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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bustling Bottled Water Biz - Ron Cummins of Mayer Brothers

Bustling Bottled Water Biz - Ron Cummins of Mayer Brothers

Aug 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As you know there was a run on bottled water relief Toledo Ohio area over the weekend because of their algae scare. Let's welcome my next guest on the live line his -- come -- as a director of sales for mayor Brothers and -- -- -- rob good morning thank you for joining us. More impact -- we're doing well thank you you know used to be -- Brothers was famous for its cider they still are no doubt about that the bottled water is also low benchmark product I was. Yet today you we've we've kind of diversified a little bit now we'd be attacked several different products in addition the site -- we do. Various juices that a big part of our business -- is bottled water -- In the EPT bottles and also in the -- one gallon all awful. What is your nationwide reached do you end up sending water to places like Toledo won something like this doesn't -- happens. Yet so so we work with the number customers both both local and national costumes and are reached typically will go out. As far as the midwest with some of our our national customers that we work where. So there there was likely some. Volume increased realized that as a result of what happened over the weekend. Enough so that you noticed despite yourself here. A little bit of a spike but a lot of time or are we itself. Partners will have disaster plan it's. -- -- that that they have inventories that that they use to. The support communities in and I'm the water emergencies and they'll build mobilize some of their resources and and move it from other warehouses specifically. You know may not be affected by the emergency. What about in cases like natural disasters like the earthquakes down in Haiti a couple of years ago you know. Any of your products ever make it down to Central America places like that. Yeah so what we'll do it all worked with some of the local. I agencies worked with red cross and and and certainly. You know. Wherever needed and and we've we've supported. And numerous. Because of that -- investors over the years including hurricane -- several part truckloads of water -- -- support. -- -- down there and you know wherever possible certainly will work to support. You know community in need. More broadly long term. Is there a trend toward increasing use of bottled water instead of the -- Yeah so what we've seen so over the course of the last twenty years as everybody knows this is all the waters and some pretty good growth rates. Armed and in those rates continue although maybe not as fast as they did. A decade ago -- in pretty good growth. But what we're saying is that that pro football water's really coming. At the expense of some other. Bottled beverages specifically. Noted that sugary soft drinks. As opposed to tap water so. I don't like to think that all the water offers consumers healthy choice convenient choice for them to to grab -- could help it beverage on on the on the fly and not so much of a replacement. Or tap water. You know we know it's a very popular product probably doesn't stay on the shelf very long but goes by water Ron. Have a shelf life is -- an expiration date. Yeah that's typically with -- still or. Playing bottled water you'll you'll have a two year. Expiration dates from the -- production. Other regulatory issues here what's the biggest challenge that that. Your bottled water -- from the company faces right now. There are so so bottled water in general is regulated. The FDA and and we think in law -- fact we know that our our regulations are. You know. As good or better than. Local municipal. All water regulations which are typically. Regulated by the EPA as opposed to the FDA. Console for us and we feel pretty confident that. You know when when consumers are choosing bottled water that third -- it's a you know dependable products that they and they can enjoy. Ron good to challenge you this morning -- thanks. They're threatening you welcome Ron Cummings who's director of sales for -- -- Brothers in west Seneca.

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