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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Cabelas Opening Expected to Jam Traffic - Cheektowaga Lt Steve Berecz

Cabelas Opening Expected to Jam Traffic - Cheektowaga Lt Steve Berecz

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go live now to the child in Cheektowaga lieutenant Steve beret as for the Cheektowaga. WBM live line. And lieutenant it's our understanding you're talking to -- Right from the scene of all the action this morning tell us what's going on. Reporting that's where you're Cabela's. Actually right now it's pretty orderly we have about dot 300 people -- line. We do have a steady flow traffic coming in though we do anticipate that the -- that baker. Before the actual opening at 11 AM. That's obviously a busy section of town with Walden galleria and the -- way. From many backups are you anticipating. We're actually expecting Walton have -- says. Very heavy traffic. So we're expecting. Like -- delays. Between union wrote in Harlem road especially by eighty New York State thruway interchange. In the Walden galleria. For the grand opening today. And so you're advised to anybody who does not have any official business to do in that area today. To avoid the area of possible. You know we're asking people to. You vigilance. What's what's the traffic laws. You alerts for pedestrians. And officers were and about -- officers in the area. Help -- people at the busy intersections. Are -- stopped traffic and yes if you can't avoid the area it has recommend you take an alternate routes. To be playing it's clear now but you expect it later when you think you'll hit. I think just before the opening at 11 AM -- -- for more developed -- -- in the past. The parking lot will be poll before the opening eleven. Lieutenant you have any idea how many parking spaces are in the analog audio 300 people there already. I believe Cabela's has approximately 800 spots but that includes the smoke people losing in the olive garden. But there're actually monitoring that parking lot limiting the parking and their customers holding. So they are ebbing extra parking over the Kaymer. How late in the evening you anticipate this to go I mean there's obviously crushed right at the beginning but they're talking about events all week long is that a concern for you. There were expecting heavy traffic. Well into tomorrow he has also on Saturday we are going to have extra patrol. The Sistine. Articles. Friday into Saturday is closed today. You know -- this is sort of a special store it's signature or destination location but you know Wanda Walden galleria mall itself opened. I'm trying to recall back then lieutenant I don't think there was any kind of traffic like -- back when that mobile open. What do you know anything about that can you remember back then. Unfortunately I do not ever call that group of I wasn't an officer expense like -- I wasn't around. We are you know I don't think it was I don't think it was as big as an event is just one single story is today. But the developed apparently as a destination. Many people come from far. To view it purely short little bit different arm and then this is the first born in New York State's. So listeners saying a big event for the area infant -- to -- -- OK lieutenant Donnelly your busy I thank you for the time. That you take another -- -- to join us this morning we're grateful thanks again. YouTube that's lieutenant Steve barrages but the Cheektowaga PD and he is talking to a -- live from outside of the Cabela's store in Cheektowaga which opens up alone o'clock this morning.

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