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8-4 Mike Siegel Hour 1

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ladies and gentlemen welcome in nice to be back with you Mike Siegel here today in for Tom and we have a lot to cover in this program and it is I think going to be compelling for you to be here. Does this affect all of us. And now it's getting to the point where we are being invaded potentially. -- A virus outbreak. From a virus that is -- will get to that little bit later and it actually does connect. To this problem of immigration. Connects directly as a matter of fact. We now have by the way. A leaked intelligence analysis that has been published. From the customs and border protection agency. And here's what we're finding out. We are finding out that the exact numbers of illegal immigrants. Entering -- attempting to enter the United States. Are coming from 75. Different countries 75 home. -- any control. Your national security your borders here health. Your economic well being. With people coming into this country illegally from 75. Different countries. Example. According to this report. From Customs and Border Protection. Most of the human smuggling from Syria. And Albania. Into the United States is coming through Central America. In other words. As this administration has kept us having porous borders. With tens of thousands of kids. Coming in illegally adults coming in illegally. Now we have it right from the government agency itself. The we've got human smuggling from Syria and Albania or how many Syrians. Are coming in who might be terrorists. Who might be wanting to undermine this country's freedom. And well being. What will impose Sharia law in this country. That's one part of this problem. The other part that I mentioned a moment ago. Is that individuals from nations. That are currently. Tragically. Suffering. From the literally world's largest Ebola outbreak ever. Have now been caught attempting to sneak across this porous US border. Right into our interior. Is there no stopping of this. You ask yourself the question what's the job of the administration. Isn't the first job. The -- being security and safety of this nation and that might mean. In terms of up. Military action it might mean in terms of border protection but here we have a situation where you don't need. This biochemical warfare. Because it's being done. In human form white people carrying a bowl into this country. Specifically. At least 71 individuals from the three nations in Africa. Affected by this outbreak. With a three of those nations have 71 people. Who've been turned in. Or caught. Attempting to illegally enter this country. Between January and July of this year. We've had a 1443. Individuals from China caught sneaking across this porous US border this year alone. 18103. From China turning themselves in to US authorities. An official points of entry or actually being caught. Attempting to enter illegally at these points of entry. And of course why is this happening why Chinese coming -- that's about that's over 336200. People why. Because China happens to have a massive crackdown. On Islamic terrorists. You know maybe sometimes. Having a dictatorship. Has a positive effect. And that is the fact that at least in China. They don't have to go through all of this political correctness. They see Islamic terrorism as a threat in China. And they're cracking down on so people -- leaving will ask yourself the question. If they're cracking down on terrorists in China Islamic fundamentalists. Then why would those people be leaving and who would they be who were leaving. I think it's a pretty fair. Assumption that at least some of those 3200. Are people who would be cracked down on because of their Islamic fundamentalist. Affiliations. Otherwise why would you leave if you have nothing to fear. We also learn from this customs and Border Patrol report to 48 people from Pakistan. Were caught attempting to sneak into this country. This year alone. Another -- -- eleven turn themselves then or caught an official points of entry and an -- thirteen egyptians. Caught trying to sneak into the United States another 168 turn themselves then. Or caught an official ports of entry now remember something. These are the people caught. Or turning themselves then. And you've got to understand. We don't know how many others made it through. These are all the people that we stopped. How many other egyptians. How many other pakistanis. Have many other Chinese we don't know. And then of course Yemen. Which is the capital. Of al-Qaeda terrorism for individuals were caught from that country trying to sneak in by US Border Patrol agents this year alone. Another 34 turn themselves then. Or caught attempting to sneak through the official ports of entry. And then on top of all of this. Another problem. -- Basically. It is a failed nation it is -- nation their only currency. They don't have a central government that's of any authority no Central Bank. You have five -- were reports -- talking about going back to the fifteenth century in Somalia. And there is say hotbed of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism -- That's one of the places they can operate freely because nobody's there to stop them. Well that country we now know has four individuals from there trying to sneak in this year and another 290. Turn themselves in a were caught attempting to sneak in an official ports of entry. Now that's a report from customs and Border Patrol that's a government agency. We're not talking about. Some hypothetical. Or some. Attempted. Journalistic report we're talking about government numbers. What are we gonna turn this country into the safety of security. Bastion. For the American people. And then of course with the Ebola Virus. That is now while breaking through. How many people coming in illegally. Might have been infected with a virus and if you don't even know what you have the virus. -- for at least two to three weeks possessed the occupation period so we don't know how many people actually. Have that virus or carrying it until they get to the tour through every point -- symptoms are shown. Pretty scary stuff. That we're talking about here. And if you like to call share your thoughts comments reactions should we once and for all close the borders at least for a period of my liberals closing the borders period. For at least a two year cycle. At least. Why are we letting people win. To bring this country to a health crisis to bring it to an economic crisis to bring it to a security crisis it makes no sense whatsoever. Numbers to call 8030930. Locally told free is 80616. WBE and and if you wanna call on a cell phone -- -- 930. Mike -- -- for Tom -- good to have you with us as we have opened up the program get started with they. Crisis in this country that. Frankly could be stopped. It -- been stuff. We have not done what we should've done why are we letting people into this country in this situation and then of course as you already know. We have the outbreak of -- -- the outbreak of tuberculosis. We had a report about the and one H one virus reports about chicken -- one of the facilities the detention centers was actually closed down. Because then lockdown. Nobody in the nobody out because of a chicken pox epidemic now adults can die from chicken pox. We have customs and Border Patrol agents we have other federal agents who were not working to protect the secure the country. What are working with the people who were in these facilities. In order to keep them presumably. Protected and nurtured and I'm sure you've heard about the detention center. In that Texas. That has flat panel TVs for the residents they -- the residents by the -- don't call -- illegal aliens the column residence. Flat panel TVs. Soccer field. They have various games for the kids. And they call them residences. Each one getting their own room. And all of this being done at government expense were talking about -- they factored it out. A 140 dollars a day per person. To house these people in these facilities. -- you tell me eight. 140 dollars a day. Per person and -- 532. People. In that facility. Then I think the factoring out of something over 70000. Dollars a day just for that one facility. And we sit here. Wondering. What tomorrow's gonna bring because we don't have any leadership in DC. To say. We're closing the borders common sense would tell -- that. You and -- the irony of all of this is that the politics. Is overriding. Sanity. It is insane. To be doing what we're doing. A but the politics doesn't course Dick Morris the political analyst makes the point he thinks the president is just trying to create a one party system in America. Democratic Party and a lot of -- splinter parties. And one of the ways he's doing that says Mars is to let all these illegal aliens and their future voters they want government programs they're gonna vote democratic. They don't want to do on their own and so -- go through. All of the nightmare. Of having an attempt by an administration. To basically squeeze out any political opposition's go to Georgia and buffalo. Nice to have you with -- -- Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle at news radio 930 WB -- hello. Aren't thank you very much particular call football like they prefer to -- commander in chief. It's to protect in the sense of the nation is feeling quote. And another point Obama. I didn't realize that there are thought I was going to talk radio and maybe being critical of the news Obama would -- achieve media today. Talking about it wouldn't fit America they'll be great -- -- network. LP sanctimonious. -- tortured and people. How that the commander in chief -- or shouldn't be and credit card that old English. -- did not put it don't another -- we -- quietly doing what we're doing to protect our nation primary that would bring it back. -- -- Yeah but publicly people did not yeah I have no limit to what is an open with -- that nature but I would get like it either. Well it usual fall. It -- -- falch. -- not want them you know well it usually fall. I understand. It. I understand and then there's a very frightening. Level of anti semitism throughout Europe and and the built on what's happening over there and of them that's a whole. -- -- And then they'll do what they have to do to survive. Notwithstanding public opinion. And I think the public opinion clearly is is based on an anti semantic point of view that is pretty scary especially coming from Europe they appreciate called George thank you very much. Good to have you let us. Steve and hammers to rival Mike Siegel for Todd Bauerle yet news radio 930 WBE and good afternoon -- Hi. I believe that what the president is still in this is not -- but illegal immigration. But I believe the country should process. Immigration you know partner bald eagle people. Who paid the easy the proper I forms. Get through security there -- checks now my last comment is. Before 9/11 you're bringing it to 163000. People a year legally. That would grant of federal building impossible at all kinds of things going. People who panic world why because immigration coming into the country. It slowed way -- not a wanna comment illegally so why would get equity giant ass and tell them. Let's bring this level of immigration a little bit so people stop and I. Well first thing though you got to remember is that. We don't we don't have to bring. And larger numbers of immigrants into the country even legally I mean there's no requirement that's based on law. We've stepped quotas in the old days and we still do but the fact that when you talk about legal immigrants. They pay through the nose. Thousand I've talked to people who are here legally. And green cards they're trying to get. Legal status and citizenship. And they pay thousands upon thousands of dollars and years and years of waiting. When you have or are you glad it's gonna say then you did you of people coming in from Mexico. Who from Central America through Mexico as well. And from as I just said 75. Countries around the world coming in from Mexico. And you're talking about recklessness. In other words you can't increase the number of legal immigrants at the get control of the border. Right what we need to control board but I spent art 1000 hours. To legally do this for my wife my stepdaughter. So I think goals other people should do what I do. Well we need to ask some kind illegal immigration. There's there's a lot of important people we could bring it now this country they're not being brought -- so we're being hurt that way. -- but the thing is why should you have to pay 120000. Dollars. And the guy coming in from Mexico walker walks across the border Scot free. He shouldn't. That's wrong that's the problem with this car do you -- at PI and that doesn't do their job people like Obama won't break the law. I appreciate the point I think UN and frank -- -- -- breaking the law he swore to uphold the constitution and laws of the United States. And last time I was here -- read title eight section thirteen 25 of the US code on the air just a brief paragraph. Six months is possible jail sentence for the first defense of crossing without authorization into this country second offense can be two years. So -- of misdemeanor first offense felony second offense yet we don't enforce the law. Are we -- nation of laws are a nation of men are number to call good to have you this 28030930. 80616. WB and told free -- 930. -- cell calls Mike -- for Tom -- at a news radio 930 WB EN 324 stay with us. Welcome back and folks could be here Mike Siegel and for Tom Bauerle Tom is off today. As that we hold down the fort for Tom. We've been talking about this. Almost catastrophic situation. With regard to the illegal immigration issue. As being expanded now to health questions disease questions viral questions. Outbreak of Ebola questions. And we had covered a report from customs and Border Patrol the first segment where. In fact people coming in from 75 different countries attempting to at least. A places like China Pakistan Somalia. Syria. Albania. We don't know what they're bringing with them we don't know the number one they're terrorists. Or number two whether they're carrying any kind of disease we don't know that the people coming in. From Central America through Mexico. Have given us a whole range of problems. -- -- tuberculosis. The and one H one virus. Chicken pox which is can be deadly to adults. Who have not had that disease so we're talking about. Denigrating this country. Health. National security. Economically. Costing us for one facility. 70000. Dollars plus a day for 532 people who house them so they gonna flat panel TVs. Games for the kids. They have soccer field for the kids I mean it's it's becoming like a hotel tell me about how the American people being treated who were in poverty -- get all of that from the government. They not so let me get your calls about this what do you wanna say to the president. He is abdicating his responsibility. Intentionally. He's doing this to bring us down and to bring in people gonna vote for Democrats down the road one point that. Dick Morris the consultant made I mentioned earlier is that he wants to create. In this country of one party system pretty scary. Number to call 8030930. And that's locally on long distance 80616. WB EN. And start 930 for cellphones good to have you -- this again Mike -- for Tom Bauerle. And this Ebola Virus problem connected to the illegal immigration. As well was even just bringing these people know who have contracted the Ebola Virus is very scary look it's a viral disease. Any common sense is gonna tell you. What do you do with a person -- kind of deadly disease that has no cure no real treatment. -- isolate them. You avoid their contact with others. Because the disease. Is more times than not fatal. Now. Why are we bringing infected patients in to this country. Allegedly to treat them. What's the purpose of that why aren't they being treated where they are. First point is it's not a treatable disease. Bringing the -- treat them. Is an oxy moron -- you can't treat them there's no treatment for Ebola Virus that can be managed but not treated. Meaning to isolate people have the disease. The whole story of bringing reasonable patients in from West Africa. As is just horrifying frankly it's gonna destroy. The fabric of this country and it's gonna do it without the -- having to do it themselves. You talk about bio chemical warfare. They don't need to do it. They've got these people coming in with the Ebola Virus. Doing it for the we've had depth and incidentally. The Centers for Disease Control -- don't worry about it. There's no problem. Of safety or health issue for the United States -- if that's the case wide of the CDC issue. A warning. Two airlines in terms of how to treat people coming on the airplane. With regard to Ebola Virus why are they putting out those updates. Why they're putting out those flash flag warnings to the airlines. You know this global. Village that we have these days it's pretty obvious that folks people are gonna get in here from everywhere. If you're talking 2030 years ago how many people some money will be coming to America how many people from. West Africa. From Sierra Leone where this is a problem from Guinea where this is a problem. From Liberia where this is a problem how many people coming from those countries. We wouldn't have this be happening but today. In effect we are global Village People come from everywhere and they bring these problems with them. What. There is a bioterrorism. Potential. To this kind of virus. It can be transmitted to us through a respiratory. Path that will devastate people if in fact it becomes a pandemic and it's already being warned by the UN. The World Health Organization at the UN that this could be a pandemic problem. It could be disseminated through the air. It could be weaponized. By terrorists. And I go back to the point they're -- in the patients to Atlanta. Instead of leaving them in Africa why are they doing that. Allegedly it's safe as I mentioned a moment ago. But now you've got a medical Doctor. Who they brought to Atlanta because he contracted the bowl and now they're treating him. They -- and of course he can't really be treated. So you know we've got that problem of trying to understand this so I don't know how you feel about this -- able to get your thoughts but we need to close the borders. I don't know what order of the route to take these are highly infectious patients being brought into this nation. V primary rule. A contagious diseases as being violated by this administration. And that rule is isolation of those patients. USA today by the way you -- talk about why they're doing this. USA today. Had an article recently. Quote. NIH. To launch early Ebola vaccine trial in September. And it scores National Institutes of Health in this country in other words. If you have to have. Some kind of a vaccine. For the Ebola Virus in this country how much money. Are these pharmaceutical companies gonna make who develop that vaccine. With the outbreak of -- now. That could become a problem. Until now we only had ten to 100 infections per year. That's all changing. It's about money in part apparently. Because now they're gonna start having an Ebola Virus vaccine. That is scary. And if you ask the experts like doctor Scott will bridge at Texas -- of school public healthy says more people. Now think the world needs in a bowl vaccine in the current outbreak has changed our thinking. It's it's really truly scary that of bringing these people and and you know the other part of it they're coming in on their own. They're coming in with out any control at the border. And your health. And my health are being effect now look obviously. You -- what it was and say well this is kind of out there this is not really happening at the moment. Well guess what. That could change overnight. That's the problem with the Ebola Virus. It can spread like wildfire. And that's what's scary about it. So folks if you wanna respond feel free to do it my question simply is should we close the borders. In order to stop this from coming in at all should we finally once and for all build that fence across the southern border. So that people cannot easily get into this country illegally. Should we beef up. Our security at the border whether it's National Guard military whatever I think at this point when you talk about the military and say well this is not international. In terms of -- going overseas to fight a war while yes it is fighting an international war it's a war against. What what could be considered to be bioterrorism. Not that the terrorists are doing it but that people contracting. The bowl virus. Are basically coming in here as time bombs as radioactive. As people who can disseminate. Easily. This disease this virus to the rest of us. Jim in north to one -- want a year old Mike Siegel and four. Tom Bauerle on who's ready at 930 WB EM 342 that's good afternoon. Can you hear me I sure can't now OK -- -- the district the point off -- explain the whole thing with the legal. It. Got out of here we go. It by the way F battle at a summit tonight I didn't know that but savage who does have a Ph.D. in epidemiology so he knows what he's talking about. -- The way. For all follow the money trail or -- or on the body throw a and the people literally will USA today made that point yet okay here we go now. Although the belief that you were talking about you better vote -- -- jury. They're old by various corporate entity of literary they're out. But we acted up security so where it's so. They were all by the principal profits people are all bad or until -- To -- what these kids. You know. They are Obama let illegals -- orbit -- the border now they're -- That the court and what our error by politicians -- watch the help from -- Out. Are right back to the spirit corporate that the what the mayor -- they're here. And I'm here was so you tell me but tell me something what are the Republicans doing about this. But what happens what they both parties. -- cope with and yet the Republicans that are complex and and that is the Democrat we got -- clean outfit like the lives of its Arctic. He -- we all know we have to have a peaceful transfer power. -- spoke power with what these people like Bob they're about it the of the but they don't get credible. That the outlook in that ball up on the Oprah book and they don't work what -- that -- -- -- out. Well you know then that's what they're and that's what they're trying to do the try to create a one party system. And the Republicans -- sitting by and taking it. -- trying to create. They won't bite act and Ed and the corporate and corporations are getting rich off that -- -- bitter about because like Mike -- that bet they're dot. It's more expected profits if we all of this country the right they don't care because they've got their lot. Well you know both parties are complicit in that though because the Republicans. Or. Well number one the Democrats want the votes and number two other Republicans want to help their buddies in big business so they're getting cheap labor coming in illegally. There you go like they -- that follow the money trail I think a lot. The people in this country but wake up because I tell you this country has been targeted for extermination. While I appreciate the point I think -- -- -- it's that I think what is targeted for is reducing us to a Third World conditions. That's what Obama is trying to do make this a Third World country. Think about. With the all of the illegal immigration now who would have ever thought. A year ago that we'd be facing the bowl virus. Board of ever thought that. Nobody would have thought that. And this country's allowing it to happen people coming into this country they're bringing the man. The treat them you can't treat them there's no cure. And so we wind up becoming as a nation. -- -- danger in terms of health care. National security's going -- where you have people who have been in the military. Leaders in the military talking now about the fact that we've been downsized so badly in the military we can't defend ourselves effectively or properly around the world. And of course economically. We're spending a fortune taking care of illegal aliens who break the Watergate here so they get rewarded. Number to call good to have you what this I'm Tom barely program my name is Mike -- for -- 8030930. Locally. 80616. WB EN told three. Or start 930 on cell -- Mike -- -- for Tom -- at news radio 930 WBE and stay with us. W media and -- weather folks this afternoon mostly sunny a high near 79. Tonight partly cloudy a low around 64. Tuesday slight chance of showers and thunderstorms afternoon partly sunny a high near 76 as we get -- a year. Calls comments thoughts and reactions on this whole situation. Number one. The porous border. The report I referred to earlier where we have now officially from customs and Border Patrol. The documentation. That people coming in from 75 different countries many of them were terrorists are based. Including Yemen and Syria. Pakistan. Somalia. China. And then we also have this. Ebola Virus being brought into the country. Instead of keeping people where they aren't taking care of them there isolating them we're bringing them into the country let's go to -- Joan buffalo. Our -- in buffalo -- should say -- Iran with Mike Siegel here for Tom -- good afternoon -- news radio 930 WB -- Good afternoon. I'm with you when it comes supporter I'm totally with you but this aren't that Ebola so it. I'm in support of that decision it was not an administration that it was accompanied its -- arm and doctor okay there. So we're very hard to bring him here and Maria what or. When trying to get the best possible there or doctor any improving. So I like my position I think it's alarmist you get up front about that I am a third about the order. But they get all of saying I am I'm very glad they were able to get and then here. Well above the fair enough but first of all the government could have kept him there another words. The fact that the company made the decision begs the question because the administration could have said. Health and human services could have said we we -- for security reasons we have to treat these people there -- we could have sent doctors there to treat them there. Bringing people into this country. First of -- no treatment. There's only there's only managing of this problem. And sold that there's a danger of just bringing somebody and that they might. It's submit that or transmit that disease to another doctor for example and then all of a sudden it can become a crisis in that regard Ebola. Is a deadly virus -- no treatment you know that. But getting here is where Emery I really. Ill and now that it's here. And I I'm saying I really. Well. -- I Janet thank you for calling the -- go to sell an -- Sally you run to Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle. The news radio 930 WB EN hello. I completely disagree with what she just side. You know I don't know who made the decision to all allowed under bringing it and -- you know that's that's a matter of national defense. I agree with the ideologies that look she's -- -- opinion it's. But you gotta look at the bigger picture in my mind. It is good -- and I think it's -- small nations. And then you bring it to the largest patient. You know the world -- You know you have these people are cured -- we know that -- carriers after that. We don't and and of that and that's the -- lets you know the other problem is we've got people coming in. Through the southern border who may well be in fact infected only they may not even know what because these symptoms don't show up for two to three weeks. Exactly. -- a report. Some 71 people. Turn themselves live from. From -- and that comparable. Well that was from one nation that customs and Border Patrol report. That was leaked luckily it was -- because it did verifies that people coming in. From 75 different countries we now know that and they are coming in without any. Medical testing we don't know what condition they're in -- we don't know whether the -- for that matter. -- the border -- not always an open we -- not always allow. People to come into the country and he got much in question there with a -- was the orders shot. Well the Boris that -- would you agree each that that with this crisis now we ought to shut the border. I I think we should get the ordered our -- Two years ago. Well that certainly now with -- with he Ebola. Is the one that here's a goal he would talk about and it would be a nightmare scenario. Now what's the war is the worst outbreak in West Africa there's ever -- problem is we got people coming in here from West Africa. I mean we look at how sick people get it -- quickly express. Just we have an outbreak at all. No question about it and I appreciate and I thank you for calling -- no question about that. And that's nonsensical. Not to close the borders and -- OK Mike -- for Tom -- good to have you with us. We're back after the news at news radio 930 WB EN 356.

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