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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Toledo Water Problem Clearing Up - Greg Saber

Toledo Water Problem Clearing Up - Greg Saber

Aug 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One more time out to Ohio we're looking at that massive algae bloom that strangled was applies. Outside Toledo CBS's Greg favor with us now with the latest watching it all from Cleveland good morning Greg. Things are okay now are there still residual effects even all the water is basically back on. There're still residual effects if you go over into the political side of Lake -- the western basin as the caller you'll see it still sees somewhat. Greens a lot of greens floating around on the water but at the main crisis. No drinking water in Toledo is over they've given -- all clear yesterday of course and now they're dealing with. -- the system's going to react to love flushing out. The bad water in people's homes. Essentially I don't think there's any major overflow problems as far as. Flushing out the bad water as the mayor said yesterday if you've been -- running the water throughout the crisis. -- system really doesn't need to be close but of course -- Network buys them cute. -- water for fifteen minutes and so -- makes them make sure all the residual. Contaminated water is -- Before. You start drinking. There -- looking at now all try to assess the budgetary damage that was incurred over the weekend the last couple of days of the crisis. We're of course it took extra police the water distribution points and of course the city workers on overtime. Try to -- solve this crisis so -- -- a bit of the budget hit but they certainly I think all the marketing high marks for the way -- via. Handled the situation. -- have there been any estimates on how much -- -- -- among to have. I haven't heard any -- direct estimate yet but. You know we knew what you're talking about the police and -- really over time men. City worker over time month on this level if it it's probably yeah. It's it's probably -- who. Could be in the millions I would imagine. Talk about the long standing. Admit to no changes is there is their crisis in confidence now because of this have people started to look at things differently because of this. Well I think people are starting to look at Lake -- not only. The Toledo then but are central basin here in the Cleveland area and that your area. And -- Lake -- -- is there a problem. In the seventies the seventies and eighties they solve the pollution problem really. Lake Erie and they came back to life because of the Clean Water Act. Strictly enforce. Sewage runoff who would run -- in Lake Erie but not. Fertilizer runoff. And this crisis was essentially caused by the algae the algae bloom developing from fertilizer runoff there other factors but. Fertilizer use the main thing in the as the mayor quite pointedly said yesterday. The federal government has to do something stop the partisan politics on this issue and other issues. And do what you sent there to do. I don't know that message will ring in the in the beltway especially. When we have a midterm election coming up but I think probably the mayor that the problem on the of that. They Greg before we let you go after askew it's our understanding of that -- folks and the Cleveland Ohio. Our shuttle rating the anniversary of the 100 anniversary. Of little appliance. That's installed above just about every road America. Tell our listeners about it. Eroded America and around the world little known fact that. A intersection in Cleveland. Which is really get in a pretty fast growing section of the city now a university circle east 105. And you quit avenue. The traffic light there the first. Electric traffic light in the world wasn't sold there 100 years ago today. Sort of revolutionized. The really it was. And act out of necessity because. The early days of the automobile it was a demolition derby out there and it's. It's quite literally the saying. Millions of lies when the simple system of red and green line. And interesting stuff on both counts Greg thanks for joining us this morning. Greg -- CBS correspondent in Cleveland.

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