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8-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so I can site. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Tom hourly and that's must be within 200 feet of -- school or Ichi. It's life. -- local provoked this it's Tom hourly ask another question. Let -- get this much this isn't real she's knows it wouldn't. He's Olympia. Now so on news radio 930. Everywhere and where what and where things -- out. With that members. Of the -- if you hit it struck me. It is at ten minutes after five news radio 930 WBBM. We've been talking about story in the New York Post now. This story and back Carl Paladino actually sent out an email earlier today but when you look at the story from the New York Post. Which by the way is owned by the same dude who owns Fox News so automatically is a must be questioned and must be challenged as a factually inaccurate because. Rupert Murdoch of course is the slime of the world. I'm being sarcastic. But the -- news story and basically from two days ago says that and -- all ball is quote. Crazed. With anger. Over the moral and commission controversy. And over. -- -- becoming increasingly. Abusive. To the people closest to him. And I it must confess to you that I've done a little studying. And formal. And a little bit about his Psycho history and by -- Psycho history I mean -- the psychology that makes Andrew Cuomo Andrew Cuomo I'm not calling him Psycho. But I've got a Psycho history Joseph Bieber has this -- history and sort of like there are certain events and certain things that happen in your life. Which contribute to making you the person you are and which contribute to your reactions being what they are in any. Given situation and Andrew Cuomo basically has spent most of his life behaving like a spoiled little spot when he doesn't get his way. And -- joining us right now is Michael Capuano who said and for me -- quite a bit last week. Michael I know you did a great job covering the moral of the commission and almost stepping in to yet I shifted chamber pot. Somebody doesn't know what -- change replied as our -- pot is the reason you never used the water pitcher in a hotel room. That's all I'll say it. Now Michael proto is -- and Michael for those who don't know. -- -- commission was set up by Governor Cuomo to investigate corruption. But it was immediately disbanded by Cuomo if I brought in this world I can take you out once the moral and commission investigators. Started following a fetid trail of rocking. Fermenting corruption. To Cuomo. Bennett -- dominant note there are more on commission has actually just a statute and the New York State code here but it law. Carl Paladino when he were there is one of its first campaign promise you that what you. When he took her notebook offers support for he reported there was a couple more on commission. The big in the option it's what -- it's a power become governor of New York State. The problem we have a Cuomo -- -- -- for eighteen months and shut it down after nine when it got too close to him as well. And interestingly this story in the New York Post. Is by Frederick trip I'd -- I don't wanna go there right now are. The guy's name is -- U Dicker I kid you not all but -- and Andrew Cuomo is described as quote. Crazed. With anger when I read that those words those specific words quote crazed. -- Anger I know enough about Andrew Cuomo to annul. That this is not the first time he has been described as crazed with anger or something very close to it. And I would like you to tell me weathered the description of -- being crazed. With anger over these revelations and what might do to his reelection does that surprise you. No not at all I mean do. We knew when Carl was running but -- few crickets in -- the formal loses temperament loses his temper. Army -- the state. The problem we have in 2010. And that we were it was very difficult for us to route through to get into -- The problem. But -- -- now -- more person within its mistake it made the mistake that is. -- -- me so I think it's all different trying to anger but now we're looking at a governor who will pick who will be prone to -- Mormeck. -- point number two. He is becoming increasingly. Abusive. To the people. Around him. This is not uncommon with this kind of personality type which Andrew Cuomo happens to be I know you've seen it. I know I have seen it either but sometimes where if things are going well even if I cause that I've become unable to people around. Your opening. In your opening of the audio from our. And welcome your if you listened to it boys and according. You'll hear them on should keep their -- Interview or. And go. And your one -- a camera on somebody in the but he. It's to the point where you so angry that blow these famous for the fact we were. Well. India during the year -- -- that -- you know effort. And we found in there and and and -- -- Were you active. There are terrible for these implements forward. And now now. -- -- its gravity acting that. It's a question of whether. Rob factory and take advantage of it and then make some. I rarely and maybe I shouldn't say this because I don't wanna do a disservice to the mentally ill but sometimes I wonder if Cuomo is non accomplishment this and here is by the way the bit of audio to which you referred work all ball uses hate speech against his enemies. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. -- Perot assault weapon. -- tight GA he is not who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. That remains Michael could put go one of the most bizarre. Hate filled statements I have ever heard from a governor and the media except your humble host. -- -- -- Our affiliate -- army basically in that statement condemned. And mock. Are more than 50% of your state. And -- it was a bad mistake for him and at the problem we have. Would have a stake it didn't hurt us and -- big mistake or came out yesterday. Which showed he's only dropped five point -- -- that this operator although he went from. Our 58 to -- You describe this precipitous. Describe it like a slide. It's it's it's I think. Well we note here the more commission. For the where -- -- Improper so I think. 0% now 3% next week you know we see. Onward and while there's. If you -- -- a crock these numbers it's bill Republicans and independents. War war. War -- we need more. Work. Who were disappointed. His retreat that was meant. That we. There are -- we. And I think more commission -- here. For a reason. Are a way to get away. So let me just activists. Now I -- were were gonna differ in our approach to pull hold dropping five points. Especially given the margin of error of the research I don't see that as precipitous you do. I don't think we're gonna agree on that but. There are two quotes here in the article which make me wonder what Cuomo and his people know that Marist did not know and that we do not know the first quote. From a senior Cuomo administration figure quote. The bad news is starting to stick this is very serious a second source. We know the governor is damaged the only question is how badly. Michael I wanted to ask you about how political campaigns conduct internal. Research because clearly if Cuomo is crazed with anger. My conclusion. Is that it's highly likely the numbers are far more grim than Marist. That's true and do not want a top pollsters and amber Cuomo uses some of the back altars in the world. His reaction. That were that were here about a predictor and Robert. Is that you know basically conflict -- -- for number in the air in. There. I've read it noted because the problem would then be let in on the secret is being open is all. -- game or higher the old. Well what do what. Ask you specifically is and again you know more about it than I do but I'm not a dummy when it comes to public polling when it comes to social research methods and frankly I always enjoyed those classes at UB. But when you're running a political campaign. You've got more money you can spend it for a larger sample and a more representative sample of voters true or false. Absolutely especially when your whole month 35 million dollars actually asking more. You know deeper questions questions you can look at trends and changes in different demographic. How women are -- all manner of thinking and your sample of larger -- actress. Exactly the larger the sample. The less your standard deviation is going to be. Are right out. I think -- -- know there's a Cuomo might even get so much money I don't nobody's doing that well when you're with your steering gear and apply it. You might be doing our daily tracking. You -- you he might be out there doing. Saint linked to several times in a week. So he knows more than -- no matter more than you when I know and it appeared upset it's bread baker says he is the number worse -- That crazed with anger. Tells me Cuomo always numbers. Are a lot worse than what -- shows. And again I'm not gonna go back to. You know hey let's go after the pollsters -- nobody called me because statistically it would be highly improbable you'd be called. But about a moment Michael Capuano who said a former last week and whose brain is a wealth and a treasure trove of political knowledge she literally he's worked on dozens if not hundreds of campaigns both here and abroad. Is -- this for a little bit and I love the fact we can call on Michael offers expertise. And day in between diaper changes or he's able to offer to -- but right now here's traffic with Alan Paris. Patchy clouds tonight overnight low in the fifties tomorrow Sunday partly cloudy pleasant 75 were holding to 72 news radio 930 WB EM. Michael Caputo is -- Andy is a political masterminded those who don't know. And Michael was thinking about -- vocal. And she is married to one of four US attorney's. Who basically police New York State if you will. Andrew Cuomo is being investigated. By one of the four US attorneys who police New York State Cathy is married to another one of the four. I view that as a conflict of interest because she's running with a guy one of her husband's colleagues is investigating. -- my wrong. Well you are wrong I think the U -- like they were on. An impact on you know. There are any -- her in that. -- grow on trees and -- I think. Here with. That thing between the law as well. One thing happened last week that -- -- -- a little bit. Construction. And the army arm -- your remote corporation. Fired him. Debate from from doing construction -- all you. He's a million dollar -- -- You know. Again the year ago corporation which is wrong. And the problem we -- now -- he'd be. In the -- they admit. -- people. It's -- ought to -- are probably forty million dollar. Bill years weight on your eating. All one needs forty million dollars whereas getting. Michael I hate to keep you but I want to address something with you on this get the local situation. About legal ethics. Not to be confused with political ethics and something known as impropriety. Or the appearance. Of impropriety. I think the only right thing for -- -- to do. Is for her to step down or for her husband to resign. I want you to chew on that and I think you know the format well -- -- get about six minutes warrior pee break and will be back with you burn off. Michael -- put -- -- this on WB yen its hourly and we like Michael -- over much. -- -- -- -- Anything -- and go into and is the only two teams may have seen is that -- -- console. Maybe -- round. It just yeah. Angel will be. Just -- Jackson -- By the way -- Application anything about call for target its volunteers ready and I'm thirty WB EM it is Wednesday may balk hump day. That and that -- about the race for governor. Am. Interesting story in the New York Post two days ago. Describes Andrew Walpole. And this. Quote from the article. By the writer for the New York Post Frederic U Dicker. For whom high school must've been a living hell. But the quote news Andrew Cuomo is crazed. With anger crazed. With anger. About what is blowing up right now with the -- commission. And the fact that maybe more more west New Yorkers are waking up to the fact that this guy is -- clocked. This guy is a criminal and he has no business being governor of New York State. And what he has done. Is a lot less than what Richard Nixon ever dead and Nixon was hounded from office by immediate which despised him. And why the New York Times actually broke this story. A horrible interfering with the Portland commission can best be described -- steal the phrase with attribution from Rush Limbaugh as a random act of journalism. I guarantee of the New York posted broken this story it would not nearly. It I don't think it ever what do -- have appeared in the local newspaper. But I wanna talk about. The cap the local factors. And Michael -- -- it was whether -- in Michael sits in for me Michael is also a political and this is what -- politics campaigns this is is special area of expertise. And Michael. -- local I've always presumed was selected by Andrew Cuomo. Because in -- formal realizes that this is Paladino country. And Andrew global wanna be convincing victory across the state for east to west norte this -- in November to help his fundraising for presidential ambitions in 26 to eight. However. There are more US attorneys. Who are in charge of New York State at the federal prosecutorial. Level. -- local is married to one of them. There are three others one of whom is investigating. The god with -- -- -- is running and frankly. I believe that that is either impropriety. Or the up. Lots of impropriety. Believe the only right thing for -- local to do is to resign. And as Cuomo's running mate due to the up -- of impropriety. There are or US attorneys in New York State she's very don't want. Another is investigating the guy with whom she's running she -- to quit or he used to resign. What -- on -- if in fact Andrew Cuomo is under investigation in indications are that might be. The fact that his running mate is married to a you're turning. I could be considered a comparable -- I think you probably armed with something here where you know they will not allow that to affect them. That they're very acted as it is used. Very likely. Can create what he wants victory here ability to operate with impunity. So I'm not quite sure -- they'll respond to repeat it locals husband is not involved in the case for themselves. But -- there is a legal -- Ethics issue here is they're not right -- must be something in the at the code of legal ethics which addresses situations like this. Well I think in the legal experts -- an oxymoron to begin -- -- -- yeah. Yeah I mean I'm I'm I mentioned earlier. The Peter construction. Lawsuit against. You see it bigger carrier Herbert LA Erie Canal harbor development corporation. -- nobody -- yesterday rule. All the testimony. In this case including testimony from Sam -- and others all these people work for and Cuomo is being kept under seal until after the election. And in -- and why -- taxpayer related lawsuit being kept secret from taxpayers. Is beyond the there's sneaking suspicion. Certainly among the people are allies. Got something to do with preserving anger squabble because it. He -- under fire from from our federal prosecutor. And his local. Cronies are under fire for moving upwards of forty million dollars taxpayer money for acting improperly. In record tracks global situation. You know and -- -- -- know -- -- that the legal system in Europe but it is also still a problem. Mean good bit of a proper secure overreach. It is it is it happens all the time and then you see people that -- I've never gotten messages at all because -- happen after -- and noble and your state and you know I think of the the contention that can't -- local. -- you know her involvement as a candidate for lieutenant governor productive. Accomplished in Britain probably being in that you -- to turn it up to -- could end up being an action. I think it is clear I. The biggest debatable I think it is an obvious clear cut black and white conflict of interest and she should step down from the ticket or her husband should resign as US attorney for the western district of New York State. Well I I usually -- But usually it's not forget. -- -- by -- photo as -- now let's just talk about the real political world for just a moment one of the reasons why Cuomo. Is gonna freak out if his numbers start to plunge is. What happens to -- Reno's fund raising if he is seen as an increasingly. Viable candidate. Well I think we're there already seeing -- chicken in Indonesia. We're probably have a good Andrew Cuomo and his cronies in the Republican Party has sewn up and -- out most of the big high dollar Republican. Our daughter who might be backing. Actor you know otherwise and they make -- about it acts Marino's single player himself he got an uphill battle the year. No you know there's still be -- -- odds on favorite so while most of these guys openly aired mainly on a donation. And any significant level or Rochester you know there -- in trouble too if they have -- -- our state contracts there global perspective are participating gaming. Applications they're probably. -- in other words what you're saying news when you bet on the wrong horse in politics there are repercussions. Especially in New York State shock your statement. -- -- -- -- One more thing don't wanna ask you about and I know that -- got to do there's an impromptu basis because I did have these questions and wanted your take on them because they did not have a chance to hear everything you did last week when -- sitting in for me but. Can you talk about Cuomo is concerned about. Being -- primary. And what's up with that can you explain it in layman's language that even the politically. I'm bored with this crap folks can understand. Well Democrat party in Europe -- not a model there -- -- there -- factors reflect the Republican Party. And there are certain element of the Democrat party is not believed an American earlier work Andrew -- Morris. Our solicitor moved to the rights in -- -- we -- them a moderate. So they are there are Democrats within the party who are threatening not to go to the polls at all with -- -- for -- out there are superior city. Are trying to get on the ballot ignorant McCormack -- he ought. If you get aren't there going to be some -- he got away from vote question is just -- man. And of course it's of those Democrats and the independents in the medal that he desperately needs. Bonds do not just her victory that put a margin of victory he need to be viable president stopping you don't repress the report from. This guy. Is obsessed with perfection. All of our researcher in 2010 showed that he had to control every single alt fuel in the room. There's nothing Arctic air nothing would unscripted Everett you can -- -- -- waited governor and pepper. Now he's not in control. And that through -- -- anger comes from couldn't not used to being. You know buffeted by the wearing a problem without being forgotten. Actually pulling everything and we see we saw this over and over and over -- we're researching him in 2010. Every single apartment every step -- taken important he'd been preparing for presidential run from -- -- -- the reason we note. Every time we've all the legal immigrant misbehavior. Or some of the things we -- Could indicate. Nobody would not they're protecting politicians. We thought we are in close enough to drink get the smoking gun we open the door and it smelled like all. The case he being up everything -- entire app. Is disgruntled he can pull every molecule in the room and suddenly. He doesn't and -- driving increased. Okay now are there -- not my understanding years and I was out of the country can unplug for ten days inn -- Jamaica. And -- well 11 wish is to preach one goes where the senator's car. One mustn't preached to require. But. Yeah I'd I do a lot of heavy duty thinking at him in all actuality that's all I did but in band series and in any event. You bastard but in any event Michael. Could be out now my understanding is that this effort teach out is on the ballot but Cuomo is trying to get her kicked off. The ballot now her name is above is on the ballot. But yeah. Is very vindictive. Miss and or certain newspaper article in which a certain talk show host described Andrew Cuomo as say. The indicative. Petty little man I didn't mean little in terms of stature I meant little in terms of his character. Are there enough socialists. In New York City and enough people to left of small ball to really make a difference in its. Well we started our negotiations. To gain the working families party line. Where they basically help them out and anti union that. There are different issues as they work on outlook say for example. Our public here are our campaign financing etc. that were that are Montrose work economic partying and given him I'm paid at all or years. There -- -- you know we're gonna work endorser for teacher up. Notice that a minor party line. -- -- But he embraced every single partner agenda which is you know just -- them well. And and what we have here is a woman who. Well it would actually able to separate each other actually exactly in line with the with the party she believes completely. So there are many people in the -- party which is also split wildly between union leaders and true believers in their agenda. You know the union leaders are aren't gonna go with Cuomo -- evacuate their march reporting that whatever their bosses say. But the true believers the one who don't want to actually get out the vote we're actually going knock on the door they're still very disappointed in Cuomo. And it's very likely to be over -- Oprah record picture on the Democrat. And they -- pollute. You know not an insignificant number of voters. OK -- just -- a quick question and I don't know if you have the answer. -- -- What do ordinary citizen had any standing. In court or before a legal board of ethics to call out -- hopeful for the appearance of impropriety. For running with a man who's under investigation by one of four US attorneys for New York State when she is married to one of the other ones. -- I'm not a lawyer but I believe every. Regular citizen of new year. State as standing in those ambitions. And -- were looking very good legal counsel. Yeah I'd have to check old episodes of law and order because I -- I know that the biggest the biggest issues ever on that show involved -- wanted to file a complaint with the ethics board against view. I think that a citizen complaint out of state all the way to beat or I think the good -- the same conditions are here. Under a lot of finger and beliefs. -- petitions can get bigger and brought a public notice to tribal -- a concerted media campaign. And get immediate start looking article -- Uncertain about your your just being silly because I have described the media as having an iron dole over all regressive candidates. But true but look what the New York Times look at it if you saw the editorial written by Morgan team and as city and state. And wind dot com today they are absolutely apoplectic about how ridiculous this whole thing yeah. And an impact Berger McNamee you're just beating up on squabble right now there are also beating up on people who were used to criticize. Including guys like Rudy Giuliani aren't you to eight and one thing. You know miss her. Our US attorney. You know it's tough guy cop in New York City has now turned into a guy who won't eat. -- no doubt about it or more of a lack of courage didn't just them -- -- -- Saturn Sky -- gotta be Eliot Spitzer because all he did was engage in consensual sex with prostitutes. Right well and taken across state lines which is a federal. Will the man act whatever -- Whatever they didn't work out so well for the boxer Jack Johnson but that's another story while -- Local a local -- Greg our local our -- Ol' yeah or maverick -- remember that Michael I have to break I love you I'm glad you're able to join us and we'll be together soon. A compact -- up you're -- really appreciated me welcome home. While the Oregon resilient days are still have to take -- -- Busan worldnews thanks Michael Caputo who's a political mastermind and a very keen observer and anchored by hourly UWB. And AccuWeather some patchy clouds tonight the overnight low in the fifties tomorrow sunny to partly cloudy and pleasant 75 right now 72. And news radio 930 WB EMI will -- 54 -- I'm getting got a 55 really well okay it will that was -- I would skeptic to put a lot of little -- longer. Milked in just a little bit more. All right if you are just joining us and again folks. I don't do politics every day if they ever told me I had the new politics every day I would quit and -- -- myself. Because generally speaking. I tend to get nauseated. Talking about politics. But this New York State governor's race. Has become very interesting to -- And the question is are enough New Yorkers paying close enough attention to realize. The implications. Of a governor who sets up a commission. To go in to eruption to weed it out. Who can win the commission starts getting close to him and his cronies. Ends the commission. Prematurely. And has the arrogant audacity to say and I'll paraphrase I set it up and I can take it down. Folks states like Texas. States like Louisiana. That dog don't hunt. And he would have been thrown out on his -- Easter. I think Andrew Cuomo is a criminal. I think he's involved in a cover up of epic proportions. And what he did. Is and was demonstrably. Wrong but it. I'm not a -- but we could talk about witness tampering we could talk about evidence tampering. We could talk about obstruction of justice. And there are million things that a guy like me or you. Would be faced with a similar situation. But remember there's one set of rules and laws -- -- behavior for the elites and another for additional looks like you and I who pay the bills. One more -- On this subject and it is something that. Has been causing the hawks over the past several hours. -- business. And I don't mean to over belabor the point. Almost chosen running mate is -- -- her husband is one of four US securities in New York State. One of the remaining three US securities is investigating the guy with whom -- is running Andrew ball. It's a small -- To me that expression impropriety. Or sit with me up his sense of impropriety. Is coming and apply. I think get the local should quit the ticket or bill local should quit his job. Because there's a stench about this I don't why. Apparently the lady blindfolded. Might be waking just a little bit. It will like given to some other things that you were on WB and coming up it is --

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