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8-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- hope Tom hourly. Just -- David. Guess what today is it is these lies -- I know you can hear me he needs locals that -- -- and Tom hourly. On news radio 930 all and yeah yeah. WB. -- -- -- There's no -- Or is this like being on the Titanic in saying that ship. Often the distance thinking hey rescuers coming and then watching the stern lights just kind of racing yet. Toward America all right it is about earlier and who's ready at 930 WV EN a it has Tom Davis Wednesday at a course -- Bieber is it master control -- -- -- your -- -- and we have a lot of things we get into today you know what the beautiful thing guys about today is the matter what I say the matter what I do. I know that I will not be spending fifteen minutes talking about a woman shaving her private areas. Rush Limbaugh -- out -- -- meet today he spent a segment talking about pubic shaving. And I don't care where there's bad beat -- here is an endangered species in America. And before long bill will be telephone lines to raise money. For its preservation. I just wanna make that forecast right now but hey no matter what I say. Limbaugh is worse. Anyway I get up. He's sake I'd get her -- you go figure. Anyway I don't know if things got to get -- today but certainly an awful lot. I would like to usual -- -- escaping -- woman's gaping but. I probably we hear about that and it might be the final program I did hear but that's what we're podcasting. But in any event so many things are happening I really don't know where to begin. First of all I was a lot of time yesterday talking about Ebola. There are no major developments today on the Ebola -- at least nothing that is being released. We don't know exactly how many people in the United States have been tested how many people. Have come back positive for Ebola. And unless it. Becomes an uncontrollable story it's gonna be like that episode of criminal minds of the gym yesterday. It's an episode called amplification. That's the title of the episode amplification. Then -- it basically it's about this crazy scientist who invents this crazy mad strain of anthrax and the through these light -- bombs containing anthrax spores all over the place. And the key goal of the government in that TV show was to control. The information so as to prevent panic and as I said yesterday if you think that doesn't happen if you think that does not happen if you think that that has not happened in your lifetime. -- -- and I know for a fact you're wrong because. Preventing panic. News a government function. Is he talking about the men in black. Well well not necessarily -- ensure that the real men in black actually exist but they were some great movies I have to -- they really work. But there is a an article today. Now it's really weird how things work out. Because. I posted about this last night. As. I obviously have no life but I was think about this last night. You are Kathy local. All right. You are married to a federal prosecutors. Big guy with whom you were running. Is being investigated by another federal prosecutor. And I'm sorry. But somewhere in the great champion of legal ethics and public policy ethics. Is -- Anybody remember the expression anymore. Impropriety. Or appearance. Of impropriety. That does that mean anything to anyone anymore. Impropriety. Or appearance. Of impropriety. And I submit to you -- local should resign. As Cuomo's running mate. Because there is an appearance of impropriety. She is married to the federal prosecutor for our part of the state. While a federal prosecutor from another part of the state. Is investigating the guy with whom she is running she would be the lieutenant governor he would be the governor if he is reelected. I think she should step away from the ticket. I think or -- local should resign. And if you trust the effects. In my the only person who were members. Every single time a new president comes to office what stories do we hear come -- Can't put your thinking caps on. Every time we get a new president coming and offers what -- what of the first things they do that's right there a point there all the federal prosecutors for the various jurisdictions throughout the 57 states of America as Barack Obama wants famously said. And it's a political thing. It's when the Republicans are in there they appoint Republican prosecutors when the Democrats are there they appoint Democrat prosecutors. It's comes with the territory. But I just want you to think about this for a minute and again folks. Lawyers especially. I thought we're supposed to happen -- sort of started laughed out lawyers are supposed to have ethics right. You watched -- law and order episodes to realize. Bet every time somebody has brought up on ethics charges in the fictitious DA's office in any of the law and order franchise programs that that's a real serious thing right. We're gonna bring you up on ethics charges and sometimes it is just that it's not impropriety it's up -- of impropriety. And it folks I again I just want this to sing again I don't wanna keep saying the same thing but does not have an order to. You are married to a federal prosecutor. And by the way it's not that big of a swimming pool. There are only X number of federal prosecutors. In New York State at the level of a bill hope I'll give the exact number one I'd woken up but we're not talking about pool of hundreds okay. So you were married to a prosecutor on the western end of the state. Well on the eastern end of the state. Another prosecutor. Is investigating the guy with whom you are running with you were married to a federal prosecutor in Western New York the big men. I'm sorry. That is an appearance of impropriety. And a sense of ethics compels. Me to ask for her stepped out. As lieutenant governor candidate. The realist in me says I might as well wait for the moon to sink down to the shores of Lake Erie so I can take a big bite of green cheese. But I guarantee you. And I mentioned this yesterday and I kind of made up this expression. The iron dull. You've heard about Israel right in the iron dome 90% effective it basically is electronic computerized missile defense shield set up by the Israelis with our money. And the goal is to not Hamas missiles out of the -- mid flight 90% success rate. And it is basically akin to how the media. Covers for -- ball and -- goal and anybody who is with them in the regressive. Movement. If this was a Republican. Let's just say it was Jane Corwin. And she was running with George Pataki. And just for the sake of argument Jane Corwin was married to a Republican. Federal prosecutor the big guy in Western New York do you think for a minute there would not be daily editorials in the local rag calling for Jane Corwin to do the right thing and step aside because of an appearance of impropriety. Are you know there would be but there are two sets of rules is once that a rule for them and there's another set -- rules for the other guys. Because the media has the iron to go home. Over wall ball and any and all regressive politicians and candidates and office seekers. Any time somebody launches a missile. And I'm speaking metaphorically by the way not literally any time somebody launches a missile. And it is possibly. Going to be dangerous to. All -- or all goal or Obama or Schumer just what the media spring into action to knock bet missile. Intimacy or to exploded in mid air before it even comes close to the target how'd they do that they attack the source of the missile. Bill attacked hate filled talk radio they'll affect crazy Tea Party patriots that's what they tried -- -- It's the iron to all of the media protection of regressive candidates and again folks. I -- to overstate the sale. But let's just imagine a fictitious scenario. We're Jane Corwin and Avery famous Republican lady here in Western New York let's just imagine she was married to that -- federal prosecutor. In Western New York. And she was running for lieutenant governor. With a guy who's being investigated. By another federal prosecutor from another part of the state. Do you think for a minute this would not be a she must resign moment. That this is an appearance of impropriety. I did there's not a doubt in my mind. Bet this would be eight daily drumbeat editorial not only in the local rag. But in all of the daily regressive newspapers across the state and in fact across America. And I think that there is a fed did the smell of moral decomposition. Hanging over the Cuomo local campaign. And for those Republicans and there are many in western new York and I know this for a fact who are actually supporting -- the local. Are you guys stupidity or or just un informed. That's a lot of well. Because there are some lame brains who actually thought Kathy vocal was gonna go to Washington and be a political moderate. I kid you not. There were actually people -- thought she was -- Washington. And be free -- OC free of Obama free of -- What does history tell us. History tells us that there was a big difference between the lady who was in charge of the Erie county clerk's office. As the top dog. And the lady who went to Washington who was supposedly. Good to be free -- party influence. -- turned out to be just as much up close he skirt as Bryan adams'. So what do we know butter. We know that she will -- when push comes to shove capping local will toe the party line this is not personal what may. It is simply and strictly business. So you Republicans out there. Who're gonna be suckered again into donating to her. Donating to the Cuomo campaign. You can you kind of Republicans you guys are the reason. The conservative Terry movement is growing. And why you can bitch all you moan about it but the Tea Party types the conservative Terry and types we are on the rise you guys are dying. Because Jordan nothing but collaborators. In the destruction of a state and and the destruction of a country. Not only that you're gullible and you're stupid and yes you can be a multi millionaire and bomb ash as a bag of rocks. And believe me I know some multi millionaires and I look at them and I think how in the hell did you make money. Because I can out think you every minute of every day god bless -- -- -- me wrong I don't begrudge anybody income I don't -- a begrudge anybody their status in life I have everything -- ever wanted and then some that's not the point. I it would people whine about what other people make but there are people I've met in my life I look at them and I'm sure you've bed and do. And they've got more money increases and you think yourself. They can't pay their way out of a wet paper bag how to accumulate like fifty million bucks. But anyway if you're one of those people you're an idiot. You're -- -- buffalo. And your soccer. You know George Bush once said -- me once fool fool me twice -- will be three top. -- -- -- you once said she's once twice three times a lady all right our phone number all -- by the way there's a new Cuomo story out today in the New York Post. 803 M -- folks know. I don't do politics everyday. If if if the -- ever came and Tom you must do politics every day I would resign and I do my -- thing a podcast available to do it every day I think politics suck. And I think if I had to -- politics everyday -- -- a gun -- -- I'm speaking metaphorically I put a gun to my career and just move on. And do it myself. But this is interest tonight. Because you've got this local woman. You know this other virtue smiling capping local. And I if I find it absolutely insulting to my intelligence. That anybody could think that this is not an appearance of impropriety. She's married to a federal prosecutor while her running mate is being investigated by another federal prosecutor. Folks it's a small world. It's a very small world at that level you really really thank. If that's right. And by the way is that they DiPietro told us before when a vacation. If you think anything is gonna come out about Cuomo before November. You know they could get pictures of wall ball buried a body in Manhattan. They get their pictures of -- to -- Coke deal. I'm not of course suggesting that he'd ever engaged in the narcotics trade whatsoever but they can have pictures of him doing any kind of act. They would not release that before November. That's how the game is played. -- unless of course your George Bush and the and the story comes out the night before the election about -- drunk driving arrest or whatever. 8030930. Is via phone number now coming up -- mentioned a story in the New York Post and mobile. Is said to be increasingly. Belligerent. Increasingly abusive to people around him boy I'm stunned. I I'm really stunned the true Andrew Cuomo is starting to show. According to article in the New York Post which of course none of us should believe because it's owned by the same people who won't box. -- -- -- people who actually think there. But anyway I'll I'll get to that coming up and the question is. Does asked to Reno have. A chance. And is it going to impart. Now. That is the question. Yeah. Maybe. -- bathroom at thirty straight. There's three -- 930 WBE. And yes I did receive some very nice news ever well others -- actually yesterday so the are -- it did involve Steely Dan Justin -- room wondering if that wasn't obvious but anyway. What I sure -- an article that is in the New York Post Cuomo fears the worst. As first polls after scandal. Approach. Now this is David I wanna point out August 4. August -- Now what is today. They table -- Today. Is the sixth. So that story is two days -- But. What is interesting is that sometimes. Scandals. Take awhile to be older momentum. Sometimes it takes folks a few days or few weeks. To process the implications. And the ramifications. A governor who appointed a commission. To look into corruption. Who then calls off the commission once the blood -- get close -- -- evidence. Well the public. It's summer. A lot of people were on vacation I unplugged for the most part -- -- vacation and I don't think I'm unusual. And the fact that this story is breaking in August. And I in one way it's blood. Because. It gives some time for people to think and to ponder. In another sense I hope it's not too early said the by November people forget but anyway. New York Post Governor Cuomo quote craze with anger. Folks. You realize. -- the idea that Andrew Cuomo is an angry vindictive man did not start with me. You do know that right you do know I did not cut that out of whole cloth. You do know that that is his reputation. He's an angry vindictive. Petty little man and I'm not talking about his stature I'm talking about is integrity. Anyway governor Andrew Cuomo quote crazed with anger. And increasingly. Abusive. To those around him. Fears. The first round of public polling since the -- gate scandal. Will take a major hole under his until now all sky high popularity. Others as this service is according to administration. Insiders. I don't know exactly who those administration insiders might be but hey he is crazed with anger. That that's a pretty strong statement. Did you think about the times -- been crazed with anger. Like on the 33 try to get to a sabres game and somebody gets in an accident and you're really really really really really wanna see something. You kind of -- craze with anger. Or when you come home when your husband leaves a note Heidi it's not working I'm out of here I'll -- you crazed with anger. Okay crazed with anger is not. -- most people described. Being a little pissed off. Crazed with anger means. Essentially. You have lost control of yourself. Your senses and your rationality. Goal out the window because you are four days with -- anger. And he's becoming increasingly. Abusive. To those around him. Which by the way might be your reason why -- administration insiders are spilling the beans on wall ball because maybe equal ball was -- -- line with somebody. And somebody got in touch with the reporters at the post -- today this guy's gonna treat me like this I'll show them. -- happens all the time. A poll. Designed to gauge these scandals impact will be released this week by the Marist institute of public opinion and it could have a major impact on almost race against Republican rob asked to Reno. Well here's the problem the poll was released and it did not. Not a major impact. Now. Administration insiders ago let me give me the rest of the story. They are aware of private polling data. You do know that in political campaigns every campaign that is run on a significant level. And especially at the gubernatorial level they've got their own research team you know that right. They all have their own research team. Every single one of them Esther -- has a research today and Cuomo has a research team attacking had a research team. And part of that is to do polling data on your candidate and the other part of that is together garbage on the other guy. And if you think that doesn't go on in politics. You really need serious dose of wake up call. But they're aware of these administration insiders of private polling data already. Collected by Cuomo's campaign say the public poll likely will show the governor's approval rating plummeting. Well the word plummeting -- that is not happen. There has not been a precipitous drop in almost approval rating. Now there is some but not a plummeting not like the -- was on Everest and -- law. Yeah not like that more like he's on a slide. It's more like -- slide than it is falling off a mountain. Because he just took a bite of York peppermint -- but administration insiders say the bad news is starting to stick. This is very serious. A senior Cuomo administration figure nervously told the New York Post. A second source close to angry Andy said we know the governor has damaged the only question is how badly. Now what is the biggest concern -- hands. Obviously if people think asked the Reno has a chance. Just what happens they start write checks to ask now. Again. It has not happened yet my question and it's. Will this stench. Of fetid putrid -- corruption. Hurt Andrew Cuomo to the point where he's gonna lose the race against -- arena. Yes -- -- Cuomo's move. By the way further inflame. When a primary ballot challenger. Was certified by the state board of elections. And what's interesting is that -- is trying to call asked to Reno corrupt. The -- So. I find it interest. Number one but -- ball is described as angry and abusive to people around him. Number two. That so far the plummeting of his popularity has not taken place is not been reflected so far. Thirdly. It may be reflected in future polls because almost all people have numbers. Which I'd bet have caused him to be angry. Now we get at the debates all day long about polls and I just honestly don't feel like doing that show again. Because as I said yesterday. Not one person called -- to challenge the poll which showed Ronald Reagan as the most popular president since world war two and not one person is called the challenge the polls that show Obama. -- popularity plummet. Not one person. Has said well I was gonna ask. Well you know they can biased polls don't you. Yes I'm actually somewhat conversant in public poll. And research methods. And I will tell you that done properly a poll is like a slice of the pie you take a small slice and it will tell you whether it's -- your chair. Right you know three owner I'm thirty but I again I don't wanna get into the poll show again because again it's human nature. You don't wanna believe stuff that makes you sick. Any more than I do but I have to -- catch emotionally vs rationally. First of all do you believe that Andrew Cuomo is capable of being crazed with anger. That's a loaded question I'm sorry I just can't help myself. Secondly. Do you believe. The first of all Moreland -- You know his every. You know what I'm gonna say right I'm just sick of the whole date thing to repent of scandal takes place. Let's just call it what it is rotting and stinking the Fed did the decomposition. At all corruption. When I think of Andrew Cuomo an increasingly -- thank you Kathy vocal I think you're thrown out of hamburger in July. And forgetting to have it in the in the -- And it's been in the hot sun for a few days and open up the tote and that is that smell. That's what I think when I think commander global and get the local. -- the question -- will bet Mel motorists. Because oppositional Roma washed over wall ball be enough to cost him reelection. Three words argue against that can be new. York. City let's go to Dennis in west Seneca Denis welcome your WBN at 8030930. I come -- -- don't. I'm just wondering I have a question for an -- interviews agree the ethic and his next speech. Possibly on any more insane immediately -- did and bought a couple of. All could -- sound a little more say in the but it yeah. -- let you know. I have to tell you. And I -- I talked about that at the time and I was ridiculed. And I was called friends image over the wintertime but the crazy person over the winter was in Drupal. No one on what an assault rifle. No one. It's been -- -- -- His ball club. -- bet is the sound of a man who likes to hear himself talk and it takes himself far accuser. It's historical it's hysterical it should be on Saturday Night Live it's hysterical. It is parity. And that's why we played so much it's great it's great but can't he sound angrier than that. Mr. tester and I I I think it will help this campaign. All -- it took it to things happen. Well 11 well you've got to keep pounding on this and enemies squat. If I understand but it from the media in New York, New York with these journalists and at a lightweight -- to your job people let -- what we -- what's going on well. New York Times did it I gotta tell you. Were you not surprised that this story of -- corruption broke. In a newspaper. That is absolutely positively. Pro regressive. And again and Rush Limbaugh. I -- this this expression is the best one he's ever come up with a random act of journalism by the New York Times because I guarantee -- at the Buffalo News never -- come. In the local media. -- I I don't get I don't I don't get this media I don't I understand there's yet another party Traber took all the let's do some reporting lately you know somebody's got to look at one reporter at least up all around here locally. Maybe like in the Bob when you. All about what is it you just being silly by the now now you're just now you're just being silly I'm sorry that's that. I just woke up from an -- yeah and -- That that that's my take on the cement and -- BA history I I know they that they don't. But this way I also Dennis I also have to tell you though. That newspapers. Are dead. Newspapers are dead tree publications it's more than just newspapers one of the reasons they are dying is because they have no credibility anymore because they no longer are the equal opportunity watchdogs of people in power they are part of the iron -- of the regressive movement in America -- people see right through an increasingly. People are saying why what I Eddie to have my intelligence consulted on a daily basis. What I can insult your intelligence for free. No problem. Two other two other quick thing I don't know now earlier this morning -- -- detail on the part supposedly or -- the desperate to look at gas. It is is the real -- In an extra repair roads and bridges now what happened to the stimulus package a few years ago what this -- supposed. I guess that is that it wasn't quite a shovel ready as we thought it was going to be. If you like to keep the doctor elected pledge to keep health plan. For sure there's just one of quality everything is just wonderful. Look the regressive movement is full of I wish I could use the word on radio because everybody uses it in the real world but I don't have the user it is absolutely fallen. And basically. It's it's it's like to know what the example I can use news. The buffalo public schools you can give the buffalo public schools the world with a fence around it and it still wouldn't be enough. Probably true probably true and one more one more and an economic got to go. -- I would patriot four weeks ago just before you were signing off -- your show -- You've you've you've really got -- sometimes you don't only just sit there and you wonder what to do was work. Anybody paying attention if you're reaching anybody like -- -- time you -- A circle of friends that I know about -- coming around slowly but surely. You keep getting worn out and we think that just keep comment on it but you do a great job. I appreciate that I'm I'm just doing my job and unlike most people in the media I don't really care fight and Republicans or Democrats ID you know that I bifurcated between my personal life in my professional life and my professional life I'm a man of absolute principle. -- a great job. Are well there's no Dennis thank you it's always nice to have them positive note I'm sure the good -- will be room before long but somebody. Its hourly. And I got a break on WB -- traffic is coming up. And AccuWeather patchy clouds tonight the overnight low in the fifties last night was downright humble was it not. And there is real -- last night and my lilies are in bloom I thought I'd pulled and Emma gone. Sunny to partly cloudy and pleasant tomorrow 75. Right now all what is it -- 72. Degrees at WB yet and he got back -- the car thermometer is right. Are right it is at 353. I think -- -- Cuomo is a corrupt politician. What he did with the -- commission is disgraceful it is deserving of investigation. There are four US attorneys in all of New York State Cathy vocal is married to one of them. Another one is investigating the guy with -- -- is running I think -- vocal is too close to the situation I think that this is a clear. Situation. Of an appearance of impropriety. Her husband is a federal prosecutor US attorney for our district there are only three other US attorneys at that level in the entire state. I think she -- to walk away say you know what. My reputation. Is too great. To even throw off the appearance. Of impropriety folks got news for. I told the guys this before. And I don't claim to be -- When I was in my early twenties I was I was offered 2000 dollars a month cash. If I would have a guy on my show once a month would be under the table cash money and I said no and that person never ever ever appeared on my show. Because it would have been improper. I have turned down. Without exaggeration. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in endorsement money. Because if I can't recommend somebody in good conscience to my own mother I sure as hell would not recommend them to you. All right it's all about propriety. -- impropriety or the appearance. Of impropriety. And I think that's -- way it ought to be and I think most of you are the way I am most politicians are not.

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