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8-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Aug 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And the yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- -- It's Tom hourly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Being and third. Yeah. On news radio 930 W. I've got to wait till November about the way before a dumb and dumber two comes out not pick and I've got that -- like calendar anything better way if my hourly and welcome to the show welcome in my world it value or eight new listener. I would best describe myself as a conservative area. What to conservative area and it's a conservative from the waist up that would be one way to phrase it a conservative carrier. We can explore that further if you would like. But I detest tyrants I detest tyranny I detest frauds. I am appalled at the rapid rate at which American liberty and American freedom is being eroded. Beat the past four to six years -- back even before that under bush. We have seen a rapid erosion. Of our rights guaranteed to last by our constitution. And we are now at the point. We're president of the United States in his State of the Union Address in January can go before congress and basically say you don't matter anymore the Supreme Court doesn't matter anymore. It's misty whenever and wherever I can all do things to improve the lot of the American people folks that's what pirates have said since the beginning of recorded history they never say. Whenever and wherever I can I will destroy as many lives as possible so that might people can triumph. That they always talk about the public good. And it's very simple. And what we're talking about today is I've -- all ball and whether the Moreland commissioned a scandal. Is going to have an impact on the election the polls as of yet do not show. Any affect of any great import the New York Post two days ago before the poll came out the other day. Basically said look. The -- all people are bracing for the worst. Because news. The Marist poll would be the first poll done since the moral and commissions story broken if you don't know what that wasn't what I know you guys who -- vacation. You guys have lives softball teams kid's soccer practice football camps and you know politics to you percent of -- his horse crap party but. Can you imagine. Beat the governor of New York. And you're gonna run for reelection. And you wanna you wanna let people know that you're really a stand up guy. You're -- above board guy you're you're not like those other corrupt politicians are you appoint a commission. To investigate corruption in government. And a New York State those commissions are called the more Linda commissions and the most recent more Olympic commission if you will. Started uncovering corruption and here's the problem. It started slipping and going into Cuomo's direction and once it started going in Cuomo's direction all all stopped the commission. As an Obama white fashion he basically said I started a commission. The commission. That takes it sure is balls. If they Republican -- and ladies and gentlemen and I'm not a fan of the Republican Party I told -- before I'm a conservative area. And I think you know or scandal the Republican Party it lost they would John McCain it will never get me back and by the way. The commission. Is now being investigated. By a federal prosecutors a US attorney for John Sherman taking your word -- you -- you did the research -- while I was talking right. There are four US attorneys in Western New York okay. For example there's still -- I call him. Just because I think it's funny no serious disrespect is intended I just think it's funny. The southern district like Manhattan New York City. There are four at that level in the entire state these are political positions. Appointed by it the president. And every administration always catches hell when they fired the existing federal prosecutor or US attorney and put in -- guy. Member of the crap bush TARP and Clinton and an error while -- Clinton was bulletproof -- nightmare but more of the short of news. That. Cuomo's running mate. Is a lady by the name of -- local. Now -- local is married to one of four or US attorneys in the entire state. One of the other three is investigating the guy with whom she has Roddick. And I without apology I tell you this presents an appearance of impropriety. And if well I'll tell you this if I or -- local I would quit the ticket. Because of the appearance of impropriety or I would convince my husband to resign his position. One of those two things would it would square it with me. Because I believe it is an appearance of impropriety. Where do you think that the US -- four of them in New York it's not. It's not a big party it's a small club you'd think they don't talk all the time. We have management meetings at -- constantly. The station's. Managers. Arguing conference calls -- help more than four. And I leave but I really believe there's that -- local should say you know what. This does. To the public. Present. And appearance. Of impropriety I'm married. To a US attorney. Another US attorney from the other end of the state is investigating. Big guy with whom I'm running there's something wrong with this about a year. I will tell you -- in if you know me personally you know that I mean what I say I would quit I'd say you know what. My reputation is more valuable my professional reputation is more valuable. Than any job. What's the worst that happens to -- the local. They should be persona non Grata among the parties so what. She'll land -- your job somewhere making six figures she's got pension benefits out the gas she's five. What's gonna happen she's not gonna star. -- integrity. All right will this -- rail Andrew Cuomo who's described in a New York Post story as being increasingly. Angry. Actually the the the quote is amazing crazed with anger. And I don't mean to go -- I really don't feel comfortable going but there have been other situations -- Andrew Cuomo's life. Where letter simply say he has also been described as akin to crazed with anger. And that's all I'm gonna say. This wouldn't be the first time. He has been described as crazed with anger. And I'm not gonna say more because I think it's. You know what I'm talking about I don't feel like going. I don't. I'll keep it to the public side of it. Let's go to fill in Amherst on WB and Phil what's your take on this. Like the LP GAO -- he has got caught in his own trap and they're not nuptial free area. In New York State to protect. He you know we want to be in the White House and I think. You know agree to a candidate wants I don't think you'll see the White House I don't think you'll even be a PP -- and it shouldn't eat eat -- and they'll. -- but you know the question is has C. But all all people the Cuomo people on -- they have numbers which -- and root ball ball very very upset. They may have better numbers in the Marist numbers they might have done a larger sample size. But what are you -- to do you spoke to keep your friends close but your enemies closer and now you look but some of your friends. And they're gonna turn into what he called frightening. They're going to be looking out -- or are they gonna beat their -- What it's going not. You mentioned at -- local and her husband. How all of a sudden you have people who. I'm optimistic. Potentially compromise -- hoping they'll get in the political arena where they can make good things happen. All of a sudden all these commitments they've got them there catch up with that. And that's when you play you know expect anchor. For mr. Cuomo because -- bit -- technically only. All that just that's just plain hurts and moisture into that spike heels cup which I just don't understand whatsoever and why try to stay away from those dark areas of the Internet and I don't need to mention that. But but here are three words as a counter argument. New York City. Give me your take. New York City will save them because that feeling with millions and billions of dollars. In their two it is trip. In -- saying OK we'll do this for you will bet you. And or wit that that might save him but also. Have people with money who want things done. And written some of those good people -- shake things up. You know that all of a sudden people feel I'm -- I know you know. Believe the thing about. You know the financial elements to a campaign and -- Michael report though -- just gonna help the jobs sitting in for me as did Mike Segal adds to the financial guys and I'm really indebted to them. But I've spent some personal time with Michael Caputo. And he knows a hell of a lot about how political campaigns work I go by intuition I'm also a very keen listener I always perk up my ears when I can learn something new. And one of the things is if Astoria -- starts to gain ground and almost starts to drop measurably. The pockets will open up for -- real nobody wants to open up their pockets right now -- guy's gonna get his ass kicked. That's true but you have to remember that the funny thing about politics is there are -- -- How long -- making it look like she was gonna win. And all the that we thought that you know he picked Palin. An adult that they bought all the money -- Obama. I never thought John McCain was gonna win. I thought John McCain was a guaranteed loser I think frankly I think picking looking pale and I think was the best that you could not. I don't know I think people were great at what she might feel like it's you know between -- and the chill out. Well he's too -- Yeah I'm not -- again do I have to go into my John McCain spiel I mean his service to the country demonstrably. Peter Weller. Pass that I have no use for the -- And -- as well as fired now he just does whatever he does for media attention that's about it. You mean like to Republican Chuck Schumer who is today blue beating about drones. It's like wild west -- senator Schumer cowboys vs aliens some hey maybe. You're calling the flight attendant. I don't know. Or all he yeah he is the -- -- of media. Credit thanks for the call. Event bill -- Chuck Schumer makes me wanna puke at his smarmy voice and disposition everytime I hear it. You know what I I I had a visceral reaction. The Saber action regressive here when my name is mentioned let's go to traffic right now here's Eleanor is Ellen. If you -- editor for me even may yet it will be perpetually cloudy overnight low in the fifties which I'm sorry is a little too chilly for me for August. I know it's good sleeping weather. But from a summer -- tomorrow sunny to partly cloudy and pleasant and 75. Tom didn't you get sick in the eighties in Jamaica all yes I cried a river every day. Are right now 72 N news or the united thirty WBBM. I will say though that there every day for 5 o'clock. Torrential downpours like I've never seen before. And the island desperately is going through drought so it really needed the rain unfortunately by the time it got to the Kingston -- it it petered out but -- -- is totally. West -- province and that bad area of Jamaica is burglary -- the other end of the island is very -- drought stricken. And you couldn't care less about Jamaica you don't live there I apologize for wasting 22 you'll never get back. Let's go to rich on the -- ball on WB and hello rich. I did bill and I -- -- again. New York City. I think you might be putting all a little bit too much stock in New York City seeping in these -- one ever. I'll tell you why. There someone by the -- the most effort to -- out who is primary. Or ball on the in the democratic primary. She is an all pro liberal are out of both Fordham University issues for us sir so wisely you really asserted that decent person I would say she stopped. Not it is evil there's India has by a longshot but she's been back it was socialist. You -- in New York City because their carnival so apparently very -- people or you mean -- ticket. Are based on her Second Amendment stance in the past even though she flip -- cheers and a very strong supporter was such. Great candidate at the time obstacle from the NRA. He's also given tax breaks to corporations under startup Bjork and they can't stand that. They don't believe she's serious about the minimum wage or short you are putting more pressure on the legislature. So they're back December teach our primary against. And it with this particular. Our scandal now popping that's -- we gonna anger them further. And when you get to their primary it might be awfully interesting to see -- democratic primaries you -- kind of split ticket. Mean certainly Cuomo would get the cops are. She email that they -- won't witches are running mate on the bottom of the ticket that's what will work in New York State. And if that happens we're in the local arm the ticket for the working there at least party. You can have a really interesting. Dilemma that could set off. Yeah but you know what call ball up. I would love to talk you further about this rich if you wanna hold up okay I'd be happy to talk further about it. But remember Cuomo has the trump card in politics. Your money to bail him out never under estimate -- never underestimate that and -- yours mark guy I know you don't. 8030930. What do you think folks will be more than commission stake. Make Andrew Cuomo even crazier than he is now described as being you being described as crazed with anger. And as somebody who has looked and Andrew Cuomo's passed a little bit to say the first time on WB Ian. -- What -- for goodness me. You must. It. All right -- remembered -- old by an apparent delegates -- Jackson -- this coming Monday 7:30 PM at -- -- and I want it and all that we have special summer hours on Friday -- -- like 9 in the morning on Friday so please take that into consideration 6449875. Is the -- number 6449875. Is the phone number courtesy of live nation general contest rules -- 6449875. -- brown -- it's a Jackson -- the audit. Every audit -- crews -- perfect building in which we used to have concerts. And I'm sorry I have the lab at that. Yes it was that. First concert Bob Dylan he was at one end of the audit I. And of the -- At that moment I decided. I needed connections in life because all be there were two guys with what the school. They always had like the best seats took me awhile to figure out why they always have the best seats that's another story. But anyway. Jackson Browne ticket's gonna mention he's playing -- OK -- park 730 Monday and it is Jackson Browne back in the eighties and I was never a huge fan but it was a Berea enjoyable evening we Jackson -- adventurer. He well you know what he's like one of those enduring performers and I think you'll have a great time I love scene shows at our park. 435 news radio 930 WB EEN. Up so ladies and gentlemen. But again I. We're talking about an idol Michael Kapono didn't quite job. Talking about the implement implications and ramifications. Of what -- -- v.s would be the Moreland commission. And I find myself there's a legal term bifurcation. I find myself. Wanting to divide. My thoughts between somebody as a private person and their private life. And -- public responsibilities. And the trust we the people placed in them. Okay. Now what. Andrew Cuomo did with the -- commission to me. Is a clear cut egregious. FEU. To the people of New York State. It blew up in his base it backfired. As Shakespeare would have written he was hoist by his own -- used blown up by his old. Grenade. And when this corruption he import of what this commission he appointed to investigate corruption started snapping a get close to Cuomo and his buddies. Almost up tennis that no more commissioner dot. And if they truly arrogant fashion. And folks this speaks to the man's character. I can never speak to it he said and I'll paraphrase. I set -- -- commission. And I can take it down. Like when your mom said you are brought to this world I can take you out of this world. Check your mom never did unless of course she was and say it. In which case the defense would be not guilty by reason of mental disease or deeper and it's rarely effective. It's -- 37 -- news radio 930 WB EM. You know 30930. Will this corruption. Affect the election. I know Michael talked about it but the New York Post a couple of days ago. Described in Europe all ball as quote crazed. With anger. And increasingly. Abusive. To people around him. Because of the controversy. Over the -- commission. And I don't often have a chance to say this but kudos to the New York Times. For. Actually. Speaking truth to power. And going after a Democrat. With the same kind of Bloodhound. Like diligence. With which it would go after a Republican and I'm not a fan of the Republicans do never think there. And I think the times did a great service. But it yet folks they are what they are. And as the lord give up the lord take it away. And I guarantee you. That when that truth missiles start being fired at Andrew Cuomo most of the media has that -- your goal. Over any regressive candidate. And will do their best to protect those missiles from ever reaching the target IE Andrew Cuomo when I speak metaphorically. Let's get back through a rich on a cell phone. Who says that not so fast -- hourly New York City has a lot of really uber liberal people and it. And you may be discounting via primary challenge if you will. By guys' effort teach out. -- my response is bad. Cuomo has something -- challenger will never have and that is. Billions of dollars of your money at his disposal. To disperse in districts were he most needs the votes just like his dad did in those cross state jaunts once George Pataki became a formidable fall your turn rich. Okay well what didn't work out first it that it would Orleans -- -- No but but you know what I remember Andrew got Mario cool ball if ever forgive by interrupting Mario -- one -- the reasons for his defeat was and that discourse you phrased it very well when he was defeated his shelf life ran out. Sure sure there was. Presidential aspirations your I mean we we are no Mario sister in laws sparked I mean if the money is so important and you don't -- hoping that the Democrat trying to do obviously you're sort of apply. -- one party system are in the United States and what better way to do it -- to follow a child to term Democrat president another one. This guy is certainly get that aspiration armed and anyone can deny that. What's the worst thing that can happen is that it for corporate reelection to be part -- or somebody's own party. How did she get on the ballot whose money is so important is imports import. A lot of so so you gotta be able to. Well again Fordham University who goes to for the university those are a lot of boots you can put out on the streets to collect primary signatures are -- and to be certified by the board of elections as ballot ready. Certainly absolutely. That appearance began with the Democrat party wanting to epic unity. He is a little bit disconcerting or in world war I think you mentioned you know earlier just so obviously you know for -- -- -- -- we -- You mentioned that you know he was reaching man or internal numbers here in the office and you know that -- -- And it doesn't look like this -- or a wonder what numbers were a general election they -- anger. To support starting two world in the areas that we or is going to be a jury to watch. That's what I think is going on right now to secure. The people in New York City there are very well and they're working their -- pork. They're not giving out states -- have that she you know I don't think she had a chance in the general election. Well within New York City with the world people which shares on the ground as well actually that it will sport where you may be -- noble or go to where I'm. Convention. You split. Sports tickets and -- were in line with which consult an oracle. And then on the Democrat side it's self and will now are really real. -- think should be able. Just because we put on the work lines for whole wall all -- It doesn't go. Ultimately with the Democrats side with won't so there's a lot of weird politics at play right now. And you know all right I think there were a lot that's behind the scenes. But again you know most Democrats. While I am missing most but there are Democrats or Republicans are people. And I would assume I would expect that there are many Democrats. Are right now. For the fact that they're guy that the -- is being shown -- -- -- Here's here's the thing and yeah I -- forgive my interruption your rich but. You know there are Democrats. And I grows apart is to say there are liberals with -- I think and the most conservative terror among us can find common ground because we want what is best for the continuation. Of the United States of America. The problem years too many people in charge in Washington now and I thought this idea tooth and -- For a long time before a final league regional you guys are right. The people in power in Washington right now hate America they want to bring America to which sneeze they want to punish America. And they are in no way shape or form like your next door neighbor who is a Democrat or who may be -- liberal. And it wasn't just conservatives who stormed the beaches at Normandy I always liked the point that out. That's right I totally agree fortunately we're talking about your state now law. -- -- Wait -- parade -- with a giant bucket of your mind go ahead. I think that you know it's it's going to be interesting restore long way off from election. -- from -- primaries earlier about a month away and the longer -- off from from the commercial you know there's a lot of dynamics are still going to be later and I would you write it gets to a point where strong global sales through the nominations are split ticket. I got a point but the dynamics that are going on right now in your city I would just say it's a lot. Because of the challenge that air right now -- -- your side they're. And if it's anything can happen now moral commissions it it was it was sort of an absolute bomb which as well. And equal the compound but it the following week. By you know putting -- the appearance that he's -- with this yes. Even worse so as that news continues to go rob and you're ordered properties paying out it was 35 million dollar campaign war just -- -- legal fees were. There are two things and rich I have enjoyed our conversation immensely because obviously you are and informed voter. And you were a highly information voter who -- taken advantage of all the information that is out there and I really appreciate that very much. But the one thing in Cuomo's favor is a fact that this story is breaking. In the middle of summer wind during any given week I'd say 25% of the state has checked out there on vacation or gall. Limitation. You. -- you. A a -- that there was literally little depressed economy behavior writers Korean domestic journalism in the old you know problem. It there's a lot more that monitors and -- you. Alterations that are still there with democracy. There and you know it's it's not -- -- By any -- like to say is normal one make sure you register -- vote for sure you vote. And you know in the meantime popcorn and watch it straight to -- -- would never -- -- Well you know what. It would be more entertaining if the consequences. Were not so dire and rich I will leave you with a thought. It is rather sad. That even if Gasparino wins the best people like you and I can hope for is simply. A slowing down of the -- perfection and not its stoppage. Remember. Is. That's so great -- I had to use the word future action to counter limitation because I cannot be out verbalize them my own program. All right thanks a magical hold all right rich there on a cellphone good stuff. Actually put a call to Michael Capuano because. Although I want to call look at me wrong but that he just -- -- -- the jobs of the yen and on the one of these people who feels threatened when somebody sits in for me and I actually. Am glad to have a base of people on whom to call in case I decide the mail it in some Arab I'm sorry case they come down with a sudden case of a BC MC it is 447 news radio 930 WB EN two -- we can't laugh about yourself what the hell can laugh about. Hourly. And I'm okay. And AccuWeather says patchy clouds tonight the overnight low fifty behind. I'm laughing about something remind -- Jean jacket. Tomorrow sunny to partly cloudy and pleasant 75 -- -- -- 72 degrees -- news radio 930 WBBM. So anyway yesterday. At a stop by the dry cleaner before going to work because. And I enjoyed my summertime silk shirts very much in my 100% cotton shirts. And I don't own an iron I have a steamer for when I need to get wrinkles out. But the lady behind the counters that I guess it must be Jean jacket and I had no idea issues talking to me. So I turn around she's -- Tom as a yes she said. You're about the fifth person I've seen today wearing a Jean jacket I started laughing because you know here it is August about noon. And it got this damn jacket done. Yeah I know I'm not complaining not complaining they don't mud slide I heard Larry up to this morning and he's right. Here is George and sport on WB and George welcome you're on. Thank you. -- until we are thinking that everybody talking it both oil and tradition. Apple aren't -- all. I don't believe that partly pretty -- system. But there -- What's going on there I think that the New York aren't actually wore it at least eight. -- -- -- People during the summer archer who got they're not listening -- -- and hopefully it would blow. Well the other way of looking at -- producer is when something like this breaks in August. It does offer the opportunity for the scandal to gain momentum. Four Cuomo's numbers to decline and then for the rich people open up their checkbooks and write out those checks to -- asked arena. Mean I I think it. You don't nothing would surprise nothing would surprise me. But the New York Times the last thing I would expect the times to do. Is investigate a Democrat like coal vault with the kind of diligent says -- used and I thinker for which there to be applauded. Our I take great arm I was shocked and -- in fact this is well. I don't think it 401. It's something we're score of all why is the lieutenant soccer side not wrong. Or packaged with especially at almost got it on -- which 160. That would give get -- inside -- content Google. Hey George George I I and I need to put on hold. -- -- talk to Michael Caputo after the 5 o'clock news and Georgian gas for a given the opportunity to either hold on or call back because I -- break report a win because he's got a expertise in these things that I do not have so I'll be happy to leech off his brain on WB Ian.

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