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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Erie County Water Safe - Water Authority's Paul Wittham

Erie County Water Safe - Water Authority's Paul Wittham

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A water ban in Toledo Ohio and now in its third day forcing residents there to scramble for water for drinking cooking and dating. Toxins in the water supply at the western end of Lake Erie are from LG in the lake. And we're wondering about the safety of our water supply here at the eastern end of Lake -- joining us on the WB in -- line is -- with him he's the water quality director for the Erie county water authority Paul we're glad you could join us. Thank you you must follow with interest what's happening in Toledo. Well yeah well you know if this is the time we hear when this this occurs and and it's it's just more frequent. This year because. The the temperature. The that the water conditions and but this is something that we monitor on a routine basis. Because it not only affects. The the water quality -- it impacts our our processing. Those two of them is there any chance this could ever happen here on the sound -- It would be very very unlikely. Because. The the conditions on the western and -- lake are such that. The water level is lol. These flow is lull. And on our end. These. It's much deeper the current so much faster. And it just doesn't have time to. Propagate. And aren't these and these types of conditions occur in areas that are small -- there are very very shallow. And there's a lot of runoff from phosphates. And fertilizers. Which closed the balloon to propagate. Are you adding testing or stepping up the testing around here Justin just to check to to -- We're doing what we're doing -- which we we typically will do. What a microscopic testing. As a routine -- Of surveillance. But we are also going to be doing some additional testing for -- Dutch -- as well. As saying as a precaution but we we -- we are always -- active in any kind of issues wherever where it would impact it would have the possibility of impacting our water quality. Paul how often do you at the water authority test the quality of our water especially for drinking and cooking. It's done absolutely every single. How to India how dangerous is this for the people of Toledo. In Toledo will. They're they're telling people not to drink get. It -- will it. I understand that it will close upset comics. It and term possible -- and national issues but. You know nothing to the effect where it would it would -- a close a definite. However it and -- the issue is that this particular type both. LG. Produces a toxin which is internal to the embryo. For the organization so. In goal. It's not toxic in and of itself. But when it breaks down. It releases the talks. We're talking live with Paul wedeman is -- water quality director for Erie county water authority. Paul other inched to illegal they're being told not even not just to not drink it but they're not to cook with it and not today is the senate. Why they'd gone to that length what what -- well. It's because of the talks in the toxin can help your your -- -- it. You don't want. Have it absorbed into your skin or cure if -- they're telling people not to. To believe they're you know have their children they've been -- because they're afraid they may give it prize. And their water purification process -- could not alleviate. This now throughout the -- You know if it's depending on on the process. It may not it may not but you know it's -- It is talks and that's pretty pretty. Staple. But you know I'm thinking it's it's early August as some there's a lot more summer to come. What's gonna change in Toledo with water levels and you know below flowing out. That's that is going to be an issue and I don't know how they're going to be able to. To address additional. -- we're glad you could join us an update the SAT our water supply around here. Thank you very much. Lovely wee wee we wanna make sure that people are aware that the water here -- states that it's the water quality has not changed. And is it is quite a -- Very good that's again Paul -- He's the water quality director for the Erie county water authority.

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