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8-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Aug 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES yeah. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. What's this week. It's Tom hourly and it's live these local market. Being the third yeah yeah half. Not being -- Tom hourly health effects. On news radio 930 W. Answer me listeners question no I do well I do not know why it. The American flags are flying in between yet many flags in black one that I miss something when I was gone. And it's like a -- been annexed by Yemen. Is there some young -- I yemenite holiday that is going about which I do not well. There are a lot of people of Yemeni descent who live in like a lot. A lot of people polish descent historically -- in Cheektowaga I don't or call a receipt American flags side by side with the polish flag. I know that there are a lot of Jewish people who live and other neighborhoods in western new York and I don't remember seeing the American flag side by side with the Israeli flag. So I don't know is our holiday or something that I mr. that was a way. Sorry I have to disconnect when when I leave. I have to it is to me -- it's got to be a mental break minimal contact with the outside world. It is -- minimal contact with the reality. And it's at ten minutes after four -- reunited thirty WB -- so this Ebola outbreak now still here. Folks I work in the media I do not trust the media and I don't trust most major media outlets I just felt. I view them as propaganda arms of government. -- view this current administration. As having basically the iron she older of the media over it to shoot down all incoming missiles and I'm speaking metaphorically and not in reality. Aimed at both Obama and under all. Squabble end up -- Obama and Hillary they have hired -- of the media. And I I don't trust me. What war but. You shouldn't there and I always to. Double check everything I say. Do your own thinking and doing your own research. Always encourage. Critical thinking. But -- at -- something I'd like to know I put pictures of the Yemeni flags and the American flag side by side. -- alternating. Over the bridge on my FaceBook page maybe somebody can explain it to me I'm not suggesting anything sinister I just don't know. Which is why I am saying I don't know -- don't know but we're talking about Ebola. And on a scale of zero to 100 being not at all ten meaning. You're gonna what are your panic room how concerned are you over Ebola let's say breaking -- the United States. -- I'd give it a six or seven. Statistically. Like think I'm going to get Ebola no I think your good to get Ebola no problem in all probability no. But that doesn't mean. Given the fact that it is -- Folks when you got people saying that if you want to contact with somebody putting them back -- to a wheelchair when they have Ebola. You are really putting yourself at risk if you've got other people say all -- really not that contagious. Where's the true because the truth can't be both things here is -- WB and who again you know. She pointed out the obvious. If Ebola is isn't. Really something about which we should be concerned in the United States that a -- held at this doctor wearing protective gear come down with Ebola Powell. Go ahead minute. Well the other a couple of the point confidently make what I found actually quite scary. Is -- -- and learning that Emory hospital at that high packed. I at least ten area. And they can only treat compete in that time there's only one other hospital and I entire country that -- the same level high tech isolation. War. And they also can only handle PP cents. So the question becomes why would he do that outbreak how -- Lee yeah -- that was my second. Obama obamacare because if you're like do you bullet doctor you have you can keep the Ebola doctor you have if you like throw -- Ebola health plan you can keep herbal health plan. EP -- -- dollar deductible right. I mean that there are things that accurately. -- is that the sea of people like it deeper pretty chilling. And one -- and here you are he even in the DNC. Which include vomiting and diarrhea. Obviously -- it. The problem is. Don't send them our system of many different type of illnesses including flu. So people -- -- people walking down. The list. It was actually edible and I left wing view is. It will -- you know political -- but it we look at current court order and you actually look at the number of people -- well the area. And other places that are coming across the border illegally. -- now would it be -- Okay it. May take many. We are we going through mind meld or what because that's something up put on my FaceBook page this morning. That when you look at the wide open border we have. -- question if an al-Qaeda terrorist is willing to blow himself to pieces to kill five Americans do you think that al-Qaeda terrorists would not intentionally infect themselves with Ebola and then come on -- asked him to the United States you talk about you know we we spent billions of dollars worrying about -- chemical weapons and these kind of attacks and subway systems. This would be such an easy way to kill millions of Americans and because the idiot in the White House this traders creep. Dictator we have in the White House and his policies of open borders have enabled that very scenario to take place if I were in al-Qaeda. I would be recruiting biological walking human bombs together and every major American city to spread their poison. I I com where we're never mind -- an end and then you get up -- -- -- -- International travel. So what I found about it are we really in the country ready or not only an outbreak of god forbid a pandemic. And I agree with you that high priest and yeah I'll have the ability by the week to enhance the interest and their medications in Akron and vitamin. -- which can take inconveniently about it we can't orally when you're throwing out. So there are many things we used Google legally this speech is where your clocks are bound by. IE I have that they I think -- that we as a country up to really look at. How we are prepared hurt him come back. The report. Well absolutely not because well you know what we have the safety net. A antibiotics. And penicillin of course became readily available. In the era of post World War II you know today we we take antibiotics almost for granted penicillin. There has been around for ever and and of course everybody you know they're they're different levels of an avionics and different spectrums of antibiotics are which are prescribed for different ailments. I've Cipro will kill anything. Except of course Ebola. He handled it and getting the pirates have it would welcome -- hill. Antibiotic resistant TB -- at the outpouring over the border at the moment. Well okay Whitman meg again what you are saying. And what we have come to a conclusion a this is why my concern level about Ebola is about a six or seven because just let's look at it logically. And folks let me give -- a difference between being. Being rational concern -- and paranoia paranoia. Is an -- rational belief founded on no evidence what so ever that there out to get you that paranoia. Okay reality is when something is actually happening. Or is likely to happen you have every right. To be concerned and that is not paranoia. All right thank you -- much madame I'm happy to hear from him. I I will well I well but folks about bears. If an al-Qaeda terrorist. Would be willing to blow himself up to kill six or ten Americans. Do you think for a minute. You wouldn't intentionally sent people. To -- countries. Contaminate them then smuggle them into Central America and then through the non existent border and their mission would be. Are attentive you go to LA penny you go to Chicago ten is go to New York City. Folks. This isn't science fiction. It is a very possible. Reality. And I don't believe that it is as non contagious as some media outlets are reporting. Live what does logic tell. If eight trained doctor wearing stated we are protective gear comes down with Ebola. What does that tell you about who is telling you the truth and -- -- clap. That's your decision to make. But by the way lesson one in government propaganda. Don't. Panic the public. And trust me it happens and it has happened more times in your lifetime than you have any idea. Here's it would Williams bill on WB and Dave hello. Area. My concern level is an eight and climbing. -- he. -- a date -- to hopefully come. Because reality rate is -- to 990%. From the stopped about 10%. The gene pool captured by the fire the restaurant on. The reason it hasn't white South Africa. -- usually at burns itself well people cannot walk are not away from their village yes I think keeps spreading it. Sir I I have to put on hold but I want more of your thoughts and I just -- clarify something the fatality rate for Ebola is up to. 90%. And I can only presume. Bet you can increase your odds of surviving Ebola. With hydration. It seems to me that hydration would be among the top causes dehydration rather would would leave you very susceptible to you know just all of the ravages of Ebola but hold on -- hold on and I know if experts in the audience -- Some of them on my FaceBook page Jim Isaac let's go to traffic right now here's Alan Harris. And we -- those thunderstorms and there's always a possibility of possible. Flooding and obviously the key here is if you see a puddle of water -- -- -- two inches deep it could be two feet deeper could be twenty feet deep and Alicia Davis Ted Kennedy UA get away with a other restive by the day here for the rest of us a heart is that tonight our park. Mostly cloudy shower or thunderstorm 62 and tomorrow clouds with some Sauna shower or thunderstorm seventy -- to mark the opening of the Erie county fair which. -- -- after fixated beach went to Alaska pretty Erie county fair I'd always -- it it usually turnaround of the Erie county fair Bieber what's the temperature -- given it. 71 night. You know it was last week grow as the 87 sunny. But that every afternoon it was -- o'clock. Like 4:5 o'clock ego downpours they lose rainy season. -- let's get back to the calls on that WBBM. Jamaica -- grill beautiful place I love the people. Honest to god that that to me is why I keep going to Jamaica. Here is be in -- Williams bill. So what Dave let's move on with that what you were saying about a bowl because I'm asking how concerned you are about Ebola. I -- about a six or seven. Because if I was a terrorist mastermind I think intentionally be sending my people to Ebola hot spot getting them out of there in getting him into the United States. That. True. Of one thing -- -- -- who -- -- although it is dehydration point. Are you do not die. From these ball on the same Malaysia did from the Spanish flu which is supportive care of your. Body fight top for the -- the virus will liquefy your internal organs you bleed out. No amount of hydration is going troops. Okay can you say liquefy. Internal. Organs. Really. Okay which also brings to mind an episode of criminal minds I hate it when art imitates life that way between the anthrax episode where you're just describing and the giraffes in South Africa are becoming panic now. Well ID is panicked and -- said earlier it's in the world without a catcher paranoia it's just Smart thinking. The other area -- Hitler wanna take quick stroll down our conspiracy -- the other thing to look at. Well I don't know until a time out time out. Big conspiracy you know -- I I go back and forth reports. But conspiracies. Actually have existed in history the assassination of Julius Caesar was a conspiracy. And people say of the Kennedy assassination or how could somebody people keep that a secret. Well -- still went to the forum and he was assassinated. And a whole bunch of people kept -- secret that he was gonna get whacked. Do I need to break it when he worked there I hate -- you do this can you hold on I enjoy your intelligence. Sure are a lot more. The folks if you were the reincarnation of Osama bin Laden. -- -- plan one B get your people to go to Ebola outbreak areas then get -- across the ocean through our southern borders and their assignment would be contaminate major American cities with people you think they haven't thought about that. Your very naive. And we don't have leave listeners well sometimes review their called progressives on WB EN. He -- enough. Like you -- and now it's 433 at the news radio 930 WB yet it is violently with you all the -- Way up thanks to a two. -- duties and information on the humanity and the American flags. Side by side. The many flags should not be either Delta Airlines they're -- to -- -- and Islamic religious. Festival called -- eat. Now this is the equivalent in my mind. Of a Merry Christmas flag next to the American flag in black -- This is to me government endorsement and sanctioning of your religion in this case Islam. Islam is entitled to equal protection under the law it is not entitled to special treatment. And these flags are bear to commemorate an Islamic holiday. They need to be taken down for -- or somebody needs to show this is a clear violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment to the constitution. Of the United States. This is government endorsement in lack -- wanna other slot. If the flags are there for an Islamic holiday it is wall. End -- story it's not even debatable. If these work Christian flags. If they were flags would Jesus on the on. There would be -- OPEC. And I'll say this again for those were hearing what they wanna hear. Islam is entitled to equal protection under the law and under the First Amendment and the fourteenth. It is not entitled to special treatment because it just -- I don't care 99% of the damn people lack of -- of -- -- the flags need to come down now. I wish I had more time because -- sue I don't think I've standard. Somebody should -- Somebody should make these flags come down they've got no business there because they are there for a religious. What is that. Folks it's open and -- it's that simple. And all of it like it at that a little bit later. You are entitled to freely exercise your religion. But the establishment clause of the First Amendment specifically says we don't endorse any government. Sanctioning of any religion and in this case that's what the people like a lot of government are doing their endorsement slot. That's -- I see it. Aren't. If I were a Jew and lack -- wanna. I would be sold lobbying to have the Israeli flag put up to. Because that's just the way MR. Let's go to love. I believe who is David Williams -- who I was espousing brilliance before. And you're on a WB were talking about Ebola right now and how concerned you are about its spread in the United States and you were very concerned. Yeah. As your earlier caller mentioned these doctors were using. -- lying isolation and decontamination. Art concepts. Use them myself I've been true of the training. Yeah. If they. Became exposed in and currently in other words if they -- have a sharp cut them. Or something along those lines that would have known immediately and it would responded. This is AG we didn't know we were infected until they started going symptomatic. So there's nothing else they can do here in the United States they've expose complained that exposed to crew. They're exposing people on me. On the airport and at the hospital. They don't know how they got it in the first place so what part of the containment protocol. -- Able. They're just hoping. That it will not happen and hope that not a great strategy. Chill out on the on the conspiracy out -- The the people through. Contaminated. Using disease is gone factory -- medieval times before that people might not have understood. Viruses and bacteria but they definitely understood. Some effect guy in her -- that that body and create. These. In the living. We're talking about ancient warfare when troops would lay siege to a city and it would catapult -- bodies. With that play gore cholera into the city in the hopes of spreading contagion the earliest forms of Bob biologically worker. Exactly and torture stuff saying it yellow Mark Spector in the full. IEA human body walking around trying to who -- spread as much as they can before they can't move it. -- Me being. What they had like to throw in as -- were injured talking about external. Forces the United States imposing that are probably now -- an executive order bringing the disease into the country for the first time. It's being. Fear. And wouldn't that just being an open window. To suddenly have the disease and after the clearer. Martial law. Suspend also delightful little. We have already done that it's called the Patriot Act and it's called the I mean we -- do do do -- national defense authorization act and the unilateral power we've given the president to basically be the dictator and put people in prison without charges without trial without anybody knowing where they are by the way like Abraham Lincoln did during the civil war on social sector of the deportation of Abraham Lincoln is books about him read more like our geographies and they do biographies. He was in no good bastard. President who violated the constitution what Americans but when Americans most needed their government to protect them Lincoln violated his oath of office. Alec Fraser looked out from the sixties then I loose. Spot the war more than aggression I was very confused when I came back up and the New York State and tries. Well and let's just set the record straight if you know your history and I do the emancipation proclamation. Only freed the slaves that were still lives of the south that did not free the slaves in areas that were controlled by the north. So Lincoln and all all of his blow hard apologist and can do something to my body thank you very much and glad you called. -- All right about 8030930. Ebola on a scale of zero. To ten how concerned are you about it spreading. And again folks I would posit a notion. And a freaking out. But two things number one if a train with doctor. Wearing the very best. Anti disease suits and following all the protocols they have to follow ends up coming down with Ebola. And then you've got people in the media say it hard not that contagious. Could you guys are freaking out over enough and do you believe you're -- lying -- the doctor. Or do you believe what the media are telling. I don't what I believe Robertson. Does not stand to reason that if people are willing to blow themselves up to kill six or ten people. That they would be willing to contracting Ebola. With the possibility of starting major outbreaks in major American cities. And you've got nothing going on in terms of border enforcement in the southern border everybody knows that. If I were a terrorist mastermind this would already be underway. It would have been under way last week. It is many of our guys in -- western Africa as possible get them back. Fly about other Saudi jets in our friends the saudis and then make sure they stick across the border. From Mexico. And your job go to Detroit your job LA your job Chicago your job Dallas your job New York City. And turn them of the human disease bombs. And the -- that's not paranoia it's nothing but how a terrorist with -- I'll -- spectacles. On the WB Ian here is that. John I'm in a love John got taken calls a lack of one -- announcing Mosul just hang up John you're on high. Expect our it's dark or outdoor we've spoken before on regrets from the seventies. And just you know talk about integrated -- the previous caller he nailed about six different things a lot of whom -- caught up with -- executive order. I think I think the terrorists read a lot Clinton these books during indict these web free. Bombs multiple ligament from the coalition won a long and ironically the title of the book was executive order. -- what about terrorists attacked try to -- indictable. That -- at the United States. And it -- twice I attended in the east and BC nuclear biological chemical warfare school at -- in down I'm like I'm quite sure remote Jim has conjures -- this change. I couldn't care less what Rambo Jim does or does not do this is about you. Understood there but what I know it would have been here for this group partly. You know we discussed various ways of -- and very biological chemical you know. I'm -- -- you know to be dispersed eatery in the battlefield or in urban environment. Crap out very calm low Ike approached your spot. In -- the -- Well that it population. -- -- -- -- Looked up and are always virtually all the bowl which is very market because it does require bodily fluids but by extrapolation but -- -- a plane and -- building as a weapon. Which ironically. Executive orders without equal to a previous book that it mater where somebody school an airliner into our congress you know arm. It Italy and talk about ignorance. But also that because the Republicans would immediately surrender. I expect. Everybody former Republican myself. And they do move to a consumer Kerry doesn't I understand it completely but you know it just you know a lot of cute he is you know. -- southern border I mean yeah focus is on the 20% to her children not 80% that are adults are. And by the way I couldn't care less if they were three years old or thirty years old the most humanitarian thing this country can do is on the back to help hold their families. Send them back. -- every president being there to let's talk about what was his -- -- it. Elian Gonzales back in the Clinton administration. I understood or bought -- home. It's not a new equipment new idea never got a new light electric and AM I think the trojans -- worker went -- carcasses over the -- -- -- Delaware catapult. On -- -- approach. Sure not dig yourself a -- -- it -- let it get infected in the you know go spread the word. Well -- all I can say is again -- this is this is how they think and do we learn I'm sorry we spent how many millions of dollars on the 9/11. Commission and there were two conclusions. Number one that there was a wall between CIA and FBI which was intentionally created under the direction of Jamie Gorelick. Which absolutely contributed to 9/11 the fact that the FBI could not -- with the CIA and vice Versa equipment to the pre existing antipathy between those two alphabet -- organizations. And number two hole. We were trapped in the conventional thinking would refuse to think outside the box. It. All right I just I don't understand what is so hard -- another this one lady on FaceBook keeps trying to tell me how how difficult that is to contract Ebola and how we shouldn't worry about it. Well if it's that difficult to contract why is it spreading and why are we flying people into this country I. A private jets and keeping them in isolation. Sure not the the number one world with the contagion I mean isolation and you've just brought it in your back door shut it down right there -- public. Well I don't like to -- who were back there were too much on this program group and get the wrong idea. But John I'm I'm glad your call thing. All right thank you don't 30930. Wasn't an insult veteran barges don't just I wanted to hear about that guy that guy Colin. He's of interest to me as an active participant to the showed up -- RJ is not the look at the wrong idea. May have come out that way that that was not -- -- it's like when somebody says low information voters. I know that that I don't like that phrase because. There shouldn't eat any low information voters. This has never and more easy access. To information. That there is right now. So it's not a question of low information. It's a question of -- basically apathy. And it not to mention stupidity. Not to mention laziness. It's not low information it's low interest. All right it is. Four for us what that's why don't like the phrase. You know -- and I didn't make it up because I don't if it's close but it -- close enough from. It is. We have never -- any more information allies society and it's gonna increase. Exponentially every day for the rest your life. For forty senators ready at 930 WB -- sort of scale of zero to ten how concerned are you about Ebola. And my biggest concern is the one of articulated over the past half hours. Our border. Because of the criminal we have the White House. Is wide open. You think the terrorists don't put attention. All the missiles Hamas has launched at Israel how many missile how many Israelis. Have been killed by the missiles. How many Americans could die. If you set human biological bombs to New York Chicago LAETC. That would be a huge win for the bad guys. But they'll kill some of their own to it doesn't matter. For 48 news radio 930 WBE him. And there we do have been some brave and the National Weather Service is telling us that to be on the lookout for flash. Floods in areas of heavy rain which I'm pretty sure you configure out to as you drive through those areas of heavy rain. The rest of the evening it says. Mostly cloudy tonight shower or thunderstorm overnight -- 62. Heart should be on stage -- our part with 7:38 o'clock hopefully get your own little back up plan. -- for a tomorrow clouds with some sun. A shower or thunderstorm and 76 right now it's 71 degrees at news radio 930 WB eat and there. And I'm just checking my. It is that you now from WB EN dot com flash flood warning for southeastern -- Northern Allegheny northeastern catalog -- and southern Wyoming counties until 7:15. PM. And anytime you want to be updated on what's happening in weather all you have to though is text the word weather to 3930. If you'd like news updates text the word news. 23938. If you wanna be updated. -- traffic. You can -- text the word traffic. The 39. Dollar and believe me those that news traffic and weather alerts have saved many year many of your bacon. The plural of -- East over the years. Coming up on a 454. Player what Mike single I was sitting in for me yesterday and he was nice enough to leave behind for me an extra pair of tickets Jesse Jackson on the ground. So ladies and gentlemen mr. doctor by his lawyers -- loved and a whole bunch of other targets by a pair of tickets right now for caller old. Which I find bizarre why we -- caller twelve but I just read this stuff I don't righted. Caller number twelve. 64498756449875. -- twelve will get. A pair of tickets to see Jackson -- Monday August 11 7:30 PM at our park value of sixty dollars courtesy of live nation and general contest rules apply. Good -- Oh by the way I just one thing I -- venture will have thirty seconds before get a break. And it is there's folks I really value. You guys listening and making -- a part of your life but all that. But I. If you have books on the civil war or or anything books and anything. Please. I'm gonna ask you please refrain from sending them to me I appreciate the thought. But they will be much better off in a library. Were donated to a charity. Because I'm in the process of -- cluttering my life I'm throwing books out I'm not buying new books so I appreciate your thought it's very kind of you. But. That don't also on the books I've read I don't I won't because I don't have room and around the cluttering not adding to it. I mean I know it's not horrible but I just want you guys waste money on postage and stuff I'm just gonna give away -- -- -- 455 WB Ian.

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