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Cabelas Close to Opening - Marketing Manager Don Ashworth

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more about this Cabela's grand opening Donald Ashworth is with us on the WB on -- he's Cabela's marketing manager for the new store. And Donald you say there are 400 people already outside waiting to get -- Yet we probably have close to 400 people. Mark first person showed up yesterday morning around 10 AM. So the excitement here there are beginning to build law. Well we have a loyal customer following -- and our customers know that we put on a pretty big event program -- opening. And also we have gift card for the first 500 people in line today then get garnering from anywhere from five dollars 500 dollar no. There's a little bit of anticipation and excitement aren't lightweight yes -- out of Jakarta somebody's gonna get. OK so they're going to be given out at random so you really don't know what you're gonna get when you until you open an envelope to Watson's side. Absolutely yeah we've got we've gotten an envelope I don't even know where the I don't know what they're gonna get so it can be kind of it's exciting. If someone has been to a Cabela's store elsewhere in the country. How will this one compare is a bigger or smaller different better. Well this is part of our next generation -- so it's about 80000 square feet Campbell -- legacy stores are. Anywhere from a 110 queue up to 250000. Square feet but the reason we go to the next generation storage. It allow that put -- closer to the public vs. Having a large scale war a year. You know farther out in -- in a more rural setting. Don we know that -- bellows is a huge company but let's ask what kept -- bellows away from New York State. Until now and why Cheektowaga. Well I can't speak why -- it took them so long and how cute she -- -- where I can't say it is. When -- of the current put restored to a location -- look at the number hunting and fishing licenses for that area you know Erie county has the most hunting and fishing licenses in the State of New York. Stay open look at the number of customer that we have online. Ordering from a particular area as well as the number of catalog subscribers to get -- now to a particular area and all blue. They look at another magic that they look at is you know are too close to start their -- -- Wheeling, West Virginia and Hamburg Pennsylvania. So they ought to look at the demographics and the customers that are coming into those stores when they check out their passwords that code. And that had to give them an idea that it OK maybe western it's time to go to the in Western New York. I know you just mentioned hunting and fishing the story is certainly bigger than just that though. Absolutely. You know part of the sort of the -- factors that are the person you're current predicament he is a big buffalo taxidermy. When they walk MB -- a -- -- -- can't -- here we've gotten in casual clothing women's casual clothing. I'm aware of a boat department we -- -- people don't -- -- has her -- line. Tractors for maintaining. Wildlife -- so. And one of the more exciting things -- restored the red rock cafe where first -- What the elites that are going to be grab and -- to choose. -- these two and a little spin on the Western New York favorite of people on black we actually have buffalo -- and I'm I'm sorry. Bison -- -- on what. When you talk about -- -- you're talking about the truckers billions of farm tractor. Or tractors or 3540. And fifty horsepower tractors and we also have a lot of the implement though. They are geared towards you know. The smaller scale farmer or -- Dortmund and it's looking to really make cute. Imply optimal wondered -- leader for earnings season. Cheektowaga police have said that the traffic alert is certainly in effect for today but really for the next several days how does that coincide with kind of events you have going on. After today. Well actor today we have -- local organizations that we partnered with you know local conservation groups. He groups and things like that are going to be on site at part of our family. On that they that he. -- -- that he can bringing -- Upon that there are on Saturday and -- and be -- -- round trip for kids they -- They're really imports accurately. So -- you know we've got jemaah other giveaways on Friday Saturday on the the first -- customers in the door locked. Okay can you walk in the Cabela's sporting goods store outdoors store. And by a basketball. Baseball -- ping pong table. No enforcement that you're not shell that good I heard your favorite store itself football so we you have Cabela's -- football at Hewitt stuff about the income not been. And tailgate barbecue the other. A local sporting event for our Cabela's well. They found what -- football sounds like you did your research. Absolutely and then another thing we do have -- mustard in the rental counter. -- very good Donald thanks for joining us this morning. At my remarks read it that's Donald -- worth the marketing manager for the new Cabela's store grand opening later today in Cheektowaga.

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