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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Fan Alliance Not Buying Bon Jovi Letter - Matt Sabuda

Bills Fan Alliance Not Buying Bon Jovi Letter - Matt Sabuda

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go right to the WB him live -- welcome our next guest map shall go to Israel the Buffalo Bills fans alliance -- good morning thank you for joining us. And Jon Bon Jovi -- letter to the Buffalo News published -- yesterday morning's addition promising to keep the bills. In buffalo to build a -- -- the camera here. You're not buying us. Well I think he has the steeper hill to climb in convincing the fan base I think it's important to note that in his latter at no point -- say here you would. Keep the -- and awful low and not move the team it was so a lot alluding to. I'll wanting to see the team's successful in Korea a legacy grow well and what notes in the place was specific and that the. What could he do now locked in to reassure bills fans and in your group. Well I think there's a couple things one -- one of the biggest things is if they are considering a new stadium in in Erie county -- Western New York. That they can come out with a more -- timeline is -- -- -- would expect the a little bit more information on that is actually their successful bidders and the one thing I don't want to get into what it just assuming there gonna win and that there are. There were three other Bible that are out there but beyond that I think you'd be you're willing. To go the extra Iowa and you can to speak their intent that they would -- the seven its eight year. On a clause in the least. I think doubled satisfied and who -- the the and good for Scott and shall good -- the bills and that they don't intend on moving because after all if they don't intend on moving they don't. I don't -- -- cause and quicker Greco for anyone who's whose interest and that the on the. And so in John Baggio was letter to the newspaper yesterday morning there was a lot of Reading between the lines. And a lot about what he did not say. Exactly yeah that's exactly right and again you know we appreciate the sentiment that you want. Saying that they have a commitment. To western new York and there you'd like to build -- I think because the fans here are very plugged in the world. You know and intelligent football parents would know that. You -- -- we need more than just rhetoric we got some action we've got to see something that backs up. Met any reaction to with our unscientific web -- were running on WB and dot com we've been running at all morning and through the overnight to -- of the question was do you trust to Bon Jovi. And 90%. It was even 95% earlier had said now. We had a -- I think that's just a reflection of how works. They'll the yen is trapped decline in order to -- dean. The trust of the fan base in the community here in the and you are successful. They beat got a lot of work to do that I think. Each state passes. -- -- Of providing -- concrete information. The more it becomes difficult for them to be a potential successful battering gain NFL rule because I cannot imagine the other well would be satisfied. With the situation that played out local. Five or six years with what amounts to a potential link took over a long look like a lot more out of. Okay I don't know -- touched visual view a -- since. Leo bidding deadline though came and went last Tuesday. You know Terry for -- Donald Trump you know ostensibly. This Toronto group also may have advanced to the the second round. And word that Donald Trump those still or Tom Golisano storm Wanamaker -- and who do you like among all these bidders. You wouldn't Aurilia any preference at all except to say that there were open to anyone who would demonstrate a commitment to Western Europe and keep. -- a long run I think again it's important -- note that our our sentiment is John bond opiates and simply directed at him even though again he's got the -- told him that you look book to see the other bidders come out. On -- particularly Donald Trump doesn't count on Western Europe route. And and also. Consider waiting. Seven pure escape clause but -- and I think. Along with someone comes out of this process with the concrete plan to keep even buffalo earlier generations to come I think will be -- Matt good to chat with the always interesting thank you. Prepared. Mattson move over the Buffalo Bills -- alive.

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