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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Should Road Repairs Be Made With Higher Taxes? - Guy Marlette

Should Road Repairs Be Made With Higher Taxes? - Guy Marlette

Aug 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WBM. Live lineup the town of Amherst deputy supervisor. Got Marla got a good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning -- or doing okay tying better roads and bridges to paying taxes well you know guy when. Push comes to shove I mean how else can -- paper these kinds of projects -- testimony that -- one way or the other. -- equity in their technical architecture used or are primarily putting structural in the count. Week okay here we paper wrote her budget for papers her roots to where he's won through the conflict on which is ultra disrepair and the other way instant bond these actions. To a larger project than Kerry handled over the course of the abuse. How much of a bird and is it do you think that it would ever reached the point. Where attacks left behind for the sake -- better roads. It's interesting question becomes whether you're talking about state county or how well within the talent and the highway department and its -- and an outstanding job of maintaining our road infrastructure. Are they like to keep -- twenty year cycle we're probably averaging about 322 to 24 years -- -- now. This can't -- -- we've budgeted over two million dollars and will prepare us which probably equates to about just under thirteen mountain grove. To get to that twenty year repeat these are you would want to about sixteen miles a year so pretty close. But on our roads are very traditional all of the complaints that we receive from residents typically don't deal with our world that they're typically would county roads. And obviously accountant so much bigger -- areas that they have to maintain our because trying to maintain in this best they can. But again you know they certainly have a lot more multiple -- and leader. We know just like you mentioned you have a town but you also had. Besides town and village -- stay at -- county roads -- sort out who pays for what the view do some work on the state -- or county word. Work projects are you reimbursed do you have trouble collecting money. We actually don't do their work the county over the state within the contractors. -- themselves -- so there's no sharing services. Not Americans and we can -- portion. In your county corrections per year compared -- interest in Texas are content to capability and in the post world. Within the talent we have special on the highly upon which includes Oklahoma -- KB. And that's what we collect taxes specifically pork in the area -- still ponder might be agreements while we pop. County -- and state roads into the reimbursement of proper -- mile. But trying to attract sympathy thing. In a more general sense take off your your council member hat and just tell me -- about funding overall. Do you think it would be a good idea for the state for the feds to have some different dedicated source of income for roads or would you wanna see may be a hike in the gas tax or higher taxes. In general to pay for roads. Well I mean as a resident it's extremely positive I would really not wanna see. Any increase in Texas a and found an interesting conversation I had the secure our -- -- work this morning. Basically the question though you know would you feel comfortable and more characters. If you beat your team that your vote would be take -- -- -- and her comment to me was well. I'm not a 100% confident that when they raise their -- in Texas but that's exactly what it's going to be used for. So I think there's a question of -- -- dedicated fun. How does that play on the interest -- -- camps and the more and more for what should have been done are ready. And the question becomes what are we paper Texas now it's for infrastructure. Why hasn't been done in this they're not high enough -- and that's the question that comes in the play. Geiger the show earlier about this is warning. Aren't our production and Hearst's deputy supervisor guy Marla.

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