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8-5 The Financial Guys in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Aug 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- like all of -- -- illegal billions for sandy beach here and he's ready at 930 WV yet. In the military very nervous to say you're making an awfully nervous. -- that he keeps us on track as for -- here. Affiliate for zinni -- today we are talking Obama economics for those of -- that preferably with a chill every Saturday one to three it's where -- meets politics and that would take some players eighty beats for love and that's to a to step in we had the opportunity to do that the hourly show last week which was really cool and really the chance to do this. You know Monday through Friday we manage money were typically in our office from. 7:8 in the morning until 56 that night misses have been great for us -- really need and we thank them giving us an opportunity alone to a to fill and then if you want to hop on board again 80309. Real star nine threes -- on a cell phone. 1806169236. We're talking. Basically Obama said this CEOs. They -- -- just quit complaining is sick and tired hearing them. Of course they shop Bakalar earlier in the week and said you just don't get it which I -- I agree with. Obama's a look at the economy's booming is booming these are boom times right now. And there's no reason for these CEOs to be complaining CEOs are saying in a week and that's kind of complain because we're trying to read all your regulations and new. The fifth everything that you want us to do we just were were were just -- -- and in forms in the legislation and we just don't alerted certainly we can't on we can't bigger solves a lot of and try to catch up with. All the stuff that you want us to do -- will talk about the real regulatory cost a little bit later and in the and The Today Show. I've talked to several local business owners and several large banks for example one of which said. Their cost for implementing some of the provisions of frank Dodd have already exceeded 500 million dollars and they've had to hire something like 500 -- just compliance people. That are really non productive you know yet. And the compliance person the guys -- yeah I moved to conduct myself. You know compliance is important it's it's obviously critical we wanna make sure that we're for everyone's following rules -- right you have to have regulation certainly. But you can get to a point where it's really overkill right I mean. In everything in this society now is licensed regulated everything you know. The freedoms that we -- today our founding fathers would be appalled at what we've been willing to give up as far as governmental control and regulations so. Before the break so we were talking -- Dan. -- bring -- -- in buffalo and thanks for holding the ethics are about that well before the regular talking about you -- it was suggested that the 1% the top folks are just not paying enough. The end the question to you is what you think would be a fair amount for them to pay me what should they pay. I'm it would it would -- 100%. I mean I think -- clearly would say zero is wrong right and somebody makes a billion dollars or two it zeroes rock. And -- what are your thought should give up a 100% of what they make and if they do. Wouldn't that be a big disincentive to to get there would you just have I'm not gonna work at all for gonna take all my money so what would be a fair. -- for those people but -- Well historically in the 1940s the movie -- and 70%. 70% and that would that be fair rate like if they paid 70% you would be really happy. But -- is out of question is who would -- if if somebody if the UN IE. Start a restaurant chain we work. Tons and tons of dollars we build this restaurant chain up and we finally gets the point where we have you pick the number. A thousand restaurants from New York to California. If we paid 70% of everything we make would that would that be a good number you'd be happy with. Sort they had ordered Chinese guys are military I'm making that ten million dollars a year well a -- gentlemen we million dollars a year. Then I've got -- It. -- -- -- no matter -- your living out right we can all live on less than three going dollars a year clearly -- that I it's 18000 dollars a year if you were making ten million dollars a year you'd be comfortable giving up seven. I mean now would you be you be OK with that writing a check to the IRS the federal government for 70% of your earnings how -- that make you feel. While there's a lot of tax deductions body of everything's relative solid and -- in the eighties for example highest marginal rate was close to 90% but you can deduct your credit card interest your car payment interest there you know and I'm not a dollars and so the real. True effective rate was obviously much lower than that same thing in the forties. How let it let me ask a different question Dan immediately just rephrase the question about it. What percentage of the total tax burden in the US. Would be appropriate for the top 1% copper OK so. Of the you know the government last year brought in something like -- 02 trillion dollars -- listen okay. What would be the fair amount of that percentage of that should the 1% covers so. You know if I'm in the top 1% let's say how much of the of the of the overall US government tax burden should top 1% copper. 50%. So you think the top 1% should cover half the taxes in the country. Not my rationale. Matt is there. This -- goal of GD or -- -- -- What do you classifies it taught me ask you this I'm sorry I mean Jay's question. What do you classifies the top 1% to -- your mind to what income is the tires are the top 1% of people on. Well what they lost to New York according to the demographics. -- -- at the top 1% in Western New York. Maple wood 200000 -- a year and that Western New York. And then the the top 5% make -- these are households. That are not making all 100000 dollars here at the demographics western. Look at a national average of top 1% makes over 369000. To just oh just over 370000 a year. So you think that the 1% of folks that make more than 370000. A year should pay half. Of the total tax burden of the country. And what do you think their incentive would be once they make more money that you think they would continue to grow businesses and peace keep working at that they're paying that much right now the top 1%. Pays about 35%. Of the total tax burden the kind. The top 10%. From that of love income earners the top 10% pay 68%. Of all federal income taxes. The top 1%. Pay more than the bottom 90% combined. In total tax burden is that fair and you want talk -- fairness to meet you start off by saying they're not paying their fair share now to meet. That would seem like what she's a 50% in the country are paying any taxes. I would argue that those are the ones not paying their fair share right now as the top 1% those that are make a 34500000. -- some of them are movie star some of them are Michael Moore. But as much like dislike Michael Moore and I despise Michael Moore so don't get me wrong. The man has a right to keep his own money and quite frankly. The man employs a lot of people right I mean he's made movies he has. A lot of people that he's employed over the years at work but his production companies from producers to directors to actors and so on. So this is a guy who is productive right. So you're you're taking veto of a huge a huge shock of what excuse me they're taking huge chunk of money from the people that the job creators in this country. What do you think happens if you were to go to a 70%. Income tax rate that without deductions where you were gonna take that much money from the top -- what do you think what happened to the bottom. Wrong of the social economic scale what would happen to the bottom 20% or even the middle class do you think. I understand. The direction your going international. But. Look at GE and GM and make a -- Like drew a nice talking about different is I have my target while corporations that he is not like -- CEO Osama corporations and I agree with you there we've talked about that debt and corporate welfare. Is just as bad as individual welfare and you're right. GE should not pay BO makes forty billion dollars in income. And pay zero intended government handouts and the Obama administration is writing -- -- to them and they're still not paying any tech we weekly -- -- do you think it's any coincidence that the CEO of a GE happened also sit on president Barack Obama's side jobs the council. We think there's any sort of you know -- the funny stuff going on you know behind the scenes there for the tax credits one. When that kind of cronyism goes on do you think that kind of capital cronyism is is actually good for the economy I mean I don't -- you think you would agree it's not right. Well. Yeah -- We are they all people are. -- don't know capitalism is an economic system not a government who cannot talk about democracy vs constitution Republican. Our republic on talking about capitalism -- economic system not a political system. You're you're mixing two. It. I drink I didn't sake I didn't say -- -- and -- actually caught exist without regulations maybe not as efficient but they're gets to be a point where there's just too much they get -- we've LSU I will say this deep yeah are you employed. Some I would tell you this -- open up your own business I would and do this to a do the do a favorite you'd open up your own business I don't care what it is. Worked seventy dollars a week. Make that very very successful. And watch the government take 70% of your money and you'll change your tune real clicked in on calls that real click it. I would -- take quick break Michael skeletal filling in for Citi B that's a real there at the status and. It's obvious once the government to help out and -- -- where people pay more -- to -- -- you're not -- anything -- it's real easy to say you know I -- golfers -- -- -- -- -- Mike -- tournament -- of -- one -- two times a year and -- golf and charity tournament this is a -- -- get your money's -- -- -- -- got -- -- and I hit the -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- thought -- for the economy -- there for -- golf -- producers that's for sure -- I -- that at least I don't -- he -- -- -- I lost at least a -- -- -- but since I don't golf I think we should have -- 50% excise tax on golf what we -- -- a golf fronts look at what's around -- golf fifty bucks hundred bucks should be honored I should be a hundred I think there should be a 50% tax on that since I don't play golf but doesn't affect me it's really easy for me to do that right truly easy to attack smokers -- people entering by adding these crazy taxes on. Because of course it's really easy and a populist type of attitude doesn't -- me take -- -- to to take them. You know fifty plus per -- or 90% and and say okay -- you 90% of watchable for the tax on this 10%. That's a poppy -- populist type of government that's actually pure democracy which is why we have a -- -- constitutional republic by the way. To avoid -- ruled by the masses against you know 22 against the -- you know Lou the the the minority groups oral whoever and that could be anybody -- -- be biracial whenever. That was the idea with the way the our government was structured. Was part to protect of these smaller groups so that the you know the majority a simple majority could just run real rough shot. Over the rest of the country. That's the idea but a populist attitude very simply is easy easy. And that's why progressives love it but it's really easy to get nicer to people on board when your only taxing the 10% that are involved right and as a classic example and yet. Unfortunately a threat. Would it take a quick break we -- pace we did posts are to our FaceBook page some of those tax statistics regardless of sharing with the Soviet when a friend us on FaceBook. The financial guys that -- entities -- dot com that's our zone labs website but. The financial NASDAQ count in the huge he's real important. To southern. Make your friend us on FaceBook we got to take a quick break Mike -- -- -- filling in for sandy beach here and news radio 930 WB at. Will get your calls and questions on the other side -- 39 -- star nine -- on a cell phone will be right back don't turn the dial. -- political force -- -- played a clip this is. But before the break we had a caller who's at the top folks should -- lot more. And when -- Yeah. Like it. Obama paid for mortgage. And absolutely. Where's then that. Guy here. We have been changed but it's for the settlers. And that's right and it's like it that's a great analogy. Men and kind. To me. -- -- -- getting more educated about politics and eating more. Than it is within ourselves. Good for her could -- hurt her front RRR I mean sometimes unfortunately it takes that kind of I guess realization when things don't -- that are in this at the woman who should start out by saying we've played this clip Marshall before you know. However -- this is a wonderful day when present a Barack Obama and like I want the part about putting gas in my car paying my mortgage. In her own words from Illinois got worse gas prices have don't double and you know what that analogy is a was a brilliant analogy it's it's the man behind the curtain TV you know. What you what you think you're getting. Is really not what -- -- -- -- -- I think in time and time again right that's the that's the way don't unfortunately -- people listen to us what we said listen 2008 but it. If it doesn't matter what it is when it comes to government control right we'll take the gun argument as an example okay. More guns up the street we're gonna make -- save our witness nobody needs that -- not all like kill the air tumbled to kill a deer right. But you look at areas like Chicago where they've done that the -- and worst putter that guys didn't turn in the guns so you know the government says were going to protect you -- gonna sit. Never -- -- -- gonna redistribute wealth -- gonna work it only treated in a hurry and just history should be to Nancy Pelosi and expressly political Hilton Washington has worked -- you know you're looking at the statistic during the break the top fifty. Percent pay 97%. Of the tax yet according visiting latest figures available over 2011 this according to Tax Foundation dot org to think about that (%expletive) by the -- And and -- I have been saying this for a long time hello Conservative Party if you wanna win elections you talked to the 50% paying the taxes right that's the argument right there because by the way those people vote to go right to the 50%. Are paying taxes are paying nine 7%. Of all taxes pay -- you wanna talk about paying their fair share. That's just simply not -- you can't have half of the people. This are pulling the wagon and the other half sitting in the wagon and that by the way continues to get more more people of stop pulling her getting into the wagon and at some point the wagons get hit too heavy for the people to continue to Paul has so guess what. They're gonna stop pulling two -- rather be sitting in a -- go how come we're not moving -- and how come there's no jobs and how to we have no economic growth and welcome there's no wage increases and how come there's no -- job sure anybody and that's why. Look at that wagon -- it's been -- spending poll by the top 50% but it's slow I mean we've been -- swirling at 12% a year beer league. You know scraping by it -- But if you look at other past recessions as we've lived we've gotten out of that recession we started to move in the right direction. You know you look at at at the recession in the early eighties Ronald Reagan's response. Well lower taxes less government regulations you did build that business you did and you deserve more of your own money -- and we were growing at 89 just the rhetoric we created more jobs during that summary of a recovery. That we are creating right now with eighty million less people in the country -- that's amazing eighty million less people in the country and Ronald Greg was creating more jobs and Barack Hussein Obama and arguably under somewhat almost more difficult conditions Reich has yet to remember we had double digit inflation and that's a huge deal rank twelfth to 14% inflation race. We had done you know unemployment that was -- 89 person I encourage people -- big -- things like a house when the interest rate is 15% and it's Cold War going on and we -- it was tough I mean -- you know not to mention that Ronald Reagan had to deal with a -- a -- Democrat congress sent a quick break here heartbreak and I promise we'll get your phone calls on the other side of it like almost an illegal filling -- for sandy -- on news -- 930. -- -- -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. Ready welcome back news radio -- thirty -- -- Mike Wallace got a little financial guys filling in for sandy beach we will answer your financial questions. Always an open Mike session when war on Saturdays one to three -- -- not for -- -- -- give us a shot one of three every Saturday we've been on forever. Since the beginning of the forming -- talk radio on them and really truly we've been with the station pretty much as you're -- And so uses as a resource if you need us throughout the week folks if you have specific financial questions and you can't get through 6331515. As our -- number. We have a team of professionals there that focus on a number of different. Parsley investment world so use this as a resource 6331515. Friend us on FaceBook. A lot of the stuff we talk about today your -- Saturday shall post to FaceBook page so. Friend us on FaceBook and website -- specific financial questions. To -- -- the financial guys that come home to the THE the financial aspect -- if you're on hold now I promise we will get to use organ known pounds -- the fault lines here. Let's welcome Stephen immersed who's been patiently waiting I do about it. Not so good I wanted to share or -- a true story my friend -- just five doors down from me -- age sixty. He's -- the garage here in this city -- awful for over thirty years. And he was but like -- side. He. And his own insurance is paid for -- they didn't make a lot of money in the garage. Ole Ole Ole -- what would you lost leaders these big islands is on business and he doesn't make a lot of money. Now why that's a dusk there are well he better stop whining Ellis and this is really serious so there -- you know it really coming apart. He would help the new York. And Wally and -- New York he caught -- -- cancer and everything's fine. And then Obama here on the long in knowing what is all corporate. -- -- opera for ninety days. -- -- -- -- three months without any fear anyone. In got a wrong call and so and cynical like what you'll people fought for making it dictator medic here. And straight to the -- -- who -- the bottom of the list. He wants to police on the list but he lost to all of these New York he's a model wears. And though last week is asthmatic -- Medicaid. Costs over the cost of the surgery. So certain that to a for -- who lives longer. While good surgeon -- Steve first of all let me start by saying that you know that's not a -- a unique story and I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. It's Sox anyway you slice it but. You know we've heard stories like this Steve coming from different parts of the country regarding obamacare people being. You know losing their coverage being thrown off their coverage -- was one woman that resonates with me in California who is. Being treated with one of the best hospitals there and suddenly her doctors no longer on the list. And so now they have to find a new doctor and when your -- if you're fighting cancer and we I you know I think everybody. Everybody has been affected at some point in the light by cancer whether it's a loved one a friend a family member. You know everyone in some way shape or form is is touched by cancer and in a negative way unfortunately. And you know of the cost can be caused an astronomical. But unfortunately the answer is not to to go into the bureaucracy where. You know one politician or a group of politicians just to make decisions on what doctors are going to be covered. What procedures are going to be covered. You know that's a scary thought at least if you're independent there's a private market for it. Then the other will be companies that you can go to make its wish you you know we talk about these big bad evil insurance companies. Unfortunately now least you had some competition there. Now get a deal with the government bureaucracy in a lot of ways and unfortunately Al oftentimes ends up was it was pretty dire results. -- cost cost cost cost you know we talked about originally when we were when we rigidly found out about obamacare in the and and we know they -- was always well I love my doctor I do I I really love my doctor love what's going on I really like my. My whole plan now but the cost is too high. And Obama came on civil. I'm gonna fix that that's -- I am gonna fix that don't listen to those Republicans those conservatives. You know there there just tried to scare you I go and -- the cost of insurance and he did just the opposite the costs have gone up not down. And there are specific things that we can do right now to reduce the cost of insurance specifically tort reform. Allowing insurance companies to compete across state borders that mean I live in New York I should be able to the bye -- had never met a MetLife Nevada policy if I want to nineteenth. And so there specifically things that they could have done to help with the cost of insurance so a small business owner guy who wants a garage. Can start to afford is on health insurance and they've done just the opposite the -- and -- if there's anything to the show it's every time the government says are gonna do one thing the opposite happens right we heard from that lady before Lewis. Who really thought that Obama is gonna pay your mortgage he was gonna period that are fuel for her car in the opposite -- -- -- the prices have doubled. And at present -- double her mortgage payment has gone up not down. And the same is true with with health no health care and unfortunately the answer is always. You know typically less government regulation more free market capitalism. To bring in more competition to reduce the cost so more people can can get involved and actually -- things. It and Steve you know you bring up a good point as far as a business owner goes here's a guy struggle for thirty years he ran -- she's a small business owner as a business owner yet to pay double taxes right so in addition to the seven point 65%. So security like it's actually coming out your paycheck the employee error has also -- that -- the employer yourself you pay double right you be able to employee and the employers sanctioned. Are part of it. On top of that you also have to go out and find your own health care and in his case -- sounds like your friend did the Smart thing by go and healthy New York which as you know -- for small businesses like that. Unfortunately. It is not enough options like that out there and it's it's a struggle as a small business you know is it. You know if you've never run a business. That just be very cautious about throw in those stones OK -- -- living in a glass house and I can tell you firsthand you know. That call from was a gem board or Dan -- buffalo cancel -- it's really easy again to tell the people that they should pay more taxes when -- unemployed and and taking you know income from the system -- pulling money out of the system. But you know in last year actually if if you've never step foot in the in the shoes of a business owner. Were you have to deal with regulators you've got to do you attacks enforcers personnel you have to give the personalities like. You have a lot to do what he's got a deal of health care gonna figure how that's gonna work for you right and then as a business celery Governor Cuomo coming out going. Get your competitor ten years' tax free to open up right next door not a sudden say that. But that's what I hear as a business owner that's what other business owners here to view on the dry cleaning shop that's which -- probably gonna hear right and so. It's it's it's still a lot of difficulties in a lot to deal with when you're a business owner as opposed to walking into a business you know descending on your desk and and receiving your paycheck every week that I've been in state care for sell it to Steve thank you are there are. Or as little block people out there yet it. Think we're hearing what I have to say and and he let me get through with this is I want people popped all know just obamacare is -- all that it. Two polls we correct. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome Jim Hamburg Jim thanks for all the powers there. That was today that particular -- the property and you know we -- it. Discrepancy that. What the difference between a corporation take advantage of these laws on the books. -- that money. As opposed to a lower income person taken advantage of. Well let let's talk about that 'cause there's two different themes today -- because I think we may agree more than we disagree because I know it on the call screen it's as you were unhappy. The rich take advantage of the system and I think there's. There's two things we got to be careful of water is that we are totally against corporate welfare. So the free handouts that are going to these companies are just as bad. As the handouts going to some deadbeat who wants to sit at home for the next twenty years I we are absolutely on board with that. However we have a tax system in place and some people say well these corporations are taking advantage of the tax loopholes no they're not. They're looking at the tax code and they're saying OK can I deduct this. Some would argue a lot of liberals on the left would argue that. If you own a house to -- house -- OK so you write off are you wrote off a bit of your house is enough but you write off for rode up you'll war. A mortgage interest right and so some would -- in the left that while she legend forever he's he's he is taking advantage of a tax loop hole. And I would argue that -- -- -- -- that's that's public code is written. If you're going to give people a deduction then I'm gonna find it and -- you take advantage of it so I think there's two different do -- -- of one as a corporate welfare were Olivia I would really look at. You know General Electric should not be getting free hand outs in the paying zero on their tax return as they. You know make forty billion dollars we get that out of flip side of it if you're gonna write the text called one away and people are gonna do the return that way because that's -- the tax code is written that we can't we can't you know Cameron -- that's the got to change it. But we can't -- for a. Sergeant. Depositors. We shouldn't allow corporations. Go overseas. Well you but you gotta be very careful that did to him because what what do you do do you build a wall around here it's a nobody's allowed out. I mean you know that the fact of the matter is we've got to create a system here where we encourage people to stay here. Right I mean New York exhibit lets take it from state to state revenue what -- Look just give me 12 do we. -- taxes. I paid my taxes. Provided roads for these operations. I pay my taxes and. We'll give it -- but Jim Jim Jim Melissa does rely on -- Jim Jim -- as a result as a what's that. Is that correct or not that we are. You -- a partner wrote yes Jewelers water systems. CN VC. Yup yup and now. These companies to sit. Driver -- -- so -- Put a company overseas. So what would you do to stop that well. Hey Jim what would you do to stop that. Jim we get that we're with you what would you do to stop that. Well she's in armada corporate lawyer. I'm not highly educated like maybe you think you're getting a pretty. While we're telling you what to do though we're Tony that -- first of all the misconceptions that a lot of these corporations are paying nothing. And a lot of them are paying a record -- my taxes between forty and 60% of everything they make their pain. They're also paying ordinary income out to all their employees. And many of those employees are at a tax rate between fifteen and 50%. So there is a lot of taxes that are coming in the system but the right answer is we have the highest corporate tax rates in the world. And we re neat we need to reduce those tax rates. So it's more attractive for businesses to move here we need that we want to move -- we don't want him to leave here we wanted to say you know what. I am now in this country and it's more competitive for me to beat in the United States America I wanna move there. At the same is true but away in the State of New York right the number one reason people leave does not because of whether it's because of taxes. And we've made it so unattractive. That it's better for them to lift their family up and move them the taxes a move them to Florida or move them to Tennessee or move them to Carolina and the right answer is. Not to put offense up in new York and say nobody else is getting out. It's to make it more attractive here for people to say you know what. New York is a good place for me to open up my business I'm moving from Florida I don't like the repressive -- I'm moving. Didn't have to Buffalo, New York started business but they don't do the same is true is here -- for a little bit late you on hold all of us throughout the break. -- below those of the big adjacent to end up on deck Mike -- an illegal filling in for -- -- -- news radio 930 WB Ian will be right back. Already and if you're just tuning in you've got Mike -- -- -- we are these financial guys it's typically usually every Saturday one to three. Filling in for sandy beach -- thank you -- thank -- -- Winger for allowing us to do this and or had a lot of fun here Monday through Friday. Usually in her office on main street and Williams -- managing money and today we have a little bit of a break in the morning will be back in the office after 12 o'clock if you want to hop on board eagle three on ninth Rio start -- freezer on a cell phone and 106169236. We've been talking about. Really Obama non -- today and Obama earlier in the week said at the CEOs really need to quit complaining quit crying. Economists the CEO shot back and said boy this guy really doesn't get it which is which is true. You know he's he's said look at things are great or -- times here don't would have what are you crying about you know what he whining about. And and they shot back so -- wanna hear your thoughts on bombing on the severe small business -- fighting through. The mounds and mounds and -- and piles of regulations out there means of the first day of this year it was something like 200. And something -- -- laws and rules that you that you had to play with. First -- 2014. You know happy new year there's there's two -- more rules for a and the first two were at 2000 pages that it's -- definitely you need think about that as a as a bizarre you know before the break Jim from Hamburg was talking about in corporations paying their fair share of I think could that be really careful about this there's two sides. To the story. And during the break that you brought up some to us some statistics you look at ExxonMobil as an example. ExxonMobil paid 31 billion billion dollars in taxes last year but 40% of everything they may. They're paying a lot of paying a lot. Not -- against all the free corporate welfare out there and if you look at where most of that happens happens at a federal level. As we know President Obama hasn't been very good at picking they pick winners and losers but they typically picked more losers excellent -- -- and one. In other corporate welfare of here's a free handout from it happens on the state level and unfortunately it happens more at this in the states that are just not business friendly. -- New York is a perfect example of that you were talking before about this. Upstart -- upstate New York start a New Yorkers start up New York right where the caddie attends three years of free taxes if you come play here. Of course most business owners of the brain and had a gonna see what happens in your number eleven but. Bigger than that is the folks like me and you and every other small business owner in New York State that's been playing the game for a bunch of years my competitor can set up right next to me. Right but think about that -- right I mean that the governor is saying that and awaited create businesses and attract businesses is by offering a lower capturing right no -- I spoke why are only doing it for ten years I mean he basically is acknowledging that lower tax rates are a work and look here's the deal right I don't care if your corporation individual. What ever. Wealth and money goes worst treated the best -- Puree it and I agree I mean that you know when GE is getting solar credits. For changing light bulbs and you know when they -- forty billion dollars and pay zero that's not right and our our tax code. His there's got to be nothing more than a giant book of special interest right. -- lobbyists and special interest General Electric gets free handout. But and then the negative -- -- adopting an -- in taxes meanwhile somebody who starts a hardware store on the east side of buffalo. And gets to the point where they're making two or 300000 dollar loses half of them tried. Yet the trial will it take a quick break we've got Jason Indiana by that 8030930. Start -- 30 on a cell phone 1806169236. Like almost -- illegal financial guys filling in for sandy beach one more hour left me -- hop onboard. And doubled back right after the break.

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