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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8-6 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

8-6 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Aug 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Easily easily every time this -- 930. DE and hey thanks for being with us on this beautiful Wednesday lot of good looking no forecast we have for the next few days looks like even the weekend. -- Is going to be nice. Scores tomorrow. Is my idea -- golf day and tomorrow starts the PGA championship as well so kind of lot going on excluding the start of the Erie county fair today cabello was opening up tomorrow. The bills play Friday night that's an away game. Boy I tell you Summers just food -- and mine. If you just joined us this past hour we had a couple of really. Interesting guests with us -- -- and Karen they were from the firm of Perkins and -- who are trying to help our community. Develop and magnificent buffalo -- harbor waterfront area. Back in July there were three separate public hearings held. In which hear you though the public got to make suggestions to help. The people watch you wanted. On the part of our waterfront and they took all of that put it together into proposals and tonight. They are going to have another. Public hearing. And show the public. Basically what they have come up with there're a number of different proposals and they're going to let you basically -- -- kind of voter or score them. As to what you think. Is best. For the buffalo region and our our order harbor waterfront. So we're going to continue -- this topic because I wanna hear from you. About our waterfront about the outer harbor about ideas that that you'll have. To it to benefit our community if for years and years to come let's go back to the line will welcome Madonna into the program good morning -- Very I don't -- -- -- amount of prevailed by a treat type. For hugging him you know locking him cross country skiing I do recreational. A lot of people. You know they'd like to block there out of and you know not from my two little the buyers who don't want to see somebody Barrett -- -- by the people that don't even drink. So that's what I'd like. One of the I think the area clerk who won't get. One of the things that we discussed in the previous hour that I was very pleased with that they are going to take into consideration. It's not just trails and accessibility. For for people to bike. And to hike in and to walk. But they're going to look into making these. Areas and these pants. A seasonal year not just seasonal but but year round. It's beautiful an even in the winter and people can go out and cakewalk and the winner cross country ski and you know and that's how independent and and and it's up mr. Watkins populated with a walk around no apparent political tiny. You know you really need map of Africa people they like to walk for twenty miles -- -- they -- -- Are they as they do it all the time. Well this is 400. Acres I mean this this is a lot of land. And one of the things I'm sure that they'll be looking at is may be how. Eventually. We connect all of this within our community there won't be just down and outer harbor that has a few things there and then. You have to kind of take another path to get to the the inner harbor or. A downtown and and then take down another path to it to get along the river. I suspect someday we're going to see all of this inner connected which would be just absolutely magnificent. Park. It's wildlife you know. A little animal -- that. And then -- add you know give about hope I've gathered there to look that good. You know make it possible to -- to -- the limo. -- art and nature hi ya. Well -- Well -- and again that could include anything like him. Some places for birds or even butterflies a little butterfly area for the monarch butterfly coming back power -- -- Mexico care yeah I mean I mean this is up huge area I mean. Most people. There they're home -- a lot is is maybe half acre away if you had a half acre lot for your house multiply that by 800. That's how big. This area -- and and the people who work are looking into this and trying to develop what's best for our community. Well what's so -- about this. Is that they're listening. To the people in the community they're they're listening to what. We want for our generations and generations and generations. To come I think it's just wonderful finally. The public is apart. All of the process to have waterfront access. Could you ask for anything better. Well it and that it would bring them maybe the boat in Baghdad. -- Yeah I I had sought to Illinois and Caron about an idea that that I have had for years and and I'd love to. Here are your input. About this at 8030930. Or -- 930. I've always thought that buffalo like so many cities that have water access especially along the ocean buffalo should have appear. I have not looked at the end of this therapeutic well as they could just. -- that that happened cleaned up that we can really see how beautiful it could be eight. And I I think that's exactly what they're going to do thanks Diane I appreciate your call also so much 8030930. Is our number at WB and what would you like to see. On the outer harbor. And -- that we -- there's been talk. About a stadium there's been talk about -- via the football stadium. Being built -- what do you think about and stadium and athletic stadium on the outer harbor. I don't want one K I'm not. Going to waver one way -- I'll I'll tell you right now when it comes to. Sports stadium. Like the bills. I don't wanna see it on the waterfront. I don't I I think that would be one of the worst things we ever do. You know there are are places if we need a new stadium you can put it but don't. Put it down on the waterfront what do you think do you think a stadium on the waterfront. Is good for the community I don't. But it but if you think differently I'll gladly. Let you explain why. You feel that might be beneficial. But the idea that the concept here. Of having not just access to an outer harbor in the nice winter in in the summer. But having access in the colder weather in in the winters season. Where you couldn't. May be snowmobile maybe cross country ski and and let's be honest here. There isn't always snow on the ground in Western New York in the -- I mean we have times when you get an inch of snow and and it melts and and there's no snow on the ground the next day. So making an area accessible for walking in or by -- in the winter. I I think is a wonderful thing and the people who were in studio with -- -- and Caron. They had talked about not just having some trails available. For winter activity but maybe -- up a couple of places like a warming hot. Where if that is a little cold he could go in and in warmup and can be protected and complementing that -- some art work. May be having some mark worked on by -- local people and that just building today wooden structure but creating something that would blend in with the area. And tell a little bit about -- buffalo and Western New York. These are the type a creative ideas that are going to make our waterfront. More unique than any other place. What would you like to see down there share your thoughts with us here on the sandy beach show Larry hunter. We're talking about the buffalo outer harbor development. There is a meeting tonight if you would like to attend it is open to the public. Is that the WNET studios which is right behind the Adam's Mark Hotel. The first meeting is at five excuse me 530. And then they're going to repeat the meeting again at 7 o'clock so if you can't make the early session. Then you can go to later session and still get all the information. And also have an opportunity to contribute your thoughts. On our. Waterfront development which I think is absolutely great it's just too bad this wasn't done what twenty years ago. Let's go back to the phones will welcome mark to the program from Lancaster good morning mark. Doing just great I I just love this weather. Now I'm. Back here in orbit being got hurt it by ear -- area where where yet. -- whereabouts. And cold mountain Melbourne and palm Bay Area okay. -- -- did you ever go over to. It's all what's what's that Ron Johnson. Yeah. Yeah. So so share some thoughts -- is here mark. A lot -- Arab and everything -- are great idea how well I've always told my friend you know. I think that huge. Like Boston. Market shops and restaurants or Baltimore -- aren't you what you can do year round people would go -- Schaub need. By the water and apartment where I mean not. Medium but they get. We'd be -- and Juan. Because. There are people that followed that area is probably the country that are in the restaurant business armada light and you know that Justin gray area for all the good I. -- -- -- -- -- Or something or something very similar -- yet. You don't revitalize all areas and make more people want to go to stretch tourists and -- -- -- -- water. Yeah I I think the idea of like a farmer's market where. Say starting around June or so they start for -- bringing in a lot of the the local fruits and and vegetables -- let let's be honest here mark because we have the season's. We have a wonderful assortment of fruits and vegetables I mean we knew. Think about that the fresh strawberries. That we have in June they're so juicy and and delicious. You go all the way through the seasons are our corn festivals and then of course that the peach festivals and apple festivals and in the fall. I mean when people come here I've had friends visit here and say oh my goodness this. This fruit tastes so much better here what why and it's like as we grow it year. Right you can actually at its. Core I guess you know. Local homegrown -- particularly well yeah they might. I or what -- -- are going to go to Eric Abby I'll tell -- in court on topic about what that. Yeah the I had a corn on the cap this weekend because the eaten corn fest we we had that day it's that time of year. It's just so delicious and and -- I love fresh strawberries -- today I've. I've had the Florida strawberries out at the California drivers. They don't even come close. To the strawberries that we grow here of course you know we just grow them for one season we get them for a short period of time but when we get them. How about our fresh tomatoes that we get and Augustin and September I mean you you go right down the list. And in fact even the -- gentleman who was in the studio with me here from the firm of Perkins and -- Noah Freeman was. Was talking about -- all the restaurants and and the food that we have here he was so impressed by what we have to offer and we do. And why not offer it down not on the water for I think it's a great idea mark thanks for your call appreciate it here at WB and let's go to Nelson in Holland -- Nelson how you doing today. Good morning Larry Tripplett taught you let me just quickly introduce myself tried to step up and give you some background and -- what democracy that our product greenhouse on proper government economic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are -- important people were going to develop salt area and first off. Let me kind of whip -- work story we were going to expand the -- trips down to. That area and an important that the chemical cartons. Connect twelve excursion train to the -- country the leaders and jump back for a moment. And we're talking about you know harper -- the outer harbor. -- -- their whole project there while we ought to be doing is looking at home master plan that includes the former republic steel site. Those areas east of the from boulevard. In broke another boulevards and -- what -- -- develops very well. On the west side of route five to the same thing on the east side. There and to directors of the street and drop that whole area and Kuwait -- -- site. Larger structures that I agreed to -- the stadium. Going on the war on would be ludicrous. But I know there's another party. -- of the you don't believe this term limits also encouraging some part of putting the stadium that we built in one. I'm a former two republic still sites that would be a connection with that rapid transit would connect to that. The consumer conventions -- and devote that whole area it would also supplies and transportation to the river riverbend project. And -- annular art manufacturing operations that may develop in the future. Restarted the and the harbor side that we should keep that they're quite some -- -- -- -- right now and -- it's closer points but the way they've developed -- Low profile building that allows pictures -- and didn't but then you've got access to the to -- -- there -- Quick -- we also need to have some means of getting out and -- the prequel. That's where the excitement -- -- -- the real weight can. There's not a personal excerpts. We -- we could become the summer months and wondered Contra so -- -- -- That actually that they've got the award to actually. We should put -- -- are on the order our apartment -- break while still allows exit to that -- -- some some means that about restaurants. A war type department approach you right in the right side of the real -- To report a break while as basically another. Obstacles from releasing what the original -- That's our -- so far all right thank you very much what are ripping Larry as I have a contrary to our formal and hope its it contracts. To -- the rule and so. Which unit botanical gardens and went eighteen hole golf course and I was assured it would be. Twelve months venue for the Epstein would go skiing and also the golf course. Our comments -- our entire project had I've heard that idea before and I like that it to be honest -- I would like to see. Some kind of golf course closer to the waterfront area. -- nice greens -- lots of trees. And -- had access trails around the golf course so people could walk around the course but also allow it to be. Cross country skiing in the wintertime that as well. Some great ideas this morning and we're looking forward to hearing from you as well concerning the buffalo outer harbor. 8030930. AM local numbers start -- thirty free calling yourself if you're outside the local calling area 180616. 923 -- it's a beautiful sunny Wednesday in Western New York I'm Larry hunter for sandy beach on WP. He then. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine journey there are told free -- -- 1806169236. Welcome back Larry hunter for sandy beach today -- it looks nice out there and a blue skies sunshine some pretty cumulus clouds were talking about the buffalo outer harbor via Erie county excuse me Erie Canal harbor development corporation. Is holding a public meeting tonight in which you can make your suggestions though point out what you like and don't like. As to some of the proposals. That will be made tonight it'll -- the meeting will be at the W and ED studios channel seventeen downtown that's right behind the Adam's Mark Hotel. First meeting is 530. And then they're going to repeat the entire process at 7 o'clock so if he can't make the early meeting. There's plenty of time for you to make here at a later meeting bring the kids if you like as well. And we're asking you who your thoughts and opinions about the outer harbor what should be done what we need there what's appropriate. I if there's one thing that's not appropriate I think it's an athletic stadium that that's not the Plaisted to put it I just don't wanna see a sports stadium. Along the waterfront period I I know I know other cities have -- I don't wanna hear. I just. Wanna see as much public access. To the water as possible. I don't wanna see a huge parking lot and a stadium. Sit there about 350 days out out of the year in and not -- news I just don't think it's the right thing to do. Your thoughts and comments are welcome this morning on the sandy beach Hillary hotter and let's see who's been leading the longest that would be a titanium in Orchard Park so you come up first hi Diane. Hi this is agree with you. The last place to put this stadium stadium would be. Right at her precious -- front -- put profit making company let them build where they lack in my country forward to put out. But to rattle him with great terrible front with a big cultural center in little. Parted the red as iron in rather. A resident. Working in the end and there's studios and little galleries and they with the performance on terror and we can hang out performance since there and when that's when there's -- performances we can get social dances America. And -- eight. Liar insiders Betty very -- Larkin square has been very successful drive large crowds. And there's no scenery around they've built everything they have a a huge board blocked it's covered with live music and people -- there so. -- -- Come to the waterfront inhaled they got inside and outside cultural -- and in the inside. Even in the winter you could have -- kind of works rapidly glances at the end. Little -- practice Eric Taylor is slight impact -- gallery in places like -- People would come. From differences. To have a place to go in the winter inside but still be able to look out and appreciate the beautiful scenery. Our guests in the first hour of the program today that talked about the fact that I'm number of people. Had suggested to them that we have some kind of museum. Down by the waterfront. To complement. The buffalo region whether -- a museum about Lake Erie or museum about -- just Western New York or the city of buffalo. Whatever but. I guess a number of people thought that a museum of some sort. Would be attractive for young people. Would schooled. Visiting. Having tourism there and educating students and also for four tourist purposes so. A lot of great ideas there thank you -- appreciate your call at WPE and Phyllis in Amherst and he's also on WB and good morning -- Eat -- morning welcome to the Miami at the north another beautiful day. Yeah yeah and -- Phil can I just interject for a second I hate I absolutely hate. The slogan Miami at the north. Well account that orbited here. Yeah so many many -- we have out here. And look how much less crime we have. And and look how the people up here are so friendly and outgoing and personable and look how our football team beats Miami. Don't forget -- at the University of Miami what they need to get up and all I don't mind out of the court. Back to where we were I'd like that that the remedy. They -- that part. Involved with this creation wanna do -- -- 400 acres. You know I don't mind that he trailed people wanna you know -- editor. Even play right here in the winner but chipped it appropriately something that everybody out and vote until the lady mention. On trying to Ontario. Toronto Ontario had. Ontario plate that went up that went down with the rats the area around there like that one gentleman mentioned why -- we extended -- We couldn't really get that but I think you know we should expect it's some of these old design. And conception. Of what. The you know opportunity tranquility would be. And that I agree with other gentlemen -- -- -- in that he -- building let's set the you don't play for small commerce small venues that stuff like that. But I think it should be you know sequestered in saint. And unlike Toronto where they build up everything along the waterfront along the way they -- you couldn't see the water anymore. Aggregate that other gentlemen let's extend up to the east and really make it. Well not only are possible but some of the surrounding community nickel outward like here. -- I like it I like it a lot Phil appreciate your time thank you at WBBM. You know. We right here today on the radio and tonight at the meeting that they're holding at the channel seventeen studios. Could be. A huge part of the future for buffalo and Western New York I mean it really can't the fact that finally. The public is being able to contribute. To our future. This should have been done years and years ago but it is it is finally being done so let's take advantage of but let's use that. And for the future for generations to come let's make sure we get this one right. I like Joseph in Hamburg hey thanks for calling Joseph. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I could not agree more which the last statement and you guys you do -- real public service I was not aware of the meeting tonight -- I'm going to be there just equipped out. Much supplement like by area almost every week we can. And it has just become beautiful. The whole area from. From all the way up the public out all the way down almost sold out still. It's just it's phenomenal now I only know one suggestion by an egg -- make it -- night. And that is. There are number old billed -- -- long -- and a couple abandoned stocks like -- used to -- that are part of -- dollar and the south. Those areas could should I think -- about that -- whatever even even condominiums. But they arrested inflation be -- so long. Or it's very it's very much an opt in should be tailored for -- higher quality atmosphere. On the lake. That I -- what I'm afraid that is the city I think about it costs. In a very good way. And I am afraid that the development there's going to be commercial and especially it's going to be a line of condominiums and buildings like that in another city is including. Cleveland for example. And now I don't think it should be on and I would really encourage our -- do that would do is go to church and I again and make your feelings known about that. Joseph I appreciate your comments and let me just share with you. Some of the things that. An ally and Karen had -- share with us during the first hour the program today as to what people have contributed ideas. And the the emphasis. Was on the the following people want open space and accessibility. All year round I. Don't don't just like that. Are you bet that well that's what we enjoy almost every weekend as -- they want to do it and they America's development but we need to be sure -- enough for that is -- its natural state like -- -- nature preserve as. I I don't think there -- -- touch to affect at all that's that's staying in the way it is. People also indicated they wanted a wild life cord or they wanted some things to be a natural and in nature that that young people and and middle aged families and and elderly people I could enjoy it now they did talk about having restaurants. But the the impression I got it's we're not talking like a what a red lobster or. Or you know while a bunch of chain places I think you're talking a sign of things that were a little bit more intimate. That could -- Features and you know some of their local ethnic foods. And of course a possibility of an amphitheater. Which you would would be a nice idea as long as it doesn't dominate but we got 400 acres here I mean that's. That's a pretty good size to give people the access. To the water but still. Give them reasons to stick around more than just sit there and and watch the water and I I think that's where this project it is trying to go away it's trying to say. You know don't just come down to look at the water be buying it. But come down because we have a number of things they can enhance your afternoon or evening he can spend 3456. Hours down here at. And as a family he is -- kind of really where we wanna go. Well of course that's what the Erie Canal project is that for downtown that's that's really great editions buffalo. I just don't want fear and that is that's I'm not against development or I think it's great that there's some there's pictures some. Building cranes and possibly never see that he never used to seeing those air and a lack. My only experience is that. That is a potentially. Huge financial value wants to develop. And bad I think it's a tendency to bring -- -- development. And I really want the -- tried to stay a lake front and not become a condominium crunch. Okay and I agree a 100% thanks Joseph and your trivia. Appreciate your call at WB yen. I wanted to take a break will be back well with more of your calls if you wanna join us we do have a couple open lines now that way it's been pretty busy but. We would love to hear from you your thoughts on the buffalo outer harbor. What you would like to see their any thoughts on a sports stadium there I I hope not I really I think a sports stadium. Along a waterfront is not. The place to put -- that's just my opinion and you're always welcome to share yours right here on the sandy beach show would Larry hunter. We're talking about the buffalo -- harbor tonight there is a meeting it is open to the public. If you'd like to share your thoughts and opinions you can attend the meeting there's one at five excuse me 530. And another 1 at 7 o'clock it is at the WNET studios channel seventeen which is right behind. The -- a -- hotel. In downtown buffalo. Now if you weren't aware of it back in July. The Erie Canal harbor development corporation held three public meetings so the public could. Give their input as to what they want a longer waterfront. -- what we want and which data for years is access we want to be able to it to get there and then enjoy being there. And so the but they said about. Are we had if you missed this earlier today our guests. Between 9 at 10 o'clock who held those meetings -- told there were about 600 people. Who showed up for those meetings with which is great and they shared their thoughts and and said what they thought would be good for buffalo are among those things or have a wildlife corridor make sure we have some open spaces. Trails make it less -- all seasons. Area make it available not just a -- summer activities but winter activities as well. The possibility of a farmer's market and amphitheater. A museum. Make some places there with a shade so people can just may be just kind of sit and relax and hot summer day. We've talked about having appear. There gentleman called and talked about having access after the break wall. So you could really get out there and and and see the lake and see the city from a totally different perspective. I like the idea of a boardwalk. A little raise boardwalk area we can walk along the -- the waterfront area. And were asking for your thoughts and opinions where do you feel we we need to continue to grow and prosper on our waterfront. Let's see who's been waiting a long time here well it's been Karen and Hamburg -- hi Karen thanks for waiting. Could. Morning I am so excited to hear all the ideas that are coming forward for the outer harbor. And I would like to keep it was at a recreation and cultural venue. But I was thinking the effort yet to hit some type of an tinker and my son. A possibility of maybe an indoor water park on -- out with a tropical southern. So that we could see they had during the winter and it would appeal during the spring and summer sometimes our weather is not the best during you know those times. And I think it would bring your family down there and I think it's really important to to focus on -- so that when our children grow up. They don't leave our area they can see everything that's available to them. So they edit my thought I I loved the idea to reveal and Spacey accessibility -- beyond despite despite millions and small restaurant and if but the it would be wonderful. Some type of this historical museum would be great from your kind there's just so many things to choose from. All right thank you very much Karen appreciate your thoughts here makes a whole lot of sense and indoor water park there's a possibility now that's you know a little bit more commercial. -- end -- public type of thing. Which would be interesting to see what type of a response. We get from others up on that. I know there's been talk about an indoor water park and a number of different locations. I'm not sure. If the waterfront. Is that is the right locale. Because an indoor water park could be put in in a number of other areas. And provide more open area. For people have access -- it is the idea here you're near the lake. And it's a water park it does certainly have some merit their what do you think 8030930. Is our number -- 930 a free call on yourself. And we'll head over to Lancaster will welcome -- to the program today hi pat. Mario good thank you. Are you highlight to your blog pretty young and untoward effect but I've been talking about aboard rocker peer. In -- eleven younger I'd always thought that it would be awesome to have like a period there. But he you know territorial -- ride. Kabul you know attractions near their -- -- itself. And put that make certain that the Fairfield -- -- very thrilled not endorse but I needed fairs where -- you can ride all year round. Oh that's interest -- -- have you ever. Known of a heated Ferris wheel. -- there's the one -- -- Clinton bill and our fault Canada they got one there I actually wrote -- neared the one year and there was. Incredible. OK I know they've they've just built and huge new Ferris wheel in Las Vegas it goes very slow. And it's very tall so you you have a great view but. Now that's that's a sustainable. We'll see what other callers think about that thanks for your call appreciate it here WB yeah. The buffalo outer harbor what you think we need what are you want what's good for western New York's future. Give us a call we'll talk to you when we come back after news Larry hunter for sandy beach on WBZ. And.

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