and point at every morning I wake up or read approximately one point two. Billion pages of the Internet. I'd pick the four or five stories in politics that -- -- an average person a person like like you who can read. And if you read those four -- three you know everything you need to know about politics for the day. In New York State. -- in the country from Western New York perspective. And this -- today's hot stories. There's a few out there about Cuomo and his problems with corruption. But the story about the -- and commission is already slowing down -- bit about which is nigh on two weeks. And it has slowed down and this is what Cuomo has been hoping for. The story doesn't have legs it won't it won't affect me in the election. Whatever whatever percentage but I lose in the polls all came back in time for November and you know what ladies and gentlemen. The governor is probably right. Because while we have 40500. People camping out. In the parking lot of a new retail stores its opening in Western New York we can't -- 4500 people to come out. And waved and waved signs -- just say some say a few negative words about about what the governor of the how the governor is running roughshod over New York State. That's why the governor is going to give away with this. We have if you go to politics and wine dot net. And are you look at the articles in the briefing column there's one in particular. That that people should look at. It's a story. A -- in the New York Daily News which is actually are listed from yesterday. Of this story's headline news and it's a column not not a not a straight news story. Why Cuomo will probably walk it's by columnist bill him. If you look at politics and white dot -- left column. The last one that's the first one that's listed for. Wednesday. You will be able to click on that -- and look at the subnet as bad as it looks that'll be very hard to build a federal case about the government's -- commission mentally. There is no doubt that the governor medal with that commission there is no doubt that he interfered. With with the subpoenas being dropped on his allies in France no doubt about it. Even the liberal columnist of the New York Daily News are stating as a fact. The governor's Moreland commission meddling that's like the alleged governor the governor's alleged -- commission mentally it's. -- -- But the problem we have here. Is that what he did is not likely -- Not like the crime at all if you read the story by bill him and you'll find out why the governor really does control this commission there have been previous governors that have done this or worsening. In this story it talks about -- governor. It back -- some I have to find that space in the in the story but there were governors in the in the past to actually started immoral and commissions and gave themselves the sole member of the governor Alfred E. Smith in the 19. Times. Appointed himself the sole member of -- commission they call Warren commission latest -- because that's. The that the vernacular that's the name of the statute law that gives the government power to impanel one of these commissions. And give them deputized by the attorney general. So they can they have the power of the subpoena. I don't know if you'll call when Carl Paladino was running for election for -- for governor in 2010. He said he would always end -- take -- all oath of office. And impanel a Moreland commission immediately. To go after corruption and all the that would have been effective. Carl would have let that run its course he probably would have bad government bad -- more on commission working the entire four years of his first no question about it. This -- commission was impaneled by the governor of late in his first. Late. And it it and just last year. It he said it was going to happen it was going to be impaneled for eighteen months after nine months -- he shut that -- it's over because they got too close to his cronies. But according to battle him and that's really not a -- that he has broken the law. The problem that the governor had -- don't see it in the -- article is that he tried to cover up afterwards. But -- -- talk about the governor's cover ups. We're gonna talk about the way his cronies are affecting Western New York today. Here on news radio 930. -- -- Michael Goodwin for sandy beach here on beach in company news radio 930 WP and it is 9:51. AM ladies and gentlemen. You're day in my day our pieces started and his roar and we're talking about corruption were talking about the governor which is synonymous with corruption its gas mean what I we wanna look at today we we need to look at. The bleeding the trails that lead back to go to Governor Cuomo. Which are the things that are happening here in Western New York. It's very interesting if you look at the Buffalo News today again I've run this blog politics and white dot net -- left column of politics and white dot net you'll see. The stories that I believe you need to read. In order to be up on politics in one of those. Stories in today's paper board -- -- ski from Buffalo News he's out of the news Washington bureau. And he goes through and the tales the conversations that are going on in -- eight little noticed public meeting of the peace bridge authority board on April 20 for a all of this conversation is revealed an audio recordings that the Buffalo News got from the public employees for environmental responsibility group. It's not a union. It's a social welfare organization. In the Arab they release him to the Buffalo News on Wednesday. The environmental group recorded his reps keep environmental groups said the audio recordings and other documents that it obtained. Prove the state have violated. Federal environmental law. In rushing to complete its gateway connections plan to -- the peace bridge. Interstate 190. With a new entrance and exit now behind all of that. Is peace bridge authority chairman Sam point Sam -- is. But save the major global. Andrew Cuomo here in Western New York he's head of the peace bridge authorities. Are behind the the development group here he's behind the Erie Canal harbor development corporation. Where he's also meddling in making some problems. Basically what would Sam Hoyt said. Was that the state officials had brain washed potential opponents. Opponents of the plaza renovations at the bridge or when their sport we've all heard about the east plaza renovations in the opponents of the renovations. On the west side who say that there are real environmental concerns remember we have. Dozens and dozens if not hundred. 100 trucks that could potentially be sitting there idling waiting to get across the bridge in that exhaust dumps right into the west side neighborhood. Near the bridge and there is strong opposition to expanding the bridge making it easier. Four trucks have to sit and idol. Visits I think the opponents they're very well organized they've got a pretty good job keeping her. The state on their toes and Sam point the -- -- the governor is man here in town. Is in charge of making sure those opponents don't get their way and if you read this Jerry's -- he's very urgent -- do -- than today's Buffalo News. You'll understand the manipulation that are going on behind the scenes. There's also another problem at this is another story that I posted on politics one dot net. On Tuesday. A Supreme Court justice issued an order. The bar is -- did he CO construction company from giving the media or any third party. Any information it obtains while preparing its lawsuit against state agencies. And officials in the long -- it delayed canal side project. You've seen the where it ought used to be which -- down an end in favor of Europe aren't a new area there can outside -- or construction. Was the first construction group the won the bid they -- in their work and and delay after delay after delay out of the state not out of the construction company put that whole project. Way behind schedule. And eventually all wells but Sam hole -- sand point eight had them fired. Because of the delays which relate to leave their fault is that mr. penguins boxers yes. It. Exactly say what -- -- it is is a direct connection to the governor the governor calls up Sam point probably every day or every other day. To make sure. His iron fist is felt in every single one of these projects the peace bridge project he doesn't want of these westside neighborhood. Leaders to delay. The construction of this new closets expose -- crown jewel in Western New York for the he has he as word put his iron fist into this whole situation with the canal side project. And today at 11 o'clock. We're gonna Arab -- the peace -- from the PC -- construction company a company founded by her father. -- you know a generation ago forty plus years ago -- a construction company with a very strong reputation in the region. When they were unceremoniously. Fired by the governor and his right hand man Sam point in the area. They lost their ability to bomb their projects. They have lost millions upon millions of dollars because the political manipulations. The emanate from the governor's office. If you think. That the moral and commission meddling is the only thing Andrew Cuomo was done. Today we're gonna learn and one of where we're gonna talk about how that's just the tip of the iceberg. You'll understand that -- -- and Cuomo. And his lieutenants. Our help they're manipulating everything. And what he's -- and he's doing it on a daily basis here in Western New York how do you. Give New York City in Long Island to understand what's going out because it seems that. That is his biggest base that didn't he could do no wrong they're going to support him how out of how'd he get those people to wake up. -- Sledgehammer. And that they don't Waco they won't wake up these folks down in -- and down that area -- DE people who Democrats they're never going to vote against in there are some. Who were peeling away to get behind it is. Potential Democrat challenger. In the primary he's trying to almost seven knock separate teach off the ballot. Those are far far far away Democrats who think that Andrew Cuomo was not left enough. Believe it or not. As if that's potentially possible. So they're never gonna leave -- behind but the one thing that we know was that and we heard this over and over from behind the scenes sources in the media. But it Cuomo wants at least 40% he wants to win by at least 40% in order to do that he has improved vastly. In Western New York that's why the buffalo billion was created. That's why we've seen Governor Cuomo hear over and over and over again he got closer and closer to the election. That's why he's trying for these you know the peace big project with with his vision and he's gonna jam that down the throats of the west of the west siders. That's why this canal side project when it fell behind on -- behind schedule because of his own people Sam -- and his. Cronies over at the canal side project will make in the delays because they don't understand how to build anything. So bay went out -- and in order to cover their own back sides they fired appease you construction. Everywhere. You've seen Andrew Cuomo's fingerprints there some in Western New York there is some kind of manipulation going on what he did in the -- commission he does every day and -- Every single day it does it through Sam point. All of us those same point we know everything about him I don't I've never really met in my I don't know person he's probably a really nice guy but he's following -- orders. Just like the executive director of the Moreland commission manipulated the more on commission on behalf of the governor and by the way. This for the executive director of the more on commission. Which was disbanded months ago months ago is still making six figures plus. Six figures plus sit at home and she's been promised a big job. By the -- -- What are what's gonna be what what's been promised the same point. -- to talk more about this corruption in New York State. Here on BH and company I want you to call and it here 8030930. And Telus which or it. Will be right back after these messages. Here on the news radio 930. WB EN.

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