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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Political Climate "Chilly At Best" - Dave Levinthal

Political Climate "Chilly At Best" - Dave Levinthal

Aug 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Tuesday in time for our regular chat -- Dave Leventhal the senior political reporter at the center for public integrity and Washington DC in the morning gave. There did you sign president Obama's birthday cards I know that the Democrats did put out a fund raiser where a lot of people were urged to perhaps put their signature -- it. I I I certainly didn't if they had a good neutral journalists here. I I collapse a little bit because it's saying it's it's like every single democratic organization. Where is that going in. Having a -- it hurt for the president that. Of course this is such a state. Wonderful opportunity port Batman of course Republicans industry -- get the personal information people who were their supporters that they can effectively not kidding here. Older digital dossier on patents that they can. Operate more and expect more more opportunities to donate money to politicians and political. Look that the database is really incredible during 2012 like in particular via Obama campaign now really revolutionized. And it was at the cutting edge of dealing what what was respectively are creating digital files on millions and millions of supporters. And putting fourteen. -- during the term elections Republicans -- -- They're playing at big game kept separately in this regard to you but the bottom line is is that politicians also were. Either -- data mining effort is being really deep in your front here. Learning as much as they possibly can't a about their supporters so that they can tailor messages to that and ultimately convince them to go to the polls put in the term it's a heck of a lot of money and what is a monstrous battle. Actually -- inning getting that much money into camp. Peculiar political. You know -- all this discs trust in congress the so called do nothing congress that we've been reporting on. Are we in danger this coming election of people who are just so filled up the -- going to be very low. John you're you're gonna definitely -- portion of Americans who are not respect the polls because. They feel -- their disenfranchised. By the pot that as a as a look at the simply add -- because they don't feel that congress'. Giving any type of job that represents their interest number one are -- doing at dropped and so so absolutely that you get that every election cycle to. Some degree by that particularly that congress and so little has been not so much. -- the money. Between the parties and independents are really the ones that both parties should be concerned -- in the sense. That they make it sense that it goes one way or another -- about the election. Okay we're looking -- primary is another Kansas Michigan and Missouri any incumbents we know anybody prominent that could get knocked off. -- probably the biggest would be campus today I think at senator Pat Robertson who is want and Senator Kerry has asserted that. Because opportunity. Two deceit deceit that would be up to much for him -- -- chief party rival. Said the Tea Party that have limited successes particularly in the couple's house races there across the country but the senate is up one. About the crack you look at the primary that occurred in Mississippi. Couple months ago. And that that was the out as well as they got to really really knocking -- -- prominent sitting senator but that app is not something that they've been able to. Replicate elsewhere the opportunities for doing -- -- running out campus would be a great opportunity for the Tea Party today. Can't do that to a -- agree a couple of the other ones that our current across the country between now and September 1 primary season across the country is finally over. We fully live into the general election. To what degree can all these groups after the fact point to these elections and say look our cause one -- -- cause a loss because of X -- Y is the primaries and special elections are not the same as a general. They apparently not so LA you're going to have a situation where the news the Republican Party establishment in particular. Is going to appear in darkness to bring everyone together. -- -- -- last -- GOP -- the -- something into well now it's been very difficult for the Republican Party to deal. Particularly among Republicans -- elected party leadership this is simply out of touch. They're particular items and use many of the issues that it's the country today whether -- domestic. Walked four and -- that's going to be a major challenge. And that of course you're gonna have that police and Tea Party candidate who are still very angry about the way the Republican Party is operating. And that's in the Mississippi primary did the Senator Obama ago. That's still effectively going Pakistan and all the Tea Party candidate who lost by just cares about. It's still challenging the result of that election itself and it it just sort of one example of what a larger picture here. It's huge party and mainstream Republicans split in certain races. Across the country yeah in general at this these big party as it's operating has is a full unit going and where it's a collection. All right lot of stuff to watch thanks for helping us out Dave. Thank you -- Dave Leventhal senior political reporter for the Center for Public Integrity.

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