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8-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather seek permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so I can site. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Com hourly and that's mostly within 200 feet of us. -- refugees and its life. -- It's -- -- that this -- it's Tom -- cash -- -- -- question and try to get this much this isn't real she's knows it wouldn't. He's Olympia. You know. So on news radio 930. Everywhere and where what it meant some important moment things -- compliment. Let's -- members coast to W. -- Hey at hourly topic and this really draw a lot of interest in you guys and probably guys and actually got a surprise then that pleasantly so he has been paying attention to this because. Ebola. I'm asking the question on a scale of zero to ten how concerned argue about Ebola. Now I -- differentiators statistically. As individuals. Listening to my voice right now I would say at this point you are more likely to be struck by a motor home or hit by lightning but you are. Of contracting Ebola at this point. However. Things are dynamic. Jet travel I don't know if your awareness. Is kind of fest. There are people who hate America like the guy the White House. They would love. To bring this country to its needs. By infecting people deliberately with a Ebola sneaking it across what used to be the border. And dispatching them on missions to keep population centers were very very quickly the disease would spread. And absolutely overwhelm the system. A Smart terrorist and by the way I have some breaking news story of terrorist masterminds. Just like mafia godfathers. Generally are pretty Smart people. They're pretty high IQ people evil but not stupid. And if I were running al-Qaeda. This would have already been in the works last week. -- -- -- 3001. Attacks September 11 2001. You could exponentially. Improve the kill. With human walking bombs of Ebola I'm not trying to panic -- I'm simply presenting a scenario that I believe needs. To be hurt. Because what did we learn from 9/11. What did we learn from -- report investigating 9/11 a so called 9/11 commission why did that happen number one there were two major reasons number one. Was Jamie Gorelick. And these so called wall. Between CIA and FBI by the way those two organizations. Who should be on the same team they have always hated each other. Okay FBI has always hated CIA CIA has always hated FBI there is an antipathy there. Are right it makes the turf wars between like the state troopers in the very assures seem tame by comparison. And they could not share information. Course the dirty little secret is they might -- a shared it anyway. But. That was one lesson from 9/11 and the other key lesson was we failed to think. Out of the box we did not think as terrorists -- And if you think for one minute. That there isn't somebody in Saudi Arabia right now -- boy this is a golden opportunity. To bring America to its knees. You're not learning any lessons from history. And there's that old expression about people not paying attention to lessons of history. It looked -- here to panic. I'm just saying and if you think that this is just something that we should just ignore. Well. Your title to your opinion I just don't happen to be. In your way of thinking. Any more than on September 10 2001 you would have thought -- If somebody's gonna fly jetliners into the World Trade Center towers and another at the Pentagon and another to try to take out the capital. People called paranoid delusional and in that case. It probably erratic out erotic erratic. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EM but could you be both -- -- -- the answer is yes. I'll let's go to. -- in Cheektowaga on the WB eat and run scale of zero meaning you don't really give a rat's -- to ten. Well where are you with Ebola. And eight all right tell -- one. Well first of all I've been saying what you're saying for the last couple weeks about so okay the potential terrorists using it. And I agree a 100% with -- now I think is with -- -- saying well he's got a government can -- about it. Finally -- -- if that's correct. But she prepared to terrorists from getting in here and blowing themselves up in a crowded area. There'd be Bob -- who was all over the place. I'm sorry could you say that again my my aide -- voters got to cut out of me. All right my point is that if a terrorist brought the disease and that this country. What's to prevent them from blowing themselves up in a crowded area where there about -- -- flows will be quiet all over. That would be one way to do it all well I have to tell yeah. A better way to kill all would be to visit as many places as possible and try to -- as much as you can -- beat every sporting event. I'd be at every shopping mall -- -- crowded movie theaters I'd be in subways railroad cars airplanes I would be in as many crowded places as possible to spread the contagion. Oh absolutely you know but again if you it's -- harder to get is their claim which I don't believe it's okay but it but it is. Then to do bodily fluids out there they've blown themselves up for lesser reasons I -- it. This is a chance for that blue and you know it -- some of these two versions or whatever. Have a -- what you could you could probably a higher death -- by doing it still full because they're the epidemiologist would have to work back to patient zero. Who would chances are already be dead. True but the -- -- my concern is yes I think your -- percent correct and everything is saying. And the number of concern for his date and I think we've got to close that -- Mexico like ASAP. And the buffoon and actually -- column of -- full because let's put it this way how many people. Knowing what people should have known about Obama and I have to plead absolute innocence on this because they tried to tell you how many people. Would have thought in their lifetime. They would have seen a person in the White House who hated America and wanted to turn it into a third. World country with the rapidity with which this man has done. Well. I don't know I could agree totally with that I cried I got I got does that tell you and I thought I don't know like -- agree totally with. -- well you just brought up yeah just brought up the borders what what do you think is really going under. That's a lot of right there that's one right there that. Yes I think he's making it was. Do you think it's just about borders or do you think there's a political component because there is a political component nothing happens in a vacuum. As for votes. And that's number one I thought you before about a political component of some very I think they're good or possibly reinstate the draft that. A lot of these people's kids or whatever that'll let may -- -- adrift -- increase the possible use that word diplomatic route I don't modern tech. You're not gonna have to put -- foot soldiers on the way out wars in the future going to be. And they have -- you don't want to resort to anything. Very drastic unless absolutely necessary. -- -- my take is this is all part of an organized effort to lower the standard of living for America. These so called -- children. Are going to be relocated in two states where they can make an electoral difference guaranteeing. The progressives a lock on executive power until the craft of doom. And make no mistake about it the progressives are not you were friends. Well I believe there. OK so you're an eight on this end. Very interesting take about -- blowing yourself up I think I would do it in a more stealth for our stealthy way. How that's that's my -- thought spreading the flu isn't -- some way to get it. Well if the figures how do you really get it. Because a -- I think there's more to -- that what they're saying is it as far as like you're saying you know you got these. Doctors who are got every protection possible they still came down within yes -- working with the people but they that they. As safe as well I accidentally. Stock myself -- a -- that we start -- matter whatever you like HIV you know but. They haven't -- this is sold as they don't know. All right so they don't all -- they tell you that you're totally safe to let seeking candidates with bodily fluids. I have nothing to add to that thank you very very much glad you called him. It is -- in my the only person who heard the story about the guys who helped a person get back into wheelchair. And they are now considered at high risk for Ebola just by touching somebody who was infected. You see it. There is right now all an active campaign to downplay the threat in the media. -- Everywhere you turn you do what you do a search for. How contagious is Ebola you're gonna see a whole bunch articles. That don't worry about your chances of getting -- don't worry about it. Every time your re one of those articles I want you to think of a doctor and a Hazmat suit coming down with a ball. And then I want you compare that to the crap you read about how hard this is the contract. Because the two do not add up to four. Unless of course it's common core and then anything's OK here's Dominic in Erie on WB EM hello. Hello. I'm kind of burned into a permanent five. I'm I'm at the point where I'm a little bit overwhelmed with all that garbage is going on so it's hard EU bullet goes. I don't really have a whole lot of worry -- I can't tell you I'm I didn't drive it around it a complete NBC can't in my car for over a year sort of visit joke. Not so funny anymore. NBC. -- And I was hoping that that Matt Lauer wasn't involved than that because then I'd have to hang up -- UN general principle. It can. Station. And a real nice. That and adopt one in my seats and I edit bigger conversation starter and -- my friend I'm a paranoid crazy but nobody laughed -- anymore. Melt paranoia we we went -- this before. Paranoia is an irrational fear with the absence of any evidence or corroboration. That the route to get you. Reality news. When something is a distinct possibility or you have corroboration from a third party or parties that in fact some weird stuff is going -- Difference between the two. I'm a little more concerned. With the modifications. City quarantine regulations that the administration. From the force. A while back at -- actually my focus -- it is. Are they need is. Freaked out public. And all of a sudden it's the tensions with the big plastic Elmo Maria. Well all out of it because Europe you're getting into some territory that I need to get it -- so don't go anywhere let's -- out -- -- traffic which is slow in spots I think everybody's going to see art to relive the seventies and it's Alan Harris. First of all let's start out with what the National Weather Service has to say flash flood warning for southeastern -- northern Allegheny northeastern -- at a raucous in southern Wyoming counties until 715. And how does this affect you if you're driving and you see a big late in the road do not assume it's only one inch deep. People drowned in cars all the time in flash flood areas. It's been awhile since we've had anybody around here but. You know it it's been awhile since we've lost anybody to a tornado but yet it's still does happen from time to time which is so it's not you. Mostly cloudy tonight a shower or thunderstorm 62 the -- Excuse me tomorrow oh he's coughing and he -- suspect in the Third World. -- -- -- clouds and some sun tomorrow a shower or thunderstorm and the high temperature of 76. 71 degrees at news radio 930 WB -- now there's a high risk behavior of any kind of took place whatsoever. Anyway it is up by fifty. And I happen to believe that between the government which I do not trust and media which I do not trust this is intentionally. Being. Downplay it. I I would I would agree with you if you actually. Look at she sees so web sites and recommendations. A couple of weeks ago because they're they're website keeps getting modified. Or they're talking about contacts and and dropped it. It it's all but airport according to the CDC you you can do it's by walking somebody it's C thirty seconds earlier. I'm now. You know you. It's a little bit more complicated. But the risk is the air and now all we need to do something in buffalo Sunnis and now all of a lot in her out. I'm I think that's the real concern when when you have a government it is becoming overbearing. Anything is possible. Com. Now it's a question I have with their a recent stripped from Tulane University. In an association with some US government agencies. Early -- for a couple of years. Doing research and justice area. The question I have been an invite to -- -- grew up. Who was an accidental release. Or because if you look at the research that the discussion in Africa. There saying we're in a lot faster than it ever seen before. Which brings up you're there was a book called this state. Which became made for TV miniseries -- years ago. I try you know I stopped reading after the Archie comic book series went the way it did after that life was not nearly as exciting. -- I I have to break I'm glad you call thank you very much. All right. I had the boot somebody from my FaceBook page that you could just argue so much with somebody before you realized you just never gonna get it and they're probably better off somewhere else. -- Okay. Light skin. Okay. Okay. Right there's a pick me up make do we get Mozart's requiem next Joseph what do you think Jimmy could you be magic man -- -- and -- with some balls Stewart I mean jeez. Guess it's something that doesn't suck I mean I know we're not playing tonight that whole adult would have been a better choice. I know I played she's gone. -- -- spend eternity in the city but the carbon and the dioxide choke. Now. All right. Geez what's your -- parents -- iPods and would you would you let me see your iPod. Let me just the most played song on your iPod. You noted -- Now aren't -- -- way up all right I've a feeling of something definitely new country. -- all -- no doubt about that. I'm -- would be like the alphabet song from my youth you know. It is up 530 Ford's -- news radio 930 WB yet again -- -- -- Joseph -- Rebecca master control John Sherman is your call screener and if you see any major significant traffic delays because of the rave. And because people are having to art park about to -- heart. You. You know what I would not mind seeing heart but I didn't wanna pick prevailed to see heart. If that makes cents. -- like five songs -- like and after that I would set -- Woodley might. -- but. In any event. If you see any traffic issue whatsoever you can call -- traffic hotline. And it's in my absence sesame race the -- number for the traffic island. All right 8030321. Don't know who might have done that 8030321. That is the traffic hotline 8030321. And it gets Richard Allen Harris. Just -- you know now. The Ebola. Outbreak and a kind of surprised. By the interest. In this topic I wasn't sure what you guys would be in -- today. But. One thing that I've learned over time number one don't trust the government. I don't care who's in charge by the way. And I do not. Ascribe -- America's decline. And it's. Desired. Outcome is -- Third World nation. Simply to Barack Obama. No I do not he has accelerated. A process. But it is not Democrat it is not Republican it is regressive. And it's all about ultimately one world government. And ultimately it's about everybody in the world having the same standard of living except. The 5% of the global Elise who will essentially be your slave masters. And I do believe that there is an active effort under way to destroy the United States to destroy our standard of living. And one of the ways in which that is being done is by opening up our borders. To anybody who wants to command. Line jumpers. And under my presidency. Which will never happen. Anybody who came here illegally would be sent back to the country of origin illegally. But they'd be tattooed first or perhaps if that is offensive may be have part of their finger amputated so that we would know they've already been caught once. You have no business being our country get the hell hole. That's my philosophy. You know why because there's lots of people who waited a hell of a lot longer than the so called children. And if I hear. War on children and Republicans hate children one more time. I think might might head that may explode. And -- it's not. You know I I always criticized the Republicans because they they've got no balls. They have no intestinal fortitude they have no spine. And for once. In a stunning development. And of course I was first with -- but. I actually agree. With the thesis of today's editorial in the local newspaper. On the folly of the Republicans showing Barack Obama. I told you what a month ago the constitution. Provides. For impeachment. For high crimes and misdemeanors. That's why I am against this lawsuit gets. It's not -- -- winner. Add more overt. Boehner should realize that the constitution. Calls for the remedy. Impeachment. -- if -- hear one more personal like FaceBook page were calling into the show. Yeah Republicans can't guarantee you Obama because the election they're coming up it just get this thread Republican Party you know what it must suck to be you. Because apparently the you know you or a moral relativity -- And you believe that there are all the good times to do the right thing. In your life and I seriously your life must really suck. Because. I will play the same thing I said a month ago whatever put up -- post which by the way thanks for Facebook's new system Ike hitting finally posted. But there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. And the voices of the spineless. Top Republicans can't impeach now because that's gonna hurt and Obama do you really make. The media will ever beat. On any other side but the regressive side that there will ever be a right time for people of conscience and substance. To argue against what is going on the White House right now -- ever going to be the right time for them of course not. Here is never a wrong time to do the right thing. So believe it or not. -- actually agree with that newspaper editorial but that very rarely happens. The last time I think that happened was when the news call for the resignation of Eric Holder. Because to the Buffalo News the First Amendment matters the second is just outdated. I stand up all of the bill of rights. Listed -- founding fathers the first ten amendments to the constitution. As shining examples. Of what our founding fathers envisioned. And they realization that our founding fathers were well we're. That the natural tendency of power is to grow the natural tendency of government is to become a backhand -- -- natural tendency of the elites is to try to dominate the non athletes they understood that it's and that's why we have the bill of rights in our constitution. All right Ebola. On a scale of zero meeting. Really I couldn't care less to ten page why that might panic rooms stocked with water. On a scale of zero to ten how concerned are you about Ebola I'm somewhere about a six maybe seven. -- my concern is not but I personally believe that I'm gonna come down with Ebola and die. My concern is. Our borders right now are so open. Because of the plan Obama has to destroy America. And I have no doubt and I fought this for the longest time. People would call and say he hates America he wants to destroy it and I would say no I I just think he's got a different viewpoint. That changed. What a year ago when ever changed. And nothing would surprise at this point. But my fear. The biggest fear I have. Is nobody learned the lessons of September 11 2001. And we spent millions of dollars to figure out why it happened. And one of the big reasons was we failed to think outside of the box. And folks every day. There is a terrorist mastermind in the world or to quantity. Who are thinking about ways to kill Americans as many as possible. Would there be a better way. That would affect walking human bombs intentionally with Ebola. And then distribute them throughout the United States. You'd have tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands maybe millions of people sick. Before anybody knew what was don't wanna. Are you're just you're just the idea of being paranoid if not a set of September 10 -- Nineteen dudes were gonna fly airplanes into buildings what would you call me that. Let's I get to the calls and more are on a scale of zero to ten how concerned are you about a six or seven. Not for myself but for the country. Here is. Heat in Ontario. -- your WB unwelcome. -- mr. bout in -- Arctic and it's been popular in Canada and it at least we came back in -- very you're you're there ought. Our Philadelphia I did not -- -- I'd like view. And that is the possibility in the gentleman on earlier but what I really believe -- this point it. There's nothing this president won't do to make an ultimate goal. I'm transforming America which you Warren and which nobody except for conservatives. Really are committed murder -- Fundamentally. Transform. -- America in other words change a winning game. That's right and and also it is is. An urban. War oldest. And you know. It's to look at the -- and like I understand. That that's going on right now in and then mainstream media -- up the that soccer is like you'd pack in other people. Do not mention my name with Glenn Beck. I have horror of the man. -- no no no you cannot know. I am not the guy who went to the border to give hugs and Teddy bears to lawbreakers. Yeah how that would stop and go out you'd see that. It's -- and -- eighteen. And there are and there are you know or -- year's open -- -- -- And it'll be happening you know it's about pretty scary there is a lot of bad gonna happen. And I think it's gonna blow over and we are due to get the militia there are and we -- in its civil. Because it one -- as American as you well. Eight in a true American. Will protect his community and country. And the constitution. And we also. That every police officer every military. Apple the right to protect the constitution. Not. The president of the -- Well I have to disagree with that they take an oath to do it and I also would remind you that President Obama also took an oath to uphold the constitution. And I am always leery of people who are in a chain of command situation. Who fail to understand that an illegal order is an illegal order and mustn't be followed. Which by the way it was a lesson of Nuremberg -- if I say that you know people don't even -- Bellamy. At all which is just -- -- crap on weight per week but it's so good Monday its own good monk called Mittal. What about this bill what -- -- Americans know they'd been lied to keep your doctor. Like you dark. Audit and audit on the lighter -- they're actually. Actually. -- and don't patriotic American that. I think the fact that he's in America all -- people once they even though there might be coming at all. Don't should think and actually command. He's gonna say not now. Little game. Let me share something with are you familiar with that New York State. At Oklahoma and I know the whole thing the New -- -- aren't all of this. Well actually there was -- a Google went to New York safe I was gonna talk about the Moreland. Commission. We have a governor who acted in my opinion to obstruct justice in a nixonian. And criminal way. And the latest poll says he still will be the runaway winner in November and you're asking me to believe that people are gonna wake up and see the truth. You know the only way to it would on its patron on radio -- you or hurt others that are that they could -- the -- -- speak the truth we all -- no. You know at this point. It is that it it was on the city -- you know. In this position. The money he got the word out war. More than mainstream media as well what's in this lawyer. He's rocket debris in charge it again but did the -- -- recharge. Oh you mean the attorney general New York Eric Schneider of who makes Barack Obama seemed like George will. -- All right you know I I must move on it's good development that we have people of Ontario listening who. Our -- ago following what's happening here in America thank you very much. So thrilled by thirty on a scale of zero to ten how concerned are you about Ebola. And we do have a small well hold -- -- get a redo myself on a flash flood warning for southern southeastern -- northern Allegheny in northeastern catalog discounted as well the southern Wyoming counties. Until 7:15 PM. Blew a message from a -- and -- damn tickets. Wu yeah baby. Now can I make it to the casino in time for Steely Dan that's question one question to. Will Walter Becker saying one of his original new song so everybody has a chastity. That was real you know -- Walter when they played the -- in 93. Hey here's a new song from Walter Becker. And there was this street about half the audience left everybody had to -- the same time it was just. All the open -- anyway cloudy tonight and -- shower or thunderstorm 62. And clouds and some some tomorrow shower or thunderstorm 76 right now 71 degrees by the way I. You know our park that's were heart is playing tonight by the way it. I don't know if you've had this experience. You go to -- park just send somebody a picture -- texts. And you get this ridiculous phone bill because even though you were in New York State. Your cell phone gets into the Canadian powers. So all of us and challenging to do with my wireless company. We should turn roll off. The well I have a better idea. How -- have a better powers in Lewiston. Unless the American towers were so jammed that they automatically got bounced to Canada. At a tournament pet peeves and all right it is 8030930. Starlet thirty and that 80616. WBE and the what else is going on this week the Erie county fair opens that tomorrow. By the way if you have a chance to see the -- for work. They are absolutely sensational or Beatles tribute band Jon Fogarty is playing Thursday there's just no way in hell I get there in time for his show. And he was the guy behind CCR. And I've seen -- encountered before the guys in seven days. And he's got more energy than most people in their forties he is a dynamo. So do not miss Jon Fogarty in the name doesn't mean anything to you're just think born on the -- you. In a whole bunch of other great CCR credence Clearwater revival songs really if you were up thirty or over bad moon rise and these songs looking out my back -- these songs really are constitute the soundtrack of your life. Just thought I'd mention. What else do we have here. -- old yeah I mentioned the -- poll that show or ball. With a big lead still over -- Reno I may open up calls for that as well in the next hour and if you go to my FaceBook page. I do a favor. -- -- To ask of you rather. The -- -- police department -- state somewhat grainy picture. Of an arson suspect for whom they would like. Information. From a spate of fires overnight now what I find interesting is originally. The reports were well you know it's coincidental. But upon further investigation upon further review. There about looking for an incendiary. So go to my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly beat a UERL. The so -- were wearing the tuxedo. And share that picture with all your friends because somebody in the area knows exactly who this guy is and without saying he's guilty of any thing. He got -- abruptly -- we talked you buy it. A detective OK it is 555 news radio 930 WB EM one hour ago. On this welcome back show welcome back power could be your TV --

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