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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Previewing EC Fair #175 - Jessica Underberg

Previewing EC Fair #175 - Jessica Underberg

Aug 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WBM live line now to Hamburg fairgrounds Jessica under -- is assistant manager of the Erie county fair. They start this year is run later today good morning Jessica. Good morning Harry got to. I'm great year of your great too excited ready to roll this morning. You know we opened its -- it's not get excited. Tell me how this year's fair is in any way different from ones that people gone to in the past. You know what a lot different that there are 170. -- fair so as Bryan Whitman would say the last 174 pairs of Japan or street first all. We have the when he deals and -- -- we've brought back the gold chain but like fireworks July Kyra I'm at night by Eric and there's been working. We have -- a -- in the air this year there's some really great thing up this year there. And one of the highlights show today Jessica Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra among them. Got -- -- automatic orchestra for the first time in over fifty years with director. Chilean eleven. We can't fireworks this evening if you bring cans of food to the chair can't get in our -- Give me a -- that. Give me recap of this use grandstand events because and other -- it's also always throw people. Sure that's Jon Fogarty we have Lady Antebellum Dirks Bentley cricket handler we have all the traditional motor event. Tractor pull them are demolition derby in the ultimate by the destruction -- a great year. Jessica are you folks of the affair bracing for some incredible attendance numbers on Sunday. You know we are getting prepared -- has prepared for extra boxes around completely be in the they'll plot. To react when he bought the ready to shuttle out back in order. We are having and staggered throughout the day we have a -- -- by Larry gatlin gatlin Brothers early. And then we have a walk and then another count their fireworks and Portugal people out. And we are and we've been working a lot that can share on our emergency actions. That we spent a lot of time lit -- Coming they retired that -- major in tiger's endorse is C. I your assistant that deputy at the Erie county. -- which we're working on. And is there anything this year that I especially need to make sure I come to the fair. With an empty stomach for. Have -- -- -- and they looked really good. Now it opens you say today at noon give me the rundown of the other days. Runs tell when what are the hours. We are open. 9 to about 10 o'clock everyday but today we opened at noon we open obviously to say it and then -- closed them Sunday that seventeen. Late in the evening -- -- -- the -- All right good stuff Jessica thanks for joining us this morning. Are ready they do have a great day. You -- that's Jessica under -- assistant manager of the Erie county fair. Opening its run this year at noon today.

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