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8-4 Mike Siegel Hour 4

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm glad I protest it was because of guys out for a walk one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got help after all it. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. -- and I don't know I didn't put. People don't come to its life. He's -- local. It's Tom how early. -- -- white women and good news radio. Yes folks -- we are back scattered our number -- good to have you with us and that time -- -- flat and have a good time 608. In the evening now officially. And that would be here Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle today. And we've covered the gamut but let's turn to something now. That I think is intriguing. As great curiosity factor. And would be highly interesting to say the least. First let me make a point. I have been extremely disappointed. In Republican candidates. Or prospective candidates anyway for president 26 team. We've had the Rand Paul who's gone back and forth and immigration. One day one the next day the other. He's also talked about not requiring photo ID to vote. When even a video store we had them would require a photo ID why shouldn't for the right to vote. We have to be able to show some government issued ID showing that we are. Legitimately qualified to vote as citizens of this country. And so he's been waffling about things. Jeb Bush. I mean it's an act of love to enter this country illegally when he acknowledged in the statement. But yes they're entering illegally. Fact and that very cut is played. At the beginning of Tom's programs and some of the hours. Would Jeb Bush says it's a basically. At that yes it's an illegal -- but it's an act of love gimme a break. I don't wanna see people breaking the law and then rewarding them. That's not what this country is supposed to be about. And so you see these candidates. Or prospective candidates. And US serious questions now look. To -- senator Ted Cruz. Has a level of consistency. And predictability. But you know where he stands Ronald Reagan had that. He knew where he stood. George W. Bush had that you nor he stood. And what do you agree or disagree Ted Cruz. Has a consistency. I happen all agree with his positions on most issues. But there is now another. Potential candidate. Who isn't really of a political background. He's a remarkable human being. And in fact. He created a medical procedure. That is able to separate siamese twins. And my recollection is from the reports that he has actually separated six pairs of siamese twins. And all twelve of these babies have lived successfully. Because of the procedure he created. Whose name is doctor Ben Carson. There was a TV movie made about camps that Cuba Gooding junior started it as doctor Carson. And that the course and made. His name known. Initially when he spoke at a prayer breakfast in Washington DC. The president was sitting in the audience. And -- point blank chastised the president and his policies on health care the Obama care proposal. Doctor Carson. Has strong values. Has no wild. Greedy or how or or self aggrandizing and interest in being president. But he simply wants to do. What is in fact the right thing. For this nation. And he's made himself available. He said that for quite some time but. The other element of this. Is that. Doctor Carson has an. -- taken another step rather significant step. Toward a candidacy. Formalizing. A possible campaign for president. He is actually now creating a pac a political action committee. And he says that he chose a very close confidant -- Houston businessman the name of Terry Giles. To be his campaign chairman if he decides to run for president is -- that is campaign chairman in place. His pack is gonna be called one nation. Which is -- the title of his book. Which was released earlier this year. According to doctor course and he said now is the time to start all the appropriate exploration. And investigation. And put down the structure that is necessary. I would say we are definitely a step or two closer. Than we worry a year ago and quote and of course he -- closer to running for president. And so the bottom line question for all of us. Is whether you folks. Would support our course now what I'm gonna do. Is that. Those -- you call. With -- your views about doctor Ben Carson. And what he would support for president. Whether around. You believe he would be the right choice. We're gonna send this -- Tape. To doctor Carson. And I have him listen to of people in buffalo think. About his possible candidacy for president. Committee it would be a no brainer. I would love to see him run. I think somebody like doctor Carson is a guy who doesn't have an agenda. Who doesn't have never thought about being a politician. Never thought about. Having a power base if you will. To be in a political office. His whole life was senator around Madison. Was senator around. Creating this procedure medical procedures separate siamese twins is a neurosurgeon. He was at Johns Hopkins. And was chief of -- surgery. When it comes to children and and infants. And so. I'm committee that there would be an absolute bonus for us to have him as a candidate I think the Republican candidates for the most part a lackluster. Same old broken record. Same old same old. Gore along with the system. And as you see today. Republicans are not standing strong and forward. And and dealing with these horrifying issues at the border. The situations. With regard to Ebola Virus. And then there's just nothing happening. Where the Republicans in all of this and I think with the doctor Ben Carson. As president we would see action. We would see. Changes. That we all agree with and appreciate in this country. To bring it back to the stature that it was were on the brink now. I'm bringing this country down. To a Third World country. That's where we are heading. When you talk about the Ebola Virus coming -- you talk about illegal immigrants in tens of thousands coming in and these kids aren't going home. And as we've said before and with SKB's and tuberculosis in the and one H one virus and so many of these other problems. Chicken pox. Locking down one of the facilities because it was an outbreak of chicken pox we can't tolerate this and expect to be the country that we've been. It's unacceptable. It's unfathomable. And this administration. We're going nowhere but problem is with the Republicans we seem to be going nowhere as well. So let me get your calls and comments about this would you support doctor Ben Carson. If you ran for president would you consider supporting. Would you oppose them for some reason and if you have a opposition I'd love to hear that as well and see why that would be the case. Number call glad to hear from you 8030930. Locally in calling outside the local area. It's 80616. WB ENN on cell phones it's star 930. And as I said doctor Carson has already started. By getting involved in. Really -- next step. Toward running. Which is in fact a political action committee that he calls one nation. And would be nice we got back to being that we seem to be so balkanized now that. We don't have. The capacity. To bring this country get in the leadership to do that. We know that doc Carson opposes the Affordable Care Act. He called the health care law slavery or knowledge -- at the slavery. He attacked the White House foreign policy. Because of these crises in the Middle East and Ukraine. And Syria. And so a lot of doctor Carson is out there and available. And whether you support him is going to be a major factor on whether Reid decides to actually run. One of the other point was. He wants to see what happens in November in the senate elections. And if the Republicans can win a majority in the senate. That would be another encouraging factor for him to run. Because will be the public saying across this country which had enough for Democrats I think it's going to be catastrophe in November for Democrats by the way. And I think. -- -- Obama couldn't care less about that. An interesting side note to all of this. Is that. Dick Morris the political consultant. And commentator has said that. He thinks Barack Obama he would -- -- put it this way he would not be surprised. If Barack Obama resign. And of course there is talk. About impeachment about 30% of the people support that so if you want to chime in on that question on the other side of the equation as well. As to whether you think the president is open to impeachment whether that should be move forward. And what do you think. It will whether you agree with the idea that Barack Obama resigned we could send that message to him do you think the president ought to resign. And leave this country alone in order to try to rebuild. This nation to its greatness again numbers to call glad to have you -- -- Sharing in the conversation. 8030930. And that's local if you wanna call and make a cell phone -- started 930 if you call and long distance toll free 80616. WB EN. And I would glad to get your calls about whether you would support doctor Ben Carson. For president of the United States -- -- the reason for the conversation because he actually has now. Move forward with the eight. Very specific step. That tells us he's prepared to run. And that's that is that is created a pack. And that he's already said that he's going to point a particular person. A close colleague of his dubious campaign manager he runs for president what about a ticket of would be kind of interesting. A ticket including doctor Condoleezza Rice. As vice president. What could the Democrats. Possibly say then. Mean -- you have to African Americans. Both doctors both brilliant. Doctor Carson. And doctor Condoleezza Rice. And then also have a woman. As your vice presidential candidate what what what Harry Reid say then what would Nancy Pelosi be able to save them. And you will be imminently qualified people think about that. A completely African American ticket. On the Republican side what with the liberals left wing wackos say about that. What could they possibly say about that to your calls a welcome about this should doctor Carson ran for president. Would you agree that the president ought to resign. Dick Morris says that he would be surprised if he did. And what about impeachment. Is that something that's viable do you agree were doing that. Or should that be left on the back burner. Good to have you this Mike Siegel for Tom -- and again the number is. 8030930. Locally 80616. WB EN told three start 930 for cell calls. Your calls are welcome folks it's your country. You have an opportunity here to help a person and encourage a person to run for president. A person of stature. Of integrity. Of ethics of morals who has no political agenda. Doctor Ben Carson. Let's get your thoughts about that and we'll come right -- he calls comments thoughts and reactions in the meantime though gonna check on traffic without an urgency of things going out there will come right back. And WB EN AccuWeather folks this afternoon mostly sunny a high near 79. Tonight partly cloudy -- about 64. And then Tuesday a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms afternoon. Partly sunny a high near 76. And so. He'd keep your liberal ready for tomorrow let's go right back to your calls and this question about doctor Ben Carson. Whether it would be a magnificent candidate for president to which you think. Let Robert in Grand Island for the ball Robert Guerrero Mike -- for Tom hourly news radio 930 WB and hello there. But all I'm -- And they're excited when you're not as though he had that doctor Carson. Actually. Retain the air campaign manager. Yup did their commitment a -- following a -- Carson who. I think if -- if he's back -- independent campaign that we. Men do get it can't communities. Manage her life. There's no question that I would -- Vote forum. You know both think he came out of poverty. He came from Detroit. He knows little bit you know you know. As mother I was really strong. And from what I understand there and and -- you know with tremendous shape and get down. And schooling. Got to look at education. He went on from there obviously. While the sad part of -- there that look he's a great candidate but. He wouldn't even -- in running if there were some qualified candidates on the Republican side the only one I can think it was Ted Cruz but -- Matt. They're all I'm merely about Michael from one side or the other. -- -- -- -- Or else he made it didn't make it didn't integrate ordinary. And that the great -- you -- you know one guy -- for minority the other guy who's a staunch conservative from the south. -- no question about it. I think Phillip Burton. That would be an awesome game. Robert I appreciated and I thank you for calling good to have you let us. Let's go to Norman and members Norma you're on -- Mike -- for Tom hourly news radio 930 WB and hello. I don't think it's not a Republican guards are growing at top doesn't salad because. He are out aboard an American I'm American -- needs from another country see he worked his way up -- -- itself may not and what a lot riding Ed just tell us he is not -- that adds. Who you talk about. -- He's not doing anything that that would at you know madam I didn't say it you did you said he came around on wedeman slowed slowed down man. Employees. At -- I'm not running -- -- not Donald. Knowing that for Americans and only helped get the people I've met and then I won't -- to apparently -- You're you're actually wrong. Man. Normal that he let me just gonna respond to your. First of all if you say he was born in another country but he's a criminal. For running for president accepting the office because the constitution requires you be born in the United States to be president. So you just blow your case secondly you can't name one bill he's proposed. In all the years he's been an office. That would do something to help small business which is where jobs -- created in this country small business has been since the 1980s. But the fortune 500 have created new jobs they don't create new jobs small business does he's done nothing for them. Thirdly the national black Republican association. Has filed ten articles of impeachment that they propose to the congress that he should be impeached is national black Republican association. His use of the IRS and abuse by his administration. Of the IRS to go after conservative groups is a violation of law. It's a violation of law as his appointment of the National Labor Relations Board three members was a violation. According to the two. Appeals courts unanimously. Was that you can't do that. The bottom line is and I I don't wanna spend all the time go through that he's done an inordinate number of things that are violations of his constitutional requirement. He's gone beyond obamacare by changing Obama care. He passed that and then the congress passed and any change that. You cannot change a law as president without congress approving the change he changed the employer mandate delaying it for a year. That's unconstitutional. For goodness sake I can go through a list of what he's done to denigrate this country letting people in -- -- sickened disease to spread throughout this country. Reducing our military capability by cutting our military defense budget dramatically. Letting Syria. Do what it did and he says he's as a red line and never did anything about he was bluffing. He was a phony. The Ukrainian looks like a sham and a weakling next important the American people and polls -- towards a stronger Alina that Obama. We'll get you started. Chris in Cheektowaga -- Mike Siegel for. All take a break first -- gonna get to a break. And the welcome back I want to just keep Roland we'll stay right there will get all the vehicle's primary question should we support -- -- -- from president. After this. -- Welcome back give folks nice to be here 635. It is. And we're glad we would be here at whose radio 930 WBE and Mike -- and for Tom Bauerle. And I'm just thinking about this document Carson situation where he says. He's now creating. Pac called one nation in the course of pact means moving toward running. For the office of president and his case and secondly he's named. A colleague of his to be his campaign chairman. If in fact he does run for president. So you've got. A major step forward. Productive Carson let's get your calls and thoughts about this would you support. Doctor Ben Carson for president let's go to Chris in Cheektowaga Chris you -- -- Mike Siegel and for Tom Bauerle and is ready at 930 WB and hello. Well like I would actually support doctor personal and hopefully start -- -- run with the army to colonel Lester the president Tre Kelley. They're both staunch conservatives and love this country. -- -- is heading the the committee the only committee looking into the I've been -- situation. Yeah he's. He's -- he's as strong conservative the only thing I'd point out. Is that perhaps listen I I'd like Condoleezza Rice -- -- like Ted Cruz they have a bigger national presence than congressman dowdy but he beat. As far as qualifications going to be great. I would regarding because of things that you know in the way that he -- liberals in the stupidity. In a way that he brings it down. They're there they're philosophy either intellectuals stupidity it's just amazing to me that there are allowed to voice your opinions. Some of -- -- another thing. Well listen when you got a speaker of the house at the time. Nancy Pelosi the ultimate -- I think if you. Shattuck Hammond. Who into one here would come out the other without hitting anything. She's got nothing upstairs absolutely nothing and she said well let's find out -- the helpful says when we pass. I mean. This up Botox they're so big guys to the disease areas -- -- the crippled and. Well that she and John Kerry both use -- they go. I think appreciates cough thank you. The figure let's go to what John and Tampa Bay John -- Mike -- in four. Tom -- at news radio 930 WB and hello there. I didn't wanna and a few words I had the privilege. I don't need to conduct urban cartoon recently when he went on to our young and I -- and imagine. I'll launch. That are our nation would be if you were -- are being outpouring that -- and for the presidency. Is. And and on issues. That concern. Is absolutely is were the conservative. -- on the national debt. Obamacare he confronted Obama. That national prayer breakfast. And one year. Apartment here. Doctor cartoons. Position on taxes and abortion. Illegal immigration. See all the others and this is what he -- -- that solution. Who were warming a hoax. The appointment of judges should respect the US constitution. To keep and bear -- is absolutely. Women who were. Undoubtedly. -- determined to. He went through forty foot and a black American. And that is critical. He would draw in the support. These Hispanic community. And with the environment. We've got to get into. In all what what what I appreciate that you know. You mentioned Herman Cain which comes to mind is how they skewered him in them in the liberal Weickel media. Because. He diligently had some extra marital relationship for the that's sort of thing. As if to say Bill Clinton never did that matter to the liberal media about Bill Clinton who was a sex addict. Didn't matter about John Kennedy back in those days. -- big fan of but all of a sudden because -- Herman -- and he's a conservative African American Republican. He's got to be skewered it's it's as if the media are on the attack to protect one point of view and one political ideology. It's scary that the media are complicit. In this conspiracy. Against open discussion of issues. That's scaring me. About it. We weren't -- -- doctor doing partial. Hole. We're going to do that I don't know. The government has an impeccable. Like history professionally. On his own personal story. Coming out of these. -- ghettos of Detroit inner city. You know people ought to watch the movie it's I realize it's so it's not. It's a movie but it is a dock you drama. And there's some drama but it's a true story. A bookstore in Cuba Gooding junior is doctor Carson to see his background of what he did. In the area of separating siamese twins he's have been magnificent neurologist. I mean the guy's incredible. -- -- your -- and pediatricians. -- you know accomplishments in medical professionals alone or do. Or mind -- bit. I really I thank you for calling -- that he is made your points very well -- thank you it's gonna Norman Sag Harbor. And that -- year old Mike -- for Tom Bauerle news radio 930 WB and how oriental. I'm doing -- and my good evening. And I and -- hope that you can hear me president way up Saddam and it beats per second Herbert New York but I get the call you to tell you that my wife and I would support. Doctor Carson wholeheartedly. There's a man who is running for a reason you that any different and for what many alerts for -- For many it was split ports as United States is concerned -- to make the United States. Better. -- they've been taking -- down her way too long. President Obama and I use they use the word respect for the office. President Obama has done nothing but he deteriorate or standing and hurt it's -- Well unfortunately dropped and he was making his company got most of that in and that's he's absolutely right. This country has been -- Under this administration. Take a look at security. The porous -- have allowed all kinds of potential cartel members in. Who knows how many cells of court -- or in this country today because of Barack Obama he's reduced our military capability. He's made. -- for -- threats. With regard to who now in Russia and Ukraine with regard to Assad in Syria. With regard to Iran and gets in his hands and knees salivating kissing the -- theory Iran. Of the Ayatollah Ali come and I the supreme leader of Iran who wants nothing but to destroy us. And he he plays up to the guy who most of who -- by the way Iran is the major supplier material and weaponry for Hamas. Which is doing that's -- dastardly deeds in firing these rockets in the from the Gaza. Which Israel gave back to Hamas and thanks again for giving it back to them is to get attacked from there. I mean -- the whole thing is convoluted under this administration. They denigrated this country under this administration and by the way they intended to do that it's not accidental. They wanna bring up the rest of the world and the process of doing that is to bring down in the United States that's the bottom line let me get your calls about this. I think every -- should be filled. With people calling who still cherish. The traditional values of this country. And here we have a guy who would be in fact. One who would stand up to protect those values because he's not a politician. Has nothing to personally gain from this except to be the conduit. For bringing this country back to its greatness. And I hope you'll call and -- answer the question do you support. Doctor Ben -- if you don't. I'd love to hear that as well as to why you wouldn't support. Number call is 8030930. Locally. Told free elsewhere is 80616. WBE and start 930 on a cell phone. Would love to get your calls comments thoughts and reactions. Would you support doctor Ben Carson president he's created a pack moving in that direction. And he's named a fellow who's going to be his campaign manager if he ran for president he's on the average Mike Siegel with -- -- for Tom -- news radio 930 WBE and back after this. And we're back at folks nice to be here in for Tom -- this is Mike Siegel. And we are. Delighted to have you with us as we talk about. What this country is at a crossroads. I don't think anyone. Can disagree -- point anyone with common sense at least and I think. That if we continue along and and remember something. The president's trying to get Elizabeth Warren to run for president because Hillary Clinton's not liberal enough not whacko left wing enough. Elizabeth Warren is right on the same page as Barack Obama. She's fundamentally wanting government control of the country paternalism and paternalism taking control of your lives and my life. And not giving us freedom. That's what they are about UC under Barack Obama. What you would see under Elizabeth Warren. Now if you wind up having Republicans run who are basically not going to be the strong kind of candidates. As that become president to do the right thing to turn this country around if you if you have these waffling candidates. Who knows where Jeb Bush is gonna stand. If he were the nominee who knows where Rand Paul would stand who knows where any of these other possible candidates -- in Newt Gingrich even became. Modified in his views about illegal immigration. There's a simple point. The rule of law should prevail. If you do 65 miles an hour 55 zone you're -- -- infraction. You gonna get a ticket if they sketchy. And you should get a ticket if you -- to this country illegally. In violation of federal -- you should not be rewarded. In this country. Has so compromised. Its standards. Mean think about it there's more concern about same sex marriage. In this administration. Then there is about doing something about the economy and helping small business. To bring people into the economy. And so -- that there's been a total -- illusion of issues. There's been nothing done for small business in the economy who called earlier. Who said that he's done these things for small business. It is absolutely wrong he's done nothing for the economy. That you can't show -- one thing that he has done. We're gonna get to your calls comments thoughts and reactions as we start with. John. In Toronto hello John hero Mike -- for Tom -- news radio 930 WB Ian. Well mr. Siegel is -- what a pleasure to -- you. After listing as to the individuals calling and I had to local guru the air concur with. Some your callers and doctor Ben Carson. This would be wonderful. Wonderful individual. To run. And to be the president of the United States. So they -- great that that he would be. And the kind of candidate we need. All at this at this stage and after. What Obama has done to such a wonderful nation so that your. Our nation that has stood for freedom and democracy. And to have these progressive. Andy's. Been -- Get into power and ruin. A wonderful. A beautiful nation like the United States of America. That they were nothing but goodness. And freedom. And -- some. Good Americans. And -- -- And spreading that all over the world I mean that the whole world is better off and these. Used my my -- but low lights in power who do not things are polarized. Aggravate. Agitate. And have completely. Destroyed. A wonderful. Nation that's been in the works for over 200 years is just appreciate it's it's I just shake my head. That there's so many people. That aren't intelligent enough or -- or not to follow this leftists. Socialists. Progress that is. Type of mentality. That does not thing but polarized. And entice people for their fight one against the other. But you know the other -- I got I appreciate that I've got to get some other calls and John but I think you made the point well and clearly and your position is well taken. Darlene in -- Iran -- Mike Siegel and for Tom hourly news radio 930 WB and hello. Hello mr. Siegel thanks for taking my call sure anyone not familiar with that I attacked events Benjamin Carson while I was waiting Harry went back and online. And I suggest that people do a Google search and listen to doctor Benjamin Carson. They get the national prayer breakfast. In 2013. And he just -- my nails off of the Alabama faces and -- he began his speech that he didn't mean to offend anyone but normally when you get beat them -- going to be offended in the audience. But. He -- When you look at him you think you look at him and then you look at President Obama sympathy the way you say what -- -- academy here it's just. That's the man that should have been elected. And we elect and fortunately. I don't want to offend me going to be earlier callers but abbey believe the majority of people. Felt the way that one and one woman did saying that we've done a wonderful data is nothing wrong and and it's not the case and those of the people that -- them for the people who know more about what's going on in. In Hollywood. And they can name every one thing that's -- outlet but -- the many things that stand the about the government in the world they're clueless. Well you make a good point about. The difference of the differences he's not a politician thank you for calling to Darlington appreciate it. Camera. All Tim Russert was fabulous he would then the person who you know opened a book and -- -- This was going and this is what this is what happened that Tim Russert looks -- -- -- is a great journey. -- and told as the laws he didn't buy into the politically correct crowd at the networks I thank you very much we do miss them. I would always say this about -- Carson he has nothing to to lose or gain. He's got a -- wants what what he thinks is right because he's not a politician. These other guys wanna feed off of the which way the wind is blowing to decide what their position is going to be. They're proof of that in the -- that -- Ted Cruz is the only exception in my opinion are right besides doctor Carson. Let's go to Lithia Lithia and one -- two year old Mike Hsu over Tom Bauerle is ready at 930 WB and hello. You know I EM IR so I agree I do it as simply love their carts and I get wet it is candidate -- I can't handle -- -- -- -- Glenn -- followers that they had neck face and add a lot of what -- -- it get. Saying I ain't bad loans eight -- That they know. But and then you get it done it from my innately and you really have to work hard. What that -- What -- -- -- little donation backed into nature and its people and and I think their back their car and all the restaurant didn't -- Well you are you say it very well everybody's of them been very clear and articulate I thank you for calling in the bottom line is. That we saw the same. Template if you will. When Jimmy Carter was president the catastrophe he created for this country. 18% inflation 21% interest rates. I mean huge problems. And the illegal immigration in the Miami. I was on the air down there at the time the Carter said Letterman. 125000. Cubans about 25000 were criminals Psycho sex out of the mental institutions it was a nightmare. And we've got a similar situation here. And Ronald Reagan was able to bring this country back I think back to Ben Carson would do the same I thank you very much Mike -- and for Tom -- news radio 930 WB EN. Great to be with you look forward to talking to you again remember to be good yourself in the world and the world will be the --

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