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8-6 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

Aug 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Easily easily every time it's 930. DE and back in April the Erie county harbor development corporation announced that the states was moving ahead on plans to redevelop. And dramatically transform the outer harbor buffalo into a vibrant accessible waterfront for residents and tourists alike. Then in July. They had public hearings in which you -- the public. Got to make suggestions and save this is what we watch this is what we want for our community this is what we feel. We need access to the waterfront and and things that should be a part of it. Well. A firm from San Francisco. Perkins and will. Who has done a number of items worked on a number projects in the northeast including projects and a Toronto and Ottawa Canada. I'll listen to the people. Put it altogether and tonight at the channel seventeen studios at WNET downtown. They are having to presentations both will be the same -- he can't make the early one you may be able to make the later one. First presentation is at 530 and the second 1 at 7 o'clock. And they will give the presentations as to there will be basically three major presentations. And they will presenting. I take all the information that the public gave them put it together in two ways to develop the outer harbor and let you. Comment that you can vote on what you like you can score it maybe like one to ten you can make additional suggestions. You can say no we don't want that there but it's open to the public and you'll have a chance tonight. To tell these people and the Erie county harbor development corporation. Which you think is the best way to go what you like what you don't like so I hope you get to attend that tonight either 530. Or 7 o'clock at the WNET studios it's right behind the Adam's Mark Hotel. In downtown buffalo so we're asking you today. What do you want for of the buffalo outer harbor what you want for part of our our waterfront to -- sports stadium -- enough. I I do not -- all the things I do not want. I do not want pace sports stadium you want condominiums so people can live there I don't want that either now -- I wanna see this be public is sensible. I wanna see things there for children for teenagers for young adults for senior citizens. I wanna see a vibrant area beautiful area where you wanna go down and not to spend a few minutes but spend an entire afternoon. Or an entire evening we have some great calls so far today among them people saying that you would like a boardwalk. Possibly even on a Ferris wheel ride. So he could get up in the year end and see things from from way up high which might be kind of fun make -- he gets heated Ferris wheels so he could do year round. I've always wanted to have a peer out over the water I've always thought that it two tier appear. Would be appropriate a lower section -- closer to the water. For voters and and people who might like to fish off the -- And a higher level -- For people to have access to -- to just sit out there and enjoy the skyline of the city the view of the sunsets looking to the west. Maybe you have. Like ensembles on weekends playing their barbershop quartets -- Little popcorn stand little hot dog stand on an upper level here for people to sit up there and just relax and and bring them the -- share and and and look at the scenery. We've been talking about it trails. That can be used not just in the summer but in the winter as well. What are your thoughts 803 on 930 number at WB and Mike is -- from lack a lot of good morning Mike. And I'm doing fine how are you doing. I'm I don't agree that any amount of water on. It's. You -- state. The idea I'm great that there in Michigan street break which is now caught. We put a pedestrian break here you're -- Italian -- history equivalent. In an Italian on the street audio book what was that we don't know -- out -- and nick you're kind bottom apple you know our. Popular item production and break their foot -- quite a threat it. Well there's got to be a little regard I don't with the analogy at that point any output is huge global Greg Ginn. I don't like he could cut at all anywhere and -- exit immediately over the -- district local I was -- the but the -- at the. Even if you. Needed to have all water access for votes there. You might be able to just build a pedestrian access rang up. That would go over it and be high enough so you wouldn't even have to worry about a a lift bridges as well what do you active. -- -- quality but -- here trying you know what you think. And I -- -- taken more pity he did it because on the I want that you could you could be illegal first mortgage can be found out of the outcome it is an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is the overall concept but I'm hearing from everybody this morning and I think it's the right concept. Is they want to be able to have access to that they wanna find a -- way to get their and not just. By automobile and and I think that's a key and I think that's party your point right. Yeah I don't agree I don't meet our -- Betancourt who don't. Which -- -- people are gonna park won't believe what a walk over the flying out there come back out the other -- You know and whatever they doled out here are probably on -- that group. -- -- dump it you know people like how the people what part I think Ellen Page commentary -- the -- out. And I all the way down at times -- kind speech there. But I -- -- over election go back I don't know I don't street between these two political -- expect that. Well the people out there isn't about it's about the people supposedly. Built there are -- make it acceptable for all the. Yeah exactly great Mike thank you very much for your time this morning at WB and we'll head over to well Orchard Park where I I love to play golf and welcome Judy to the program hi Judy. -- you I'm good how are you doing. Great I condemn the market outnumbered came. And that can help or whatever like that it -- -- -- Children and I can't let that -- thing. -- looked like -- and Google and the like defense theory that there. Ample and I would think. Think area but if you're like eight and -- -- lightning. If they expect -- -- slip a lot. And me. Don't antelope that would be great that they could -- up. You know what what about us older kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- and I know it well. OK but little. And the head count that they had a bit and that like different weird. The Amtrak train without any -- that might have to make this big -- black. And that area. I don't think something like this election -- let it. And if you felt that they -- want the one lucky fact is that am I late. And it can't all be -- -- -- certain period and then it -- the -- that. Judy have you ever been to. Ability a little town of celebration outside of Orlando. -- Okay. Well if you listen to your radio I'll I'll tell you about it because I can tell your in your car and and it's a little more easy so. And that's okay thank you for your call. Those of you may have been down to the Disney World area Kissimmee along the was -- 198 the Earl Bronson highway. Originally there was a Disney conceptual village it was kind of like a -- -- if if -- remember the old Andy Griffith show it was kind of a mayberry a set back in time. It's a town called a celebration. And they have ball a little. Water fountain area down there where water shoots up through the concrete and kids can kinda run through with stuff and then they have a a pretty. Fountain area designed that you don't have access to but it complements it. There's benches around -- it it's very attractive and and very comfortable and you see a lot of senior citizens and and parents. Bring in their children or grandchildren down there and the kids just take off their shoes and run through the water and stuff and have a great time and it's kind of pretty to. And that that would be a nice touch I liked that idea that or a huge sandbox what's what's wrong without epics and -- for kids that would be fun to. We want to make this family orient and we wanna make it friendly orient we wanna make it people oriented. We don't want just any access to the water but we wanna have access to things. That long long ways to. Be in an atmosphere. Of comfort and and relaxation. And that's what your ideas are and they're absolutely fabulous and love to hear more from 8030930. -- number we just opened up a couple lines if you wanna get in. And share your thoughts -- Larry hunter for sandy beach on news radio 930 WBE and they took that they stole the calendar in -- Tony. They they took the calendar at the one with -- all the pretty pictures of the women and it it it's gone I don't know what happened to. In fact it. -- was missing shortly after Monday after after the show can't figure them. All right let's get back to the shows we talk about the yeah buffalo outer harbor some great calls today and I am looking forward to some more as well so let's start with that Craig. In -- and thanks for calling WB Ian Craig. There are doing fine it's it's a great Wednesday. Erie county fair starting up by -- cabal is coming to town tomorrow the bills are playing Friday night the -- for sunshine for the weekend gosh I mean. Perfect for me. Yeah I really like you have perk and -- will for the traditional. I guess -- reports of an optical order to have an effect in the trustees' report sugar. -- unemployment circular saw. I -- I went -- Solarz a little water at all -- -- -- movement in December. I don't -- just -- access to a lot of wanna be able to actually get in the water. Very difficult with mostly SG -- property given that most rip rap along here. So we wanna be able actually climb into the water. What no insert into your coaches you know you can imagine what that sends an important sales -- not sure or walk over submit -- to get into the water terror. Decorating. And it related to that. That -- a broken into government you are harder sort of -- and so. We would need some security cameras and keep -- there -- story that's that's that's the first -- them. The second it -- totally agree -- you stadium there's -- inappropriate use. So that property because people are -- up to 80000 people to Ireland to a take a parking and -- to a building you watch what's happening in the field and that concerned with. The beauty of the treasurer of the water there sort slowly drew you there. And also to touch what you said about multi level that you've been -- Baltimore harbor. No I haven't. And his people from Republicans and well they've been there. Gee you know I I didn't ask them -- I don't really know. Okay because if that's that's I. You know what a year ago it was it looked does what it's going to be -- access -- warehouses and and I wanted to -- Jimmy wrote in the Hannity and -- you know combat power take about shall then I mean it's incredible what they have done it -- You could imagine like a normal ball. Beat the walkways. Is picture next shut out the full -- -- inside. -- have an -- but they also have it on the outside. The outside perimeter they like two -- three doubles. And actually since the water so we have these offers pulling people -- calm office buildings in going. In two Ali shops they have. It's so -- that it's like a little terrorists and outside. 23 different level than people have. Mike restaurant tables set up there and it all -- -- shops. And it's just -- you have people from. All over the country coming in the postwar policy because this is so cool and they had like water exceed -- Go cross over it's just it's incredible what they've done and I know. Well I was a little different because it's a Linear. Lay out expects. It's not that that true -- -- shaped like yeah but it it but you know it's. It's so big that it wouldn't be -- the public and they won't appear I think it's. You're really -- Yeah my ideal idea of the -- is that it would give us not just access to the water but. It would give us something a little bit more it would give us access over the water and if you were to do a a dual level -- a lower level very close to the water. So boaters could have access to it in and people you can have an area off appear for fishing city to take -- your son or daughter. And just do a little fishing off the pier but then you'd have an upper level above that. Where you could see both sour on the lake you could see the skyline you get a a unique view of the sunset to the west. To me it would allow people to. Have the the two different environments those that don't wanna be right down close to the water for activities in those who just want to enjoy the visual aspect of it. -- I agree it's it's meant to get jobs jobs people people order drugs to it and it's. You know. Being. That's why restaurants on the water do well because people just they love to sit there the -- looked over the waters it's. We have a -- -- -- under utilizing it. Now -- the future is coming and and it's it's looking a whole lot brighter Craig enjoyed talking -- thank you for your time today. Thank you JR I don't wanna start your call because I've only got -- about twenty seconds here and so if you hold on with me. I'll bring you back right after the news here on WB yet we're talking about via outer harbor. What do you wanna see you what do you think we need what needs to be there. What would be good for your family and and generations to come 803 on 930 is our number again we just opened up a couple lines if you wanna -- in and share your thoughts today. Also we got a couple more tickets to giveaway but I'll tell you about that when we come back to -- TV show would Larry hunter. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 -- our toll free line is 1806169236. Welcome back here -- Erie county fair will be opening up in about. 23 minutes they'll have the official ribbon cutting at at noon today. And 175. Edition while my goodness gracious and I'll go for. Food through the following Sunday. And the weather should be absolutely ideal to be out there walking around and so. Looking forward to that and of course tomorrow if you're an outdoors fan which I am. The big opening note of Cabela's in Cheektowaga. And then Friday night. Tony we got the the bills pre season game at Carolina looking forward that Carolina was a pretty good team last year they surprised a lot of people. And -- had a very good record last year be interesting to see if they stay there because once you get better. People. Basically expect you to be good and make a little bit more of an effort to to choose. It's just the way it is we're talking about the Erie county harbor development corporation and their effort. To put in a magnificent. Outer harbor waterfront area where it all kinds of things that you that you want to see happen for the buffalo region. The firm of Perkins and will has brought in a couple people they were on the air with us earlier today on the sandy beach -- -- Larry hunter. And they talked about the previous meetings they had in July. And I guess about 600 people attended those meetings and it's told the the harbor development corporation what they would want to see at the outer harbor and now this firm has taken all those ideas put it together in a presentation. And they're going to do that tonight at the channel seventeen studios downtown at WNET. That's right behind the Adam's Mark Hotel. One the first meeting is at 530 and then they're going to repeat the same meeting at 7 o'clock so if you can't attend one meeting you'll be able to attend. The other meeting. And give your input as well. So I really liked this process I I think the Erie county your canal harbor development corporation needs to be complemented. For letting the public share their thoughts and opinions on this and not just saint. Well this is the way we're going to do it among some of the ideas is basically to create. -- year round. Area for activity. Not just summer not just enjoy the water area in the summer. But also be able to enjoy the very same area in in the wintertime as well we've had a number of great suggestions this morning. And we'd love to hear from -- 28030930. Got -- on the line with us from Hamburg good morning. Our report or just -- wanted to throw in my two cents. I -- 1% that. Just feel. There's a whole lot missing. First of all from December to mid march. The waterfront is basically -- no brilliantly in. It'll snow blowing everything. Until you have other cities or TV show is offering aid. -- wheat for two in buffalo. It is still considered a joke it's it's considered a joke for the past it's still consider -- The other thing is the water quality. All you have to do is look at aerial photographs. The buffalo river as it empties into. They're the but wait and edit it goes from there -- like irrigation. That water. He did try to urging they try directing it from leadership -- our part -- That I am not sure how many -- About a mile back there water in Seoul. Struggled all pollutants. You know you can make anything look pretty. -- stand to -- 20 my gosh doesn't this look pretty well. You know the water quality it's -- to -- this saying they figured out. That -- industrial revolution. We have like well what color they usually just don't. You know consistently just don't pollutants and here are you go further erode. I don't think Niagara river oh so. You know. The amount of crap that they don't you know that Niagara river as long as they're PH southern everything's good but the water. You -- a little further tunnel and Ireland are still people fishing there. They're pulling out -- to -- Are all right but I you know I I don't really get you get your point because that's not different than a lot of other areas but the buffalo -- harbor. Is before the Niagara river hit its before the the buffalo river and the the fact is we're we're not saying we want a drink from the water in the outer harbor we wanna have access to it. A -- make it safe to let me tell you are that area where -- get -- -- You drive buyer and the this actually -- -- the -- to -- in the broader baker. And it looks pretty that with this little tear jerking out -- else. -- -- -- I scuba -- 35 years there is not growing under there. There's just share personal personal life. There's -- actually. You know they can make this for is they want but until. You know you don't hole cleaned up Italy. It'll look at Mario forty feet away it always just do it all looked at the building. All these buildings also -- subsidies to developers. I mean it's not like the developers it's coming directly out of the pocket they're getting state money to do various. Again I'm not saying I wanna drink the water. I'm -- I would like to have access and and be close to it and enjoy it what it offers. Well I'm just I'm just bring about the fact that you know you can make it look pretty. And indeed this can -- -- where you stock -- on -- It started I understand. They changed the original what was original that area be changed if there's not. He. An exact replica replication. Of what was there it will stay around. Okay thank -- There are people who live down south who spent all summer indoors. Because it's too damn hot and oppressive. Because the skin cancer rate is so high. And and they just can't put up with the heat. That's in the summer down south hey we know how to dress for the winter and we have a number of activities way that we can enjoy it in the winter. And lets them let's look at this issue. Compare winter. Up north. Two. Let's say South Florida. Let's take the Miami Dolphins football team. You know they have had to postpone or rescheduled to their football games because of their whether. The Miami Dolphins. Have had to postpone -- rescheduled to of their games because of the Florida. Weather. The Buffalo Bills have never. Had to reschedule or postponing game because of their weather and if you recall. There was a time in the ninety's were we played a number of games in the middle January. And we never had a problem. So this counts at this theory. That our January February march oh every day -- Get over. We have winter days. And we have beautiful winter days it's just a reality of having four seasons. But I remember. Was it four years ago it was three or four years ago the first week of march. I was playing golf at cherry hills in my shorts. Yes I'm not pulling away again. We were playing golf. At cherry hills in Batavia. The first week of march. So don't give me this all our winter weather oh my god nobody will come outside. Yeah we have windy days we have snowy days and we have cold date and then there are days in winter. Where the streets are drying the pavement is dry the sun is out. It's 3540 degrees and it feels wonderful. So so let's not put it all together in one big lump whether package because it's not true okay I'm I'm sick and tired of. Here at all. It out if it's that bad then you know go down -- and and stay indoors all summer -- because. We know how to enjoy our weather we know sometimes we have bad weather we know sometimes we have good weather but let me tell you something. I have seen floods. And hurricanes and tornadoes and forest fighters. And when you have those things you lose your house and I have seen blizzards. And when the blizzard is over with my house is still standing and I don't have to worry about calling the insurance company rebuilding my whole house. So you know what. I'll take my winter. Over your tornadoes and your floods. And your forest fires and Europe -- any day of the week Larry hunter for sandy beach on WB EN. We're talking about the buffalo outer harbor. And there is a big meeting tonight opened to the public if you would like more information about its development. And share your thoughts and opinions on where they stand so far with ideas. You can attend the meeting at the channel seventeen television studios downtown right behind me Adam's Mark Hotel. They have one meeting at 530 and another 1 at 7 o'clock it's open to the public. And it'll be great opportunity for you to be a part of the growth. And the new development. Along our waterfront Tim is in Amherst and we appreciate your call this morning Tim hi. -- -- -- I was thinking you know why -- and owing money diverted magic just told them. Like a great wolf lodge -- why -- people leave this area about what they are Red Cross border. Why not put something nice spin. On the right there are parties to get -- Eagle Lake and you'll also get a chance to. Being nice and warm and Biden being in the water and on. Yet has been suggested some people have brought it up I don't know if that's a part of the a process that they're putting together. I know they're trying to make this side I think a little bit more non commercial. But there have been a number of people who've suggested a water park at least somewhere down along our our waterfront so a lot yeah I've. Go ahead. One question is why let's commercial and do read I essay question is that not to bring money into buffalo. You bring them money in the offshore obviously they're gonna have to pay taxes and we're gonna have workers work and so it just didn't accept -- worry about it. Yeah by that I'm saying they're trying to make it more people accessible and more of a I think comforting relaxing atmosphere with with things. That people basically don't have to pay for now there has been talk about a restaurant there's been talk about the possible farmer's market. There's been talk about a possible museums so there is talk about a number of commercialized things. But they also want to make sure that people can just come down and relax within the environment. And have this to the water. Okay thank you Jim appreciate your time this morning at WB and I've got to Stanley and if you hi Stan. I don't go. What about tennis arch of triumph. The international push minded some people have been proposed new poems some years -- goal. That would be about 700 foot high observation area. And it took -- it was cited for United States Canada border. Probably theory is downtown buffalo. -- the consultants that we had on this morning did talk about an observation deck. They said a number of people have indicated that they would like something where they could at least be. And a little bit higher altitude and be able to look out over the lake see the sailboats and see the skyline so that is in the mix all okay. Now our our thank you you you're welcome thank you for your time this morning at WB and -- on a cell phone hey Ken thanks for calling. Yeah it's a brother let's look at exported -- and you don't like people just get out because. -- out here at what it straight so mobile -- -- and all the way to whether the world from her jeans and you know -- tornadoes could block it outside hampering the bottom of your teed off on black top of the world. But as you know president downtown -- goats. -- when it was it was calling would talk about the walk and all that I can still be and you're talk about the effects of pollution the pollution in the water -- and I get the water basically people we do it meant that should be escorted Mickey -- -- My bowed out here by -- not -- -- by the appear. -- in my portal up all over it might appear in going slow many games now and not have to worry about a book mentality these waters are real -- idea out there you know but I think that's what he was shade. That man I'm all for the -- bracket there what -- product. Judge just in case somebody Maine out to understand the mentioning here of the -- -- referring to a restaurant that used to be down by the waterfront that was called to appear I don't want people -- computers that. There was an actual physical peer out that there as well those those -- a long time and with that back in the eighties when was that can. No I thought it -- sub. I remember hanging out there with -- Bruce mentioned -- entry read OK back that night he's ready for. Shut the -- -- about any cardinal. -- been there for -- -- sort ten years that a lawyer for years ago it would appear so. Thirteen years ago that could be heard what the heck out of their -- they hadn't been super -- by then it was such a great place to go to eat. Football players and there's just not cheap beer ads play it was right on the waterfront in and the -- computer tech suburbs which -- -- -- -- What great what a great part in place that would total fuel but there -- It all I did all ya know why I enjoyed it a whole lot. I can thank you for your time this morning at WB and I can squeeze in a band here and orchard park high band. I don't go. Paid out but we are -- that canal side trivia Croker bubble contrary or alternative counselor. But -- talk about you know you have a big piece dial it down you know whatever that other bridge that you actually been under it and looked at it it's beautiful. I'm the previous one caller is talking about how we got a -- today -- observation -- Out ten times cheaper but so little you know utility lesbian -- the -- walkway from underneath -- deliberate and Adobe beautiful. Now that that's emerging concept yeah definitely our Ben thank you very much appreciate all the calls today some great discussion and don't forget if you'd like to participate even more. There's a meeting tonight at either 5:30 or 7 o'clock. At the channel seventeen studios in downtown buffalo they will be presenting it. The ideas. In picture form and show you some of the ideas that have been -- very -- previously suggested. For the buffalo outer harbor and then you can share. Your thoughts and opinions as well. We'll keep following this story here at WB and an update you. Continually as we look to bring the waterfront to the people and have people have access to the waterfront. Or Rush Limbaugh is next following the -- and then Tom -- is back from by his vacation he'll be in at 3 o'clock this afternoon right here. -- news radio 930 WB yeah. I'll be back next Monday for sandy. I've got some beautiful weather to enjoy so that's exactly what I'm going to do so you have a great day. Larry -- for sandy beach will be talking --

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