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8-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Aug 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's that it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. It's Tom -- and. It's live it's local park. Being -- Third yeah yeah. Not being very Tom hourly health effects. On news radio 930 W. I'll bet it is -- hourly news radio 930 WBBM midweek yet hump day all that kind of stuff and it. Well look silly about politics that he -- Paul picked up okay good night I just answered for you. And I have by a couple of things here is that I want to do what is timely. Ball. And the other is. Who just pull myself out of whack they're -- OK and then the other one is something I could do any day but. I have to do it today because there's a reason I have to do today because Rush Limbaugh talked about it. Earlier on his program I will not be as graphic as rushed because rush is clearly the pervert on the radio station. I get the wrapped Reich goes places. I haven't gone. Yet the one who gets slapped -- I'd never gonna understand that. But. I love -- Doug -- But first of all the -- local and current event. Give me your thoughts. On the Erie county fair. Do -- ago. Do you enjoy. What is the best parts of the Erie county fairs. Now I ask this question on FaceBook the other day. And some people were upset about the park. And paying for party. Folks I've seen parking kind of clothes for five bucks at least last year. Five bucks does not seem to me to be an extraordinary your compares to -- -- a radical rate of charging for park. NCAA anyone March Madness anyone. Highly in demand sporting events anyone five bucks. For parking that doesn't seem bad to -- even ten dollars does not seem unreasonable the parking now as far as the food. Folks if you complain about the cost to the food I honestly don't understand. Your mindset. Because. You know you are going to the fair. Okay are you know you have to eat. Now if money is a concern. And you don't wanna spend a lot of money for food at the mayor there's an easy way around that. Now let's just put our thinking caps what would be the way to avoid paying ridiculous prices for food at the Erie county fair. Yeah you eat every hole you feed the kids at a hole. And you goal to the fair. If the food costs are keeping you from it usually is anyway around it it's called eating at all. Worse for me every time. So well I just bring that to your attention. Now I have a rather unique. Take a thick and Erie county fair because I went through a lengthy period where. I wouldn't have been caught dead. At the recount it here because I thought to become overly commercialized. Same old same old and I I didn't really enjoy it. But I kept an open mind. In recent years. And I cannot rediscover. The Erie county fair and I take it for what it issues. It is eight giant -- -- -- animals. And people are gonna tell me I can cure right now will -- top you're better off going to a law unfair. Well all right if riots. Are your thing. I don't mean to ruin anybody's fundraising. I know money is tight. For the cost of atypical night Eddie long -- You could buy each season pass to Darien lake or Fantasy Island or ball. Depending an -- -- you've got. If that's why you go to an event whether it's a long pay the fair to ride rides. I guarantee you there are better rides you can arrive at the two big local amusement parks and with the season pass. Far more affordable. So you literally can't have your cake and eat it too. So I've got that covered for. Now the long straights and look I'm not gonna bash laundry it's it's gonna sound like I am but I'm not. The first time I went to almost every single one -- every single summer. And it didn't take too long to realize. Basically. It's the same thing in different venues. It's the save. Rides. It's the same food. It's this name games. It's the same people it's the same band it's the same beer tab just changes locations Cheektowaga. West Seneca. You name it. And it's the same. And I look at the Erie county fair as just a bigger version of the -- on tape. Except with more animals. And I kind of enjoy it -- years recently where I've gone twice in one year. Last year specifically -- Three Dog Night which. Is I just love Three Dog Night at a course Buffalo's old car wells' big part of Three Dog Night. In -- Tennessee Three Dog Night is on the next week singing mama told me not to come. And the harmony parts. But. -- love the people watch. At the recount later. Do you sometimes just gonna sit back at the fair. And watch the passing. Parade. Of humanity. Walking by. Because -- either. To meet the people watching is the best part of the prayer. Now I've also come to appreciate you going to seat the stuff. Because I honestly. Suburbanites I had no idea how many different kinds of Cox their. Until last year what I spent about an hour in the poultry section of the Erie county fair. And I could not believe the city of roosters I can't I could not believe. How many different chickens -- -- and for that matter how many different kinds of every kind of animal. On display at the Erie county for I've found it to be a learning experience. Yes a learning experience. So. That was enjoyable. I'm thinking about other things at the fear. To be enjoyed. Of course out there is of the entertainment. Atmosphere. And I'm just opening up my little -- brochure user. And unfortunately I'm getting out of work to waits to be able to come to go -- it. But tomorrow. The entertainer is gonna be Jon Fogarty. And Jon Fogarty if you don't know he's the guy who sings the song I play at the end of every show jambalaya. Which was made popular ports by Hank Williams senior not to be confused with Hank Williams junior. But the voice of Jon Fogarty was the voice of CCR and one might make the correct point that. For many of us Jon Fogarty represents through CC are the soundtrack of a considerable part of our lives bad -- rise. Looking out my back door. Born on the buy you. And if you have a chance to see John -- tomorrow see him. He's got more energy for seventy however year old guy he news than most people in their thirties do. Tremendous performer I saw materially to the movie or sounds better than ever. And also. Say that the other performers are good I just wanna point you towards the one I know. Are going to be great job -- will be great. He puts everything he's got into every show he does. And there's a Beatles tribute band you may remember by talking about them. The in terms of the appearance of The Beatles. And this out those two factors. The fab four playing on the twelfth of August. See those guys play. They are absolutely. Sensational. Bass sound like The Beatles and they look like The Beatles and if you do we YouTube's search you can see videos of the fab four. And I guarantee they will blow you away when you see them in concert. So the entertainment news is terrific. So belong in the short of good news. And I know that if you listen long enough to my program you understand there's about a 180 on the Erie county fair I actually enjoy it. Do you like it or is it become to commercialized for you do you just look at it as an opportunity for other people to scalp you out of your hard earned Brett. Well there isn't any entertainment industry even a movie is gonna run you at least ten bucks unless you go to lament may. And then you can add the extra dollar if you do well the pick up the tickets at the kiosk thing. 803 all right thirty is the phone number 8030 -- thirty. Start -- thirty use the cellphone number 180616. WB yet be honest with me do you enjoy the fair. And doping upset when I say this but I have all of my teeth. I do not have a muffin top. I have zero piercings. I have no tattoos. And I love the you -- -- -- and will probably end up going at least once and probably twice. The best part the people watching. That's all I can -- I love. You know three on a thirty starlet 3180616. WB yet you affairs. Five years ago at the same. But I I went back to what with an open mind breaking helped change. And I don't regret. All right you know three -- -- thirty of other stuff I can whip out to excuse me wanna -- this out here's Larry had a cellphone on WB GM Larry. That. Climate and sleaze. Certain. That prayer is Laurie and I can redo my goal membership every year old. It's time for dialogue. It straight like. I'll be on the same all able. -- meanwhile. All. In my power order order spartans didn't -- And fair. I changed around the launch date that we for forty years or. -- to blow up. Food truck and fired and so on -- banana boat this year. Us got a cool fire Wednesday it is August 8 which you have by my count would be Friday. There and all firefighters and zawahiri members receive free admission with proper ID. But the real fun of firefighters day at the dinner is the parade up by your vehicles. Yeah that's correct and the memorial service on and bomb apartment building right behind it legal. Great memorial service. Where we brought guys from my arm that were there but what hurt. And it buried aren't harboring. And they actually mark in the great last year and we operative belong. Larry I talked to further about this because I. This this is interesting and I wanna give you the proper time you require private question you guys use the Erie county fair deal Lovett the hated. 8030 -- 35 years ago I was -- I hated it I wouldn't waste my time. The past five years I've got to come the -- the Erie county fair. So you can't teach an old dog new tricks here's Alan Harris with traffic and AccuWeather for the seeming it'll be actually cloudy I just made that word up actually the overnight low in the fifties and tomorrow sunny to partly cloudy and pleasant 75 and Friday -- sunny and pleasant day and 78 degrees. But I never trust the weather that far out I never believe it 72 that news radio 930 WB yet so we're talking with that let's see liriano cell -- who loves the Erie county here he lives for firefighters day at the Erie county fair. And you know -- all the money is meant to re new scope membership that would be by the way and equity import shooters committee on political education. What -- break down a bit of a lifetime member. -- -- reasonable that there Everett and to our Friday. Because -- -- apartment condominium. Building. And dark but we are in boulder or another -- -- -- -- are there other. Are there other highlights in addition -- the gun stuff and the firefighters stuff that does it for you meet your kids. Did you find the cost to be prohibitive. No you go for dinner you're gonna spend more than you do it that I'm getting involved with games not games of chance -- What you -- -- like right now. Governor Purdue in the order fuel. Conservation buildings school in the native Americans are very. The campaign I mean. Apparently were. I got in trouble last year because I was at the Seneca village and I asked for the casino was in the eager kind of pissed off. -- Yeah -- a lot of repeat performance of a particular line. How well look I'm I'm happy with their every time where you hate that the fair because I idol. Well hated probably -- a strong word but it's not very far from being accurate a point and try to make. Well I wouldn't -- age. I hated that prayer that I edit you've heard all of. The I would imagine I actually know somebody who used to work in one of the food vending boots at the Erie county here who basically used to love it and now she no longer does much good to say about it -- she's got to figure out I guess anybody would be if you have to be -- I used to be broadcasting from the -- back in the old days try to do a remote broadcast from the fair. -- late night talk radio was sheer simple Q were on the holy hell. Rightly or has an object in a remote anyway. All right a face in other words I don't like remote at all against him into -- anyway thanks very much I'm glad you called. 8030930. The year character opens today you -- the -- it is somewhere in the middle how many times you gonna go. And I do not understand the people who bitch about the cost of food you can eat before -- ago. The cost their rights if rides are your thing this isn't passed -- one of the local amusement parks. Seriously. Are at 803 on -- thirty WB Ian. This is actually from 1969. Edwards back and I assure you John -- sounds. Better today that he did in 1969. -- played in the fair tomorrow night. And I won't be able to see it because they're just isn't time to get from point a to point B. But why not just for the time they get -- good seats will be taken and what's the point I do not go to concerts unless I have a decency. Otherwise a justice who watched the video hole on YouTube. You get to a certain point -- and it's a lot what's the point. It is 634 who's ready at 930 WB -- and that. All right it is solidly and that I actually wanna talk about the -- editor because it opened today. Am I approaching it from a different perspective. Because I admit to this before. I mean before today before the last half hours. There's a an extended period of time -- IA did not go to the theory of fear you could not have drag me to the eureka -- with a team of ideals. Zero. Interest -- -- time I thought. At age apart and I decided. I'm gonna try. -- given a second chance. Be open mind. And and turns out that -- have. It'll probably don't want to twice this year. As I've done every year for the past 345 years -- -- And do you like the fair or -- you wanna bitch about the fair you wanna talk about what you like it prepared. Our colleague of mine is not a fan of the Erie county here anymore that I it's five years ago. But. As I've set I did a double take gave it a second chance and I'm glad that I did. And some of the comments of my FaceBook page from yesterday. People were bitching about the cost of food. Which again I don't understand because if you go to the fair you've got kids. You feed the kids at home before they go to the fair. You leave before it's time for them to eat again. And let's face it kids at a certain age. Are only good for maybe four hours -- the -- before I wanna go hole and eighty feet of it all. As far as the riots. Are they expensive yeah they are expensive. But if rides are your thing you'd be better off buying a season pass that one of the local amusement parks. You can go as many times as a lot and ride the rides as often as you'd like. I mean that's a way to save money. I realize that some things are unavoidable. Like you gotta buy beer naturally that's unavoidable. Buying bottled water for some of you absolutely unavoidable. You're in -- expects gasoline getting near the parking. And other summaries that come up but I I don't think -- necessarily. The fair is or cost prohibitive. If it was that cost prohibitive it wouldn't be that crowded all the time especially on a beautiful weekend day. Firefighters days coming up on Friday image of a Camara was Jon -- CCR the voice of CC -- in the guy who was behind most of their hits. 8030930. Starry night 3180616. WBM. Do you love affair the hate affair you somewhere in the middle do you go. -- given up on it. Let me don't Wear your -- as far as repair that's number one. Or two. Rush Limbaugh. Spent. About ten minutes today. Talking about a story that. I thought was kind of funny. And it was funny to me in a cup. -- number one if I had done the story. I would have been called -- -- little thought that was the story and his pure as the driven snow. And the story involved a woman. Who got into a motor vehicle accident. Because let's just say she was eight distracted drivers why was she distracted driver. Because as she was driving along there's a delicate way to put this but I'll try -- She was involved in -- a certain part of her body. How does that. She was involved in shaving a certain part of her body. Another store is only somewhat more interesting because her ex husband was in the car with her. He had control of the -- we all as she was shaving. They were on route to her new boyfriend's house. X yet and then they'll -- theory got a -- right. But anyway they were on the way to the new boyfriend's house husband is with the ex the ex husband -- with the ex wife she is doing a bit of -- shall we say personal hygiene. And there are so many places I could go with that but I'm not gonna go there now I I I can't. But there is something that I do want to ask you. -- -- Only old legally anything to do with man escaping or lady scampering first of all. Joseph John. You guys are younger than. And let me simply Tuesday. That there is a great difference. In. The appearance. Certain aspects. Of the female form. From the late 1970s. Until today. And the change started I noticed anyway in the late 1980s. Shall we say. Hair removal became very very in the late 1980s. It wasn't like that in the 1970s. Okay. And there again are so many ways I could go but I have to restrain myself I personally think it's changed for the better but each -- -- So. It got me thinking not about doing a show one landscaping or ladies -- Because I'm -- at least 90% of my female listeners between the ages but 18 am 54. Our shall we say. Yeah. Now. I've been seeing this add on late night TV. For a hair removal product. Is it called no no 'cause I'm always exhausted. When I see I'm I'm I'm beat when I -- -- yet. It's this electronic device and I guess the other come out with is a -- no no pro. Is that what it is. Here's my question. Does it really work. That. I'm not even talking about man skate. Then I would remind you that a tree always looks taller. I can't even -- -- -- and you just you know about him and -- even talking about bet. But even facial hair -- Sometime in the last fifteen years. -- razor. Discovered that they could charge what -- they wanted to charge for razor blades and we had the Biden. There was no alternative. I know that we have different companies now. In fact some of which have advertised on this radio station dollar -- club for example. I capital like the but. What I wanna know is that the vice they advertise on late night TV. For hair removal. Does it actually work as well as its supposedly. Does in the depths. I think in light of today's Rush Limbaugh show this is a very interesting question. Because guys if you could use it on your face instead -- -- Would pay for itself. In one month easily. There's like through a razor every bit before five days I gotta switch plates. Because there's nothing worse an adult razor blade shaped. Yeah nothing worse than that. Specially used in the squat true you've got four different areas where the air can become lodged thus affecting the quality of the shape. And depending on what parts of your body in shape. You get lesser or greater use out of the razor. And I'll leave that to your imagination. TM I know I said it leave it to your imagination. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EN they'll probably go even further. Is there something you've seen on late night TV as a product. About which you wanna know see I wanna know about the note though -- hair removal thing that you see on TV. And they've also been running ads for light Posey. That's the pill use supposedly today we take the pill at supposedly you don't change your lifestyle you don't have to exercise. And you'll still lose weight. To me it sounds like absolute. BS. Sounds like if if I were approached to endorse the product I'd laugh and say no and I won't do snake oil leader. But Tom they'll pay 20000 I don't clear I don't do -- Our let's go do love Marisa in buffalo on WB EN Marisa welcomed Europe. And -- well I tried known Al and Michael English -- known isn't it evil torture device. No no debt is the name or read and that and -- so unbelievably painful wreck. Jerry Boettcher trying during the air on all -- -- -- no matter what how the -- up and it is unbelievable we came off. Well I've spoken with women once or twice about waxing. And I know that there are two things with waxing a you have to allow the hair to get to a certain length and being in that in between stage can be rather uncomfortable for a lot of women who prefer not to. Be armored in that area. Number two the waxing is painful. Number -- if you're a guy. Hi there is not one place that is gonna last year because they automatically assume you're going in for a waxing pitcher pervert and you want something else. Quick I -- you know I tried it both ways -- IE it need to be a little bit longer outcry yeah me neither -- it doesn't matter it. Was so in -- fight amateur in the dark it just. Oh my god had -- drinking and thinking about. I can hear it in your voice Marissa that the sheer agony but it sounds like waterboarding it sounds like -- is something you know out of Abu Ghraib. So it hasn't worked his work with a current of electricity or does it work by some adhesive. The Arab means. It's political -- city basically I don't like being Arianna erupt again pretty much about out and really only way that I possibly strike at it but outside that area and I tried it like I'm on the arm I'm like. Well look at the just it was Greek. I would do it on my face because they're having to me is a pain in the -- is a pain in the butt. -- I try to Italians are a little -- facial areas and I was led I was all in every area that I try it on and I'm like. How bad and yeah you know very -- Compare thee known though too shall we say a waxing done at a -- I can -- really. -- earned. It that I. While that's C that's fascinating theory. You know it and actually late entering and I'm not talking about the one you buy in late night TV I'm talking about places that actually do laser hair removal. Do you hole. That it. Actually hits your body with more jewels of electricity. That might pacemaker users if my heart should ever to what a sudden cardiac arrest therefore I cannot do it. I had no idea I would actually why oh why act hurt people he until late accurate or talks. You don't don't they don't know I don't know. All right I was told by a lady who actually does this for a living. With the laser that she is thoroughly convinced that there is not one PH left in Clarence New York. I don't need a I don't need to say what PH stands for you know. Or are at Marisa thank you very much. -- it. Before I let you go white Fuzzy. Talk crap I -- master before. Like disease. This is the pill you take I do not need to lose weight. No I had to gain weight over the wintertime because my doctor delicately said dude you looked like crap -- wait to skip. So I'm trying to lose weight but it a lot of my audience is trying to lose weight. And what I wanna know is this like this team does that really work. Because you see these people say I didn't change my diet at all I don't exercise of and yet people loss. I'm thinking to myself outcome looks like you've got to. They don't realize thirty -- thirty we'll talk with Kim coming up next that she's got something to say about the no no parole. It's. Our they would do on WBM. -- -- severe get a fair don't really care about that topic which you do care about the late night TV ads as I do. The no no problem but think about buying one but after that last call I don't think I am entrusted. Here's Kim in buffalo on WB and Kemp thank you for holding and a what do you have to say developers. At this definite no no it's not like -- our hair and it doesn't go down to the United States. I'm I'm Perry creek and an important part Italian and each I didn't I tried it and it it's like he gets double the -- stayed. That's our previous caller said that it ripped it out by the roots. Did not mind. On a scale of one to ten how excruciating was the -- Maybe it soon. Without burning and it's it's like and Brad medium light it flashes. And it took. It -- and I do certainly hasn't let up at bat he did Allen. And. Like that time I tried to Bob. Eradicate my inner ear hair with one of those long fireplace. Lighters and so -- -- -- No I really do you know they have something at -- Regarded it has never. Saying -- you -- that. Into it. And -- it's a race and it won't grow apt. And women and while they -- I don't know open and. I'll cope well all right so what we're talking -- Kim about the no no pro you're saying that it wasn't painful but it didn't work. -- -- Okay well I am happy for the update and it about -- did you buy anything else about which we need to know -- -- for example. No but I do remember one more thing is sound high potency -- complex. Well actually help you lose weight. Or maybe not eating a lot of pizza and wings that's a big help to. Well if you over eat but actually high potency Biden and be Catholic daily welcome -- here. Who didn't -- I get a -- I get a -- You go to -- and -- you go to the Dominican Republic for a week you eat every fresh fruit and vegetable you confined and you've eaten meat that has not been properly refrigerated. You will drop forty pounds I guarantee it. I know I speak from experience thank you very much -- I'm glad you called and who's this on line one because it cut off. It calling back because when one of the find out about like Posey and his unit and I took like losing and I didn't change my diet but I'll look at the -- meet -- taught him. -- and other. The product on I want I got gas on why are you can get it you know where other I didn't supplement our C -- -- As I tried it at that avalanche or whatever. That -- well now. I. Did exactly that it didn't change I need my eating habits what I don't have yet anyway it's slow Kapalua I'm. You know really an exercise in -- I want eight pounds and aimed -- And I don't know -- Eight pounds isn't between. And between seven and nine or a single pound. And off. I that's that it worked mention so basically light as he gets a big thumbs down from you so you're baton 000. So far. Absolutely it finally did find some and that work and I dropped forty pounds and five months and you like to let -- email that Julia. Yeah yeah -- -- interest in looking at a but honestly if I wanna lose weight again I'll just go back to the Dominican Republicans. Been popular parasite. Com you can tell I have a great time there thanks very much and -- call holds. -- know you're coming off -- thought the call was done no no offense taken and everybody -- Marisa is cool correct inclusion in life. All right we'll look -- will be ever it's always a pleasure. Short timer. And John Germany call screening duties this is our late and the voice of this guy is the voice who's playing at tomorrow's recounted here tomorrow evening. I'm working lately -- if you see them. Life goes on no yourself.

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