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Buffalo Means Business 8-3

Aug 7, 2014|

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It's time for buffalo means business with a -- shall lie. On news radio 930 WBE. And that brought to you by the law office of Ralph -- -- going on your side and in your court Steve Volvo Ford and Steve called Lowe's Chevy Buick Cadillac. Drive assured under the scheme although umbrella. And by the Amherst chamber of commerce -- health insurance resource for small business it gives you one of business featured contact buddy Ed but he sure looked dot com. Now buffalo radio veteran and local business advocate. But he sure -- It's another edition of buffalo means business sun news radio 930 W the he had many -- his -- shall we spotlight. Great local businesses here in Western New York so many of them. Every week on WB yen in debt today is no exception thanks soliciting on this Saturday. And we got an hour today we're spotlighting the whole hour to accompanying know you have heard of and it does so much good. For the Western New York area where your worth Tom -- Tommy is the owner of main mobility which is on on main street. In Clarence you've heard of -- mobility all the time and now we have tolerance the owner. Talking about anyone who may have issues with mobility welcome to the show for -- I'm doing. Have good good and it's good to have you here is gonna ask you something and you know our audience may be. Knowing you from your ask Tom you have -- just ask term. Part on your website I mean do people go on the web site if they have issues about mobility unit did they ask you quite. You do we're finding that the Internet has been an amazing tool specially for our clients with physical challenges because they have a hard time getting out so the so much. You can find out and learn about products now we do encourage you to go on our website may mobility -- cam and to see. Some of the many products that are available to me -- always talk about physical challenges. What were we talking about specifically. Point this a real good question because. I'd like to say. Anybody. You know from infant and a we -- people of -- 106 -- -- -- that runs a full gamut but we'd like to tell you was. If there's something out there that is causing you to have a hard time to do something if we talk some very simple things -- because most of what I do involves vehicles. So getting in and out of your vehicle's first thing you have to do. So are you in a wheelchair and scooter are using a walker he's keen how do you easily transfer into that seat. Some people have a hard time getting innings in getting her legs up and over into the car. So we have a product. For replacement seat that'll actually rotate turn come out of the vehicle. You sit down and it it'll lift you up. -- uranium and turn your -- behind driver per passenger position. -- -- I would think that this would be getting every do we we we call the trucks or -- these like mobility. Trucks -- to a two were -- well. I'm again that's that's another broad area we we can pretty much modify any vehicle. Now depending on what we're doing for cutting them lowering floors to make a wheelchair accessible. There's going to be some limitations. Were using four wheel drive vehicles for example like the -- to Siena the Honda Odyssey was a dodge Chrysler and many. So you can actually take these vehicles can people buy them awful lot for me words of something you customize we can do that we have. And all times maybe. 81012. Fully converted vehicles sitting near ready to go. We can convert your existing vehicle depending benefits. Were icy road really we wanna take 78 year old vehicle start modifying it. If it it's probably less than three years old. We would absolutely recommend bringing that and hadn't take a look at pictures structurally sound underneath and it can be customized to. -- the floor. So is it -- is a lot of. Clientele. A few words that mean mobility. Of an elderly nature aware there again they can't get in and out of if you call and obviously vehicles are the transportation and freedom. Is very important people yes and having challenges. That they can't get around correct. Exactly so when he said earlier. From infant. A hundred years all of us. We we have many. Families -- young children have disabilities. So we start there was start the young and move. Kind of progressively up a -- here we start with with the young young children. Oftentimes. Even though they may be an infant there in something -- -- to Iraq. A modified baby strollers it's a wheelchair configuration. It'll have a tilt to rise to it -- to it. And typically it's not may be conducive or easy to take their child in and out of that particular chair so they're stripped and they're needed to stay in there. So how do you take that you can't put it in the station wagon. Or -- on modified. Tissue -- many. So we work with converters that can take that back into the vehicle cut out lord so you have a twelve or fourteen inch drop. And you know touch a button -- actual open operating apple come out and you can rule that stroller we Richard right into the vehicle. We have special title systems have secure that -- to the floor of her crash tested certified. Devices that hold in place. Still -- shoulder and lap belt just like any other passenger in the vehicle would be using and when you go so could be as simple as. Rolling secure manner and your after the movies after the -- from all lots of the grocery store your net struggling taking the child out. Position them in place and then trying to find a place to place this large school. Wheelchair or worse. Stroller there is such a need for regaining your independence there's such a need for mobility meaning is Annika again you know as as we age. -- gets tougher and tougher to get in some place to get around to move around. You know an hour depending are our kids and stuff like that to help us get around. On main mobility is such a special place you've helped so many people regain their independence. And I can't stress enough to the WB -- audience. If if you know you need to see for yourself I -- mean mobility can do. You I mean we knew walking your your our headquarters on mainstream Clarence. It's great you see all these fans and all these vehicles that you didn't know old. Existed for people with disabilities. I mean it's just it's like. It's like. These things really exist. And they're available in -- mobility you can talk to an expert. All he had to do was call them 75968117596811. Ask for time ask for anybody but mention the buffalo means business show mentioned your herded on WB yen and you know vocal take very very good -- that's all people have to do right is -- -- what happens from that phone call what's the process. Although we do is we always like to meet the individual because. Conditions are different vehicles are different every situation is unique. And what would work for you write me network for the next person that comes Isidore. We have kind of a model where it's been my philosophy it if something doesn't work. Exactly that we needed to work it doesn't have value. And we will talk today about. A different ways of funding programs that do exist here in New York State that will help many of our individuals. Pay for. All of these type of modifications but. Before we even do that what we'd like to know was. What economically is the thing that's gonna work best for you and then we figure out a way of how we can -- you find it for. So when -- meet that individual I need to assess. For example and it's we have side loading and reloading. Vehicles. If you're single car garage. Where you had a single car drive we've got bushes on the side it may be very difficult to unload from the side of your vehicle. There's a situation where. Writing straight right into the back of the vehicle 123 years and years gone in your annually. Simple now if somebody's a driver who wanted to drive that particular vehicle. Can't necessarily do with the reentry because that the floor that we -- is can only go up as far as the driver finished Gypsy. And when -- say we cut the floor systems out here's the reason why we do it. An average height of an individual sitting in a wheelchair is about 52 inches. He take any stacked. Mean the evening and your door opening is about 44 inches. So not only would you can we have to do the Wimbledon try to get into the vehicle if if you didn't have that the lord. Once you're in there you're making another four inches above your head CF 48 inches you couldn't sit in your wheelchair. In an on modified vehicle and -- -- some unique circumstances -- again very low profile wheelchairs which rarely would see. So I'm going by the averages take 52 was it magic number one we can cut lowered their vehicle we now create. Off a 54 inch door opening and now some of whom are going a little lower than it wouldn't give you up to about a 57. In store opening. You could write me an injury it where a year baseball camp and I didn't pitcher had easily go through that doorway. And be properly secured in the vehicle whether I do side career. We talk about a client wants to drive -- when -- drive there wheelchair we need to had a floor cut modified rate up. Pasture areas so that a top -- political firewall that's all cut out. You ride -- and we have a special locked down device that would secure -- wheelchair. And you're gonna come very generic and we would -- -- Bottom of the steering -- you with a he -- control device. That our preacher break in gas pedal. It's just incredible stuff that's gone and with with regaining your independence. For people it's so important do that you I see people buying. Huge. Expansive. View couples. That they can't get in and out of I see all the time. Like I ACP you don't just in my own personal life I see people trying to get an a vehicle why would they do that -- and that by Simpson that. They can easily get into and that'll give freedom -- By the united talked about this. Often. One of the challenges I face. It is for people to understand. With the mobility industries. Did so it's it's net. Easy to define in and we've got a lot of listeners today depravity can. She you know I'm listen this guy talked -- I need any of these things. You you'd do need to see what we have because you'd be surprised. Howell. We hear products that you probably never even -- thought about it while that'll work for me and I have a little device. That's it's an extended handle it's you're gorging. How many of us out there has nothing to do about being disabled or anything just have struggled finding a place to -- to get into a car. You be reaching around and these new characters so sleek looking. And because the new cars have so many safety features in them. Your -- many of the -- cares no longer here. Grab handles in areas where we still have them rate above the door jams -- So and I go to continue carrying gold if I need the push myself and there's nothing to grab onto. -- got a little a little handles 34 dollars. It just saturated to your door jammed and it helps you -- yourself rated their vehicle get taken out carry with you use it in any vehicle you won't. It's it's simple it's clean looking it's neat and it's got a built in belt -- so that if you ever worst team act passed we ended in your vehicle. And in your seatbelt got jammed up you can cut about two nanograms per feature that you regard. All the overview please can break the glass and that he vehicle. All of us with 34 dollars and you might think gee I never even thought about that has nothing to do about being in a wheelchair. I've got this how many of us have said there terror. And soon as you sit down you -- now where's that shoulder belt. And here you are trying to reach around because it's himself rejects the deal would put it we've -- clear if you're struggling and now let's let's. Let's add to this he got a big code -- it's buffalo wintertime and carrier which -- code you can even twisting turnaround McGregor shoulder belt. You know. Or ER he -- signs of arthritis or things like that -- is we're all getting older it's harder to twist and turn but you can't agree -- that officials about. I've got this little thing that just clips on the shoulder belt. What -- do was once you sit in your car. This little rubberized Candace rate their fund your chest it is we have important -- about no more twisting and turning it go from the -- eight dollars. Incredible stuff going on with -- mobility celebrating their thirty year anniversary. We're gonna talk about that here in just a bit but again I want to remind you go to -- mobility. Dot com the phone number 7596811759. 6811. Let him know he heard it here at WB yen but talk to the experts folks I've seen. The vehicles that mean mobility does personally. I've seen it. Help people that would no longer be able to do anything else they wouldn't be able to get anywhere had it been for your vehicles Stan. And the stuff you do remain mobility it's so good. And I just encouraged listeners to call you really do you know how much they believe in yourself. 7596811. For mean mobility or go online. It -- mobility dot com we're gonna talk about some very important things in our next segment. You're buffalo means business our mobility show his roll call that's a good territory -- was good I can't think of a better title can you. Hey I got a good challenge for everybody out there. My shaft is located directly across from players in school the former general mortar training facility. And the big black away from Tim Hortons every morning when -- come to work and she's lying easily and -- -- -- -- -- carriers for collapse. Nicer free coffee -- so instead of spending 1520 minutes in line. We've we can't become -- of Africa Africa with -- showing all the stuff we. That surrounds us and we'll be right back with -- mobility tolerance here in news radio 930 WB EN. You're listening to buffalo means business with a -- show a lot powered by blue rock energy stop. Think switch in -- with the blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business you would like featured contact buddy Ed buddy Shula dot com buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBE and. Have you -- projects at your house siding roof gutters for windows been languishing on your to do list. And call home handyman service it's been ten or fifteen years since you've had your roof replaced call home handyman service for free roof inspection. 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You know you'll hear all the big stories and the best talk on news radio 9:30 AM WB and by. There's so much are have you checked WB and dot com today -- was on the live line we do big stories in detail check the weather. On Twitter make sure you're following your news radio nine dirty can be personally know. Wondering what your friends are saying like this on FaceBook. -- FaceBook dot com slash double. 830 and join in the conversation. And WBM Apple iPhone and android devices do this and wherever you are. -- was -- -- for the -- just 3930. And get the big news and deals. And I -- here. Wherever you -- we are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're back with buffalo means business son who's ready at 930 WB -- my name is what he Shula and we're here at Tom Lorenz of -- mobility -- on main street in Clarence. You've heard the name you've seen Tom star of television star radio 7596811. But the real winner in Maine mobility is you because he gave you. The opportunity to regain your independence -- -- freedom. When it comes to more abilities please give them a call talk the experts they -- customize something for your needs. 7596811. Time you are celebrating first walked in regulations or thirtieth anniversary with -- mobility thirty years I'm busy making them. Packed coffee for the customers and -- and now. We can't hit the with thirty years a lot of times probably since he started -- mobility. You've probably seen the technology. As well it changed quite a bit what's going on with technology. So much. When I started in 1984. That was the word mobility really didn't exist in in the sense of modifying vehicles. I'm. As they begin. My company we were customizing just vehicles percent. And I told you earlier conversations. I built many of the local radio station. Big cruiser busses that their character broadcast buses. And I had and we stepped it -- shop and said the child in a wheelchair. Yeah BC building all these vehicles for everybody could you get my son and again. And glad I was kind of like -- this blaze its first time ever come across something like they did a lot of research for them and there was an gentleman by the name of Ralph brawn and -- -- neck Indiana. Who. Was in a wheelchair himself and started a product called -- -- left. So I for this client I spoke at Ralph pieces large c'mon racially what I do so I drove out to win a Mac. And these gentlemen in his mother's garage was well enough. What's called a wheelchair. You bolt that it into the into the Aegean and it would come out platform come out dropped on the ground and raced there cup. Another reason you needed to do this is. A typical van is about 2620. Inches off the ground. Just to put a piece of plywood or build arena -- something outside the vehicle. Doesn't work because if you think of an angle or pitch you'd be. If you -- eight foot piece of plywood there would be too steep to rule we that your there's -- of yeah torture. And non. Some things that they've seen develop along the way about 25 years ago. United States government enforced it's called the -- Americans for disabilities act. Which was one of the first things he did to tell every business you have to start complying. And how you to comply want it to be your doorways wide enough to accept a wheelchair. You have to have curb cuts to keep it goal anything steeper than what's called an eighty compliant pitch. Which is for every inch up. You have to go at least twelve inches out. So if you think about that and you know you almost via. You 28 -- -- to come out decided years years vehicle if you were to comply with an angle so you need -- lift that would glove and dropped out of the ground. What they've seen changed since that time period is with the onset of the minivan. That didn't exist that many years ago. Their front wheel drive. There's not a lot going on under the vehicle from the driver's seats back so these companies and our modifying them cutting glory -- And we can get their vehicle close enough to the ground that we can now simply -- -- -- -- it comes out you don't need to lift more optimal radiant. So that was kind of one of the big progression as it took place and that's always in the last fifteen years. What what will what do you find is most difficulty when it comes to making a decision about. Regaining mobility it is is it adults seniors is that their their children now or. You know I'm not you know maybe in their fifties or forties or wanna take care of the parents. Who is it that it's making the decisions when it comes senate mobility. It's so important I mean you know and wants to go to Christmas dinner how does he get there -- -- get a mean how are you handling or. I'm gonna say the the influencers and decision makers are typically. 35. To 55. Age group because. You're making decisions for your children. And you're making decisions for your parents. So that's kind of -- you know where I'm looking at we do we have some extremely active. C music come in and believe you me they make your own decisions you know exactly what they want. And it's great and we are there and a candle holder -- into the whole process. We talked earlier and in the first segment. And make it mandatory that one -- to discuss a product was somebody that it works. You'll take a vehicle home you'll test drive it we will take it tears your your home setting this year is gonna work is that fit in your garage. Do you have obstacles in the way of loading and unloading. So American just say yeah here's a vehicle commute check and here's the keys in Europe on your own it it doesn't so this is a very what it would mean mobility does is a very customized. It's a very Christmas situation with people call you yes I -- different from the minute they call -- some of the things we we need to cover. With with a client first and come in here is not just the individual with this specific. Need. But what's the family around it situation like for example our young active -- -- -- 234 kids wanna lose in a wheelchair and get moms get hockey bag in the kids are playing basketball football and get the sneakers. You know willing offered in this vehicle. How do we get around. And how often that it taking trips are -- picking up Graham -- and taken him for rides with them also so. How multi purposely can we designed this vehicle so it fits every need. I've got a young and we now that we have four children the fifth 44. Able -- chilly ones in a wheelchair. Let's say take your durable and when the mountainous and aid and usually the mom and his of the family members. So we we a lot of a lot of people within that vehicle that was warm that we built a full size stand for. And nobody picked up for -- beginning of summer here and took a triple in Utah. That's incredible. The the need is that -- there I mean for your product I can't speak. Much more need that there could be -- mean people need what you have and what you can do for people it's very obvious. I would think that expense comes into play. And we talked about funding programs that are available for people -- may be interested in looking into this a little further. Tell coming -- some of the funding programs available. Can go over some of the costs of the bigger products that we're looking at the vehicles specifically -- -- fully. Customized vehicle that will accept a wheelchair. For transport. And we -- out with the three popular in many educated magic here. The dodge Chrysler minivan and you have to Leodis yen and Honda Odyssey. -- we can look at them just just the cost of the vehicle and again. Does matter where you buy it from. Go to your favorite local dealer. You're gonna get a -- On the low side anywhere from 185. An -- We can start moving up the letters we get hired to these more luxurious toyotas -- It's not -- -- Thirty to 37000. Dollars for just a chance he -- -- to order and so again from almost 2035. Test a range of just the vehicle. Conversions -- one we re entry from a 171000. I'm words up to fully automatic side loading one for for 25000. Dollars. On top of the costs of chassis. We look at it -- we pay for -- -- was working and hit some nice finest programs because a lot of attention now. Many pictures were working with will assist you to put together sixty or 72 month. Payment plan so -- construction. Quite a ways making it extremely affordable -- -- for five dollars a month payments. If we look at funding agencies from infant. To 21. There are state programs that take care of children. So we should have no problem. Having any young child out there have this portion of copper. And it's it's just it's been that way for a long time. It's a great program to be rule list. We have skip the New York we have a -- here we have -- -- -- users I don't completion -- centers these are all. Funding programs that work through their own. The option of throwing agencies. To provide. Funding for their children. From 21 to 55. Access and be formally called us vocational educational services for individuals with disability. This program setup from New York State residents so that if you are gonna go back to school -- go to work. You're 21 to 55. They will pay for the mobility portion -- -- these problems are just described you won't pay for -- and share your courage your responsibility to do he began. But anybody anywhere would -- -- car anyway right in my vehicle and so you're you're responsible for the vehicle. And we can take me 12 or three year old vehicle modified. Again we wanna watch or doing their because we want to be cautious that we don't pick -- 67 year old vehicle in the state. -- -- converted -- and transmission goes it becomes money it needs to spend a lot of money so you wanna start with. The newest we call on the champs but this championships. You can afford it attacked this. So. We would assist you -- we hope you find one. -- -- we we -- regularly to our local which called it Jessica auction. Every Tuesday we go -- there and list of vehicles so somebody if you -- -- said. I'm looking for something -- stay with this price -- I can go to the election Korea could Korea and say. He's got a two year old God's -- Caribbean. A one year old Toyota -- you know and and we can't -- -- about the prices that -- going for. It's not uncommon to might be 2530 of each one of these models -- auction utopia colors convert who wanted to be one redolent. I can seek it out for you or we help before anyone on any of the local. I dealer lots that we work with every game you know all of that the days of the west serves you know every anybody encounter -- work with the everyday. So -- if you have the need for. Regaining independence or freedom our ability. If you have that need. Mean mobility can help but they have to know that she -- you need to you have to contact them and explain the situation to them. And start working to get these things -- 75968117596811. Mainstream Clarence what about programs for people over 55. It gets tough. The only programs for anybody over 55 is for veterans. -- because. And and they get a wonderful program. If if you served in the armed forces. And you have a disability that is a result of something that happened while you were in duty. And do what he's who were current block but for the most part everything you need will be covered he also have a program when she first timeout. They will pay up to 191000 dollars torture chassis. Cause they've looked at what's the lowest price -- you didn't mention likes Dutch that you could find a 191000 dollar brand new -- match. So -- to Baghdad on pay the difference to move up to a different. Package level it's your own pocket. But the give in nineteen -- pay for all the mobility needs you need. It may require a -- huge I don't know that a lot of people know these things and I'm not exaggerating every week. We have 12 or three -- to come to the door is said he had no idea I've been struggling for -- -- using a new idea I was eligible for this. Now here's things I wanted to share but he if if if that listeners come in there there's no obligation. Nobody's there to try to get you to sign on the dotted line we just want to show you what's available. We can talk about -- these programs we can find out if you're eligible for some of the stuff so common interest in quarter. And say here here's here's what I have been through -- -- -- here's the situation you have. We can can look for that. I'm one of the solutions we have four clients over 55. Is very often you get clients turning things in like the veterans get their equipment replaced every two years. So of veteran incumbent kitty brand new vehicle. Turning -- years later it may have. 12151000 miles two years old. There's the perfect vehicle for somebody who's not getting funding because. It's in very affordable price. The -- the conversion already paid for it didn't cost them a lot they're willing to turn it back in to get another new one -- one letting go -- very reasonable price. And -- that's the great opportunity for somebody who's not getting funding. Folks find out about your options it's that's what you can do at this point if you're having problems are prepared server problems. Getting around they want freedom again they wanna be able to get around comfortably they wanna do it. You know with all the latest technology and stuff that's offered right now main mobility is a place to go you can column. On Monday column this week and get their answered it right the number down whatever you have to do 759. Six they won one that's 7596811. They have a wonderful web site. And mean mobility -- -- can ask questions you -- see what they have from vehicle conversions to scooter list hand controls. All the products are right here to regain your independence and regain your freedom we're -- with Tom Lorenz the owner. And will be back with segment number three with -- mobility and buffalo means business. -- news radio 930 WB yen. You're listening to buffalo means business with -- -- -- powered by -- blue rock energy stop. 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Okay we're back with awful means business Sanders ready and 930 WB yen up you'd like a business spotlighted. Once you well shoot me a message yet -- Shula. Dot com that's right to do is go to the website but he Shula dot com. She knew who you would like to be features so many great businesses in western new York and you know will be contacting them. You're behalf OK we're here at Tom Lorenz. From Maine mobility on main street in Clarence mean mobility dot com he could talk to the experts no obligation. But figure out what's right few in terms of your mobility and -- freedom. 7596811. Placements in the show or WB and when you call at 7596811. Town. A lot has happened in thirty years of we have talked about the forces you've had -- mobility what's coming out now it's 2014. What other what are some of the big things that that people should be looking for. Earlier he said when I got started this business we were really been focusing in just a full size van was about to -- product we could modify. Tower into the minivans but Anderson -- products coming out right now we're the only ones in the areas that have the first purposely built. Issue -- its product called the MV one and it looks like arrange rover. And it has India retractable. Citing entry ramp system and it can. I mean state of the art. We have a brand new pickup truck that's fully accessible -- is the first time you can get a four wheel drive should Chevy Silverado pickup truck. And either the driver's side -- the passenger side becomes fully accessible touch a button -- side of the vehicle we tricks out. The floor plan from virtually ground you write down what you wheelchair lift charade up and -- him. I have that vehicle on display -- decent hills mall to wanted to take a look at. Restoring at the cereals while you can see the pickup truck race on to tell us there let's let's talk about these little bit DMV one I'm looking at the center line. And I mean this is incredible. I mean. This is just thought I was just and you're the only one who hasn't this vehicle. How how it came about is they saw a need for vehicles to be. Purposely built which means everything else in -- industry he started out with a stock vehicle and then converters are cutting long floors are modifying it. This company decided she would if we built a standalone vehicle rate from the scratch. Also in a wheelchair accessible. And when -- first got released a few years ago it was designed for that can exceed industry. Well as it yet. Infiltrated to about the connection industry -- being picked up and said -- why couldn't we buy something like this. So. A new company which is under the auspices now. He and general that builds but we know -- commerce. They're the ones manufacturing this. And it's it's quite the vehicle -- and take a test drive and see if that would work for you will who was a perfect for. It's perfect for somebody who. Needs to be a little bit -- off the beaten path one of the one of the negative things about any of our more Ford minivans as the low ground clearance. So it but I see ought to be in -- as we have some families that live back in the -- -- out of country somewhere you know he merely have a track feeder or blacktop driveway. -- -- -- -- Levys could be an issue for them when you're in an area that you got a lot of speed bumps and you're going over on those those. Low profile. Areas are her -- we play shirts these vehicles this has plenty of ground clearance it's built more like we -- is -- like it. All eyes and you continue their one in the -- I wanted to show when we went outside for a test drive. I guess three coming in within the next week so we will take a look at it ready for you. CNN and people don't know the stuff unless they really can't kick you and see which we have on Clarence. Again you can do that stop in mainstream clearance mean mobility or you can call him at 7596811. You have experts yes that are willing to talk to people that want to help. It's evident when I walked in the building. All our sales people are. The terms mobility certified -- school. You learn the products they learn the applications. So you know that the united just talking to -- is trying to sell your product you're really talking to Simmons and try to educate you on the products that are available today. I'll tell -- -- we did display this week but he one of our long. Time clients. Agree conversion Mike -- I've done many things from not only a built in Dan's. Probably 34 views through the years and he's one of our veterans. A built in two or three minivans. I've built in six we'll all terrain vehicles. While this week might -- -- loses okay got on Fleury and he drops off full size farm tractor. People are really commodore has done. -- -- -- And Adam and in my head Texan back in my service manager on. We went to it and you've got to step and see how well and it's cat. We've we've designed the culture operation. Break can he control and I've got to admit that never really been behind a tree accurately and continue to Rebecca and stuff like this in my you know may do more -- -- but. This thing is is that every bell and whistle and Mike. -- is is. Technically quiet and hit out for -- it's amazing what he's able to do with this stuff but I'll lose control of Israel that can design and build and put the application you can -- it to work for. What what about put about for people who just down. You also a week and talked a lot about this but for people who wanna sit in the driver's seat now. Who haven't been able to do that with ease before. -- you make it easy for people now to drive maybe we were we -- one time that you can steer review coal. With flight just your -- or something how how to -- Because the technology is there. A lot of this stuff is -- terms call -- had a lawyer. For years helicopters jet planes there offline water they're barely moving controls and you're flying jet airplane okay. Technology now exists in the vehicles so let's say your range of motion your right hand. You can maybe make a circle with the size of three inch diameter. We have a Serb -- that would would operate within that diameter. His serve a mortar -- the place of these eastern. So we would disconnect the linkage. We have we we installed several mortar at the base of the steering system and now just turning this little lever with a net. Three inch diameter. Surged one. You're breaking gas if you told me your left hand you can push forward and back an inch either direction. That motion will operate. Again. Zero effort controller that'll -- -- -- -- to life changer. Absolutely we have people driving now. Of telling you about the -- corporation. Ralph Vaughan passed away next year and won them. Major financial. Investors get behind him. Is Sam Schmidt who's a former NASCAR racetrack ever crashed his racecar. Two miles an hour -- at all. He's quadriplegic he can only blink his eyes and was now. He just recently -- -- -- won the website look at Sam Schmidt racing. You'll see him drive -- 2015. Customized Corvette. 200 miles an hour round. And it's -- water -- And -- he's driving with -- heat is on the day it looks like the baseball cap with sensors. And the with a puff and says that's his breaking gas so with a -- he's he's sucking in or blowing in this breaking gas that motion. And the sensors are steering the vehicle no lawyer -- science fiction exactly. It's -- he's predicting that within the next few years. This will be -- becoming -- Will be an optional mainstay for our clients with those type of severe disabilities -- vehicles. What's. You we talk about life changer in game change yours in mobility in the industry of mobility and freedom in regaining your independence. On final you have a lot of big six success stories and watching people smile. What I mean what what do people feel like when they're put on the keys and then try evidently driving off. A lot of main mobility I mean it won't work that would kind of reactions have you seen for people who just now have the life change it finally got their dependence back. Every. We she tears of excitement every day. And and I welcome anybody coming in to spend a day and shop. Beating her clients because. Don't you think you've got problems. And I come home and I remember when my my kids were younger and the stuff that would come home and tell them you know it's affected their life and it's effectively treat people. But you know. Again when you don't have a problem we don't think about this stuff. And we'll just stubborn tall and say oh my gosh I can't or you have a stiff neck -- I can't even look up at the rearview mirrors -- that acute. Turned back and in my driveway. When you have a life. Altering situation. And all of a sudden. Some of the main body parts no longer function you can't turn your head you can't -- and you can't wait but you still. One curious how he did forever you still wanna go to the movies to wanna go off for dinner you still -- -- -- one -- your life exactly. So so we're showing you with today's technology. With a -- and -- cheers. Were able to help you get around rate now one of them. Financial obstacles is Medicare and Medicaid will buy a brand new wheelchair screw it I'll bet she needed period -- But if you get that brand new 101000 dollar will cheer we you'll -- point so if you hear of this cheer you wanna go somewhere. And we talked about them Americans for disabilities act now it is a law that every public buildings accessible. There's no place you can't go. You have -- -- I want to compliment. The radio station -- cabinet meeting here you know an extremely. Accessible building here. The parking dispute the district lines are correct he got to curb cuts you've got the ramps and decide when I want to appear -- I go. Boy my hat off to you guys for looking out for it and it doesn't happen around and I take all the credit for. But it's nice you know and here you need to do -- BC places out of it. It's not that they're not trying to do that the -- just don't know it. These are things you need so if you are in individual listening and you need those things done -- clemency. I would love to come near Russia but guess what it's not accessible so how can get in there and they hear it at the start with the positive. Reaction that they can really change things do they have to -- as a business have to do this they do now. He -- it could be created you know there are places. And we'll see exceed the home would strip with the 10050 year old buildings some of those -- green and topic. Arcade problems yet -- 67 steps like favored 3000 dollars you can body. Porch list which is a simple small platform is going to be thirty inches by forty inches you're right and -- can lift you up to. Pretty much any hyphen and stop it so. Even volume we have 456 steps that are restaurant there's nothing stopping him from buying a device like that that would assist you without having to put that big accessible damper on the building. To his son and I have a wheelchair you have a Kenya have a walker he of something that helps you move around better. You have buildings and businesses who are you know handicap accessible they have wider doorways they have ramps now. -- now is worth is were times company comes in how do you get from. Your driveway in the wheelchair. To the place that has the ramp you do that by mode of transportation. And and and I think that's what people really need to talk to you about. We talk about technology. Today there's a big cap is going and the buffalo convention center a dead. Which is an organization that trains and specializes in certified driver real specialist. Buffalo this year is is the host city for it so I wanna see this is taken place to Wednesday of this week. So if you wanna go to about the convention center and see some of the latest high level technology products that are out there. You you'd be amazed and those in the paper products we have. Access to. And we realize and those type of companies and vendors. To supply this information so that when you come to me and say here's my situation. I can make those calls to those type of places and say here's what you need and here's what we can do and here's a type of modifications that would be required. For the individuals to drive. All right mean mobility tolerance can you believe the show is it is over again and is this a fun time -- -- event. If you were looking for the best to wheelchair vans hate handicap accessible transportation. Disability you have you kick it around nobody can like they used to. Mean mobility is the solution 7596811. You can talk to Tom of one of the many experts it mean mobility go to the website if you if you wanna see in advance what I'm talking about it mean mobility dot com but just. Do it for yourself. You start getting. Regaining your independence and like that's your slogan. You know regain your independence I want to thank you for being on the -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was them wonderful host I appreciate -- thank you very much tolerance may mobility and hopefully you'll column mentioned WBN as well we'll see you next week. With another addition of buffalo means business sun news radio 930 WB yen. If you're in a car accident calls Selena would bar -- rear ended don't wait call eight -- honor T bone collision don't wait call or text eight. You've been listening to buffalo means business with -- shall -- on news radio 930 WDE yen. Brought to you by the law office of Ralph see Hillary go out on your side and in your court. Steve ball O Ford and Steve called Lowe's Chevy Buick Cadillac drive insured under the Steve Baldwin won for a lot. And by the Amherst chamber of commerce the health insurance resource for small business if if you wanna business featured contact buddy Ed buddy Shula dot com. Be listening next week at 6 PM for another edition of buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBE and.