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8-4 Mike Siegel Hour 2

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back -- folks our number two Mike -- and for Tom -- today good to have you with us and news radio 930 WB and for all eight in the afternoon and as we go along and and you wanna get in on this conversation. Because is going to be about something that is near and -- To the people buffalo and it should remain that. It is but -- common you know and talking about and that is the issue of the bills. Staying. Right where they are I mean what a great legacy of history this team as I cannot imagine. Buffalo without the bills are number as we go along is 8030930. Locally. If you calling from outside the local area toll free 80616. WBE and and cell phones are star 930. And as you well know. Jon Bon Jovi is the face of a group basically Canadian. Talking about the people connected with the Rogers group Rogers family. And they are certainly interested. In buying this team now you all know. Jon Bon Jovi has put out a statement a letter basically. And part of what his letter says is this. Our objective is simple. To carry on the legacy of Ralph Wilson and make the -- successfully in buffalo. As Jon Bon Jovi in his letter to the public of buffalo goes on to say we are committed to working with the state city county -- business community. To identify the best possible side in the buffalo area for a new stadium. And he says -- to develop and implement a plan to finance and all the state of the art NFL stadium for the loyal bill fans. And what I for firstly im gonna say. He's just develop and implement a plan. The finance and build the stadium he didn't say he's gonna pay for a -- He said to develop and implement a plan to finance and build a state of the art NFL stadium. So there's no war in there Rory says he's gonna pay for the stadium. So what's gonna happen is the public's gonna wind the bond of Jon Bon Jovi he's proposal public's gonna pay for the stadium. And so he can then walk. And take the team the Toronto. At some point down the road and not have been a financial cost attached to. Because it wouldn't be coming out of his pocket he's not saying he's gonna pay for I emphasize that point. He goes -- to say building a winner on and off the field will be job one. And I intend to spend as much time on the ground in buffalo as needed to accomplish that goal. Well that doesn't mean the team stays in buffalo mean to -- what's gold winner he could build -- in Toronto just as well as building it in buffalo couldn't. That he says -- -- what you -- -- this for me. I'm not risking it all to let you down. If we're given the chance to be next owners of the Buffalo Bills I promise you we will bring the same passion that you do every Sunday. Every day. What you can being Pratt bring passion in Toronto too good enough to be in buffalo so the letter is nebulous. And I'm not sure that anyone should really trust that -- matter of fact there is a group as you know the buffalo fan alliance. That opposes. His proposal to buy the team. And they. Say this in their response. The letter I just read to you. They say in the interest of all bills fans we appreciate by Adobe's recent public statement would like to believe his group is committed. To -- the team remain in buffalo for generations to come. They don't want to say however. Given the make up of his group and some of the recent information has come to light regarding their site selection process for a new stadium however. Will remain highly skeptical of the Bon Jovi is group's intention. While we appreciate his sentiment. It's worth noting that nowhere in his letter does he write or directly state or legally commit his group had not moving the bills from buffalo. -- -- That will be my point. And look we all know that this group Bon Jovi is group has its roots and business commitments in Toronto as I mentioned. And they have basically in that tangible Lee and unequivocally. According to the buffalo -- alliance demonstrate to bill's fans everywhere the group's commitment to Western New York. Before this community in this fan base will believe their intentions. And a -- short of formal action will be viewed as nothing more than rhetoric. What is senator chuck she. -- have to say let's hear him now. Generations to come. And that is the I actually I don't often agree with senator Schumer. But I do there. If there is no question. That there needs to be. An absolute. Clear statement. About keeping the team here now I would ask you as we discuss this. There are other groups obviously involved Donald Trump's making an offer and we -- the Buffalo Sabres. Is making an offer. People local roots people who are. Presumably more committed to this area then is. The Jon Bon Jovi group which of course comes from. The north part of this region. In another country and Canada. And so I look at your comments about that Terry Google and his wife of course. Owners of the sabres. Talking about that have made it a proposal to buy the team. There's an -- with a track record already here. There's more comfort with that is in there. I'd love to get your comments at 80309380616. WB and -- start 930. On cell -- -- -- have you with us and Steve in Lan -- year old Mike -- Tom -- at news radio 930 WB -- good afternoon to you. Yet and I don't go. I got to carry it started right and I disagree with you guys -- this that a little bit. It's all that in one point three billion dollars and the team. I'm not gonna have Chuck Schumer -- -- you do it. I mean if the team you what's the team state air then either he got the thing where. I guess another in other cities see the people bought stock in the company Europe summit -- there -- other ballots he'd keep -- -- place. But it seemed like we want our -- haven't executable and Canada. You don't -- trump could have been enough but these guys these guys that put their audience like nobody else's and I don't see where anybody else. Has any authority to tell them what they can do with thirteen what they -- -- they -- it. While the state of Ralph Wilson has the authority. Do you think Ralph Wilson would have many. Any room for moving this team out of buffalo. Do you think he would -- think it. Absolutely not and abruptly. No not route but it's no longer route -- -- and they don't want to see commercial entities. I understand what they can sell it to a group -- about highly profitable sale. Two group that's gonna keep it in buffalo mean that's what. Lot you know committing up -- one point 31 point three sure that's opening article keep the air box while. I don't care communicate one point nine billion dollars where it -- -- Well look up I'll give you -- give me an analogy. The Seattle Seahawks. Were wrong with a they've -- the Ken bearing the owner had trucks taking all of their equipment and stuff. In the middle of the night down to LA he was gonna move the team to Los Angeles before even had approval. And have at that point. There was a big public outcry so Paul Allen. Stepped up and bought the team and of course now they're Super Bowl champs the rest is history. He's a great owner puts the money and that's needed them to make a winning team. Hired a great coach great general manager and and that was done there why couldn't be the same here with somebody with the financial ability to buy the team that would Paul Allen -- in Seattle. But again it's a business would you care to locate that business. Think it's purified and make money if they make money it I didn't have a lot of internal such Toronto like he has put it might -- increase the amount of money for this game. Because they don't have -- Well local guys here -- the hasn't been sick for a. -- this -- more than that I have to disagree that it's more than that a Major League franchise. Is absolutely huge there's only a limited number. At this 32 franchises. Thirty baseball Major League franchises. Any community that would be willing to allow a team to leave. Is is really. Undermining itself I mean a Major League team is should be cherished it should be embraced that should be a lot of. Sure he's been in this taking the so what can you make -- -- BT thirteen here because of Donald. Where burglar Ernie or aren't really I think paint it's not accumulate -- -- much -- thirteen they only they can do what they want it. While I don't listen we'll just after -- it's good point I appreciate the call I suppose you folks out there might have a response to that that should the new owner. First of -- first question. Should the family of Ralph Wilson just take the highest bid even if it's Jon Bon Jovi and there's the possibility he's gonna move that team. Say in seven years to Canada to Toronto. Should they stay or should they do that take the highest bid or. Should they take a price. That might be a little bit less but still over a billion dollars no matter what. Should they take a price that's a little lower with the assurance that the team is gonna stay in buffalo what would you say to Ralph Wilson's family. If you were giving them advice about this how important are the bills the buffalo this guy right doesn't matter. -- to the highest bidder and he takes the team of Bon Jovi take -- Toronto so be it and then a buffalo loses. It's what I think at least as a cherished. Part of its culture its football team and there have been a lot of -- reactions to this as well mean Andre reed. Said you might as well just throw the whole city into the Niagara Falls if this winds up being a sale to. Bon Jovi and the team goes to Canada it it it needs to be protected it's more than just the business. A Major League franchise a mightily franchise is part of a community. And it is important in my view and I'm a big sports fan so perhaps that's part of my thought but look if you have a world class opera. And they're running out of money does the local community. Coffers help to pay for that staying in business if we have a world class. Theater. Program in your community. Give a world class. Major League NFL team don't you think it's the same thing that you do what you have to do to protect and keep it. That's just the bottom line and I don't think in any case. That. What are your football fan or not. But the people -- buffalo should. Sit back and you on and what this team potentially. Leave. Now that's not absolute but it Schumer said it is possible. And there's no assurance. As the group pointed out the buffalo fans who oppose selling at the Bon Jovi they clearly made the point. That there's no assurance in his statement that the team would not be moved to be ironclad. Case closed period. Meantime -- that -- what is coming up out of fort forty Mike Siegel for Tom buy hourly news radio 930 WB he had our number. Let's hear from you about the bills should Bon Jovi. Be given the opportunity to buy the team 8030930. That's locally. Long distance told -- is 80616. WB EN. And start 930 on cellphones nice to have you here. Good to have you what is your calls -- next that is ready at 930 WB and in the meantime now traffic here's Alan Harris. And right now we had a few things going on ninety westbound -- as both holes so -- backed up there. When Andy North of the south Grand Island bridge. We have a back up there also the one I mean north up at the North Korean island -- to disable vehicle in the right lane. We had a bad accident Walden in Harlem earlier -- may still be investigating. And let's check whether as we have come back to the program Mike -- and for Tom -- this afternoon mostly sunny. High near 79 -- WB Ian AccuWeather tonight partly cloudy a low around 64. Tuesday slight chance of showers and thunderstorms afternoon to watch -- bring the umbrella. Partly sunny a high near 76. As we get back into the conversation. And I don't know maybe maybe there's not that I've I've watched. Bills games over the years. There's a great legacy Jack Kemp. And though all of the great the -- teams of the past. I would think that the people of this community want this team no matter what. And -- somebody to buy it was gonna keep it here and certainly if Tom Golisano gets into the bidding he would keep the team here Terry Google obviously is gonna keep the team here. Donald Trump who knows which is another question. Does somebody want Donald Trump buying the team. When his. Approach to business is strictly the bottom line one of the things to recognize about. Owning a sports franchise. Is yet to business decision but there's also got to be some passion. There's also got to be some commitment some understanding of how important a sports franchises. If it's just clinically bought. As a bottom line business and use the numbers crunchers to run the team. That you're not going to be able to do what you need to do. Because you need to have the ability. To have players who are going to be successful and in the end the better the team the more the revenue is going to be anyway. Let's go to Scott in buffalo Scott you're -- with Mike Siegel for Tom hourly news radio 930 WB and hello. I don't good. -- won't say if the -- -- family very well enough money isn't as it it is an art and -- And that there really truly. Buffalo which they seem to be you know they've been through. What it won't matter. I -- -- -- out of town -- what but it came out what they just don't want whoever. It's gonna keep skiing here where you know take until we out of the equation and just people are out. You know he he got that from Arctic air so that we want the -- about who conducting. What is that I think you're right that's my view of and look. Let's say if they got I I don't know what the numbers would be there's pockets one point three billion that the team is worth. We know the Los Angeles Clippers just sold for two billion plus. From that the -- situation out there but. Look at the team is at one point three billion let's say. Perry who offered one point one billion. I mean how are are we talking about the fact that the you getting a one point one instead of one point three but be assured that the team stays here. So I don't know if that's the case I'm just making the point. That the family could certainly make a fortune in any case no matter what they sell -- to. But at least give the people of this community a thank you for all the years of support of this football team. They've gone through some tough times in the fans have still been supportive down through the years haven't thing. Exactly and our team is our team as well we -- know we got the sabres know he got I but I'm. Our nation you know and if you keep Tbilisi you know maybe Ralph Wilson and weakened and realize that you know and if there's one point three year one point four you know what -- what they noted differences maybe they can just go look a little bit is already know I was gonna spam buffalo. Let Leo thank you for calling it one more quick one and here Linda in south buffalo Euro Mike Siegel Tom Bauerle. Who's ready at 930 WB and hello there. You lose I don't -- hang -- and so are the problem. I'm. I can't attracts you about on the bills and Tom Cruise ship packaging. I'll say but still you know it should be somebody that we know is true that the -- area like Kerry put a lot. We've -- -- -- around nearly nine in all they have bill paying and stuff like that and and what this favors. You know that this man is very committed to the area is that that it -- fifteen angle you know anywhere. I. I really I and I appreciate the point thank you for calling -- great. You know yeah somebody is gonna keep the team here would be the first prerequisites. And you're gonna get. What that the differences in the bids are probably going to be very minimal. So I would hope that the Wilson family would just looked Ralph Wilson I cannot imagine. With the I cannot -- icon that he was. In the National Football League I cannot imagine he would ever want this team sold will group that might move with the Toronto morning place cells are at the number to call. Right here -- -- it which calls comments thoughts and reactions on whether the team should be sold to Jon Bon Jovi and his group 8030930. That's locally. 80616. WB until free start 930 on cellphones Mike Siegel at the time -- -- news radio 930 WBE and. Well there's the NFL -- ladies and gentlemen nice to have you -- -- Mike Siegel and for Tom -- good afternoon to you. Lots to talk about we'll get right to it coming up for 32. And news radio 930 WB -- Before we get back to the calls on the question of whether Jon Bon Jovi should be the buyer. Of your Buffalo Bills. Let's clear cut number two from senator Chuck Schumer who is concerned about this. I am still confident I believe that we have a lot of tools in our tool kit to keep the bills in buffalo I'm meeting. With the NFL this week I've been on the phone talking to prospective buyers and others. And the -- understands. The importance I think of keeping up. That is senator Schumer. He wants to keep the team here clearly it's his in his political interest to do so I think the people buffalo. Will be average of it and try to do that. And I can tell you. That cities where teams have left good example the Seattle SuperSonics leaving to go to Oklahoma City becoming the thunder. And a world class NBA team. Ask anybody in Seattle about what it meant to lose that team after over forty years of a legacy -- that team. And of course the bills have been around here forever. It's unthinkable. That they would leave our let's go to your calls and happy to have you what is -- 030930. Locally. 80616. WB Ian told free. Or start 930 on a cell -- as we start with bill and Buffalo -- -- rival Mike -- for Tom -- good afternoon with the BB -- I'm Mike Honda has I don't and a carrier hear everybody being very generous with somebody else's money. I can't I can't tell and I'm glad that they should really take less money and give it to a local older. You know if there is sure how you were at your house for sale. Won't say I'll take that third lowest because they seem like nice people I don't think it's hysterical that. So we go by and other people who aren't inflated it's not occurred at a community. I mean well well well well well under here and seemed you know and what he had a problem that. While but he kept the team here but let me ask you this question. I -- the first point is. From a from a business point of view I'd agree completely the family has the right to sell this team to anybody they want. Isn't there -- In terms of the culture of this community. And in the terms of the commitment that this team has been to this community the support for the team is and there are some. Call it a moral obligation that this family has to make sure the team stays here. I think you're soccer you believe that they are about this that about -- This is via about printing money. They're certainly not to do it the feeling of the people involved well you're you know. -- this all about. Make the most money here that your. Well are you duels then. I am -- -- and I enjoy it I don't I mean I'm I'm about what bill I'm a guy. I think when you it's sort of -- this. You perspective of the that -- world knocking them other than trying to get the best you know you don't record in New York City are concerned about the awful connection. There can. That they feel pretty -- the close of business or become candidate why you bet they want more money. Yeah about there's no question about that they're detached from this they're just and they should be amiss with the Stanley Morgan is just there. To take all the bids and make the recommendation to the family that's all they're there to do. -- so they have no personal stake in this I -- I'm -- you were to do the right thing well well. You gotta conquer -- and when you start that the Chuck Schumer -- appropriate. Like another that would you know pushing away the other way to get he. This is all about getting old is structure -- interviewing. What -- what -- -- just -- your leaders spot for. I am I'm talking to all owners that there ought to either people thought about it what a joke. Even in bulk and the city. Well -- say listen you can you can -- -- and I'll tell you senator Slade Gordon in Washington State save the Seattle Mariners from going to Tampa. He went to Japan. And he talked to misty -- -- about buying the team and you and the guy said listen I don't want a baseball team but I'll by the team to keep it in Seattle because. Nintendo his company was based in Redmond same places Microsoft. Washington and that I as a thank you to the people of Washington State for their support for Nintendo are by the team -- paid about a 125 million I think made -- he made out very well but the bottom line is. That that he bought the team to keep it there he never went to a game of his life. But he I think is that there -- -- because it was a good there's. He bought it wasn't a good business decision for him and senator -- in that state did go an advocate sports I think you're at -- -- that the template is already there I think you're wrong. -- all of I don't like sure earning more than you do. I think you're totally correct about is. Being 88 journalistic. Of them a prostitute -- -- a gun ban them TV and radio and every -- I agree with that but if he can be used. The -- of the bill sales I'm not a bills fan to be honest about it but I can't imagine a buffalo allowing the team believe. Decision at the bottom line and no one seemed to understand that. It's not our decision it's not a. Well I listened of course is not technically and and and legally from a business point of view but the but the public has a right to China and and they did that in the case. And in Washington State with the Mariners and and they still don't -- the team was ready to move the ownership actually said. We're done it's over. And then somehow they put together a deal for a stadium and they put together a deal for the team to be bought. And that's saved the team from being from being sent to Tampa now of course Tampa Bay -- happens later. And they got a team anyway fortunately in Tampa but. I don't know I don't agree with the I don't think I think there is a certain obligation when he -- sports franchise the Nordstrom family. Had bought the Seahawks that they would move prior to. A Paul Allen buying them and the Nordstrom's or based and in Seattle I I I can't imagine. Anybody want one and if you wanna say. That from a legal and technical. And business point of view yeah. The team. Ownership has a right to sell to anybody that's qualified to by the team and they can take the highest bid. But do you think that there's any further consideration. That it ownership group should have. Based on the fact that that ownership group is gonna keep the team. In Seattle at an excuse me as they didn't -- in in buffalo are number to call is 808030930. -- 930 on a cell phone 80616. WBE. And and let's go back -- -- calls with John in Akron giant Iran -- Mike -- and for Tom -- at no news radio 930 WB and good afternoon. I think that that just don't know because. -- not comparable until. He and Z. And it's an important what you want to -- because ultimately. The poster boy he's not really. A majority expect as far as money goes what what's gonna happen if she does happen to outbid anybody but if I happen. And it. Well I know it brought well prior -- and I know I'll -- As a cop didn't hear there what -- somebody that they. But I may not want to hurt anybody from the believes sports that are or the until we cannot. What Rockwell and Holler and straighten up front -- what the -- on MySpace wanna play until we just poaching property and and at that so much -- are -- and it would literally it would. I don't want to follow up at a period but I know that Maury Allen at all what you are the blue collar town was just terrible I know. And I agree we didn't at that surprises me that listen of course it's correct that they consult anybody they want that's qualified. But what. It's more than that this is not just a -- a bank moving its corporate office someplace else. This is not. Some corporate entity taking its headquarters someplace else. I mean this is a totally different situation -- having I guess some people don't understand the magnitude of having a Major League sports franchise. Two goal late and there is in my opinion eighty at some kind of obligation not legal. But may be moral may be community obligation to make sure that the that a franchise stays where it is and I'm -- -- Know you've -- finish your point. I absolutely and that's that they did the -- At the camera didn't have a fan base and then have the crowd that go to dependence on our record is terrible okay jackets say OK maybe it's -- that -- in the ground. -- new change of -- work but this has been around here forever. The fans have been around here forever well well loved the area and -- problem here and look how he's done for the area. He and he made the commitment. And and I'm just making the point that his family. Lot of take that legacy that he left. And keep the commitment. By keeping the team here with -- -- -- that will keep the team look. -- the rules gonna keep the team here obviously. Would trump I don't know. I suppose he what is in New York are not going to be able to move the team. Obviously you Wear the jets and giants play a downstate. So you know and but would would you know you want an owner -- also that's going to be willing. To cough up the that the of the money that's needed to create a great team. I mean. So -- so connecting you know I had to bet is that everybody's single component or come and there are going to be -- -- it. You know let's quick -- expressed such -- picture of it in here and they'll -- look whoever -- go column now. I appreciate the point I thank you and I'm I'm and it's intriguing to me that the several people called. Really living it up to the owners without the public having any input that the markets although they want. Yes they can but shouldn't the people of this community fight to keep the bills here. That would be my thought. Number to call you wanna respond all of that is in the local calling area 8030930. Calling long distance toll free at 80616. WBE and the -- -- -- cellphone star 930. Mike Siegel for Tom -- good to have you whether it's at a news radio 930 WBE and your calls are next. Our folks here we are good to have you what is Mike Siegel and -- Tom -- date news radio 930 WB yet. Joseph and I were just talking off the he's a fanatical sports fan. But make some great points about the economic impact of the bills being in this area and the jeopardy that would be of John. Bon Jovi -- his and his group for the new owners a joke there's a huge economic impact of this team and there. It exactly means you you look around. Like I I don't say they're on the arena are inaugurated he stadium there's a lot of bars established there they've been around for awhile they bank on. Really the ten games you got to pre season games and now the eighteen to have this year. They think that revenue you take that way it'll be just like the bars like more c.s and on bench warmer downtown closed. When NHL what -- for half -- season and that's downtown. And now without what about the jobs inside the stadium yet those are those are wiped out those people usually you know all sort of -- -- that's our by at baseball games but those jobs are gone nine died at the hotels -- -- the area will probably. But do those who -- go because they date on the way teams coming in and -- Like the end -- that the millennium and on by the gallery of the bill stayed there the night before home games that's gonna lose them a lot of business. In the other thing too is that if you move attain. You're moving the corporate jobs as well meant a lot of people working inside and administration and other areas for the team ticket sales all of that but go away. Exactly and your -- in the -- the Toronto which really means trying to really need the extra. When you look at the economy of trying to. They don't really need the bills and they've proven it can't support a video support and a look at the last few games the bills have played in Toronto -- it's been a mixed crowd and last year they had under 30000 people. -- game that actually still -- somebody if you look at the standings the bills are still the play and a playoff chase if they had won that game and one out they weren't they -- made the wildcard. So -- I was gonna say yeah. He only those look at the blue jays. I mean they're games there when you could you could be here the echo of the nine fans in the ballpark exactly -- their fears that is the -- -- it was like a home -- the -- which is pretty sad. Because question York's hotbed of Mets fans. Well and of the bottom line though is that there's a big economic effectiveness was gonna come back to your calls and good to have you this -- -- some great comments there in 030930. As the local number 80616 WB and and start 930 on cellphones in the meantime. Let's do this right now back to your calls traffic with Alan Harris he was having on the roads and WBN AccuWeather this afternoon mostly sunny a 179. Tonight -- -- partly cloudy low about 64. Tuesday slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after the noon time hour partly sunny with a high near 76. So have your brawler ready for tomorrow in the meantime let's get right back to your calls comments and reactions to the situation. Regarding this. Very troubling possibility in my view Jon Bon Jovi being the new owner with his group in Toronto. Of the Buffalo Bills starting with Geraldo in need and probably our -- Mike Siegel for Tom -- news radio 930 WB -- hello. I. I guess I'm a little I'm regarding. Whether the citizens of New York. Has an interest in. The goals. Staying here -- Obama one question I haven't got some curious and all. What would be the value. Of the dollars taxpayers spent. Keeping the Belcher Robert stadium operates and -- board. That's a good question. Because that that was done with the public. And it's that's money that has come out of the public coffers. And you're absolutely right. That there's been a financial commitment by this community. -- but that the bigger question. Is whether a team that has long history that the bills have had here whether the community. Should do all it can't keep them here. Or whether. They should just let the as some call -- suggested that the process take its course whoever offers the most money. But the take the team and if they wanna move to Toronto Soviet view which would which way do you look at this. Well -- that would the last caller. Who cares about what people say but I'm. You know I start thinking all the money that we spent in the past decades. Of keeping the bills here and Shannon's and upgrades that Eddie in just a 115 million dollars recently. -- -- -- -- That's a lot of money in. The -- And -- public money. Public money money and we're looking. Substantial amount. One in the -- Republican buffalo has a stake in this team look at that if the public -- appreciate the call and thank you -- although if the if the if the people didn't go to the games. The team would not be here would be meaningless. Obviously the ownership. Has been able to keep that and look Ralph Wilson was pretty good running the team now some people say was just skin Flint. Than spend the money could have but he kept the team solvent kept the team survivable. At some great years as well. But in the meantime the team is still here and deserves to be here in my view. Let's go to Mike got a cellphone -- -- Mike -- for Tom buy hourly news radio 930 WB Ian hello. -- Actually adjustable expound a little bit of the only I didn't agree with if you callers and they acted. In -- financially impact on the area. And it really. For the earth topic everything instead of everybody. -- Strictly on the ball -- That Arnold this -- -- my position a lot in the polls but it's so it's -- -- fourteen. Going out there. And that's. Well but I the -- I made though I got a might mention the fact that the blue jays. Get very lukewarm support there -- nights. When you go to Rogers center to watch -- Toronto Blue Jays game and then you'll you're probably gonna get a foul ball because there's nobody else there to get one. And I guess I would I would just state that heated baseball and football and it -- like apple and arduous switchboards possibly. I don't know I don't couldn't you know -- and -- -- -- -- understand and maybe since you -- to argue that the learned there as a powerful Balkans you'd have a better product and you know. Any baseball does does it it's apparently a country -- -- him -- and now. All that in and out hanging regarding outlook our old cars and this opportunity problem with the problem but. He can put forward so that the people really know exactly and older in the past ten years to see what economic impact positively. I would've shortened. The taxpayers and they are all a lot of money or this game or how it would negatively. Just. Currently -- thing was bad mix well I probably won't want you the tape you know which it hit it's an objection it's okay. Your your photos the photos kind of cutting out there but I got your point and and I think -- -- the economic impact on the community we just were talking about and -- was mentioning. All of the businesses around the stadium they certainly do well. And depend on these eight to ten games a year did a regular season into. Pre season games you're talking about employees who work at the stadium also worked for the sabres or the -- but work at the stadium. As vendors. You're talking about administrative people you're talking about the actual staff. A marketing public relations bookkeeping. Administrative all of the people working for the team in their offices. You lose all of those jobs that's a downturn on the economy here but look the -- already been spent. On the stadium's upgrades so it seems to me that it's a no brainer. Not -- what it was you mentioned -- actually full line and we supported jobs vs. -- Well they leave the administrative jobs are and and the jobs the full time jobs for working directly for the team mark but I wouldn't wanna insult the veterans say that. It's not as a good job of supporting job I mean and they're out their -- their helps make -- of trying to make a living. Would not say that either I -- -- their butt -- we're just talking about economic peace it's sustainable for the area that's gonna allow at least the rise. -- -- And it's fluctuate money being spent you know it's much money out of people's pockets are -- value to come here it's without the all of it. Or get the best thing for a while and maybe people don't -- it is just what the team and that's all that matters and without what could this stated. Well -- -- just the public forum with mark Poland -- to show what the impact would be financial. All right I -- that's a good that's a good question. I appreciate Paul thank you come up to 457 news radio 930 WB -- Mike Siegel for Tom -- good to have you have -- more coming.

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