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8-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Aug 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. It's. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- -- protest that was because the guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. -- and I don't know I mean -- -- -- People know and it's alive. He's -- local. It's Tom how early. There wet eyed women and the news radio. All city. That's a good show robot I have not mentioned the relatives of the very beginning. Italy and a in an oblique way the many offers to buy the Buffalo Bills. I would just like to publicly offered 20000 dollars to -- the Buffalo Bills I'd be willing to go to 25. That's what Ralph says that's what Ralph -- -- at one. Cubic they'll take Aussie dollar ticket now because I've violated the -- well it. Was a formal. And I think my hair is longer and Evan Bayh Joseph Torre's so there's that. It's eight minutes after six news radio 930 WB and it is hourly with you on the radio. Add to what else do we have here -- happen with a talking about he -- -- And somewhere about a six or seven. In terms of my concern for the reasons I've stated before. Also I want to draw your attention to. The picture of an arson suspect. Released by the north tunnel Wanda police. And that is on my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly BA UER. -- like Jack Bauer 24 just -- only to the end and they are you go to -- -- hourly it's a lot of work were in the tuxedo. The other page is not an active page so I don't -- I -- just if you friend request me and you don't get accepted don't. Be offended is just it's a place holder page there's nothing on it -- it literally is nothing to see if there. It's just -- place holder and the story. But that threat anyway. Why. -- Drama. -- Draw. MC drama. And you give to a certain point in life. And you realize that there is nothing more pathetic than a grown up sending you an email. With tears in their eyes because you have on friend of them from FaceBook. Like they haven't sent a single message to you they have not posted a single post. But they get so upset. So angry hurt. Whether unfriendly or dear friend. And I just at the point where you know what. I'm trying to peak water. And then the personal FaceBook stuff but that's just clutter. Clutter I don't need drama I don't need. What else. I'm so divide -- I'm so split but there what. -- a couple of things here the don't want to bring up one is kind of serious and one isn't. Number one. This is the -- plotting to do. Just have a little bit but. As you know. Rock star Jon Bon Jovi. Who is still open. He's still old. Get on base still draw -- He is -- a group. It wants to by the Buffalo Bills and a lot of you guys are pissed off about it you don't want John -- Jon Bon Jovi owning the team in any way shape or form. And I was kind of taken. Is there a song title. By the body. That best describes. Your thoughts. On Jon Bon Jovi his bid for the bills or this entire process of selling the team. A song title. By and the group any performer. That best describes. Jon Bon Jovi or anybody else's attempts to buy the Buffalo Bills. And what is that song title. I was thinking brain damage. But that's another story altogether back could be taken two ways. Then there's another question. And it L I I'm not way to get into the argument. About polls. Because. I get into this -- every single time. I bring up the pole. When it's something you don't like you tell me not to trust polls. Yet when I brought up a poll that said Ronald Reagan was the greatest president since World War II not. Some sent an email not one person put my -- FaceBook page don't trust polls. Because you always say that when you don't like there's multiple poll don't trust that. Yet what Reagan was the top choice of Americans as the best president since World War II -- not. And said don't -- -- Say it's human nature you don't want to believe things that are true. When they go against what you believe. It's human nature. But that's that's the one argument I do not wanna give into today because I'm sick of it. Because how many times might have to be right. Until some of you finally get it. And I would remind you. Bat. The election of 2012. In the entire country. There were not many people who did better than I did in predicting the outcome. As being a lot more in favor of Obama then it turned out to me. -- Soul. Even the that day. And days leading up to. People would call it -- it all believe these polls. And he's gonna win. -- -- Romney's gonna be the next president I said no he's not because poll after poll after poll is coming to the same conclusion. I'm well aware of -- polls can be manipulated. I'm well aware of how samples can be manipulated. I'm well aware of questions can be phrase to manipulate the answer. I get. What went poll after poll. Comes to the same conclusion. And then those conclusions. Are proven true on election today. Please. I don't wanna turn this into you can't believe this whole -- Because. -- social research and statistics is an. And I hate to say it. Just like I hated to -- Obama was gonna win in 2012. But Andrew Cuomo is gonna be reelected governor of New York State. It doesn't matter what he does. Because he is a regressive. Before I went on vacation I ridges and quotes of young Andrew Cuomo OB molding guns in America. He is what he is. -- he is a gun grabbing a freedom paving regressive. Power crazed vindictive individual. That's what he -- He is a guy even when he goes to newspapers that love him locally. When he's in the elevator nobody else is allowed in the elevator just Cuomo in his state police guards which by The Who by the way our armed to the -- He does not wish to co mingle. Apparently. Must feel vulnerable. Which is strange. Hell he's got more protection -- Paul Castellano. But that's another story. In any event. Another poll just out today shows that -- well. Even though. Andrew Cuomo. News. A criminal. That's what criminals do by the way. They -- commissions. And went commissioned start getting too close to them or their allies they call off the talks. That the criminal act. If I did -- anything remotely like that blanket this -- of the charges. Obstruction of justice. Probably evidence tampering. Conspiracy and a whole bunch of other things are probably throw at me to throw the book -- But he's governor cool. It folks I know that thank god Michael Capuano he knows this stuff inside and out. And he got to show or -- is on this last week. And the bottom line is if you don't see Andrew Cuomo. For what he is I can't help and I'm probably not your guy. -- -- He appoint a commission to investigate corruption the commission gets close to him and his allies in the immediately put a stop to the commission. If Andrew Cuomo were a Republican. Newspapers. From Lake Erie to New York City from the north country to the Pennsylvania border. Would be calling for his head. But just like Barack Obama. Just like Hillary Clinton just like every other regressive politician in America. Andrew Cuomo as the iron -- Of the media. Protecting him from all incoming missiles. And I used that term is a metaphor but not as a reality to -- Despite the -- That it is pretty obvious. That even a first year law student could probably build a case leading to a conviction of Andrew -- ball. That it's not gonna affect the election. -- -- Is the Republican candidate. Cuomo is the democratic that we can get into some of the other lines but why bother. All of the talk about Cuomo's conduct. With respect to the moral of commission. Doesn't mean anything to the voters of New York State. Would you please tell me what it will take for Andrew -- to be voted out of office. Will you please tell me what it will take. Or asked to Reno to at least stop the rot for four years. Look I'm under no delusions. I see Astoria Knoll and a mirror image of George the -- he shows up on my head. -- if you think he's been great conservative area and you definitely are smoking some stuff I'd like the body. The best you can hope for. Is asked to -- to get in there to at least delay or stop or prevent or mitigate the rock. With general -- Mark my words. If he's elected and he will be for a second term. NY safe is going to be. Made even more draconian. Mark my words. And people like our local representatives. We'll go right along with. -- politic for asked to Reno to win. If a corrupt governorship. Does not impact Andrew Cuomo's poll numbers you wanna tell me what will. The -- a -- The guy is a -- Richard Nixon. Did less than Andrew Cuomo and he eventually was hounded from office by Democrats. By eight. So called moderate Republicans. And by a mainstream media that was out for his chance. Andrew Cuomo has gone far worse. Than has Richard Nixon. And so obviously. York times covered this story. In what Rush Limbaugh probably would call a random act of journalism. It's it's outrageous. All -- of course yesterday in the local rag. And they love Andrew Cuomo. The big story about the buffalo billion because it's iron -- Yesterday's story about the buffalo billion and Andrew Cuomo perfect example frontpage story of the iron dome protecting global for incoming missiles. Perfect example. So you tell me what will it take for -- Reno to win. What will take for -- ball to be voted out of office. If being corrupt to the core isn't good enough for New Yorkers what the hell. And give me -- song title that best describes what's going on with the sale of the Buffalo Bills either to Bon Jovi or a goal or trump. Bill OLLOLOO. -- as you know we don't -- -- a football thing. 030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EN 803 all right thirty. Start at 3180616. WB Ian so we have both serious and fun. Well let's find out about traffic here's Alan Paris. AccuWeather four days of making it cloudy evening a shower or thunderstorm overnight low 62 and a hopefully it'll hold law that you'll be it was parked on stage of our partner with no hitches whatsoever. For tomorrow clouds with some sun shower or thunderstorm 76 right now 71 at news radio 930 WBD. And I think tomorrow we may have to talk about the Erie county -- where you'll love it or hated. And I've done 180 on the recounted her but I kinda light here now after years of not liking it. Does does that make a bad person I've really got by the women rip the muscles you're already to go. It's yeah it's already. Know it though and I have all my -- I have zero -- six. Yeah I don't belong here. Are there is I can't see the line under the callers name on line one. Jennifer west Seneca and WB and Jennifer welcome to the -- show it is you. -- I'm as I'm would be I don't caring Margaret -- Call yet with a great drums. And why okay let me ask you this. You don't care about. The Buffalo Bills or the sale of the bills. I don't care about hearing about this for the world and I was only. And with everything we can't call it happened in effect of alcohol. We should be more concerned about that doesn't include diet pills because there won't be anything to be awful for a almost -- and government. Yeah but should a lot more people can name the starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills that could name the court but -- current lieutenant governor were almost choice for lieutenant governor next term. Politics lowers the crap out of most people we understand there right. Football is entertainment politics is blood sport. Yeah politics politics is entertainment for the cynical. So anyway as far as the Buffalo Bills I don't care anymore Phil Collins. -- OK so did just I think it's an obvious as it does a radio talk show host. I kind of said a few weeks ago I was gonna do as little hawk as possible about this sale. Until. Things became more concrete. I was knocked it -- -- daily show on speculation because to me it's a waste of time. -- -- -- -- -- All right we have said that this formal thing is important what is it gonna take for -- to -- to start making a dent in global because even the rampant wanton Porsche corruption is not enough to do Andrew Cuomo. While I think people would want have to wake up first -- to. Maybe if you put a -- and result people or pay attention. Hit just three you know put. Well that's going to be like -- -- the money to fund his own campaign. I -- they you very much and I maintain that this -- had Donald Trump run he would have won. The heaviest day of Andrew Cuomo's life and when he fourteen was when Donald Trump said he was not gonna run. 645 news radio 930 WBE end. -- we have. I've ever had song and those who do are heading into the show enjoy yourself are part gays it has become a favorite venues actually two go to a concert. An effective -- beat when he beat away from Ringo backstage. While my friend Gary -- you BBC was right next to him. Kind of made by -- whole -- you know what I mean. If that I did I hear I -- a fifty year old guy. And you know I told you guys restore or -- -- the show. But there is a and -- a very very very very high profile executive in Western New York. Who is at the Ringo Starr show with me and he took his kid I took my daughter. When somebody whispered into management we were up like shots okay. When we are walking back after being that close to Ringo Starr. I looked at him and you would know his name and you certainly would that was positioned. And he looked at me and we -- started lap on our butts off. Because Kara are two allegedly prominent people in the community. Why does Guinea is -- girls haven't been so close to a beatle had never felt so -- in my life -- just pick up a OK maybe once but anyway. But it was on vacation self closures it was funny -- it is so it it. Inherent. No I mean right now sorry -- boy you know I try to be grossly comes up that way -- a reputation precedes me but. Where was. Where was. I guess the bottom line is -- become a great place to watch Chicago. And the people I know who invite me are gonna get better seats for next year. And I don't care if we have that kill people who were now occupy the seats they're going to get. All I can say is any means necessary. At the -- odd approach to. Anyway I don't buy hourly with you and what's it gonna be remiss if I didn't thank everybody who sent in for me when I was on vacation. With David Michael Siegel. -- -- -- -- And the financial guys -- wiggle and Mike -- I love the financial guys by the way I think -- -- an outstanding job for guys who aren't even radio professionals but I love listening to them. -- those guys and I know they love listening to -- your humble host animal to try to sell -- my car. But it is six at 36 news radio 930 WB -- how -- you out there that this is totally like in aside. Public out there where a medical alert bracelet if this is not an -- okay. Are right now that's available secret. After I had -- pacemaker put in because of this rare heart condition. -- -- -- -- -- I was looking through catalogs defined it -- medical alert bracelet that didn't look like crap. And I decided that there was none available. So basically I went to a jeweler. And he does a lot of good for the community and I pay full freight when I go there so this is not like they're pretty old lottery -- a look at my buddy Bob Robertson with Robertson -- -- he's been a -- -- show before. And I worked with Bob to custom designed my own medic alert bracelet as -- like to design stuff. And -- anyway I was on vacation in Jamaica and I was in the pool. At your amazes me if you were medic alert bracelet as well but keep in mind my is my cost me some some well. Because I figured you know what if I have to Wear this thing for the rest of my life. It's gotta be gold and it's got to look nice. -- I don't wanna I don't little tacky. When you have long hair is a guy. Okay. You have to take extra pains. Not to look like a street person. Understand. What I fly I told you guys this before. When I fly I've always were -- And as stupid as that might sound. It gets noticed. And you are treated different. If those players are getting on a plane we jeans and a muscle shirt with dialogue here. You would make a certain set of assumptions about me as I would about you. You know you judge books by the cover we all we're all guilty of it to greater or lesser degrees. But when you dress to fly. It does separate you from the people with the yoga pants that are five sizes too small. You can see them on the people of Wal-Mart pages on the Internet and frankly I like going to Wal-Mart. But that's another story but if you were a medical alert bracelet and -- at a swimming pool hot times to two people literally reach out. And tried to read what's on the back of your medical alert bracelet. It happened to me I was in Jamaica -- nine days ten days. Probably at least once a day. And what I would see somebody reaching for a I would immediately cover up and I say. You know what this says right and they say it will now that's -- -- trying to turn it around. And I would tell them it says I am not allowed within 200 feet of an elementary school or Chucky cheese. And I said with a totally straight face. Now there were two groups of people those who immediately moved away from me at a great rate of speed. And those people who left their pops off because that's from the hangover movies. But. You know folks I just wanna say -- on behalf of all of us who where medical alert bracelets. I don't. Really care. If you touch me where you turn it around. But. Ask for permission first. Serious like. I mean. I don't think that that's too much to apps. Do you. It bothered me a little bit. And a place I go to very few things bother. But that's another story. Anyway it is. And the answer would be no -- resounding and I have witnessed. But it is 640 news radio 930 WBE and who are right now laughing their butts off. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I knew all you know there's a certain look you get when you a public job where you know somebody recognizes you. And this guy walks up to me stay under. And very discreetly and very quietly he says. Are you. From buffalo. And I said yes and I and we think I am. And I would appreciate it if you be as cool as you are. And here's work it's funny and I will not use any names. Here's where it's really funny. We have so many mutual friends it is not funny. It was our right. It was an act like I have never met this individual before. Yet we have so many different contact points between the two of us it was a -- Very nice people by the way and I will not name them out of respect for the privacy. But. Anyway. It was fun it really you know what it was relaxing I think that's the best way to put relaxing. Now. We got a lady called -- before the break. Mention the Phil Collins so. As an apt description of her feelings about all that talk about the Buffalo Bills -- -- -- -- That is her song to describe her feelings on the Buffalo -- story gets every day it's a story about the Buffalo Bills and possible new owners. If you can name a song title it does not have to be a Bon Jovi song. Right that prefer it not but it does not have to be a Bon Jovi song preferably a song of which most of us have hurt. What song best describes your feelings toward the nonstop coverage of the speculation. Of the Buffalo Bills and the sale. And I told you guys want a phone number by the way 8030938030930. Start on thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN. And I told you guys are ready after the death of mr. Wilson and we celebrated his life that they we did not dwell on his death the man was in his ninety's and I think we all know people who didn't even come close to making the idea that we have lost. But I remember saying look guys I cannot do this -- I cannot do we show every day. A whatever rumor happens to be flying around on who's gonna bid for the Buffalo Bills is going to be Jacobs is it gonna be put -- Is it going to be XY or Z I can't do victory because it's just not clear. Well now at least the pool has shrunk someone. So I feel a little less bow to shall we say. Refrain from discussing. But what song title best describes. OK I have not heard of that song. That you guys just put up. I'm gonna need some help -- Remember guys my listening to music stopped in about 1993. Anything after 93 with the exception of Buckcherry. It is going to be an issue. Oh OK. And I say that is a guy who. Was mistaken for Vince Neil. 272. Times over the past ten days now. What's bill -- but what song title by any group. Most remind you. Of what's going on right now with the Buffalo Bills this kind of my happy ending question. And -- sure this question is. As much as I hate to say this -- Like don't wanna get into an argument with you because you're gonna lose. And it -- and folks I know what I'm talking about when it comes to polling research methods and statistics. Folks. I know why they can be manipulated. Believe me I do. But. Andrew Cuomo. Despite the corruption. Which hangs like the stink of a Genesee beer fart in a tent. Over his administration. Is going to destroy -- arena in the general election. Tell me what it would take for that not to happen. You don't get more corrupt than Andrew Cuomo. And as I said earlier already the Buffalo News had the iron dole. With yesterday's story about the buffalo billion rising to the defensive Andrew Cuomo. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EN. Word -- -- ago I was at the gonna take agendas economy hung up Monday. We're gonna treason or tracked him down. Let's go to jail -- spring built on that W -- -- end. Joseph you are on and they -- have to talk to me you're on hello. -- -- -- -- Dude you got it okay -- It I need you to slow down and another save a little bit better because I don't know if you noticed but I don't -- so. Sort out. Are our. Brothers are big -- or or or. Yes yes. Poll. -- all haven't -- I haven't thought about the McKenzie Brothers and 25 years. OK so it is there another song. Like a Phil Collins so longer work or something maybe a more serious musical genre other than the McKenzie Brothers -- comedic team. That remind you with his bills so I've got. Ike are really. Job or. What you know. -- -- in. Or Jake yeah I hit it it area but it now Syria but -- -- out there. And at the end. It has a lot. -- I think -- -- -- air. I think that there yet but. It's just go but that the first order to have. But -- -- -- all about. We bet not. -- -- but not great no. Well thank thank you very much better I appreciate that I was thinking maybe. Gangsters paradise. Just say that are out now -- -- -- big money I always going that direction money Pink Floyd. That would be an obvious one right. Let's go. To a break in that I can get more calls on -- afterwards I'll shut up right now the we'll get a bunch of calls on 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB Ian don't hang up I will get few problems. And there will be a cloudy night tonight a shower or thunderstorm 62 tomorrow clouds and some Sauna shower or thunderstorm in the area 7671. Degrees -- news radio 930 WB -- and let's get to the calls and this is been in Genesee County. -- which song title most remind you of the current state of affairs with his bidding deal with the bills. Lane -- believe it was Peter Paul and Mary just opens another -- -- supplement and it was written and Atlanta I'm sure. There are aliens. Believe it or not yeah. John Denver song writer and -- partly to help us right. It actually was the design of the plane -- to reach over knocks on them out of whack to US which tanks but it was a really useful. Out leaving on a jet plane. So kiss me and smile for me tell me that you wait for me thank those who works all right -- Think of hydrants on I know are right. Even on a jet plane thank you hear is I love this one minute here's Randi and all day which your song title most remind you were. June the current state regarding the Buffalo Bills. Well you probably you already know and could crawl log and my friends. I would say it's good we are you know what it is good to be able. Irate -- -- the one who are wrong way it jet told to call. -- the right. -- about -- lyrics. I would like to support -- I can't go and we don't know how -- I really don't mind if you sit this one out let go look at little piece of that really dealt. This one out. Slipped don't have but of course we got a hold of -- ratio of Marietta Ohio -- you never in the sink that's just how -- are you angry and -- that. But I didn't get it is pretty appropriate that I don't mind it is it is about we can -- debt that predict clippers and we don't want a mansion. I was thinking maybe -- let us over the former bills -- situations with the law perhaps one might also be a possible. -- -- Well you know might my first -- it was natural call I mean. Well I never would -- that -- Anderson by the way freaking amazing performer and a brilliant brilliant man. -- where. The -- currency and play up close you know. Well I'd be willing to try but there would have to be some serious dollars involved thank you for the call. I have yeah I I certainly shell hookah if you back call that was awesome. I hope I guess you send out an email try to raise money for capping local. Dottie Gallagher Colin with the buffalo Niagara partnership. Now isn't it interesting she used to be a big shot with the buffalo roots. If she's involved -- trying to re elect Andrew well but what I talked about the iron dome of the media protecting the progressives. -- Do not hit solid rush and I love rush but do not doubt. I know my -- and Jews. But the -- is always to because you -- -- you consulate. Pick up your. Why is like the bye letter of the alphabet -- know what it is. Here is -- and a beautiful summer sex giant smokestack it all on WB and hello. Failure very how about. Here's a partner called someone who cares Travis. -- their own. Okay how you arrive at that conclusion because if I were to say something like that there would be protests outside the radio station. I he's put on I'm so sick and tired like somebody -- their -- large -- and things I'm not. And conservative media outrage. -- and I tried. I hear you what look sports today's sports is entertainment in it's also money. But primarily it's entertainment and I know I might lose points on my man card for this but. Generally speaking watching a bunch of other guys -- live their lives is not how I prefer to live mind. Directly. Right now Kathy I I'd like to call and eat you -- Travis -- reference and -- too. All right thank you very much here is so Mike in the count on WBD and it. -- you're gonna slow things down what song title most remind you to of the current state of affairs regarding the bills. -- -- Guys so what skull I think it is a look at the I've just as helpless they're like ships -- miniature pretty Bono right and reliable up ice here all my vote. I'm so miss -- so what you spoke with V. I did give like five points for that takes some serious courage to sing on the radio. Greg call Mike thank you. The last two calls are from Niagara county are right now some say it's great when you take off on a plane from buffalo Niagara that giant smokestack that Somerset. -- -- Thanks to Joseph -- it's great to see you again -- you're the master by controlling things control freak and where's the reformers were. And that to mr. John German or call screener and got seriously -- tough -- the first show back is always -- liked to waste a lot of do this obviously I'd open to carry this Joseph thank you. I will let leave you with two words and this guy's gonna be playing the -- Thursday night Jon Fogarty CCR. No. Yourself. I.

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