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8-4 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- a way it's -- Larry hunter. News radio 930 WB EN. Welcome back nice to have you with us on this beautiful Monday morning here in Western New York -- time we saw enough. Rain over the weekend and we we Natalie god it's Saturday. But Monroe County Wayne county the Rochester area. They got socked yesterday big time all my goodness cats dogs everything they they got hit from this -- Big time so well. Yeah -- an ally -- I was thinking when I was sitting on my patio the other day Tony that. There's something that I have not seen this summer that I have seen almost every summer. In Western New York I have not seen it anywhere this year. A brown lawn. After that point I mean. Grass is green. And in the dead -- middle of summer our lawns are green. Missed those -- and fit fit. We had to -- a little bit more this year. Flowers are doing well so the weeds. -- weeds are really doing well this year. And well besides Erie county fair another big events going on this week the first of its kind in New York State Thursday. The opening of Cabela's. Oh yeah that's right in that that should be interesting there really is I have not been to a Cabela's store I've obviously been -- a mountain here in town. And I've been to bass pro store a couple of them as a matter of fact not been to a Cabela's a looking forward to that the first one in New York State. Opening up here in buffalo on Thursday lot going on this summer it's been a fun summer so far. Hopefully we got a lot more to enjoy as well. In a lawsuit that was filed in Albany last Monday. Seven families charged that their children are. Under served in schools. Do to. In combat and teachers. Who only kept their jobs because. Of ten year. Tenure rules that violate the kids constitutional. Right. To a sound education. The suit is backed by -- the politically connected journalist turned education advocate. Campbell Brown who used to be on CNN. And now there's roughly about 2.3. Million public school teachers in the US that do you have ten year. And the problem with ten year according to Michelle reed who is a former superintendent. Of the Washington DC schools. Is that it inadvertently. Protects incompetent teachers. From being fired. And their four. It hurts the students. And as you may have seen or heard. In reports the last few years. Students in the United States are falling behind it. So many other countries. In math and science which is so important for the future. I remember. One of my math teachers I don't remember whether it was my algebra hour or geometry teacher. But I remember one day they asked the question and and Tony that this would be a good question let me just throw it -- you off the -- don't mean to put you on the spot but that's the kind of guy I am. What in the life do you do. That does not have to do with math. -- How long Beasley how much sleep do you -- how much time now depends on Samantha. See it and there is no number it it it has to do with man that has to do with time. It does yeah how much sleep you get you -- now what what time do you go to bed and how much sleep do you get what time you get up. How long does it take you to get at it all -- to do it time that's math. -- -- if I'm playing the part of the teacher OK at that all right. I'm listening I mean. How much game last year year having in your tank column not enough. A -- how far is it to work how much time does it take you to get to work. I mean. The teacher made the point. That's so much of what you do in life has to do with man it is so important. To understand the basic. Mathematics. Sometimes referred to as well written by a tick does anybody remember that word a rhythmic tic. Sounds like something has to do with the clock and science. We see what's going on in downtown buffalo they talk about the sciences. And new jobs in the science profession. Math and science critical. To the future. Of our country. And we are falling behind so many other countries were not even in the top ten -- Why why aren't we upset. About Davis. What is the reason. That our education system our public education system. Is not what it used to be and what it should be why is -- that in parochial schools. And private schools. Teachers. Are paid less and the students get a better education. We've learned and been taught over the years. That. If you pay more. You usually get a better quality if you're willing to pay a little bit more you can get a better quality car. If you're willing to pay a little bit more you can deliver better quality house. If you're willing to pay a little bit more you're willing to bit again a better quality clothes or shoes. Okay. If you pay a little bit more EU should get. A little bit more. And yet there are number private facilities and parochial schools where the teachers are paid less and yet the students receive a better. Education. Because. We have incompetent teachers. And we do not have a process. In which we can get rid of them and get better quality teachers. And my personal feeling. Is that the good teachers are upset about this as well. That the good teachers who care about the students. And wanna try harder and work harder and help the students that they are upset also. About the incompetency that they see in our public education system. And unfortunately continues and the lawsuit has been filed because they feel tenure. Is one of the problems if not the major. Problem Jason's what is in buffalo this morning hey Jason. Jason are you -- us. All right I'm gonna put John hold and we'll bring you back. And remember to turn your radio down. And just listen. Under phone we'll take a break and we'll come back and is ready at 930 WBE and good morning glory hunter. Sitting in for vacationing sandy beach who is Ian. Beautiful downtown Alaska. OK I I I know there's not downtown Alaska but he's up there and in that beautiful countryside. Of which I would like to visit someday I have heard from somebody people who have taken. The Alaska cruise -- gone into the finale national park and Norton visited Alaska and said it is absolutely magnificent you have to do it. And so it is on my bucket list it is right there in the bucket. And someday I hope to do that I wanna go see that sign that Tony told me about that -- saw. Up in Alaska at a restaurant says the bills fan parking only in front of a restaurant. In Alaska. I'm pitchers and you'll have some great stories to tell. When he comes back. Where about eight minutes away from headline news at WB and we're talking about teachers tenure the lawsuit. It was filed a week ago today it was the second lawsuit in New York State. To challenge. The legality of ten year in the New York State public school system the lawsuit was inspired. By a Los Angeles Superior Court judge's ruling back in June that declared teacher tenure violate students' rights. To a quality education. The ruling was a case of for -- vs California. And it was endorsed. By the education secretary. Arnie Duncan however it is as you can imagine. Under appeal we -- look forward to your calls at 8030930. What do you think. -- tenure with the elimination of ten year improve our public education. System and I'd love to hear from teachers this morning as well and no I'm not gonna. Up poll is. Your view is I'm going to welcome your honesty and your thoughts and opinions if you're a teacher and and maybe you just don't want username you wanna use the initials or other teachers no New York that's fine I give physicals they elect personnel at 8030930. And we'll get you on the year with us here Avery is with us this morning Avery thank you for calling WB. Yeah that's departing Larry appreciate you're showed up -- all week. -- -- Hi I am not a teacher but I'm one step away from a teacher certain person in my belly -- and teaching her 35 plus years. I have some experience hearing the story of what's going on. Out -- ten years the big factor. And the valuation to help. But at least superintendent during the evaluation. For the parts ball doesn't know what that he does what she teaches like French. Like calculus. -- and evaluate. What's going on in the classroom. The evaluation process has been questioned quite a lot the last couple years. And I don't personally have an answer on how to evaluate. Teachers. Except that. You know we've heard you know like. And I apologize to some prefer using this example. But it's I believe a judge set at one time it's pornography if it's hard to explain but you know what when you see yet. And I I think. We we know a good teacher. Oh when we see one and we know when there's a bad teacher as well. And to be very honest with you I think possibly some of the best evaluation. Of teachers. Could be done. By eight teachers who have retired and understand the education system and were well respected in the public school system. Yet I understand that but that's not my main point there's lots of reasons. Only government employees or ten years. And and that's a big problem that the real reason in my mind before the collapse of this. Is that the American Natalie has a lot been torn apart by many issues. And that chairing a part has resulted in lack of discipline. Lack of doing homework done. No help from parents. Parents being afraid of that child. When you're like -- up. Our parents -- friends. -- the parent team was was a serious job and I grew up my parents were not my friends. ID recalls some of my friends saying they hated their parents. Because obviously as children we were young we were immature we didn't understand the responsibility. And how important it was to teach us and and guide -- When it came to morals rules and regulations and prepare us for the future you're absolutely right about that however. You also have to look at the fact. That there are teachers. Who. Have been having sexual relations with students. Who have been getting pregnant by their students. Who have not followed the rules and regulations themselves and when you have teachers. Who are setting the wrong example. No matter what your family situation is that also disrupts the education process. And hurts children and good teachers as well. -- I understand that and they fight that's something that's part of the outlying. That is allowed in society that date certain politicians and the light through their seat and then I'll I'll just. And that that just trickled down and all this imagine are not ready Hamburg superintendent now and -- And is under indictment. All of -- -- here's a quick example. And my pleasure -- a certain party of 35 years teaching. We discover that here at correcting papers we discovered that an teacher actually. Treating. -- the word marking the tests. Great hire the nation -- We counts and that's all you're glaciers and you know things changed on -- certain -- well. A certain party. Up 35 years of integrity reported that as a superintendent. And it was dropped out of Iraq. Never -- just went for this. That you sort of moved to a different school and out into the. And the sad part about that Avery is it's the student in the long run. Who gets hurt by things like that. That's that that's really sad I mean when when your profession is to help prepare students. And you do just the opposite. That's where tenure really hurts and that's where will we need to address our education system thank you so much for your call -- -- and I appreciate talking -- on WBE and I've got to -- in Amherst this morning good morning -- I'm doing fine thank you it's a beautiful summer day here in Western New York. It is we're fortunate. I might divided the men and arm -- buy it in our city the actor. Not any shorts and that -- -- many here thought Eric. EPA OK in people publicly I look. And we think that we don't let our elementary middle and high school that -- at how -- approach. It will lower -- out from -- Well I'm carrying forward says that he can now. You know at the university -- -- he kept that and get -- and a -- that -- quick evaluation form that the due to fill out. And -- here -- it might be the -- and went to the writer had those results key has results. Outlook they know they changed my court is to improve and each year. If I had a problem -- -- figure it out it got out of work on it. It's a very positive with them and we're asking about how to evaluate teachers on -- -- at -- is not an apoplectic I'd. I'm sorry I I didn't hear you clearly -- -- say that again please. We are opening not know your last line are at the 100 that it doesn't get done in our public and -- it. It's well. Don't -- active eat at Harris in the -- how the here at. Great point jammed I got a break for headline news I'd love to hold you over if you have a couple minutes you can stay with us. Probably okay please stay -- -- will bring you back. On the sandy beach show would Larry hunter from Israel and -- thirty WBE NN. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 in our toll free line is 1806169236. In the last couple of months there have been a couple of lawsuits filed in New York State against teachers ten year. The right for teachers to maintain their jobs after three years of employment. And we've got on the line eight non tenured teacher and jammed from Amherst in thank you for holding nine. You brought up the very interesting point and that is. The question of how do you evaluate. A teacher and you would indicated that feedback from parents and students. Would be very beneficial. How do we get the heads of education and teachers to come to some kind of compromise. Four. An evaluation process. Well Patrick wanted to clarify that I died and on hatred while teacher and a -- -- teacher. Now like I make that clear on it. It's so my perspective it's very different. I I don't know really how would we go about doing it bites about the wonder why it is now. You know nearly eight in age -- -- an online. Offering it online and that you're there. That -- -- pleaded not exactly. We -- very possible. -- and you know. Could be used in the evaluation process and -- people are very very you know what Karen doesn't like you let somebody you know all of those -- -- but -- I think what happened today is it. -- and -- it is apparent that he does something that. The parents the light or the parents concerned. The more vocal parents built up at about that. Let local parents may not acknowledge that. So they they probably won't connection and telling me what the book yet his -- kind -- skewed -- -- it sure it. What the teacher in the end they don't think anyone app hit on -- how things -- now. A large part -- -- isn't out. Cat in the -- but it also. Out the child killed in the class. And I don't need to hit that the only thing that at that relaxed try to that we don't like Hitler in the cap -- who are having anxiety attack that -- -- who are looking -- in going to war on. Obama does not -- keep it that we're not including our -- at least now and they're paying family and children. Who he would theory on its way -- -- access. I've often thought that it might be beneficial. To have administrators. Interviewed the top three and the bottom three students from each class. To get in opinion why it the better students are doing well in a particular class. And why the students who are not doing as well are having problems. And then look at that combination. To see where maybe. You might have the students who are doing better a sane things like well. My parents helped me. The the teacher didn't really do this or or that but it was my parents who really helped me. Get the better grades or you might have the better students saying something like the teacher took more tie -- The teacher I was willing to to do this and then when you look at the save the the worst. -- those three. Worst students in the class according to grades find out what their complaints are and and why they aren't doing as well. It because many times I think when you listen to a kid in school and the problems they're having. Where the way they explain it you can kinda tell whether it's really the teacher's fault. Or or the kid just really -- make in the effort to do the job and their four by looking at the better. -- students and the worst grated students. I've often felt the you can analyze as an adult. How good and how qualified the teacher is does any of that make sense to you. It. -- In interviews and focus is that that in ways that that you can get an attorney and one. Problem that I see in the poor get set -- Actually. Send an awful lot of time and energy on that get it isn't and we set that up a lot of time energy and his especially. On you all and hit -- in the middle some time. Are the ones that. Still I think it would be beneficial it is not a sort of a survey. At everyone in the class and it's not a typical when -- Certainly -- individual interview that went out you might what is it hot read about it in street from the middle as well that there -- -- You sometimes -- -- ones that are sort of -- hanging. That that's an extreme point and I never looked at it that way but I I think you make up a whole lot of sense and in that matter as well sometimes we do. Look at the top we look at the bottom and forget we forget everything. That that's that's in the middle of fact we even see that many times and in government we keep hearing that the term middle class and and what are you doing for the majority that. The middle class the rich get richer the port at -- about what's going on with the middle class so I I like that I I like that a lot I think that has a lot of value. Do it jammed from what you know. Hat did you go let me ask you did you go through public education system yourself. I went through hoops -- pool I'd keep your loud and both public and write it. Howard University about oh OK I felt written by children and has done both public and by. So from bad viewpoint. What are your specific thoughts about ten year is it beneficial. Or is it. Detrimental to us students today. A problem. Here. I think you re here at this sort I'm on the -- and -- how local it doesn't take much longer the achievement like I'm here. I I think we should have. You know -- but we had your track and non tenure track with a little bit expectation. But I probably I hear what I have a problem it is. -- your -- so -- you are able. You know it seems that went and when he's -- -- teacher has tenure they can really horrible thing and I -- I hit the net and you certainly impact teacher and the teacher -- and really work. But because the teacher here at the teacher continued to work and that means that it now. That even I can't -- here. She can continued improvement in fact it. Is something needs to be worked. Even though someone had had here if they're -- policy -- out working well eight -- Q. -- Bob is happy to improve so that's intended. -- Jan thank you so much for your time this morning and I enjoyed talking to you. Thank you 8030930. Is our number at WB and is is three years long enough. To achieve tenure. As a public school teacher. She brings a good point. I mean after after three years do you deserve. Total job protection. Do you have a job. Where you were protected. And it is extremely difficult. For you to lose your job I certainly don't. I would suspect the majority of you don't either. That's why there are now two lawsuits. Going on in new York State Supreme Court. As to the elimination. Of tenure and the former superintendent of Washington DC schools Michelle -- says. That the problem with tenure. Is that it inadvertently protects incompetent teachers. From being fired. You're a teacher we'd love to hear from you this morning. If you prefer not to use your name if you wanna use your initials or or a different name. You know that's fine we're not here to embarrass or cause you any problem within -- school district. But if Europe parents. This is something that I think you should really be concerned about. I think it's time to take a serious look. At our education system and is ten year one of the problems today that we are having in this country when it comes to our public education system we will come back and take more of your calls. Right after this spree can news radio 930 WB EN Larry hotter in today for sandy beach. How about the right to know that the teacher will not sleep through class. How about the right to feel that. They will a student will not be ridiculed. For asking for help. About the right to not have weeks go by without so much as a single page of homework those are some of the concerns that have been filed a lawsuit. In Albany last week by the parents of children in public schools in Rochester and New York City. They are filing a lawsuit against ten year. Teachers tenured in New York State it's been a topic for years and since the lawsuit was filed in California. And the results were favorable. For the played -- now were seen additional lawsuits and this particular one the most recent one filed in Albany last week. Has been headed by an advocacy group. Led by former CNN journalists Campbell Brown. The group is called the partnership for educational. Justice and were asking you about our education system this morning and more specifically about tenure. For teachers in public education in new York state of the back to -- the phone and we welcome -- to the program this morning good morning cliff. It. Go right ahead aren't -- on the air. Okay. I was up principle that only a teacher. Both middle school and high school level. And I really favor the tenure system. For a couple of reasons. One. The administrators. Most of whom -- excuse me are trained and hysteria. Are quite competent. And I'd like to include myself in that area. Two observing teachers. In the first three years. That does not mean that they don't know terrorism after and there there -- legally. Capable. And possible to do that after three years if there are problems. The tenure system. Normally. In -- teacher. Allegiance to that community but I usually moving and buy -- raising a family in the community. Tenured teachers. By and large are not sitting down and just not doing their job. Because of supervisors. Who are I believe well trained in this area are quite capable. Of seeing a different by the test results. By student reaction by apparent concerns that -- that are. Two and three year process. Has ample opportunity. For the administration. To view -- teacher. And and they are looking for whether you know it doesn't matter if the supervisor is not -- in calculus or all -- physics. Because. What they normally do is ask the teacher. Prior to the visitation. What the objectives of that class. Lessen our. The teacher. Non tenured teacher must submit a written lesson plan. Including. A lot of Simon succeed -- students are given -- He has supervisor. Observers student reactions to the class. And make that judgment. And that's usually pretty well. Cable and supervisory process. To determine whether. Those objectives are met. How students react. And then how the students. React to any kind of examination. Cliff -- how all how often are these. Observing sessions going on visit to know once a month. While once a week what. Usually several times a year during the first three years. Okay what's what's several times 5107. It depends if it was a teachers always feature or need some help it could increase. You know considerably. If the teachers really good it could be only one true. But the observer. Supervisor or principal or sometimes assistant principal. There's quite capable of seeing a week's future. You know after having seen many many teachers before him. That tenured teachers by the way are evaluated. I believe it at least once a year. Again. The supervisor can pretty well determined not pretty well can absolutely determine whether that teacher is not. Fulfilling is that our obligation as a teacher and whether the students are. Reacting properly. In no one -- away with anything whether -- senator not. Are now or wait wait wait wait a minute clip that bet that's a statement I can't let fly by no one gets away -- -- thing. We've heard teachers of having sexual relationships and getting pregnant. By their students what do you mean nobody gets away with anything of course they get away with things. Well I can't go into that too far but I know one case where was. Found out by the administration and that teacher was dismissed. And after what process. After. Investigating the fact. And the teacher eventually admitted rather than go to court because he -- she would have been found guilty. So they dismissed the teacher and in fact took away that person license. So it does you know it he you have to believe in the system and I I realize that there are policies in this system. And sometimes it doesn't work. But this area is fortunate in having some pretty decent. Secondary schools I'm talking secondary that in my career. And also most importantly. Some pretty darn good university systems. Where the supervisors. Are well trained. Into the whole teaching process. That they throw out ten year alone is not the answer. Perhaps. Starting with. Getting the best and brightest teachers to begin with these would be -- help but that's not a guarantee. For good teaching his. A long way toward ago. Our cliff thank you very much for your time here at WBE and I. I I. Would challenge some of the things he said. Especially the fact you know teacher. Moved here via house raise a family with several people on other jobs so to me that that is insignificant but. What did you think about what's comments what do you think about ten year in New York State. We've got a couple lines open those -- you or online are right now stick with us we'll get you on right after the news here on news radio 930. WBZ and.

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