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8-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. And an -- -- system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set a world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything Dover. Do you go and do something like they're being told. Your -- and it's live these local ethnic -- you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. They have power they have and Michael Siegel Mike -- -- grow the financial I'm so confused. It takes six or seven people -- placed me. That's a good feeling anyway out hey -- -- don't gonna be back behind the microphone like hell it is it really be a vacation but it has got to be a behind the microphone. And you know it's really weird all right. Is we have little incentives here at the radio station I won't say exactly -- it -- but recovered -- around the only more time off. There's going to be more time off I'll be taking I -- don't feel sorry for replaced but I have a very simple rule in life folks and I want to live by this -- At the end of today. When they decide between whether you're gonna stay on the job or whether they're gonna -- here. They are not gonna consider whether. Or not he took a vacation or whether or not you used all of your vacation time that doesn't mean that. Use every bit of time off in vacation time and days off you have coming to you I do. And I've never been fired -- and radio in over thirty years in fact it's never happened. So what it is good to be back and I won't tell you were wet but I would tell you bet it was some. And I will carry the umbrella proud of myself because -- properly. Rotated myself in the -- I felt like what are those chickens at wegmans. One of those rotisserie check it will -- around tables and every two or three minutes I'd like move a couple of inches around the round table to kind of even out where the sun was sitting. So actually came back from a tropical place without a -- of course that does nothing to communicate via increased risk of skin cancer I already carry with me. But that -- a little melanoma. Anyway I know that's not really funny but believe me it's a gallows humor for me because I've got every single risk factor for a but anyway Joseph be heard it's good to see you again short timer and John Sherman it's also good to see your smiley face behind the glass -- seriously do wanna thank everybody who said information. It is not easy to -- -- for somebody else -- -- I will not do a -- opportunities to do it it's something I will not do. Because every host has his or her own unique audience -- well -- own unique perspective and unless you basically told. That person's line you running greater risk of aggravating people than you do gaining new fans so that's something I will not do is sit him for somebody else so. Mike Siegel thank you presenting it for me. Mike has obviously different approach Michael report does not do this for a living did better bonus and a little -- All right I was in touch -- David but unfortunately I just forgot to talk about work with him. We have so things happening and it's a really difficult for me to know clear to begin a I'm. It really is Joseph did you ever find that there have been event audio I requested all I want is stand -- also because that. Coming up at some point during the show today I will there a simple yesterday did you or did you not is that was okay. Up at some point today I will -- By giving you the opportunity to win Jackson Browne tickets -- Gonna play the obvious Jackson Browne song as a musical but -- -- -- play Jackson Browne song from circa 1980 to 83 that. Jackson brown fans will well. But other people are probably not going to -- the obvious choice for Jackson Browne fan would be doctor -- allies. Or stay you know -- -- -- the remixes that. And out of play something from an album featuring two Porsche career is on the cover back when there -- albums so. That'll be my hip for you to call in to win the Jackson -- targets and -- it make you wait that long I've. I sat and outraged that we have lost more guys in Afghanistan today and well times they said there's. If -- running things in Afghanistan. If I had to be in the room with somebody in an Afghani army uniform. I would make sure but I had a nine millimeter -- 45. To that guys see one vertebrate. And the minute but I started acting squirrelly he did it and instantly be kill. And instead we have acted workplace violence. That took place -- I'm sorry terrorism. That took place in Afghanistan today took out one over generals and a bunch of other guy to the good German general item in the German -- generals anymore. But that took out one of those guys and another tragedy and yes another situation involving a you have. An Afghan army guy who basically flipped or turn or who just kind of fit him. An idea of Afghanistan by the way. How many weeks after the United States fully pulls out probably given about 44 weeks. After the United States pulls out. Just take this to the bank Kabul and all of Afghanistan will once again be under the control of the Taliban and al-Qaeda for weeks Max. That's a look that's an upper end estimate and by the way guys there's hang out with from military. Out where I was in a burglary black country 95% black Jamaica. But the tourists ranged from every ethnicity but what your military guys stand that they all agree. Four weeks after the last American boot leaves Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda the Taliban will be in control of Afghanistan we -- it will get the guys out of there now and -- cells additional bloodshed grief aggravation. Look Afghanistan is only a danger to us. When and if it once again host terror training camps and by now if we don't ever every square inch of Afghanistan map and GPS. So we can launch missiles whenever one of these camps were suspicious houses opens up then we are stupid and I don't think we're that stupid. That's the only reason were in Afghanistan because they try and they allowed training camps to be set up under the Taliban from which the nine elevenths hijackers. Came. All right so we decided Taliban had to -- Because the training camps were based in Afghanistan. So we went into Afghanistan what most people would call a just war I certainly would. It was a war with caucus and the mission was accomplished in terms of taking out those camps literally within a month. And at this point. Nobody can -- to me what victory in Afghanistan is will what is it. Because I don't know what it is any more than I can define what victory is in the war on drugs. Because at the end of the day folks for weeks tops after the Americans and all the allies are out of Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda the Taliban the bad guys will be running things again there take it to. Bank and nothing by the way would make the Mexican heroin cartels happier than to see the Afghanistan government. Are cracking down on the heroin trade in Afghanistan again. But -- that's possibly should be fodder for another show. Boy anyway no I did not come back with Ebola. And up for those interest today yes I was in Jamaica in 95% black country and you know it's it's really. I think it's a bit about the Jamaican I was kind of surprised when I saw this on on line. One of the local police departments -- get this straight Joseph and John limited major help on this one of the local police departments got in the hot water. The other was -- port because they describe a suspect is being negro dark skinned. -- Lancaster thank you Lancaster negro dark skin. OK first of all if negro is offensive if if negro is patently offensive why don't have the United Negro College Fund. Number one it is not patently offensive it is verbally anachronistic but you know what. Any word that you used -- the politically correct people decide that they're going to be offended. By your usually get they will find a reason to be outraged it's what they live sport there is no mollify there is -- -- -- It's a word that is anachronistic but not necessarily hurtful harmful disparaging or intentionally cruel racist or mean spirited. Negro. And I would again you say those of you doubt the veracity of what I say the united what college fund -- let me. -- United. Negro College Fund and if you know your languages you know that bet is basically. I mean it it it's analysts say this -- gently. Those basic letters go back in antiquity. And in Latin and the Indo European languages it's not an insult. It truly is there a way if you are a negro or black Americans or one of my black Brothers and sisters. -- -- Really gave you this smacks to me a white liberal guilt. The people who get offended by the term negro. Because I'm thinking of myself I have the story when -- 95%. Black country okay I've always felt. So. Never too. And I that never shifted to the show last week because there was a beer. But one never to resist. Is that. In terms of dark skinned. They do the people who raised the loud -- objections. To negro dark skin. Guys do you even hang out with any black people at all. Are you at all familiar with how black people refer to themselves. He he's dark -- he's light skinned funniest one ever heard was he's got high yellow skin which -- that was a blast. -- -- -- -- say he very dark skinned they they sit in pop block which I do another understand it's a shortened version of English but you know he dodged. He's dark -- you ask him he's like -- It's not a racist. It is they descriptive. They -- or of one's still don't know if you were looking at me as a black person you would say dude you are whiter than white. You are belly fairly complex -- though can't it can't. But I just I did not understand what made that story controversial and keep the -- I heard about it. In a situation where I why is the ethnic minority. And that I mentioned how very much at home I feel and Jamaica and -- Absolutely awesome the Jamaican people are they are I've said this before -- again they're the hardest working people I've ever seen. And they're the most genuinely friendliest bunch of people. I have ever seen all -- -- wanna go into Kingston Jamaica without an AK or something similar. Kingston to different beast depending on the neighborhood but in the tourist areas. I I honestly think that being friendly funny and just charming and and just I've just awesome comes with being Jamaica. And anybody who thinks like if really racist listening to the show who thinks they are racist league recently who thinks like your racist who says black people are lazy. Bay ya just wanna sit around on porches all day and collect welfare. What may I suggest that you go to Jamaica. You'll you'll would not be able to keep up what the black people in Jamaica the grounds keepers -- So like ten hours of under the ailing. Jamaica and the sudden they rarely talked plex. I've never seen such a hard working group of people in my life. And up the way it always pays to have to go. Off resort a little bit or at least talk with people. Who lived in the area about the circumstances of their lives -- it really does give you -- fresh perspective which used. One of the reasons why I do enjoy a travel. And especially I enjoyed traveling to. To Jamaica it's just a it's just a real special place it's a place were you actually can feel free. It is a place as I said of of genuinely friendly people -- can be Pollyanna. There is some crime there of course there's. But there's crime in Miami describe in Fort Lauderdale -- crime to buffalo in every house and Nortel one I think burned all while I was gone. And I can couple leave that there were seven fires last night and and T and they're not related to Rocco went should just last night was not hot. Last why it was kind of lucky actually. I would not think would you think that last night it was particularly. A a a night which lent itself to forest -- like work you know oh. -- he'd like Jeff -- starting up yet nonetheless it did happen. So. Really. And an -- Said that they're saying that it doesn't look like arsenal was involved because they just -- all of that one lady she gets -- -- allegedly she allegedly sets -- -- five years but all of the fires last night I heard the story correctly. Were these coincidences. Which I find bizarre defying all laws of probability and statistics but if that's what they say if that's with the investigators. Have uncovered well. They know what they're talking about and I. Do not. Sorry folks you have to understand when I come back for a few days off I have blu brain. All of my thoughts have essentially been bottled up for the past ten days. And everything gets spewed when I get back and hopefully in an entertaining fashion to you. But the at the Lancaster story particularly. Made me shake my head and again folks just you have to realize context -- where I was physically on this planet when that story came out. I was in a 95% black country were I have always met with nothing but love respect fellowship. And and good you. So anyway a wanna leave it at that now there's a bit of tragedy in the news and I -- thank the individual who sent me this story originally. Because. Otherwise I have to admit it would have gone by enemy. Folks. I have nothing to apologize for in terms of my IQ. I will however admit. That I do we have the mental age of between federal board. I'm very open about that. And I actually laughed my ass off at the hangover movies are three of them that hang over the hangover part through the hangover part two or three hang over movies. And in number three it starts out whipped and obviously animated giraffe. Obviously animated you're after this only reason it's funny is because the -- is such an obvious fake I just I talked about -- -- -- and -- -- -- on this show. The hangover three Allen who is I shall we say a little different. Like he was off his medication and he's a little different he was driving his Mercedes convertible daddy's boy it was a license plate. And he's towing a trailer when -- giraffe. And he's talking to people driving by -- he's -- and then he continues drive is talking to the giraffe in the trailer. And then you see the giraffe which again is so obviously fake. It that's why it works there because it was an obvious thing. The giraffe looks at the slow overpass. And let's just say it does not end well for the giraffe. This actually happens believe it or not I was stunned at the end in South Africa. I put the story up on my FaceBook page the exact almost the exact same scenario. With the exception of Allen driving your Mercedes convertible -- daddy's boy as is the license plate these giraffes were being towed along a highway. And one -- and die because of the -- over pants just like the movie talk about. You talk about life imitating art may -- wonder if the driver. Had a Newton had an intervention. We're all here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. -- -- -- -- It's three tour or circuit -- it's what people are. Bad news radio 930 WB -- so the Mitchell we have a lot of things to get into today -- we've got Ebola. We have all all we have by Jon Bon Jovi who does not have Ebola. As far as I know. And the Jon Bon Jovi bid by the way has been he's the frontman. That has been rejected. Sick and he folks part of me the -- not to go overboard. On the -- stuff. Because everything has been conjecture conjecture speculation conjecture conjecture are right. Donald Trump gave himself the out again by violating the NFL's nondisclosure agreement. So he's got a way to say hey you know I tried to bet on the football team I they do you know I tried I try -- You know just like you said all ran for governor but only if nobody else runs. So he's always got that out -- him Jon Bon Jovi it's -- his ego got in the way of by his bid. But that we may or may not given to that idea I don't know between Cuomo and Ebola. And thinking about the possibilities BC brother -- under is ready at 930 WB and its hourly back at least for a few days on WB Ian. Well I haven't had a spirited as the seed Jackson -- Monday August 11 that would be one week. Problem. Yesterday at 7:30 PM at our park that's weird usually that -- park on Tuesday but it's Monday the eleventh. Current value of sixty dollars courtesy of live nation general contest rules apply a caller line at 64498756449875. Effectively -- Nortel one thing and I could not have been dreaming -- I could not a little estimating this. That originally they thought it was just a series. Unrelated coincidences -- talked about last night's fighters but that is changed now. So that is new information at least it's new to me. And we'll get you were additional information -- WB Ian dot com. And I will post something as soon as I contracted -- -- -- FaceBook page when mr. Puckett says in the late. So I don't have to let go all over the webpage ratified by the way up another correction here I thought I was locked work. And then somebody who shall be nameless set it was another department but the negro dark skinned that was -- port. Not Lancaster was blocked port. I thought it was awkward but I took somebody's word for it. I have I have. But we still love Joseph beamer and nothing would ever change our love affection and deep feelings of sentiment and brotherhood for -- Joseph Bieber. Now so many things to get it to until we start talking about. Talking about Ebola. -- mind. Because I I I want to. -- -- News is Graham. When it comes to Ebola. It is. A highly. M I'll tell you anything you don't now it is a highly. Dangerous disease in two ways number one it is easily transmitted number 20. Your chances of survival are not that great now what exactly are the chances of survival. Now I heard during one broadcast last night that there was a 45%. Chance of survival a 45% chance of survival. And somebody challenged me on that unlike FaceBook page I'm glad they debt. Because. Don't wait most web sites are phrasing it is the death rate for Ebola is up to 90%. Now I eight don't know nor do I have the expertise to say with any. Definitive. Veracity. Bad. If somebody is getting proper hydration. And is receiving state of the art medical treatment in terms of sanitation being kept clean being kept as comfortable as medicine will allow all. I would presume that the odds significantly. Improve especially. When you are being hydrated. When you have the disease. Because. You need water to survive obviously if you are down with Ebola. Having a nice bottle Poland spring does not sound nearly as awesome as you might click. -- I praise home and again folks it's just a presumption. That the hydration. Which is gonna be available in the more developed countries. He's going to be -- should be a big factor in improving to some extent I would fake. One's survival rates -- or opportunity. If one contracts Ebola. Now. Couple things I don't wanna point out. Number one how many -- you watch criminal minds. Anybody. OK I started getting into the show on vacation. Because contrary to what you might think. A lot of evenings. I would retire early to viral. And took me. It was such a luxury. Just to be able to sit back and watch brain dead television. And I saw a criminal minds and basically it just it last until May get sucked me in. So that I -- hold first thing I did was set up my DVR to record every episode of criminal minds. Because here's what's fascinating. Is that there was an episode. And they just showed it I think on Friday night of criminal minds called amplification. And it involves. An anthrax outbreak. And I don't wanna spoil the entire plot although I am DB does but. And that's okay because I'm sure you've seen it -- zillion times like every law and order SVU episode that has ever been made his aired at least 98 times somewhere on TV. Somebody once said that at any given time on this planet a Dick Wolf show is showing and on -- got -- permits have been it was a great quote. But anyway. I don't -- to get off target. -- The -- wise. In one of the themes of that episode the anthrax episode of criminal minds why is the government moved -- And tried to suppress the story. Because it did not want to panic the public. I'll say that again the government moved in to suppress the story. Because it wanted the public to be kept in the dark it did not wish to cause a panic because. Believe it or not panic can often be more lethal. And more statistically. Probable. Having a negative outcome that actually contracting a disease. And in the case of the TV show anthrax. But anyway. I know that I'm gonna catch hell for -- Alex jones' website. But US health authorities concealing. Number of suspected Ebola victims from public. CNN's doctor Sanjay Gupta says at least six have been tested for Ebola in New York City. Now here's where I have to throw up -- caution flag. Just because you're tested for Ebola does not mean you have Ebola there was a woman not too far away from us and Ohio. Who was tested for Ebola. But did that not habit. So that says something but I do wanna point out but according to Alex jones' web site and knowing a little bit about how these things are played. In an apparent attempt to avoid hysteria. US health authorities are withholding details. About the number of suspected Ebola victims from the public. During a segment concerning the admission of a potential Ebola victim to mount Sinai hospital in New York. CNN's doctor Sanjay Gupta revealed that there have been at least six cases of the hospital which prompted doctors to test for Ebola but that the details were not divulged publicly. -- also appeared to suggest that the patients being tested for the -- virus were not being kept in isolation when he stated. This isn't the kind of thing that they worry about spreading to other patients in the hospital spreading to people were walking around the hospital this is not an airborne virus. Okay. If it isn't airborne. I will tell you that every health official and every article I have Brad has told me that it is highly contagious as a virus. HIV. Which leads to dates. You have to be in very intimate contact with a person with HIV or a needle. It in inserted you know sharing a bodily fluids during a Beatles looked it. If I have HIV and I do not and I -- on Joseph Bieber he's not gonna come down with HIV and -- she's got some -- -- blamed on him chances are very very minimal. That he's gonna come down. Okay. So. This is not HIV. Do you and I'll bet there are cases work even people helping somebody in 28 wheelchair. Started exhibiting Ebola symptoms. Now that -- sex -- that is close contact but it's certainly not. The -- contract as we might think of the word implement. So it's not. A hard virus to forget like how easily the common colds spread through your office think about November December. Once one person gets that cold. Everybody else on the office will have that called you might remember last winter when I had a cold. It lasted it wasn't bad it was just a long lasting one for about a month Bieber at the same thing Sherman at the same thing sandy beach at the same thing Caligiuri at the same thing. It was easy to. Thank goodness it really was rather easy is for -- cold ago there was one bad day in the and the rest was just you know budget package for about a month. But this is not HIV this is easily much more easily transportable. -- HIV is Ebola my question to you use. How concerned are you. On a scale of zero being not at all to -- and the exceedingly. Concerned about Ebola. I -- somewhere at about a six or seven. Because realizing. How rapidly. These kinds of viruses can spread. Realizing. That. In certain places in West Africa. People are literally throwing -- dead into the streets. Real yeah it's almost like the old days when you read these stories about the play during medieval times. Or I've during the pulpit nation wars some of these infections which broke out in the absence and elsewhere. It's. Very very alarming. And if you come to close contact with this virus. It is not a real good back. So what about. A six or seven on base in terms of concern. Now I on my FaceBook page after a double from. Vacation. And by the way every flight was absolutely 100%. On time that you US Airways you guys rock. Everything was planned to the second and it all worked out like a freaking dream as far as airline travel is concern. But I made the comment on my FaceBook page in a matter how many miles I have flown. Jet passenger travel always amazes me. And that's where I'm proud to have the mentality of a twelve year old I always do not always have a sense of wonderment. At the fact that you can wake up. At 6 in the morning. In Jamaica or wherever it is you -- ago and then by dinnertime. Be eating at Ted Koppel. It took me. It amazes me because do you remember hearing stories from your grandparents about when they came from Europe. About three weeks crossing the North Atlantic during the stormy season. Or a week crossing the Atlantic. And we can do it in six hours basically to get a nonstop flight. It still amazes me but at the same time. That rapidity of movement. In humans. Also exacerbates. The problem. Because diseases which might have been confined to a certain geographical region. Not all have the capacity and the ability because of the speed with which we can travel. To travel. Along with passengers. -- got a break we -- nasty thunderstorm activity in the area which show we will offer update on presently. And my winner of the Jackson Browne tickets. Is Jill is a joke. All right Joseph. Here's Bob Weir's -- of Sloan our analysts -- -- guys and obviously murdering the name I can tell by the wincing on your faces. Oh she spelled it she didn't say all right well Jill congratulations and enjoy Jackson Browne. 347. At news radio 930 WB EN how seriously are you taking Ebola -- about a six or seven. And you know what. I cannot believe Limbaugh beat -- to the punch. Because I was gonna come out today and say. That the experimental -- work had to be done on white people from the United States because if the experimental. Treatment slash juror had been tried on black Africans. Scientists would have been accused of using black Africans as guilty verdicts. -- -- -- -- -- Not the thought but the airing of the thought but meant no offense taken of course. And the National Weather Service says says that -- doppler radar is calling for an inch or two inches of rainfall within an area of showers and thunderstorms over saturated ground. And we're talking about. The small stream flood advisory for Allegheny County in Western New York including wells bill at a -- county in Western New York including Salamanca all -- and Erie county in Western New York as well as Wyoming county in western new York and most deaths because of this happened because somebody tries to drive through water. And since your last name is not Kennedy. And you will my get a free pass on it if you leave a passenger to -- I suggest you not do that so. Will -- leave it at bat. It is I don't heart is playing -- park tonight and mostly cloudy with a shower or thunderstorm 62. I get a break dollar or 55 or 5455. Are. Here and get on WBM Nagin. -- -- your very kind and I did not miss this a bit anyway what's up. Well a couple things for -- I wanted to say I'm probably -- -- However meeting of the doctor and also the missionaries they both were wearing. At bat an eye can see and -- that we have to amend the doctor was treating peace and and if -- exactly. Partnered to eat at. Selected they'll need that even when you're wearing apparently protective gear you can still kept it in that it is true -- a highly competed. By -- -- I want to talk you further about this because you actually made a point I was gonna get to -- obviously were a woman of great intelligence and I I need to put on hold finish this after the break on a scale of one to ten how concerned are you about Ebola I'm somewhere between a six and a seven. And I was kind of make the point -- remember this American doctor folks he was wearing the best protective gear available. Which by the way make you sweat your you know what's off. And smells like chlorine you probably lose about five pounds of water weight -- -- worked in the blazing tropics you Wear that suit. 355 WB --

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