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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>City of Tonawanda Fire Busy Overnight - Chief John Lapham

City of Tonawanda Fire Busy Overnight - Chief John Lapham

Aug 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It has been a busy busy night for police and fire crews in north tunnel -- city of kind of want -- fire chief John Latham is with us now on the WBM live line. Thanks for joining -- give us the latest how how many incidents you have overnight. All total we have seven players for twenty -- 1130. Political -- and at 1:30. This morning. They are still on CNET -- list where temperature so. Achieve you know most on -- has been plagued by a series of arson fires is there any connection here. And -- off. So this was something that just kind of leapt out all of the same time but isn't necessarily because someone's setting all of these fires. Knows. Four of these half dozen fires involve vehicle should explain more about that. And it seems to be the point of origin further up the majority of players. Most of the damage. Done was -- damage to. Buildings adjacent to the vehicles. How does your department or even the fire crews cope with that many incidents of one time. Where their staffing -- issues where their firefighter injuries. There were no injuries. -- if it was not a problem where we are fully manned. Off duty personnel command and we brought it companies from the city tunnel under. Adams Chinese frontier -- out -- -- -- mutually aid companies for packer country. At this early stage chief do you have any idea how some of these fires -- started. Not at this time. Fire investigators. For both neighbor county in north -- police and fire her. Going through each. Each scene collecting evidence and mobile. A week or so before we get any results. I imagine you've been on the job for awhile have you ever seen anything like this before how unusual is this. It's a period. Usual I haven't seen anything like such. All right thanks for joining us this morning. That's the city of -- under fire chief John Latham again overnight as many as seven different fires across the north and I want to area.

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