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8-5 The Financial Guys in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Aug 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Already welcome back. -- that he had likes of and it's good that this is obviously the theme music that there's those hourly intro like this is that a you know it's Kyle Boller Lee has you know the Family Guy -- class all the clips. Speech isn't an eclipse. Only the beach is that I have like well this double -- we are these financial guys. Obviously not seeded between -- think CD beach for allowing -- to sit in that same way here. Giving us controls and kinda new and normally we're in our office doing financial stuff Monday through Friday so it it is a nice break to be able to us -- by the office on -- Tuesday morning and and Phil and proceeded to get like almost got wiggle. Funny to guys will be here until 12 o'clock for those of you that tune into our Saturday show every Saturday one to three. You know that's where money meets politics and so will answer any of your financial questions today and and it's always an open Mike session so feel free to hop on board anything were talking about really anything -- wanna comment on. Hop on -- 8030930. -- 930 on a cellphone and 1806169236. And will be here until noon so make -- hop on board early get this going don't leave her alone again 8039 -- Started freezer on a -- 1806169236. We are gonna talk Obama economics today in the stock market a little bit choppy last week. -- Obama actually came out last week and said to CEOs they should quit complaining. -- they should just quit complaining. They've got a real good he said yeah -- you know -- anyone shouldn't complain -- business owners and see you guys CEO sees that she goes just shut up and -- out Obama says CEO should just stop complaining sort of talk about that today also the S&P. Wealth gap is slowing US economic growth so we've had six years. Of redistributing wealth we've had six years of a leader. Saying you know what I'm going to tax the rich governor re distribute normal wealth but that just doesn't seem to be working with the wealth gap. Seems to be getting wider not not closer together and so. The wealth gap the slowing US economic growth now -- PO will talk more about this throughout the show but. They were talking about OK -- effects that right. Heidi if we got a lot more one person owners and about a lot more pour. But that middle class seems to be getting smaller and saw Heidi effects and of course. The Obama administration's answer is level this take more of them the one right -- -- -- just -- be -- should be -- -- the whole argument from the liberal laughed as we just we're gonna take more from atop -- way to redistribute to the bottom. And you know the -- frankly we've done that for six straight years right we've done that over the last six years we've engaged in policies of redistribution we've seen welfare rolls. Go up substantially we've seen fifteen million people on food stamps and you know ten million more on a disability and so on and so forth different benefits and different services. And unfortunately it's not change anything right so. It's affected things have gotten worse there's no horse race so that the the top 1% as continue to get wealthy so. You know when we in in periods of of reaganomics type of scenario were lowering tax rates to 1% the top 1% of income earners. Make more money. -- also won when they raise the taxes it also appears that the top 1% make more money. And so it doesn't appear. That doing much at least for the top 1% of 1% let's let's talk about that because the top 1%. You would say anybody making over I think it's like 300 for a thousand and a lot of people in that group that American for five. That would put that not Warren Buffett right right up making forty million chair okay there there -- -- you know 300000 with a family of three year. All our bottom has made a lot of sacrifices that I don't know about the here and and literally and we've seen this in our practice with a lot of small to medium sized business owners. Literally made nothing for tenure to try to -- -- 4050 hours and a mortgage your house -- yes huge risks a second yeah her jobs to pay the -- other business made nothing and you know finally broke out and now they are attractive 400000 and their demonized and really there's you know so the answer is not wealth redistribution because we tried that for six years I guess the question as. What is the answer you know how do you get that gap to narrow -- do you get that. That lower socioeconomic class into the middle class in the middle class and the upper class and so on and so forth and there's a lot of great ideas we'll talk about today on how to do that and to be honest with yet. Most of that comes right down to individual liberty and freedom because it all stems from that. Individual liberty and freedom is a precursor to economic freedom. And -- and we'll talk about the you know the regulatory environment to tax environment and throughout today's show we talked a little bit on Saturday. While some of the CEOs Home -- subway you know some of these guys saying look in this environment if I had to do over again I don't start the my business today. I couldn't do it and so between you know demonizing entrepreneur ownership and you know who's telling corporations and you know sit down shut up. And you know we say you could build out and you know there's no encouragement for people nowadays -- -- and start a company you know when I was a kid it was like what he can't find a job. Just started let's figure out what people need and provide that service I don't -- a small long instrument bush deserve you know -- -- numbers on herbs like I did. Now some twenty some odd years ago. But you know today. Kids like why can't find the good McDonald's hiring so I guess what does that play Xbox I got that right I mean yeah I guess -- mom's basement and and just sit there there's you know because I don't think that Thursday. It's not it should be glorified -- during a business -- should be rewarded it should be they should be encouraged it should be you know something that is. You know is is is looked upon as of as virtual Ramos treasure employing other people. You know you're putting people to work we have to the backbone of the economy -- -- -- literally it's absolutely count we have nothing including safety. Without -- people taking risk and starting businesses right and so you know there's a lot of good ideas out there are none of them coming from the White House the White House vote. Totally bankrupt -- -- as far as I as far as economic ideas they are intellectually bankrupt when it comes to that they don't have a clue and an -- here and and some of the statements that Obama has made not only in the past but even as recently as the last couple days right. Coming out saying well. You know but it would should -- there's no right to complain -- CEOs in the business owners -- she acts as if every business owner is Warren Buffett yeah and the reality of it is we were with a lot of business owners write me. Probably a third of our clientele -- business owners. And some are. -- don't make an out of a group a great amount of money because they've done -- really well they've sacrificed like you said might they might have worked 1015 years by. Sacrificing family vacations and all that stuff and they finally. After view usage of spoiling -- you know twenty hours -- exec from LA -- seeing a soccer game soccer -- distract you know plays at school for the kid family vacations and all messed up yet -- others are still in the sacrifice -- it a lot of clients that are a bunch of college that are our our business owners there -- you know -- forty million dollars a year. They might make 5060 a hundred maybe 200. You know but they're struggling you know it's it's -- with the with the environment the way that it is you know they're making sacrifices and they're doing the best they can lot of business owners. -- of you know very solid middle class you know that they'd like to be upper class -- working to be upper class on the on the business are continuing to take risks to get to that -- absolutely and not all risks -- out something else some ventures -- money is lost and that's the nature of the business owner and you know but a lot of the folks are in that middle class -- the of their business owners that owned pizzeria is the only dry cleaning shops owned. You know small businesses that might be carpet cleaners or painters or you have some of them here -- here on our aren't exactly are shorter and a week sometimes shirt and a BB yet. You know they're not the Warren Buffett's. This president acts as -- for your business owner everybody knows more about -- -- just audio you can double. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know kind of a burden on us which is really -- no benefit to the end consumer -- -- bride. Also holds true we have time to get this Obama says economy's booming so boy they just don't get it right now get the clintons Singapore. And I'll promising economy is booming. -- mildly be lucky to grow it to maybe 3%. Maybe 3%. The slowest rebound out of any recession the US has ever gone through and you got the leader saying all the CEOs just -- -- -- he he is the CEO of the country can you imagine owning up. I holding a coffee shop and your clients are coming in consistently saying look at -- not right. I'm coming back to you. The closure would be really that the only copy shop in town but your coffee's not that great it's not that good to bet yes soccer player yes apple plans to sit out a drink your coffee that's what -- Nobody but he's now taking credit for the booming economy we haven't even recovered all the jobs it lost in the recession -- -- is also taking. Out of four of the is that the oil and gas I just got to do I mean you're talking about millions of of acres of federal land being taking off the permit rules for oil and gas drilling. Every bit of effect governmental oil and gas drilling is down private sector gas and oil drilling is way opera and that's the boom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty quick break you've got Michael almost got legal financial guys what a top level or 8030930. Start -- threes there ought to solve all 106169236. It was a favorite oh wait till 12 o'clock would love to hear from some of the small medium sized business owners some of the things you're going through. And -- we're talking Obama atomic again 8030930. Start -- -- on assault on 106169236. A going into the break we're gonna give aways. What's caller Tony would look -- we pick your number nine a case of Jackson Browne. Pair of tickets to see Jackson -- Monday August 11 at 730 at our park. Of value was sixty bucks courtesy of live nations Dmitry. Number nine -- 8030930. Start -- threes are a lot of cellphone. Number nine Jackson Browne August 11 730 at our park call now and we're it's a quick break we'll be right back currency and he reached Israeli -- thirty. -- -- -- Welcome back Mike -- -- wiggle we are these financial guys filling in for CD beach you can shout out to -- indeed thank you for allowing us to do this that's a nice break Monday through Friday we managed money. Also -- -- appreciate. You trusting us enough to give -- three hours of air time to think that but I supervised unsupervised Michael let's go -- financially as well as your financial questions if you have questions about your stocks or bonds your investments would be happy to answer those questions. And we are talking Obama economics today. In Obama earlier in the week told the CEOs to stop complaining which are crying and whining -- sick and tired of it according to him the economy is booming. Now the facts are we haven't actually recovered all the jobs it lost the last recession and the suspend the slowest recovery from a recession in US history that wealth gap. The wealth gap is actually getting farther and farther apart you know he talked about. -- re distributing wealth than and he was -- We you know bring the upper class down a little bit just a little bit. But then he was gonna bring their lower -- up and I remember watching people that day he got elected for the first time saying you know what we're finally. Finally -- to be able to do something about poverty finally. Finally we're Gannett and the pork. And that we have a record a record amount of people on food stamps in my I don't know -- I think -- which -- probably considered for lower income. They're supposed to be record amount of people on food stamps are talking about the knowledge we'd love to hear you know we've we've talked that are Saturday shall for a long time about. The massive amount -- government regulations and you look at the just the beginning of this year day one what was it like 200 and something new fed. A lot of thousands and thousands and thousands of pages Regis yeah houses of pages of regulation and you think about just a couple of bills obamacare and the frank Dodd bill has 4000 pages between those two talked just now that's legislation off those 4000 pages. Will be thousands and thousands tens of thousands more of regulations. To enforce the legislation. I mean literally you can have 7080 a 100000 pages of regulation to go along with just those two bills alone. And guys have seen he's now taking credit what bothers me is that Obama is out there now saying well six. Sick but policies -- six years were roaring now I guess the question really is his number one what do we do to narrow that gap and number two does Obama deserve any credit. Any at all. For the economy or released the stock market and somewhat the economy got used to grew 4% first number that'll be revised the onetime teacher but. You know if your view I guess is the economy is roaring does Obama deserve credit or not and how do you go on about narrowing that gap. Between the wealthy and they -- the highest numbers -- low of 1%. How do you -- that gap should we be concerned about the gap but the reality of it is and I think Margaret Thatcher got a great peaceful place sometime in today's show. But you know when you start talking about the gap you know is is it okay if -- day if the wealthy is a top 1% if their income rises 20%. But toward the bottom 1% their income rises fifteen -- a bad thing. I mean is in the fact that the lower what -- 15% and everybody's better off everybody's better off I mean that was Margaret -- argument is that look all boats have been have been risen all incomes are higher. And when you start talking about the gap you know that your your out of ideas as far as you know how to how to fix that I don't know if you could ever fix. Now you while we eat and you can't be there's going to be people that come up with better ideas there's going to be people that work harder. You know there's if there's people that like Bill Gates I mean he came up with a really good product. Huge demand and it changed the way we do things I mean how do you take. That away from somebody -- say. You know what OK and I and and you know -- Heidi you'd take in some little -- why would somebody come up with that the next groundbreaking drug the next. You know groundbreaking operating why would you do that if there's no big financial incentive at the end of it now some people. These liberals will say well Campbell do it will be good do it for the good of all mankind but they don't they don't they never do. This I think this is no doubt that way ever hand over their money and say look at. I know I'm worth 2300 million a billion dollars. And you know we need help before and here's an extra checked in about a right to the US treasury take care they never do it while it's like Michael Moore walking around on you know the Occupy Wall Street protests going you know get 1% limit your. But should not you know -- McConnell not -- that's just. Yet neither got down and out I don't I'm not at all not -- -- -- You know -- just out -- nine -- and you -- a job I can tell you would think they would -- we don't drove them out of their protests let me heat is the epitome of the top 1%. And that's -- I mean he's he's made the movies he's had the success he's you know. It's it's his money he can spend and how he wants to but don't tell everybody else they show you write more taxes. They're not doing enough you know -- on -- -- -- anti you have financial questions hop on board we're gonna go to the -- -- is the back for a break here 8030930. Stock and entries -- on a cell phone 1806169236. If for some reason have a financial question you cannot get through. Feel free calls -- office 6331515. Via. Happy -- be a good resource for against the street 31515. We get back we'll -- through the fault lines here Mike -- a legal financial guys filling in for sandy beach. -- news radio 930. WB Ian don't turn -- -- You can pay for yesterday's news in transport get today's news -- just use WB EN dot com. The the thanks Tony Michael ovitz going to feel -- and forest city beach and I just like your tunes. After all had by -- that I don't know -- going out to a tiebreaker show. -- -- -- The -- and got a time guys I don't -- -- filling in for sandy beach she did that we -- the money guys here on Saturday afternoon. One to three hits where money meets politics the -- filling in for sandy beach today until noon. Thank you sandy thank you to -- here for a loan has to do this it breaks up our week it's a nice. Tonight's nice change of pace Monday through Friday we manage money and every once while -- up to fill in for CD -- -- -- in the -- Big shoes to fill -- made those two guys to an incredible job and -- we've said this for a long time. The best talk radio in the United States of America is right here in western new York and big part of that is because. The Western New York listener ship just gets involved mean -- care about it they are passionate Bodden and that's awesome so. Thank you for loans to -- and if you want to hop on board eagle three on ninth real star nineties -- we are talking about the wealth -- the slowing. US economic growth and day it's getting wider President Obama -- a few things he was going to a allow folks to walk on water relief but he was going to bring down the debts and he was going to. Close that gap so we was gonna help the poor bring the polar -- in fact many folks the first -- like that's okay we're finally finally going to be able that and and and put it and put. Some kind of a step on ending the the -- it is just been worse and worse and worse and more and more people on record amount of people on food stamps. -- gap between the ribs and pork getting wider not closer together early in the week Obama -- CEO should quit complaining. The economy's great what he complained about sick and tired of hearing it. And of course many CEOs -- saying you know what you don't -- don't get it now he doesn't don't get -- he doesn't as the same president assemble and build that business yet and daughter will help to get there you can build -- meant an insulting a lot. Listen I mean we Mike and I we left we left PaineWebber in 2000 right we were I was 26 you were 24 years old. No government assistance from -- no help whatsoever. We -- in general we did -- -- work and you know 1012 hours a day six days a week we've been on the air on Saturday for 1516. Straight years sometimes seven days sometimes that is Sunday morning at 7 o'clock in the morning 630 that's right it was hard work it wasn't nobody built that for us nobody -- handed us anything. I mean we're proud of our success to -- proud about it and and and you know it was all Austin and also to hear President Obama told bill that is purely insulting. Personally as a business and I think we understand the need for regulations expressing our business you know there has to be so hard it overlooks what's going -- But when it gets to the point where. You know day one of 2014. There's 214. New rules and regulations and the first to our 2000 pages each come. Well we have a speaker of the house. Saying we have to passed a bill to find rice in -- And when you have got congress people on both sides of the -- finally found some liberals and Republicans Democrats and Republican a look at see the same water I spending the money I voted for what the problem now rightness of other Republican Party ultimately I think will go way it will morph into something else because. He used to be in the old days when you had actual two parties it was a little deal of them to Democrats thought the bigger government was better that the government can do better with your money than you can. And so all of a big centralized government that can take care -- people incredibly great was the answer. And the Republicans -- the opposite right they were like the anti government Agassi college they were smaller government. More private sector of business you know last government taking money off the top smaller government more efficient. And now in today's world it's you know who the Democrats say you are big government policy is better and the -- Republicans come right back and say no no no no that's bullish. It's just this big government policy right now we're proposing that's better and it's unfortunate you saw this really starting I think the Bush Administration when president you know George W past. You know the the senior prescription drug benefit program a huge huge entitlement program. That you know certainly again his again Republicans thinking that. All of that -- liberal policy -- I don't know that our government fears away huge entitlement from the Republican Party that's really really good and that's about right so. None of them ever. Let's go fall as well hop onboard 8030930. Started 30 let's welcome rich in north -- on the rich thanks for holding how our lives on a city beach with -- -- -- -- wiggle. My gentlemen I don't okay. I wanna may be correct me if I'm wrong when our economy and movements and what's not great that's for sure. What Obama care enough -- Now I was told by my person that might actually -- as a notch years he child tax credit is going to be reduced by -- -- Caroline tuner box. So you know let's say the same about most of pondered moving to a million dollars. The only change you know I'm not ever and we are not just upon us worse. While the more money that comes out of the private sector in anyway shape or form and goes to a government bureaucracy is bad for the economy period saw again I can't stress that enough so. The weather at beat young child tax credits let's remember you know the the the Bush Administration back in 2003 increased talent the child tax credit deduction from 600 to a thousand. Whether it goes back to a 200 or 600 or whatever. -- this year I don't know I don't think that's the case -- because -- my understanding -- -- when they did some some -- -- tax -- they -- the tax. The -- 2003 bush tax cuts permanent except for the top tax bracket. And if that's the case. Then theoretically they have to pass additional legislation to read to take that child tax credit back down if they shouldn't just expire. Based in the fact that he has supposedly made him in part. Yeah awfully rich next -- -- we've got a group of people in this country that are paying a lot of taxes 4050%. Of everything may make. And they've got a big group the people living nothing of forty something percent of -- of our country nothing zero in federal taxes. And that's a big deal you know they have no reason to participate in the system meaning they're not angry about tax policy they're not angry about Monica -- 'cause it's not. So you've got in alternately taxes need to come down for a big group of people who are out there working very very hard and deserved to keep more of their money. In the end they need to go up really for of for a big group of people who aren't paying any. Text based he's -- urgent. Take a -- -- thanks for the cup by the loss to. What you obviously it was more prisoners and -- some -- calls and your Q do somebody hangs up your -- to call an 8030930. Start entries are up. Just hitting it you've got Mike -- -- wiggle filling in for any feature news radio 930 WB yet and we're talking Obama now Max and look to hear from some small business owners out there that are struggling with. You know different regulations and some of the things that you go through and dated a basis. Let's welcome. DN insult -- Dan or -- We are water and like. -- morning. What you're saying that Obama hasn't done anything -- you probably. One of his biggest things was the -- waiting for the prosecution of credit where it's. What the -- -- you bet that 12000. US citizens. Are too. -- most -- 2000 paying. Are nowhere to be seeing nowhere to be published. And Republicans and the Democrats well -- of letting those criminals go pretty. And continue to change. So -- that this country -- Because most -- 2000. They're putting money into the coffers Republicans and Democrats and but I don't have the stranger things over 1%. Just get even bigger and bigger wealthier and wealthier. And more power -- all all what goes. Well I mean -- out all of the 22000. River the number is. You know my guess is that not all of them were liberal think. You know -- I think there's probably some pretty common people that just wanna have a bank accounts overseas. You know that the some of the issue though is that. You know when it comes to our tax policy. Especially when it could do -- is to dealing with corporations and individuals and corporations. You know if you have a business overseas a case a year a year of your US president obviously with United States. Let's say that you start up a company in Canada OK and you have a whole bunch of auto repair shops and can kind. As a corporation you're gonna pay taxes and didn't you know Canadian taxes and then if you want to bring that money back into the stage you gotta pay again are in US corporate not tax rates on. The of that that's an issue when we're at 35% the highest corporate tax rates and in in the in in the civilized world and -- you know what it's individuals and corporations every body. You meet Mike Tony we all engage in tax avoidance of the best of our ability right we wanna keep as much money. As possible. Within the obviously legalities so. You know corporations as -- -- individuals are going to look to minimize your tax burden. Well we need to do as a country is to make it attractive. Or not as as. Not as harsh discourage further discouraging for people to bring that money back here why did those 22000 people have or whatever the number is a 20000 have money and an offshore bank accounts while I think. There's probably not just one reason. Some people were probably worried about the US dollar may be going under some people worried about having you know -- funds overseas some people might just have family and relatives and -- You over the rest should I mean I have a neighbor for example she and her family one her father lives in Ireland and her and her parents live in. In Sweden her mom was asleep her divorce so you know for her. I guess she probably does have a council overseas because when she goes overseas she probably uses so I think there's a lot of different reasons I think we have to look at is you know how do we. I don't know I don't know which is a tax code to encourage them exactly bring them back to the -- right exactly that's. Against -- -- take a quick break we'll -- I'd like to -- thoughts on how to who. You know Obama promised us that he was going to. Help that lower ring them right he was gonna bring people -- And and maybe even knock a little bit of that top level 1% down and it hasn't happened over the last six years on talked about. Hi how we think we can do that. Because you know of course to me I don't wanna bring the -- on I -- -- the bottom up -- I wanna bring everybody operated at the top grow at 20%. But the bottom are able to grow -- -- eighteen OK at least are growing that's not happening right now when you see a record amount of people on food stamps that tells me that. That the bottom is getting worse is struggling right because to me less people on food stamps good thing. More people on food stamps bad thing we're gonna take a quick break here you've got Mike Lomas got legal. Filling in for sandy beach do the that contest here okay America's great country wind fast so we're gonna take caller number nine. For a pair of tickets to America's great country wind -- this looks like a good time. One day admission tickets to one day admission tickets to America's great country wine festival Saturday and Sunday August 9 and tenth. At the should talk what county fairgrounds that the value of fifty bucks are gonna take color number 9803930. Started 30 on a cell phone again to -- tickets America's great country wind fast quick break we'll be right back -- alternate dial Michael was than -- -- In for sandy beach news radio 930 WB Mike Lomas -- wiggle filling in for sandy beach on news -- 930 WB and for those of you that tune in on Saturdays we think you around from one to three and debts from when he meets politics though and that's were talking about -- -- you talk a little bomb and comics that the gap between the wealthiest in the war. As like it's gotten worse not better. We were promised it would get better although we were also promised that my insurance premiums would go down by 25% and ask them. You know the economy you know he base Obama said earlier in the week CEO should just quit complaining stop complaining you sick and tired of hearing you. Our economy's great stick his senate for a yes on fire impacting his golf game should please stop stop complaints I mean it's good for the Obama driven out of multiple applications he plays golf all the time and what's -- what's the problem look you CEOs you stop complaining the clintons -- pork and they need your tax dollars and zero. Was you know that you don't know what you know what rough as the clintons can barely you know they can barely afford their mortgages. Yet taken a brilliant and they can they can barely get -- six million dollars in speaking fees and book advancements this guy's gotta be rough. I don't I can only imagine -- that stuff that's not easy being a Clinton that's for sure enough sort of summed things up you look to call an 803930. Start entries are on assault on 1806169236. If you have a financial question would be happy to those questions. And if you don't get through for some reason. And you -- disrupt the -- 6331515. You can use this as a resource. And friend us on FaceBook you know a lot of the stuff we talk about on our Saturday show we post to our FaceBook page so -- loved. And the as a friend don't forget that PH -- the financial guys let's go back to -- In itself buffalo. You know you're talking a little bit about Obama has helped -- the 1% you know we were talking about the break though if you look at the number. Folks that have left the country just basically given up their US citizenship but set a record high. And so you know we were talking for the break about you know he went after some of those tax crux that we're putting money supposedly -- putting money overseas. But now all you have a lot of people that are just saying you know what if you're gonna go after mean I'll just leave. And it reminds me a lot of this state New York State where -- states that's all you think you're gonna move to Florida for a little bit while we're gonna go left you were gonna get part of it and we see this. Am I say every week. Every week we have somebody that locks -- or opposite says. Are you folks registered in Florida because I'm leaving. I'm not gonna put up of that anymore they're not gonna get anymore in my money and they just leave altogether. And a New York State Q zero as opposed to half or quarter. -- and so you know but why did wanna ask you before we let you go. How -- do you bring now 1% I mean of 1% that bottom -- gotten worse. Not -- -- now I totally disagree with their what these illegals are coming here because -- bottom. Why don't -- it then why raising more than what they'll. Hot how do you say that though -- say that we have a record amount of people on food stamps to meet him I guess a good guess if you count the welfare as part of their incomes and yes there does the body has been and are you doing that -- are you saying because expressed in a state like New York State where somebody if they get all the full benefits of being -- welfare. It could add up to is as much as 42000 dollars a year are you saying that there. Better off because of the -- -- welfare and that that has increased -- standard of living so that's a good thing. -- year. What would be OK what what would tell what was -- -- wanted to -- what what would be a fair share for them to pay like if you were to -- a tax bracket for them what would be a fair share. So if you work let's just take me a -- and we start a chain of restaurants. And we worked really really hard we work eighty hours a week nonstop all the time and we become part of that 1%. -- were were gonna be up against the brakes or can you stick with me to laughter does that really like to talk more about the senator Gregg collar. I was what pray tell what -- don't worry about that what rate would be good OK so stick about Hillary Hillary we've we've got to go across the hall to the heartbreak cure it I'd keep with a slot. We've got Mike. Don't turn -- myself up over Michael it was a little wiggle -- -- put them on hold your think of a book about all of cut myself off. Mike -- that legal filling in for sandy beach here. -- -- -- you hop -- 8030930. Start at 30 on a cellphone we're talking Obama economics here on news radio 930. WB -- don't turn the dial direct act.

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