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8-4 Mike Siegel Hour 3

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To the issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. -- hourly and that's must be within 200 feet of us -- Or -- it's life. -- -- It's locally -- that this it's Tom hourly cash in at a question and try to get this -- this isn't real she's tells. -- wouldn't. -- he's -- live here. -- now. So on news radio 930. Everywhere and -- what it meant something personally things -- compliment. Was that members coast problem. And yes we are right back at a ladies and gentlemen five all way to good afternoon to you Mike -- and for Tom Bauerle today. And news radio 930 W Ian will wrap up by this question of who should by the Buffalo Bills. And a number of -- say it best to offer take it even if they're gonna move the team Toronto I say no thanks. Fight to keep the team here period. Are your calls we got a patent title won the first -- admiral Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle in his radio 930 WB -- or. Good material good. I'm in my personal feeling is that bill deserted him awful visions stable -- that job. What the last caller about. -- job they can before our jobs for disabled people gulp from rich from the Ralph. They drive. Right don't count to a sabres game. The -- there right after that game. And it played them a year around -- -- the bills but I don't and the sabres. All your round and it worked forty hours a week doing it. Yeah I think it's kind of insulting to say that the but those jobs are -- or not relief there they may not be family wage jobs vote for somebody it's an income and I commend -- for working rather than. -- go on welfare or whatever. -- -- I read for content worked for the Biden as the bills and the -- All of Florida and started off of those jobs they log on my we're gonna actually move up in the -- with the Biden to start working as the DA. Part in the video -- republic that. -- -- There's opportunities and and he you're actually right it's it's a place that you what you're doing something connected to a team. And maybe get as you just wanted to have another job and I mean. I don't think we should demean anybody's job I think I commend people as I said -- going out going to work in the zero look a lot of people have fun doing those jobs -- fun jobs to do. I thank you -- very much let's go to Caroline. In -- acquire Caroline year old Mike -- for Tom -- news radio 930 WB -- Hi my. Person I think since it would. I think that it's been many many years ago wrote a column about the economic impact of to build either staying or leaving. Number two could someone please tell me. If mr. Wilson cared so much about the they'll stay in buffalo would he not have implicitly stated that in his will. That's a good question but I don't I don't know whether he stated that and I don't know whether. And I assume the family has the discretion to make a decision he probably. Would have assumed that the team would stay here I mean look I I can't and I can speculate with you I don't know but I don't. Thanks so I mean think about personal -- -- here and parents want the son to have the firemen the -- had the Condo they put it in the well. Well -- the only single by his behavior. -- behavior was that he kept the team here. And sometimes. With financial limitations. In terms of the teams revenues. And bad years when the team wasn't doing well and and so warm indeed maintain the stability of the team in buffalo that much we know it. I don't know that the losing record of the videos had a financial impact on mr. Wilson to the point where he -- Wanted to move them at any point in my other question is. If he would amber Lee. Wants to keep. That the nose in buffalo. To respect the wishes of mr. Wilson stated or unstated. -- is in his will. And why did they just accept the one point three from mr. put girl. Rather than have to bed the open it up for morbidity. Good question. And actually tonight by coming on that. It's certainly had its there than they still -- have to go three bidding process. They can't the -- and sits in left when a state there's still has to be. The process of building it was given to it's in the bank's hands to the Philly can eventually pick. Who knows who they wanted to own the team but the bidding process does have to go through as any other. Process in this state. While that that's true except that the family what family could. The family could decide that as they wanna take one off for not the other -- They could've decided that they have the freedom to do that then there's no legal restriction on just taking an offer but Caroline go right ahead. Wasn't there. But you want it late last week. There wasn't now apparently it's been extended. -- There's one point three -- let it manly don't want to keep them up well. While that that as Joseph said they've got the process with the Stanley Morgan handling the bids. But the family and unless there's something explicit in the win his will requiring a bidding process that we could accept that one point three I suppose. But that that offer was a non binding offer. That's the -- they have definitely. As little these additional -- but anyway. The other thing is at all. -- an -- -- -- make the point that's all dependent on looking at the books. Once the -- that this non binding because each of these bidders. Would then get the opportunity to look at the books and two would -- of financial analysis. A revenue analysis expense analysis. And and make their determination finally based on that than -- that's why it's only an initial bid. I think but I'm I'm lately disagreeing. It's my understanding that last week was the deadline to bid. Then and now they Morgan Stanley has extended the bidding. And it appears. With that extension. That Morgan Stanley. -- the family. Who were not happy with one point three and a family that wants to keep them -- about what the what are they want they want our money different business. -- Yes it is for them and I suppose. That they. Not just the fact that it was. Only that it was not a satisfactory bid I think probably they're looking you have with the clippers in LA two billion dollars plus Steve -- It's balked at best ability to put games. And the other thing is just. Well what NBA franchises are worth less in the that the the Dallas Cowboys are one of the most valued friend tries franchises in all sports. So a you know that's the fact that it's football doesn't change that put up a basket by the way the NBA this five billion a year. The NFL those nine billion a year almost double at -- Personally I don't care what the clippers brought him -- basketball. Well I still sports franchise I'm just saying that the family may have looked at that. And the NFL is worth more of the beat the franchises in the NFL typically would be worth more that's all my point. It was and that's sort of makes my point they want more money rather than. Do -- but Tbilisi in buffalo and there's another point we don't know what the but the movie will keep them in buffalo we just don't know who will do lack. While -- and what that one of the things you can do is have something. In writing that's iron -- that says that the team will be here in perpetuity. In a contract. The sale it would open could've done that in as well. Well no because he wouldn't -- had that he would have been able to make a purchase and sale agreement. Obviously after his passing the purchase and sale agreement now. As well that and it kept those sales hit and the pillows it would big contingent upon keeping them a couple of. That's that's true. He could've done that. And then rhetorically is as always. To me. I hope you can help me out with the answer to this I never understood. There's no other team in the that bleak. That plays in another country granted we're right across. The river from Toronto but. Why do you think mr. Wilson decided to. Have any of the games played in Toronto where we ended up having a losing losing season when they're up there. Part of that is because Roger Goodell would wanna expand. The NFL to Canada that's that's one of the reasons he has an interest in doing that. Line I'm wondering is there any wording and mr. Wilson has willed it says. You will keep the bill -- here and -- every member of my family dies or wording to that effect you know hanging. I have no obviously you and I have no idea very. -- -- Is meant an important point because it -- in the well. Then whoever I think it has to keep that in buffalo and in this whole conversation is -- Well that but the vet does that begs the question because the public has a right to chime in. Now obviously family the family can do to watch but the the public has a right. To express itself and say we want the team staying here we don't want an owner was the number of possibly move the team elsewhere. -- they are you carrying. Does this will say it they will stay here or does it say to the highest bidder and case throughout Iraq. My guess is that it's only -- that it doesn't state that they have to stay here because the family wouldn't be considering. Some of these offers that might move the team elsewhere. And then that gets me back to my point to that -- was offered one point three with C. Probable. Intention of keeping them in buffalo and that means that the Wilson family doesn't care about them stayed until buffalo they just want some more money. They opened up the two another deadline. Yeah but see my point. Is not. Oh what the family wants to do my point is for the fan base the fight to keep the team that's all I'm saying. Well that a fan base including me is gonna have to become Green Day. And own the team. Maybe admin then you know that mean -- the Green Bay Packers -- I mean I don't five shares of the Green Bay Packers. That's for you I'm jealous. Well five shares worth. About the paper it's for and -- but yeah but you know. That that brings me in my final statement is I'm tired. The owners make -- all the money. And the community. -- the all the money and then I was. And when it comes to push and shove them -- about to lose the team that the taxpayers have been paying for. Here's where we are. Caroline you're absolutely right the public has invested in this team both in terms of support and in terms of stadium upgrades. I mean that that's what's happened. Idea of what I'm just as a sports fan. I'm. My M come my mind is boggled by the fact that some people would say well let him go for the highest bid or -- the fifth the family can do that apparently they can. That's legally correct but I'm just talking about people here fighting to keep their football team. Have to I don't know if we can have a public initial public offering and we end up owning the team -- what I don't know that. But I find it sad that after all of the diehard fans going there for since 1965. In every single kind of weather. And weathered the blues scene and winning seasons that we're now in the position possibly. Losing the team is just frustrating to me. I agree with the completely and I thank you for the call we're gonna we're gonna come right back to more calls and -- issues to talk about as well. So stay right where you are and are glad to have you with us numbers to call 8030930. In buffalo local call. If you call and long distance toll free at 80616. WB ENN. And if you -- and had a cellphone started 930 Mike Siegel a good to have you with us for Tom -- in his radio 930 WB EN. And right now let's have traffic. Let's see what's happening here's -- -- Harris WBA and AccuWeather says this afternoon mostly sunny a high near 79. Tonight partly cloudy low about 64. Tuesday slight chance of showers thunderstorms as well afternoon. Partly sunny and a high near 76. So hang in there at 521 good to have you with us let's go to Jeff. Who's with a -- -- Mike -- for Tom hourly news radio 930 WB and hello there. Yes sir go right ahead. Okay I'm like some are wondering if you order. It's the first that line we're all -- letters column in what some say. There epic. Actual. Data on the scene this point one while I make sure everybody an actual dollar bank actually important it's the -- so. Dog and pony -- What mark and it was a by the but they are here to tell what you that outside and so. There is second proper knowledge they all are the -- the actual voters weren't that the -- -- and offers. A dual may have been a number. As an attachment to. It's yeah the -- Excited. That's all he may have. The next product next Atlanta actual come up with a price that. In them -- also about. Can do that oh yeah that -- won't let that happen anymore. Green Bay Packers they'll go 01 time and that that's that's no longer. You know available to them. -- -- old -- at some point -- not. Not an option but -- Eat the thing that bothers me is the letter that I'm obese. If you about routers. Are such a situation. Area. And I mean they're not saying. Nothing would ban them. To have seen impossible. We don't use routers situations really at the united states golf and -- Just a perfect sense and they try to get this team. Situated. In the travel marketplace. That's got to either all this don't even think he's written. And let me tell you something -- my opinion strictly an opinion. I think that the Rogers. Family. And the -- communications company. And the Rogers Centre where the Toronto Blue Jays play. Are putting this together with -- American face a well known public entertainment personality. Who does own. A football team. And and the indoor football. And I I think what they're trying to do. Because they know they get greater resistance if they came directly and the by the team from Canada that the putting him up there as the face. Bon Jovi and then. Later on down the road move the team to Canada look at it's I it's obvious. Because they've got the Rogers senator. I mean why wouldn't they use that facility and it has a roof. Why wouldn't -- use that facility for football in the wintertime when the blue jays aren't playing I mean it would just give them greater use of the same facility. -- be no cost for stadium. They get this thing at a bargain basement price basically. Dagger -- I think. Think you're you're setup right. So that's what that's what -- that's what their ultimate goal is and the lateral agree with Chuck Schumer about a month most anything. I think he's right to fight for keeping the team in buffalo and I think. The goal is predictably more likely to keep the team here he's got the sabres. And the Golisano would keep the team here if you were reported to bid. I I just think that Donald Trump would that would no doubt keep the team here to new Yorker he can't bring the team to new York New Jersey they already have teams. I think could trump would keep the building about trump would be. He -- numbers crunching that he might not spend the money the way George Steinbrenner did with the Yankees to make a great team he would he would be a -- Clinton may be with the team. And you're there I think also I think the other album that really is. Difficult out there like. Yeah MLB -- NHL and there's there's there's. The government. -- they're on an -- about the public early vote where the sheen's move. Well I hope they do right -- Is so the order partners while it is. So crystal clear that they want to stay in. -- -- they are -- Merry little miniature. And Morgan Stanley and saying you know this is the wage. Let's really look it's the -- team and make it is. It -- also so they can make you know these states are all about and I wish which that are right. Check. Well I. Or. I'm -- I appreciate the call thank you for Jeff I'm not certain. About Roger Goodell. That commissioner wants to move up north. I think he probably was very encouraging of Ralph Wilson the play some games in Toronto. And I think that's what that's what happened with the London. Goodell sent. That and the players all of that they have the portal London play football game. And really if you listen to the fans I mean there's there's no real passion about it any more than the wasn't Toronto. So I I don't I don't by the idea that Goodell once keep the team in buffalo I think he would be perfectly amenable. -- of moving golf course it would have to be the the owners. Who would decide and vote on that OK glad to get your calls wouldn't come back with other issues as well our number to call. Locally. And it WB EN radio is 8030930. Toll free 80616. WB EM start 930 on a cell phone Mike -- for Tom Bauerle. It is reunited thirty WB and we've got lots more coming one thing I'm gonna raise with few. Should a parent. Be able to leave a child and infant in a car. When it's ninety -- 95 and 99 degrees. Causing the possible or actual death. Of that child because they forgot the child was there will get to that next Mike -- do you stay with us. Welcome back and folks nice to be with the all of you as. Time flies when you have a good time great conversations. On this program this was not going to be so. Inspiring if you will it's going to be very -- troubling. At 537 Mike -- for Tom Bauerle in his radio 930 WB -- And as you get the out of instinct to wanna give us a call you know the numbers. 8030930. Locally. Cell phone star 930. Told free outside -- local area 80616. WBE and and what are -- to share with you something that too many times over the years I've been in this business I've had to cover these stories. And they should never happen. But they do more than they should probably two dozen times. I've had to cover this kind of story. And now there's more than one unfortunately we go to Lafayette Louisiana. An eleven month old baby. From Lafayette is now dead. Why. Because the baby was left inside a hot car. According to sheriff's deputies. The baby was brought to the women's and Children's Hospital. In Lafayette on Monday. Today. Where was pronounced dead. Now the case is still under investigation. The names of the parents of the baby of not been released. And of course today. In Lafayette Louisiana. The high temperature was 99. Degrees. Here's an eleven month old baby left inside of a car. A locked car nobody saw the baby in the car passing by. That baby is now dead. You have to ask yourself the question. Should this be involuntary manslaughter as a charge against the parent for the criminal negligence of leaving an infant. Inside a car. In 99 degrees. As I said I've covered many of these stories over the years parents who forget the child was even in the car. And in this case number two from Slidell Louisiana I don't know why Louisiana. Seems to be the hotbed of these problems. What the parents are irresponsible Louisiana I don't know. But in Slidell. Another parent is accused of leaving a baby inside a hot -- car. Fortunately the child was rescued because there was a passer by. Who saw this baby in the car. Five weeks old. And called 911. And the police came by. Use -- Equipment. To open up the car to get the baby to get it to the hospital. And it would have been very short order. That that -- would have been dead as well except they were able to revive this may be units back to normal the car was parked in the parking lot of a strip mall. The baby was in the car for over half hour before being rescued. They officer broke into the car. Inside the car. Inside the car the temperature had reached at least. 130. Degrees. The baby was on responsive and sweating. And as I said they rushed the baby to a hospital made a full recovery. And the woman the mother. Saw the police surrounding her car. She ran out and shocked she even -- why the police were there. She said she dropped her children off there the children at a friend's house forgot to leave the baby would then. Forgot. A human being. -- baby who she gave birth to she forgot. To leave the baby with the other family who had a their children. So she's been charged with cruelty. And another charge about failing to appear for -- -- regarding Warren. But the cruelty charges that the child cruelty is the one. In this case so my simple question. What do you do about these parents. I wanna hear from women for mothers who have young children or infants. You women out there. What's your response to this what should be done about a mother who leaves a baby in a hot car. One dies one nearly dies and there have been many other cases of this kind the other element of the story. Is I had an equal number of cases where people leave their pets. Their dog to their cats inside of a hot car. Hundred degrees 12030. Degrees. They leave their pets in the car now interestingly enough. And these cases verified this. Typically. When a pet is in a car and a passer by sees the pet sweltering in the heat and a locked car they'll break the window. But when it comes to an infant they will not break the window they'll call 911. And I try to figure out why would that happen. And the only reason I can think of is that the person doesn't wanna be arrested for trying to -- gone with the baby. That in fact. If they break the window in the car. It's gonna apparently -- wanna take the baby from the car as well as you know we have case after case of people kidnapping young children. For one reason or another for trafficking for resale whatever. So I wanna get your thoughts about this you mothers particularly. What would you feel is the proper punishment if any for a mother who leaves their infant child in a car. In 99 degrees of 230 degrees forgets about it didn't realize that left them there even if they didn't know and and consciously do it. Which apparently they did it just simply negligence. What should be done about that parent. That does that to a child did you ever imagine doing that two year old child and of course. I'm sure that. Overwhelmingly the answer is no but these cases happen more often they shoot 8030930. 80616. WB EM start 930 on cellphones Mike Hsu overtime Bauerle. Let's get your calls I want to hear from you folks about this tragic circumstance. -- -- child is dead. The other child almost died Mike -- for Tom Bauerle in his radio 930 WBE and your calls are next at 543. Welcome back and folks that -- what do you Mike -- and for Tom Bauerle news radio 930 WB EN. The voice of buffalo. And yes let's keep the Buffalo Bills here I cannot imagine. Living and it was -- -- back he calls the question. We have two cases now both coming out of Louisiana could be anywhere. One in Slidell one in Lafayette. Where mothers left their babies. In oppressively hot cars locked in the vehicles. In one case a passer by saw the baby. Wound up calling 911 the police come by use their equipment to get the car open get the baby to a hospital they save it just before dying literally. In the other case no such luck nobody came by and saw the baby in the car and the baby dies of course of -- pet lover is see the same thing happening. With pets being left in hot cars. And wind up in them. Terrible condition or passing away based on the oppressive heat. What do we do about people should a parent who does that beat prohibited from having guardianship of that baby ever again. Let's start with Debra in Cheektowaga -- -- Mike -- for Tom -- news radio 930 WB -- hello there. How are you I'm I'm fine thanks. I don't know I agree that there aren't that loop. That -- -- -- child and that particular. I'd much else -- I had never worked in an hour a bike and clean the outside and hamburger. Understand how they could not know that. And -- by that a -- may totally. Well I mean any mother. Any normal mother. Would have to be. Absolutely astonished. At this happening. With a mother leaving it and both Casey -- the model wasn't the father was the mother who left these babies in their cars and typically that's who it is as the mother over the years and I've done these stories. It's always the mother. I can't imagine. Why that could happen and the other question is as you point out whether in fact that parent should ever be allowed again to have guardianship of that baby. I don't think so I really don't aren't invited me. But you know for nine months and then. You met him. And how you. Do you have children. I have I have one son I didn't carry debt Ortiz and I had my wants and that's what victory. God bless you and how all the -- When he was. 55 weeks old six months old nine months old eleven months old could you ever imagine living -- that cut car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't have been longer community and their children. And to carry more weight and say oh I forgot how do you think it child. To -- -- criminal act. I think it is and I think it you know I think. I'm not I'm a little extreme. You know I mean you know you shouldn't you not want not what we -- -- -- Well when you when you have. And the the U legal guardianship of the child as the natural parent or or even as an adoptive parent and really matter. But if you have the legal guardianship of that child. You have a huge responsibility. You know it did that the ironic part of this it's very easy to have children. It's very difficult to raise them. To -- them carrying it I would that hearing and well is easiest part. Welcome master and the hardest part. And there weren't any there aren't any requirements of society. About either taking the class to know how to raise a child or about. And having some system. Where a parent of a prospective parent has to know what responsibilities are. Right and I think even. As well ill prepared for no mothers and mainly are shaking baby don't do this don't you don't do that. Iron and held a public yeah. And this big huge. Contract required and we'll put out -- -- when my -- You know once. That a program. -- the same subject to a woman. Called in and said you know I can't imagine this she's she actually said. I lost track of my child for fifteen seconds. And panicked beyond belief in the of course he was in the car safe and sound but that was fifteen seconds. Amazing -- only needs babies in these cars. Or an hour or more. I know what I mean you are quite important and I'm like where is he. Can't find them. Well I appreciate how they do that Debra appreciate all in Asia account that -- get away. And I think that they kidnapped killed in an excellent. I appreciate caller thank you it's that opposition but it's understandable what do you folks -- She points out. That if you in fact. Jeopardize the life of your child or your child dies as in the one case in Lafayette Louisiana. That you should be denied guardianship of children. Because of that demonstration of your responsibilities that is that the case do you think that people parents mothers should lose guardianship of their children. Because of this. Really abominable negligence. It really who rises to the level -- false the level of criminal negligence. And in the case of a death you can make the case it's involuntarily involuntary manslaughter. Because you didn't intend for the person to die but your behavior caused the person to die. So -- parent of a child with your mother. Can you envision this and would you agree would Deborah. That there ought to be a taking away of the right to have that child. If you do this sort of thing. In the case of the woman Slidell Louisiana -- the baby lived should she still have custody of that child. I say no. She demonstrated. Such a level of recklessness. That she caused the child's death. Other than the fact that somebody capital walked by and see the baby in the car and called 911 of was that baby would be dead today. Are numbered glad to have you what it's 8030930. Locally if you calling long distance 80616. WB EN told free. Started 930 on cellphones glad to get your calls comments reactions. Should a mother. Who leaves a baby in a car. Where there is oppressive heat. In these two cases it was 99 degrees and then said -- OK -- 130 degrees the baby died. Should those parents be severely criminally prosecuted. And should they lose. They're guardianship of their children Mike -- and for Tom -- good to have you what does he calls an exit news radio 930 WB EN.

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