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8-4 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- a way it's Larry hunter. News radio 930 WBE. Thank you Tony good morning a brand new week here in Western New York an exciting week ahead it is. And of course the big opening of the Erie county fair. 175. Years finally something that is older than I am my goodness that's -- -- feeling. I suspect many of you will be going to the -- the friends and family this week or next week. And what a -- was to have mr. Linda in the studio this morning with John ensues and talking about he is aerial walk. Which will be occurring. I think what's next Sunday night program producers said next Sunday. Taking so many notes this morning it's like them I don't even know what day it is but at least it's -- and -- figured that out right away. Lot happened over the weekend as well if you worry a sports fan or especially -- bills fan. It is kind of had to be thrilled with -- what happened in Kenton Ohio yes. I sat in front of my TV too damn long. Clicking for Andre to talk about the use his induction into the football hall of fame Antonio where did you hang in there long enough to listen 200. Yes there is -- effect I turned it and just as our ray guy did his speech and he wrapped up than it was entree and it was incredible I I had goosebumps watching it and thinking to myself while we're never gonna see another team like that have her ever again. Couple things struck me a first of all let me that hit the ray guy thing for those of you may not be familiar ray guy was a punter for the Oakland Raiders. And he I believe was a first round draft choice which has never happened. Before in the NFL I -- punter. Drafted first in in the first round. And I was thinking. They were talking about now they have a complete team. In the hall of fame right we have all the positions all the different positions all the players. But I thought to myself. Year 99%. Right but they don't have any. Special teams specialists right. And it it made me think about Steve tasker -- till now. I mean is Steve we picked up Steve tasker from Houston. Plan B free agency if I'm not mistaken right I believe so yeah. And -- is in the first you're meant yeah Steve and Steve was a quote wide receiver. But he became a special teams specialist. Probably the finest one ever to play in the National Football League agreed. And I don't think people understand how special. Special teams are and how difficult they are. To become successful because. Unlike -- and offensive line or or your first team on the offense or her defense. Special team players change throughout the year depending upon -- injuries. If somebody on special team has to become a full time starter sometimes they'll have to have somebody replace him on special teams it's interchangeable -- a lot of interchangeable parts. On special teams but tasker. What was there all the time relentless. And he's not big guy. No he's not. These -- big at all but if you think about this look at how one play. By Steve tasker could change a game. A blocked punt a blocked kick he a solid return a great tackle. Just as the guys catching the ball. Eat even if Steve was to miss a tackle sometimes he would be the first guy they -- and he would do enough. To make the change direction yup putt putt -- receiver change of direction or order hesitate for a split second so somebody else could could get in the air. And make the tackle. I would love to sit down with Steve sometime and just. Have him educate me. About special teams and the different things that he learned and did to become the player he did because it's a topic. It's the kind of player that most people don't talk about they just kind of appreciate but they don't understand all the different things. That they have to learn and do to be calm. As a as special as deep steep gestured to sure -- how special he was and I remember this to this day like it was yesterday. When Jim Kelly would they would bills -- going to camp Jim Kelly would. Back young defensive backs you can't culvert tasker alt com yes we can't know that Clinton and task which read them in practice. Yeah so -- the really good receiver. So loyal as I said when when I heard -- Great guy talk about is an induction I I thought. Well you know there is a little holes in in the hall of fame and captain and he needs to be filled. By Steve tasker and I also liked the fact that Andre spoke about Bill Polian. Needing to be in the hall of -- I I think he deserves and I think you know if and when he does it'll be as. Represented the Buffalo Bills. I hope so I and I I think you're right there and speak about he built a Super Bowl team with the bills the Carolina Panthers and the colts. How many GM's do you know if built Super Bowl teams -- three different. Organizations. Q2 292. Attuned to get can't they go on they wouldn't have it on jeopardy now it's amazing what he did how -- is our. I brought this up and got this debate going on FaceBook over the weekend. -- -- Deserving or not deserving of hall of fame. Half. Maybe he was outstanding. Easily the best center in bills history. On. Does that put him up there with with some of those. The other senators I I don't know I mean Pittsburgh certainly who was that is the center for Webster might -- -- area Webster. I certainly think he should be considered what's let's put it that and got on the even think he's ever been brought up by the committee. Now I don't think so either. Let's be honest the big guys on the line. It's the ones that get the least attention unless they get called for holding. Now they they get the least amount of credit and everything starts with them and we -- when he tackles being elected. But I don't know have to look up army sends him that that would be interesting yeah definitely. As for the -- football game itself. I I was the network would take Michelle California and and putter and and a room somewhere so she doesn't have a microphone I can't standard. Can't stand her interviews or questions are absolutely stupid if not totally rhetorical. How did you feel. When when you walked up on how do you think they felt when I do you feel when you first put the jacket -- I. I hated like files miserable guy I thought they should it change the size that need to be -- and a little back. I just. It's just embarrassing and I really think she's embarrassing her her questions are are childish. And she needs to stand up on a box or something -- cares because you look like a little midget extant. This album but. What's it to you that will talk a little bit about the the -- game itself. Oh after we take a break it sit -- -- it's a Monday morning TO that we got great topic coming this morning I want to stay -- because I think it's a topic that. And it is not only important. I I think it's vital. That the future of our children. And it's something that I think that there -- many of you will be extremely concerned about so looking forward talking news morning. But for now we'll take a break it is the sandy beach -- on Larry -- good morning from news radio 930 WB EN Larry -- in today for. Sandy beach will be back here on Wednesday. As well as tomorrow I have to take a quick trip to Syracuse. And you know one of the things you always look forward to when he goes there accuses driving the beautiful New York State -- he said sarcastically. Tony oh we got to see Andre reed talk. Am at his hall of fame induction I loved the speech how about you. I liked it is. While I thought it was a bit long but it was great I like to fund that he -- with it. Especially when he brought up the big tree in the in Orchard Park I thought that was funny and they got a nice plug for that has yet that's when iPhone love with a big tree and just -- -- You hear so many stories about the players -- in there and and haven't if you look after game more or whatnot or just forward get together. I thought that was great I like to pick and I Thurman Thomas column squad he. -- Thurman was too pleased with that. A body it was nice I like the way he recognized everywhere I love the attention he paid to the city of buffalo. In and closing at the end says oh by the way the bills are staying in buffalo I went crazy. I think this speech may have been in a little long because of all the buffalo fans who kept applauding yeah at certain points and it was the other great thing to see how bills fans completely took over. I have heard. Over 50% of the people in attendance. Were from buffalo. Over 50% -- there were seven inductees. And over 50%. Where their for one person. Via and they were just driving from buffalo they were our people were -- from North Carolina were ever watch Florida there were making the trip and that was that I thought that was great. That should say something to the NFL. About the fan base here and how important the team is to this area. And why it should stay here -- the NFL needs buffalo as a market. Speaker of the NFL where you was -- as everyone else when you found out that Michael Strahan invited Bon Jovi. To his after party after Iraq. Party at the use -- perform and the reason why I was upside is it's given him an unfair advantage as far as influencing. Indeed in the year of some people around the and a foul. -- I don't know if owners rent Austrians party. But the thing was is he had that accessibility. And that bothered me a lot of fans. It made me wonder. Did Bon Jovi contact Strahan and say hey. I'd be happy to come and play for you or -- Strahan contact -- -- Yeah good point hey I mean. I'm wondering. If there was more Bon Jovi contacting Strahan constraints and all G -- you Wacom tablet that that be great without thinking. What was actually going on with him and the bill's -- indeed there was too Smart and it upset me upset a lot of bills faithful. A lot understandably so you can't blame. Bon Jovi for wanting to get in to part of the festivities and and look like he he has an interest. I mean I I would suspect you and I might try and do uses the same type of thing. But ever since I was at Super Bowl 25 and we lost to the giants anything that goes on with the New Jersey giants I have a problem with -- Yeah like the fact that they keep using the name New York when they play in New Jersey. I hate when. Oakland moved to Los Angeles they didn't stay the Oakland Raiders. Why do we allow all a team in New Jersey to be called New York. -- it's one of the things I've often thought that the governor. Should complain to the NFL about. We aren't they aren't the New York Giants anymore they're the New Jersey giants. That's right same with the jets exactly. And it its about time I feel. That every sports announcer in New York State calls on the Jersey giants or the Jersey jets and stop. Referring to them as New York they don't pay taxes to New York State. They don't play in New York State they just use our name. The jets -- practice in New York's need to you know -- training camp that's about it yeah everything else is in New Jersey giants. I'm not mistaken there -- training camp is in New Jersey as well. There there isn't a single buffalo sports reporter that should refer to them as New York Jets or giants. They should be called the Jersey jets and giants period now. Hey I I hate it when I hear that all the New York they're not the New York Giants anymore -- the Jersey giants. And I wish every sports reporter in buffalo would call him that it's it's about time we started a little trendy here in New York. Because there's only one professional football team. In the NFL that resides in New York State and they play in buffalo. Tiger Woods hurt himself this weekend had to. Leave a golf tournament you know I kind of feel sorry for tiger he's going through some physical problems and I suspect it's affecting him mentally too because. Three or four years ago we were talking about him surpassing Jack Nicholas. I don't know how much a golf -- New York Tony you know I'm -- I play golf I loved the game. But I I I feel bad for any athlete as. And superb as tiger wise. Having to go through all all these physical problems. And it it looks to me I mean let's be honest when when the back hurts. The back hurts and it affects every athlete. No matter what scorcher -- Are you a tiger fan and a dollar earned no I mean. I was -- I gas and then after is. Is unfortunate incident with his ex wife I kind of was turned off. I mean I don't like dislike him or anything but I'm just you know I really don't follow anymore. It he's good for the game of golf in his play it was superb he was so exciting to watch I have seen them play in person. And today as a golfer it was like oh my goodness wow when the ball went by me you can hear you can hear the ball go by after he had. That's how fast and it's an in incredible yeah like the guys that can crush the ball yet. And of course the bills game -- itself. We got to see a little bit of the 2:1 team I am not a whole lot where you able to draw any conclusions from it. I saw what I wanted to see a wanted to see the offense starting offense moved the chains a little bit now wanted to see the starting defense force of three now. Anything outside of that. You know I was just what -- but that's what I wanted to see -- and they accomplish that so it kind of gives me hope. You know one game it's really hard to draw conclusions other men and number 93 stinks who's that guy again Chris. Pause and some of -- OPEC parity forgot his name we just looked it up for obvious you know where he's very regrettable he -- if he plays like that he's. We're never gonna know his name because of McCarty was terrible. -- Randall Johnson yeah I think it he was a draft pick this year. -- seven router now okay. It. I just kind of felt that the coaching staff was more interested in checking out some of the as second -- and third. Steamers there to kind of get a feel who they really wanted to work with to see if they can make the team and with five. A pre season games that you can do that so I I have no from the score really it didn't matter to me it was just fun. To see football again Larry hotter for sandy beach and news radio 930. WP ENN. The Savage Nation here Michael Savage we night's ten to one. On WBE and if. Yeah. Tony on the drums there. Nice job tell me. Always wanted to be rumors. I can keep the beat but it's fathers like too many things you have to work with to him he's grown up with the -- is one of the worst things that you could go through his child. Growing up with a and -- with the with the -- with your brother a sibling -- a playoff spot. -- yeah that that that's from. He had especially in the summer when the windows are open. Can't even get outside get away from now I just button. -- don't have got a couple of tickets to see Jackson Browne next week when you say yeah we give those away it sounds like a plan OK on. Next Monday August 11 at our park 730 show what you'd like a pair of tickets. The -- Jackson Browne give us a call at 6449875644. 9875. Let's see what what numbers should we take Tony let's see twelve plus 83 equals life. 66. Okay all right we'll take caller six at 6449875. The value was sixty dollars courtesy of -- nation. And general contest rules apply 6449875. If you'd like tickets Jesse Jackson Browne. Next Monday night at our park. And if you love our park you should be aware that Mary Poppins. Is plain there this week and what a fine job they are doing with that those on the sound of music last year loved that. When they would do the musicals out there are -- it is an outstanding job if you have some youngsters. It's a great venue to take them to a beautiful theater. Round at our -- are part is just there are great place in the summer it really we're so fortunate. -- to have that right along the Niagara reverse such a pretty area and some great shows out there. Including the musical. Mary Poppins which is playing this week and we'll let. We'll get those tickets away to see Jackson -- I've got -- tickets to giveaway later on in the program this morning. So we hope you'd stay with this right here news radio 930. WBE and Larry hotter in this morning for. Sandy beach Mike Siegel will be in this afternoon -- -- hourly. Right after Rush Limbaugh which comes your way at noon today right here on WBE. And I think kind of a a major event. Happened a week ago today that did not get a lot of publicity. But I think you will be hearing more and more about it as time goes on maybe a little bit more so once school starts up again but. And educational advocacy group. Led by former CNN journalists Campbell Brown remember her. It's always I thought she always did an outstanding job on on CNN. -- Campbell Brown is challenging New York State's teacher -- January system. By filing a lawsuit last Monday and it alleges. That job protections unfairly shield bad teachers. Seven parents a total of seven parents from the public school children from Rochester and New York City. Are the plaintiffs in this particular lawsuit was filed in Supreme Court in Albany. The lawsuit is the work of a group founded by brown and it's called the partnership. For educational. Justice. Now. This -- now. Have a lot of weight or or be of interest initially. Except for the fact that this is the second. Lawsuit. Filed in New York State concerning the the ten year rules and laws. Of New York State teachers. So this appears to be something that is not going to go away. The organization is questioning. The value of ten year. For students in public schools. Now -- doesn't necessarily guarantees lifetime employment. -- but it does make firing teachers very difficult. And extremely. Costly. It's one that involves the unions school boards the principle. -- judicial system. And as you can imagine thousands. Of dollars in legal fees on most states. At tenured teacher. Can't be dismissed until charges are filed and months of the evaluations and hearings that. An appeals that have occurred and meanwhile. School districts much shell out thousands of dollars for paid leave. And substitute instructors so it seems that -- the tenure system. -- almost deliberately. It slows things down it it's cumbersome. It basically kinds. Tries to -- I think dissuade school boards. And parents from I'll steam. A bad teacher. Now. I have heard some teachers say. You know I I take my job seriously I I love my students. I work hard. I I work after hours at home. Greeting tested and stuff. And YE. Go after me a good teacher. When there may only be a couple of a bad teachers. Well one of the problems here is we really don't know how many bad teachers there are. And one of the things that bothers me personally. As someone who's gone through a public school education. And I I graduated from high school and and went on to a year of college. -- Good teachers. No with a bad teachers -- And they don't seem to want to speak up. For fear of retribution. From the union. And this is where I have the problem. If you are good teacher if you are concerned about your students if you're concerned about the students that you don't have. Then. What do you suggest. That we do as a society. To make sure. That the bad teachers. Don't get rewarded. Like the good teachers do. What kind of system can we put in place to protect. Young people today to get a quality. Education. Seven families that from New York City and Rochester. Are the plaintiffs in this second. Lawsuit. Against the legalization of tenure. For teachers. This system. Really makes it difficult. To get rid of a bad teacher now each state has its own stories of problems with with schools and and teachers. We've all heard about teachers who are having sex with students. Teachers who were having affairs teachers who get pregnant. From an -- as one of their students or just a student in the school. I mean there there are problems. That are going on in our educational system today. And there are some teachers who are not following the rules and regulations. Each state like I said as I'm sure all kinds of stories of problems that they've had with teachers many of those stories don't even get out to the public. For example a Connecticut teacher received a mere thirty day suspension. For helping students cheat on the standardized test. Hey now. When I went to school. And yes they did have automobiles back that OK so I took a bus when I went to school. I was so afraid. For the penalties if I got caught -- I was so afraid. If I cheated and got caught and my parents found out. I would I would get the board of education. That'd do you remember what the board of education was that -- when I went to school the board of education was a board. That was used to -- Q on the -- And I mean Lackey and it -- it's at right on board of education. And they didn't hesitate. Did to use it -- you. Course today you know. That would never happen. But the idea of cheating. Scared. Hello enemy. I just I just wouldn't do. But a teacher. Got a mere thirty day suspension. For helping helping. Not just ignoring the fact of -- -- about helping them cheat. On a standardized test. This is the kind of thing. That does not. Help. Anyone especially the students. Tony and Chris and I world big sports fans. If you help someone. In it in a sport. You who helped them get to a point. Where they think they're good it. But they're not because. They cheated. Maybe it was a a son or daughter of a friend. At some point in their life. They're going to feel that that's OK. I mean you eat you can do they even get away with -- and they won't think of it is just something that you can do in sports. They'll think of it as something you can do under job. Something you can do to your friends may be something you can do when your marriage that that you know you can get away with things it's okay. That you don't have to follow the rules. And it appears that ten year. He gives. Teachers. The right to not follow the rules and and get away with a soul I wanna ask you this morning your thoughts on ten year. Is ten year a good thing. Or is -- a bad thing. And if that is a bad thing and then what do we do. To help the good teachers. And get rid of the bad teachers and how are you when you went to school did you have any bad teachers. And by bad teachers I don't mean they were bad people I mean they just weren't good teachers. They they just did not know how to explain things well they're curriculum was core. They may have picked down certain students they may have ignored things they may have had their their favorites and and showed the favoritism did you have a bad teacher. When you went to school. How influential were today 8030930s. Are numbered WB Ian start 930. Is a free call on your cell it is the sandy beach -- with Larry -- who does not. Have tenure at this radio station Larry -- for sandy beach where not to the final minutes away from news at the top of the hour. We're talking a little bit about ten you're now we're talking a lot about tenured teachers. Tenured New York State. Teachers tenure which basically says. After you have the job for three years. If you still. Keep the job. You basically. Have the job for life. Unless you break the law and sometimes even if you do that you still won't lose your job. Radio stations and television stations. Are governed by FCC regulations. It is federal rules and regulations. That radio stations have to follow. And then. Those of us who work at the radio stations and television stations especially those on the -- we have guidelines that we have to follow. As well there are our rules and regulations as to what we can and can't do and can and can't say. As if you worry Eddie George Carlin fan you you remember that very well. Even if we sign a contract. -- we still don't have ten year we can lose our job. For doing something wrong doing something inappropriate. For not following the rules. Teachers do to ten year can't can do something wrong cannot follow the rules and still keep their job. It it's serious problem in our public education system. It's one of the reasons that so many parents want to put their child through a private school education or even home school program. Which there is so much more of today then there was years ago. You may have seen reports over the past. 25. 810 years. Where American students ranked worldwide. In math. And science. How we have continually. Decreased. Our -- our standings. In the world -- our education. Why. With all the knowledge and ability. With everything we have. In our country to teach young children today to prepare them for the future. Why are we not. In the top ten the top five. Why are we not number one. It has to do waited something's wrong. In our education system. And it has to do with the fact that that I feel. That some teachers just take the job for granted. And enjoy working. Well it. It's over a ten month period but they really don't work ten months they have all kinds of days off and weeks often and vacations now. When I look back on on my public education. There were some teachers I absolutely love and I suspect there have been some teachers. That you have absolutely loved you couldn't wait to get to that class the worst part was. If your favorite teacher was in your first period class. Because you look for the first period and then the rest of the day was now I gotta go through the rest of the day. At -- -- it was always better to have up. A great teacher toward the end of the day could you always have something to look forward to. That instead of having it in first period in Manhattan. And it goes the rest of the day. I have many friends who were teachers. And I have heard. A number of stories. On some of the things that they have done for their students to help them. They're concerned and their their love of their job. It's it's an extremely challenging. And yet rewarding profession. How wonderful it is to coach someone. And see them succeed in life. Boy what a great feeling it's a feeling you can get as a parent it's a feeling you can get it and as a teacher it's a feeling you can get as a coach. But. What do we do. When the individual. Is the teacher. And the teacher. Does not have the high standards. The care the interest the concern. About the student's future. Let me tell you a little bit about a student in New York City. I'm Natalie Mendoza. She is a mother of of a young girl and said that her kindergarten teacher. A slept through class. In Iraqi chair. She slept through class in a rocking chair. The teacher. A teacher whose tenure. What do you think about ten years is it good is it bad that. Who benefits from 8030930. Is -- -- WV and when we come back on the sandy beach we will be taking your calls on news radio 930. -- --

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