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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Previewing the 175th Erie County Fair - Martin Biniasz

Previewing the 175th Erie County Fair - Martin Biniasz

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more now about the Erie county fair. That opens -- the Hamburg fairgrounds this Wednesday tens of thousands of folks on both sides of the border. And who knows from war or else looking forward to this. Our guest is Mardy -- as usual the public relations department with a county or Marty good morning your first full year as the sounds like midrange. It's fun every day's a circus and carnival when you were figuring out there about welfare is 175. Years old justice. The -- -- it was invented a 175. Tours photography as we know it wasn't even around. When the first Erie -- -- Happened where was the first. We're celebrating 175. Fears and that's interesting to remember the first bears' -- three actually held on the buffalo waterfront the site of the general Donovan office building. Or I guess they're calling it canal side one right now. 1820 and 1821. That's a few years after the war between twelve and before they built the Erie -- -- the -- been around for for quite a bit. And if it was there and it was at the Lafayette square it was -- Johnson park he was in cold springs it was in self buffalo. And then as the city started to grow it was pushing out into the suburbs Lancaster. East Hamburg which is now Orchard Park East Aurora and Springfield. And we've been in Hamburg since 1867. How. Okay now you're getting set for opening day on the opening day is always just that there's something about opening day affair. What's what is this opening day going to be like. Golfers such as special anniversary we decided to delve in and have big special concert and -- we got the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. With JoAnne -- she normally doesn't do this summer shows. And it's going to be sort of history of the fair in music starting at 8 o'clock. We're bringing back traditions the -- that the last time the -- peel played the fair as a solo gig was 1956. And were bringing back fireworks also. A some specific nights at the -- this year of course everyone -- looking forward to next Sunday night to the the high wire walk -- under the took a lot of planning a lot of strategy lot of logistics or don't you just don't throw the wire in me and ask somebody to walk across it we've been working where it says state officials we've been working with labor officials to make sure that everything is safe not only for nick but for. The patrons -- On the logistics of of getting the cranes and ordering the wire in and nick was -- the fairgrounds yesterday. Doing the final lining up to make sure that we're going in between the tents in the rides and making sure the power lines are down where we need them to come down. It's like nick said before. People look at it like it's easy walk this is a major -- a major undertaking and -- were really excited to have this for the 175. Fair. I can't image in the the distractions because he'll be within earshot of a few people at the fair. Unlike the Grand Canyon where there was virtually nobody on the private property or Niagara Falls where you're just on the little bit. On the on the either side. You'll be able to be sort of thirty feet on either side of the wider looking up seeing him as nick said he can hear you which -- walking as he's walking by. It's all gonna culminate in the grandstand plenty of ceding big show stage presentation. It's going to be a real fun nights on the remember. Okay now for folks who would love to take a nostalgic look back. At -- -- -- it was like many many years ago as a brand new book out and has written by you on behalf of the Erie county agricultural society. Images of America. Erie county fair in this book will be available for purchase -- -- -- you can -- it -- -- discounted rate for fifteen dollars at the fair you can get -- -- bookstores -- on line I think it's 2199. -- at the fair what is one of the earliest photographs of the period and hear how well did most of our photography the earliest photography goes back to the turn of the century that we can find but we have a lot of -- we've got to us and them pictures and of tickets and red -- and other types of of memorabilia that that it is in the book but we cherry pick we -- was at 101000 photos and archives we pick cherry pick the 300 best to feature in this book. And they say the pictures are are just incredible entity taking him back you know way back. With the of the origins of this fair to -- is quite a collection. By the way Marty when we were talking about the -- and the appearance of the fare -- wire walk. Sunday. 8 PM. Did you mention -- All the pre preparations going into the barbecues food was special about those discounts it's gonna be big days away as far as amenities were bringing -- food trucks all the Western -- food trucks are coming. We've got New York city's largest chicken barbecue our heritage food at the fairies Barbeque chicken so sweeteners VW's -- that is. Are going to be lining up fire pits as far as the eye can see -- Hickory tree park. And you can buy dinner for six dollars which is a discount -- -- concerts free -- pep rallies fireworks. It can be a jam packed it was so many people expected there that night were the -- well we've got plenty apart -- up parking for 121000 cars on our property right now. But overflow parking is at ECC. And at Ralph Wilson Stadium and we've got a whole contingent of shuttle buses it's only about a five minute drive from those -- lots Marty. Good luck it's thank you so much exciting. Fair especially. Next Sunday night I'm looking forward there thanks for coming. Marty -- has with the PR department of the Erie county fair.

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