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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Toledo Water Emergency Update - Greg Saber

Toledo Water Emergency Update - Greg Saber

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now let's go to near Toledo Ohio this morning where they're entering the third day of a water crisis. Because of an algae bloom I only -- joining us on the WB and -- is reporter Greg -- Greg good morning. What is the latest on that emergency there with the water. The contagion about. About about -- thirty via mayor of Toledo Michael Coleman is gonna total press conference you understand he's going to. Give some indication. Weathered the all clear will be sounded war. There you they will continue the ban on drinking water in Toledo. They've been doing testing all weekend of course for this -- algae bloom that. The particular contaminant micro system. That blows with grows with the contaminated algae. And some 400000. That's legal area residents still without water there's shipping in water from all over Ohio. In the region. And keeping the supplies flowing the vital supply of water. What do you do in a situation like that -- mean do you just wait it out. You say they just might sound the all clear losing -- does this mean to us the threat will go away by itself. Well as the tests have been going on since there release Saturday when they detect that this problem. And in the science. That they're dealing with there are false positives and they're not sure. If they're giving false positives to the level that would cause. The drinking ban but. Obviously they couldn't take a chance. So they issued this. Band when they have received these so high levels which would be. Dangerous for anyone to drink so. It all depends on the testing going the Lake -- peace in the western and there is very shallow and prone to growing algae. Usually doesn't happen at this dangerous the level but that's what they're dealing -- It just seems -- but nothing much has changed weather wise temperature wise that kind of thing to. To allow them to lift the ban would you agree. I would agree at this point. That there hasn't been any significant wind changed or. Temperature changes and so -- weather wise that would affect the would affect the algae growth so at this point. They're gonna have to leave it up to the scientists involved in the various people they've called into consult with around the nation to. Examine this Microsystems. Contamination but so far the band is still in effect in. There are fortunately. There is a lot of water along the Lake Erie shore stretching from Toledo all the way they're the buffalo. Fortunately in the Cleveland area or I'm mad it's that deep -- as well as you have there -- so. There we're told there's no contamination. For other areas along -- Syria relying -- -- so water supply. Greg did anybody in the water department there -- Toledo literacy that this threat coming before hand. Not really of course the testing is no matter of course. For a water departments and they do it on a regular basis and that. That would they had detected this I'm sure they're aware with the with the and make up globally Kyrie in the shallow end there that they you know they have more problems on the general. Basis -- for algae growth but I think it's been a long time since they had to. Anything like this. Have any folks in the Toledo area come down with -- any kind of an illness associated with us. -- so far I understand that there hasn't been any real outbreak of illness. Apparently. -- legal residents sit in that area are heeding the warning not to drink -- water and they're not doing it of course that. Lead the problem -- that they get the water supply and in the Cleveland area. Around Detroit and so forth all over Ohio really they've been shipping water -- In some of the supermarket chains are actually. Supply water. Output of the stores. There is so a limit. Right of course they have to put a limit on how much you can take so they're limiting their residents to. One tackle water at a time and how long that will continue -- the problem we find out later this morning. Okay we'll will be listening for the update Greg thank you for -- for bringing us the latest that you have. Thank you that's Greg -- he's covering the Toledo water crisis in Ohio.

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