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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8-6 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

8-6 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Aug 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Easily easily every time it's 930. VE and hey good morning hope you had a great weekend. Enjoyed talking with you on Monday the financial guys yesterday filling in for sandy and we are back again. On this dark good looking Wednesday whether they get weather like this out in Berkeley here or does it snow there all the time well. All what you know why I asked that -- in just a second because we have a couple in studio guests to start our first hour this morning I think we got a very entertaining and interesting and educational program today and I'm looking forward. To hearing from you was well at 8030930. -- 930s a free call on your cell we're going to talk. About the Erie Canal harbor development corporation and their efforts to change. Part of our waterfront something that you've been hearing about in buffalo for the last line at all. For 5000 years I I think and and now we're actually getting there. And at any point this morning while we're talking with our -- if you would like to make a comment or suggestion. You were pretty give us a call at anytime will be an open discussion. Throughout the first hour and all the way up until noon today we're going to talk about the outer harbor now back in April. The Erie county harbor development corporation announced that the estate was moving ahead on plans to redevelop. And basically dramatically transform the soon to be acquired state land holdings. On the outer harbor in the buffalo region now they want to transform it basically into a vibrant. Accessible waterfront for residents and tourists alike because. Well let's be honest tourists bring in money. And that's a good thing. Now the Perry county harbor development corporation also announced. The selection of Perkins and will to leave the planning process that would lead to the action oriented planning blueprint. For the outer harbor which would be later this fall. Back in July ages just. -- just a month ago where yeah. The Erie county harbor development corporation held three public meetings you may have heard about those. It was to share the early insights that was develop with respect to the site and to solicit. High level community import. Input on the site's future now basically they had meetings and the public was invited to attend these meetings. And say hey this is what we would like on our waterfront this is what we would like a down there in the outer harbor this is what we think would be good for buffalo that. The people here this is what we enjoyed. And the people from Perkins and will. Who were there. Are also right here in our studio those people who ran those meetings to listen to the public. And hurt their ideas are with us this morning so we're going to get the full concept here this morning of what has happened to. We have the outer harbor conversation. And and a and what will happen with the conversation because. Guess what folks there's another meeting tonight. And you can attend those meetings as well so we're gonna talk about that. And share the ideas that are currently on the board with two people from Perkins and will. First I have no Friedman this morning and to my immediate left if if you're looking directly into your radio she's on my left. And the -- that would -- Karen Al sure. I'm sorry I said that wrong Al Schuettler. -- -- -- I I usually only me me me probably 2324. Mistakes in the three hour period so I'm just starting early this morning to get him out out of the way. No -- Karen thank you very much for being here this morning. At first all we should probably let everybody know you are not buffalo residents. But you have been here for quite awhile now and you work with a firm that has offices in New York City and San Francisco is that correct. Yes that's correct OK and I am really excited about this because. Anything to help. The area grow and prosper and give people access to our waterfront I think it is just wonderful so if if one of you maybe. Could give us a synopsis. What happened back in July with the three public meetings you held. What was discussed and then we can go from there if you want to take turns and ensure the ideas I I'd really appreciate you letting everybody know who wasn't able to attend. What was happening back in July with the meetings with the general public. It just do this together. I guess I think. We really appreciate the chance to be here's -- thank you because we'd like to thank the people almost 600 people who came to the meetings those. First three meetings that we had it was extraordinary. People came they gave us their thoughts they spend time working on plans. That are just a fantastic guide to us in what we're doing now next in moving towards alternatives on the site. And so we say thank you to everyone who was. We invited people to come and join us at. Essentially an hour studio thinking about what should be happening on the outer harbor and everyone jumped in there were many opportunities. We had I don't know some more than a thousand comments that were given to us ideas for the waterfront. We offers about fifty kinds of uses that people could comment on the used green dots all of you who are they remembered. And there were three 3800 green dots that were. I'll post it to let us know which uses seemed attractive what should we study where the kinds of things between. Open space types of open space is alien c.'s sports. Active uses. The -- opportunities to work or to live there are lots of ideas were there and am so we put out about fifty and they were many more that we're suggested people so we say thank you. One of the most exciting parts was. Everyone who wanted to had a chance to sit at a table with a planners. For the second -- there their neighbors and people from the city in the region. And work with those fifty different kinds of uses an actually placed elements understand the scale of them holiday might relate to one another. And I think that golden nuggets that came from that and that work was where people work together. And we can see where people started to mention a mix of uses that would be you just what you said. Bring people down to -- wonderful open it up to people. Underline the word public make it public that was underlying everything -- -- wanted no matter what you said. I probably left a few things -- Hillary -- -- script from that meeting that pretty much covers it I I think what's really important to point out is that. We're really here to help facilitate. The city of buffalo and the people Buffalo's vision for the outer harbor that's our goal when everything's said and done what we want. To make shares that people look at this. Planned this blueprint and in the future generations of buffalo onions come out better harbor and they point to something and they say you see that. That was my idea and that the folks from Perkins a window and he -- DC in the state in the yard and and the people that made this that went out there and built this and planned and designed -- they listens to me. And stay and people from buffalo can go back to -- harbor for generations to come and they can feel that they own and am mistaken and that. In that place. What are some of the proposals what did people suggest what's in Buffalo's future for the outer harbor when we come back. We're gonna discuss that and again you are welcome to call us this morning if you have any suggestions or comments. On the process here to change our waterfront to make it community accessible 803 on 930 is our numbers start lying thirtieth recall on yourself. It's the sandy beach Wednesday show would Larry -- from news radio 930. WB EN. Good morning to you Larry harder for sandy beach today sandy is vacationing in all lie asks via. I will be back on I believe Tuesday can't wait to hear about that journey as I have always wanted to go to war. 49 state yes I did study some history and geography in school. It's amazing. I even learned how to use a compass and Boy Scouts. So I know exactly where the buffalo outer harbor is you know where it is well if you go downtown from the north -- -- just kind of keep going a little bit it's the small boat harbor area -- West of the silo area. For years and years the general public never had access. In in much of -- weight of the outer harbor and now. We have the opportunity. To make our waterfront. So unique and so accessible. Thanks to. The Erie county harbor development corporation and a Perkins and will a firm that is from California. And they also have offices in New York City and they are very familiar with the cities in the north east United States and Canada. In studio with me no Friedman and Karen Al Shuler. They are with the firm of Perkins and will they have been working on this project and listening to use of the residents of Western New York as to what you want. On your outer harbor no -- you -- it told me some of the other cities that you have worked with and would you share those with -- so people can understand you do. Know what it's like to work in an area that basically has the four seasons. Yeah thanks -- recently we've. Had an opportunity to work a lot in the northeast we've we just were completing project in Ottawa. Karen and I have been working in Toronto for for quite awhile now. On to really exciting projects there one is focused on the Gardiner expressway and the futures that that highway. And then another one is -- waterfront development project. So you know in an amazing way some folks from California has become the experts on. Cold weather waterfront says it. -- that that's now I'll -- -- curiosity. I've lived in buffalo. More than half my life I I moved here expecting to be here for a just a few years and just fell in love with the area and it may get my in my home. And -- I'm curious you live near San Francisco. That we've heard that the coldest weather anybody ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco that the line is it's pretty old but. When you came to buffalo. What type of image. You can inmate right. This year what what type -- image did you get from our city and what type of response. Did you feel that you got from the residents here about our community. Well I I think for me coming in Maine from California was a little bit of a shock it was a little colder. As you can imagine and I think coming out of winter. It the city just stick it didn't look as as vibrant as it has become over the last few months what's been amazing is watching. The city bloom and it in spring and really come alive during the summer in a way that we just don't have. That that type of activity -- and X and experience in the Bay Area because we do have cold Summers. So what the the reception has been extremely warm. From people of buffalo it's a wonderful community people are very engaged and interested in the future of the city which is exciting for us. To have over 600 people come to these workshops this. Is astounding and we were really impressed with people's thoughtfulness about the city. And then and being able to go out to some of the restaurants and cafes and some of the buyers at night and seeing people out in the street talking in and really getting to know people I just how friendly people iron buffalo of the willingness to. Come up and say hi -- and cocky about anything that that they wanna. One of the biggest complaints about our cities for years. Has been access to our waterfront and now it may become possible. And your firm is going to help make that possible. Karen when the meetings were held in July we had three meetings here in buffalo in the public. Attended those meetings and was able to make suggestions what to the public tell you they want it for the buffalo outer harbor. Will it hurt a lot of people's ideas and it came as I said before in many different ways but. If you want to think about some of the most popular ideas of course people are interested in open space and access for people to get to that -- Francis but it's not a single idea of their many different kind types of open space so. People want to have -- be all seasons so you have opportunities to use at a different seasons and. -- interest in on in the ecology the area in the in and having the wildlife corridor enabling that to happen through the -- We've taken that very seriously. People interested a lot of people an active uses things that would bring people down to the waterfront even an off seasons so. There was a lot of talk about fairy and market fairies and coming to a market having a market area and maybe having some places. Limited places were people could. Come and work or live com -- interest in Vietnam. In children in bringing all ages and pronounced two waterfront so restaurants that would bring the place alive. I think pretty much every plan that was done an amphitheater people used to going their for the concerts they love the chance to get to matter. Anyone see that kind of activity continue in in this new plan that can be done in a way that really invites people enhances them. And then a lot of discussion about access. Ways of getting there -- focus. That would not be on automobiles but rather on transit and walking and bikes and maybe parking in remote areas for not giving it over to cars rather giving it. Having it for people and people who come in other forms of transportation. Although a lot of comes to make sure handicapped accessibility -- all ages will be able to get them on different. We've taken all of that quite seriously and are coming back tonight we hope people come tonight. -- coming back tonight to. Tell people what we heard. And how old those ideas might best be put together those different component ideas how they might come together in the form of three. Alternatives. But they're not that there are those alternatives are made up of frameworks that. I know we can discuss that a more detail with interest to tonight in people coming back and see how things fit together and how some of those ideas might work as a whole. For the 400 acre area that we're starting. And so we're looking that hole under -- area. And we want people to common and help us again and really -- end. I just to let you know there is a meeting tonight and it will start at 530. It's the WNET studios. Channel seventeen. Which is at 14040 lowered terrorists if you don't understand the address. Very simply it's it's right next to the skyway downtown or right behind the Adam's Mark Hotel. And when we come back. We'll talk a little bit about some of the proposals and what you'll be able to see her do tonight at the meeting if you like to be a part of the outer harbor development. For buffalo and Western New York. You stick with us and we'll welcome your calls too if you have suggestions right here on news radio 930 WB and Larry -- Or sandy beach will be back after headline news. This Savage Nation here Michael Savage we. -- tend to watch on WBP and. Welcome back sandy beach show would Larry -- on WBD. And by the way -- -- think Pamela and from the Erie county harbor development corporation. -- she has been working diligently with me the past few days to try and make this show possible and Pam I sincerely. Appreciate your effort in studio with me is no Friedman and Karen Al Schuettler. They are from the firm of Perkins and will and they are going to help us. Have a magnificent. Outer harbor here in buffalo now -- again let me summarize quickly and in case you've just joined us back in July. There were a series of public meetings in which people went. And met with local officials and Noah and Caron and discussed what they would like to see happen to the buffalo outer harbor. All that has been put together. And there will be a meeting tonight open to the general public so you can attend to discuss. The summation of those initial meetings and some of the proposals. And again you can put your input into the meeting tonight it'll start at 530. At the WNET studios downtown. And if they'll go probably for a couple of hours or or so. Noah Karen let's talk about what the people of Western New York said to you. That they would like to see at the buffalo -- harbor. Okay well. -- and started talk a little bit about that before the break. And what's really exciting is I think how connected people feel to the natural. Qualities of the outer harbor of the lake of course I mean it's that bad if that is the biggest asset -- a waterfront has is the water that it's adjacent him. And so that was it that was obvious. And access to to the lake is a big deal and that included lots of paths and trails people really want and not pertain to get out there walk around -- And maybe even in the winter. Decent snow shooting our sun dog sledding or different -- winter fitness activities as well. There you open space is a big deal people want open space that the outer harbor they want things like lines and meadows. They want a waterfront prominent so they can walk up and down the waterfront and really enjoy it and enjoy this amazing sunsets. They they people were interested in ecology and wildlife as -- mentioned there was talk about a resilient shorelines you know and now that people are starting to be more aware of a global warming and changes in in our our waters. People are more concerned about their shorelines and are they protecting them and they and then they ready for -- future risk and that might be out there. And a lot of people talked about pierce and viewing platforms. People really want to get out over the water and stay dry. All I gotta bring an umbrella August -- at at that so I think that was really exciting. That other thing that was interesting is that people were interested and other uses as well active uses. They are interested in restaurants and businesses and. And as Ken mentioned their most everybody is interest in the amphitheater. Because that people love that matter -- concert series. And then also people were interested in the public market and people were there where a number of people that were very interested in seeing a new neighbor it. Waterfront. But not. One that's private gated one that's open much more like Allentown her -- village. With. A network of streets and blocks where people can. Can walk freely in and get to the waterfront but also to provide this 24/7. 52. Week a year kind of experience and so that was really exciting stresses that. There was such a range of uses that people were interested and they range from open space ecology to neighborhood -- is an active uses. Houses some fun -- cultural uses likening of the theater. And then also a museum. People want it and museums and cultural facility down there and we're still trying to figure out what that could be there's a lot of green ideas -- in here on glee. So it could be about the -- ecology. Could it be about the history of buffalo and and its relationship to the waters so we're interested in hearing more ideas we don't know what that should be. We really think that that's coming out of the. Now if any of the U wanna jump in and ask any questions concerning that you're welcome to do so at 8030930. Hours are 930. Is a free call yourself the champion of wanting to join about tonight's meeting because actually it's two meetings tonight. So everybody everybody's schedules were starting at 530 and the restarting again. -- seven. So it's already happened in an hour and a half will repeat. The presentation about 45 minutes and then people will be asked to work with us. And give us there really essentially of their votes for the components of these alternatives. So will will repeat it so people wanna come early at 530. Look at the materials that big boards and information off -- and it's. And then we'll start over again -- -- so they're -- they're plastic they're seven. Event that's great because one of the complaints that that we've had on the radio and number of times over the years as when. They hold meetings they they hold him at times that's not accessible to the public they can't get there. And so if you can't make the 530 meeting tonight you can make the 7 o'clock mean. And and him they they bring the kids as as well the some of our best practices before where young people interest in the waterfront in some way they were wonderful. So we'd love to have. It's no secret that that would be great now one of the things I remember when I was in Hawaii. Was people telling me there at that as they were building buildings. Closer to the water. They could not be as tall as the buildings that currently exist because they could not block the view. To the ocean that was a big concern. Of the residents in Hawaii and I always liked that idea. Because the visibility out of the water the view of the sunsets you know being on the east side of the lake. We get to see the sun sets to the west which is so nice. People a lot of people don't see sunrise is reporting a loss on its -- so so we have a huge advantage there. And one of my concerns would always -- if you're going to build something. Make sure that you don't build it so you don't block. Me the access or or the visibility to the water put the people first it's smaller things first. And the -- things in the back was. Was that discussed yes and definitely. At the views is essential. It's one of the again it that asset of the waterfront is the water. And in order to take advantage of that -- that is to provide publicly accessible views to the water so. First and foremost it. Views of what the water are going to be for the public its in -- they're going to be publicly accessible. And any kind of building that would be out there no matter what the type of building it would be held. Back from the water front so people would have public access to enough water and those first he has. And then that concept that you're putting out there stepping buildings down to the waterfront is is great and the great concept it's one that we use. In most of our waterfront projects because it's common sense that what you don't cannibalize the views -- the buildings behind. And also when we do developments were really careful not to make it so our projects become. Walls to the waterfront. Because that's that would be that would that would be failure on our part we really want to make sure that there's apparent ability in this waterfront views can it. Even beyond the outer -- go back into the rest of buffalo. And -- views is really critical part of the project. We call this and this is one of the frameworks for that that -- we've proposed we've proposed a series of eight frameworks. And really quickly the frameworks basically a framework is structure. It holds the plan together and these eight frameworks you'll see all three of the component plants tonight. Use these eight frameworks -- happens to be one of them. There's open space there's ecology and resiliency their health and recreation. There's land use. There's access and mobility. These are some of the framework that people are going to be asked who scored the alternatives on tonight -- order quickly take a call from -- Tim on a cellphone Tim thanks for calling WB yen. -- -- I I don't here Jim we'll put him back on -- I don't know if there was a problem with a -- there we'll check with that and tell you what we'll take a break and we'll come back I've got Sarah. Excuse me -- and Karen in studio with me were talking about the buffalo on order harbor front development. Our future in Western New York is going to continue tonight with a meeting open to the public at the WNET studios. At five. 5:30. And 7 o'clock to separate meetings so if you -- Have your two cents or three cents or even Nickels worth of comments are welcome to attend that meeting tonight. And will be back on the sandy beach show would Larry hunter from WBE again. I haven't studio Noah and Karen their from the Perkins and wheels are out in California they've been here awhile. They're going to help us create and magnificent. Outer harbor waterfront and were taking your thoughts and comments at 8030930. Let's it would get him back on the air -- -- tonight you there. Yeah I am. And what is your comments there. They are a mile or registered nurse we just got back from the outer banks -- about Myrtle Beach Surfside beach. Because I don't know what to do well auto parts it's a look at Q what they did it. They got stores everywhere restaurants everywhere our water -- BG access. I mean that they got so much money coming in that it would really really illuminate possible jobs -- -- thank you Jim and that's one of the things that we have been discussing is we. People have said they just don't want this for the locals but they would like. Some kind of attraction or accessibility for four -- tourists to come here and and spend some money as as well. How where has that kind of ranked as opposed to what locals want for themselves. With that comes into the plan and a couple of categories one is what we call active uses where you might build something as a destination so that's. The addition of museums or. Music facilities or other activities that would happen effect that related festival grounds that Sandra Oh and company combining those swift restaurant's -- or some some mixed used development. Places such as a big market that you could run and water or land lot of ideas have been put out about that so that kind of mixture. That would be very much for the people of buffalo in this region but. We find everywhere we work no exception. If it's great for the local people and it's authentic to its location. It's going to be destination for visitors and travelers as well that's great Barbara is also -- on the line hi Barbara thanks for calling out. I'm kind because I was wondering. If you've considered. Hopefully and hopefully it's considered. Removing that our way. The skyway. -- I'm I'm not really sure that would have a lot to do with the outer harbor itself. Except for accessibility but willow Alaska find out thank you it was a skyway the problem -- our skyway brought up. There was. There were many comments we received about the skyway and discussions in the planning. Efforts that we did last time really kind of and a few people. Talked about taking down that others had felt it worked for access someone into. Bring bikes and pedestrians out on this -- where there were many ideas about it. I wouldn't say there was a -- consensus. Because as I mention there's what there's seemed to be a lot of support was Ford transportation that isn't about cars so focus our time in our money on bringing transit. And other forms of access to the site. You know whether the sky it was -- and of course this area is basically at. At the end of the skyway so that in itself. Probably doesn't have it as big as ineffective as that would. Are closer to the city but I -- mentioned for those who may have just joined us recently one of the things that that you mentioned that many people have indicated. In the meetings that were held in July about this. Is they want this to be a year round accessibility location for the general public. That's exactly right. That people were really interested in trying to extend. Useful seasons the outer harbor. And and it with a lot of creative ideas. It definitely wouldn't it it would require designing the outer harbor both landscape and and whatever buildings are out there and a -- it. Make people feel comfortable. So provided them with sunny places to be and that -- win protected. Because it's a big big issues to deal with yeah you can get some strong winds down Merrill last couple days has been -- Common and nice to infect -- -- two of the framework that you know I didn't I think didn't mention I would emphasize from the list will be talking about tonight one is called human comfort it's really responding to climate. Because it's. Open space can't all be open if you're going to be able to be here in the winter be protected from winds and from. And so you we can put like physical built uses are there on the side in a way that gives people options L seasons of the year protects them sometimes. On my son in etc. and then there's another categorical Waterford culture. Well waterfront really about the experience how we're we're about understanding all through the -- how will people experience it. Visually physically. On terms of climate what will be the experience from north to south. And across the site so that's a big focus of ours as well. And make it basically family friendly I I would suspect that was one of the big things who want to make sure that. That seniors can have access and and enjoy it but also you can bring in the young kids or or the strollers are those on on the little three wheelers and and enjoyed being all in the same environments. That's that's the idea of comfort is it has to feel comfortable. Comfortable for all types of people whether. You know whether you're -- -- old weather here physically fit or you're not physically fit. And if -- -- the -- harper it's a big area so it. Making it feel comfortable for people to explore the entire outer Harper's big part of what we're doing it's a big thing that came up. It's. Especially during the winter months. How do we -- -- we make it feel comfortable for people to. Go to the outer harbor and even take a walk in the middle winter. A lot of talk about things they like comfort stations are warming huts and these could also be really wonderful opportunities for art. And community engagement you know comfort and came along with safety to in the discussions and one of the things that benefits that -- people discussing -- if we had some people living there working there coming to. Retailer restaurants. Is it there's this -- eyes on the street rise on the park in there people there all the time you never gonna go there. Be concerned about. We've got about a thirty seconds and I need to ask after tonight's meeting the public meeting tonight which will let you know about throughout the show today. Where do we go from there and how long before something begins to get done. Well definitely for more information. People should go to the Erie Canal harbor web site and that's W DaVita diet. Erie Canal harbor dot com. We're going to be posting materials from. Meeting. And people can continue to news scored alternatives in the and the next step then is to come up with a preferred plan and return in September with. A proposal for the prepared for her planet debate should come then as well and give us their thoughts -- you wanna come back and enjoy the fall colors to -- yeah. We're really looking forward to them and tell -- also in our plan of the early actions and long -- and some things we'll take. The decade to happen and something's gonna happen in the next year. And we'll be proposing some active pilot early projects to finish knowing Karen thank you so much for taking the time don't forget the meeting tonight. At either 5:30 or 7 o'clock at the w.s and ET studios. It's open to the public and we hope to see you there Larry harder for sandy beach will come back we'll talk more. On WBE and.

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