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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Enjoy Good Hall of Fame Weekend - Mark Kelso

Bills Enjoy Good Hall of Fame Weekend - Mark Kelso

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WB in lifeline this morning to Buffalo Bills radio color analyst. Mark Kelso. Who had done quite the weekend in Camden Ohio moves the country read in trying ms. hall of fame game and boy it was their big weekend. For bills fans mark good morning. The order -- grade -- thanks for the time and sure he wanted to sleep band but. Where there are a lot of bills fans stemming can't. Complex in Michael Vick in -- Bill Taylor I would say about 70%. And certainly you are under great support and it's a testament. To the twelfth man as well the support that question your community -- cute little -- organizations so it was a it was a great week here and all of route for the bills organization -- -- -- -- the new year and start surrounding them in circumstances right now and contrary to what it's ultimately it was a group we can get to see some former teammates and such -- -- and -- it was a lot of. -- -- so the cancer has taken a -- on Jim but you know he'll look pretty good in the pictures we saw. What did it mean to have him there. Yeah yeah I think he looked -- the outstanding as a matter of fact and meets. Community and it was great -- and there was great city that the protocol it's not send and -- pregame and in. And be understated and opportunity in between in between me and try and that's great being interviewed some current members at all payment deficit that might have some. Information her relationship with some of the current trying to change in the and so you'll certainly that they interviewed. -- -- -- they they try and -- and it was great just to see him there dispute. There's enthusiasm -- -- he looked straight electric energy and that each edit stroke last month or so do it to you but it worked his camp and few weeks ago an -- it sure a commercial like clips of -- that the campus and so perhaps -- so young players -- -- -- players like football and inside a lot of -- and speak into the produce -- to cancel it was great to have them there and and and he did look great and as presenters yet. Out of the game -- -- they lost the bills that 1713. Of the giants the starters didn't see much Jack -- there anybody on those first units stand out the of. Yeah link yeah essentially that they play well and in in. -- indicated the -- what's gonna happen under worst defense that was some pressure going to be able to mount pressure with some just and so forth truckers that sometimes and then -- essentially they were there and beat beat. They were okay they struggle will implement some of the things we've got to correct offensively -- -- that concert that and they were particularly great on third down. And the that it makes some plays and then. In the red area they've they've got to convert area. And coaches and it touched thousands and didn't that are opting to do that but the 1 June 2 that -- -- -- Robert Woods but -- -- but that's where the Q it's. Bruce it was OK so that the metal concern what's couple look at the -- doesn't. And one -- -- one down in the red area like Becker has dropped right into the -- soldiers trying to patrol policy and we Watkins and simulate opened but linebacker and -- right to that. -- -- throw and they'll make a play almost in -- -- intersection so. Mean that but it was and then end they're predicting it made some steps Fortier sold just continue to progress here. As the -- skill it is still really early in the preceding guys so it's. I think there was some progress that was made in just continued to move forward every day. In a market I think everybody's eyes were on our number one draft pick -- wide receiver lose Sammy Watkins. Tell us a little more about him he said he wasn't nervous at all. Boy he -- fast as lightning but three passes to him didn't connect. Yes I think what's gonna happen that this Simien at first -- -- dynamic -- really is that you went to watch him chip it doesn't take. There -- many opportunities that are. The -- that the realized what kind of ability as Alex pulled off the last scrimmage -- an ankle Sunday censored back. Which which really is your prayers to the receiver and and I think -- -- on Simon and and then there was a pretty neutral by you can actually put the sphinx and the -- -- the last scrimmage a little but it was competitive from from Britain to order the Balkans now put that we could see a lot this year cigars -- frustration in the last -- try to impede his progress Tokyo and in the end it. That's supplement that. -- receivers Arctic -- used to it -- unit here -- parliament collar city they are quite as effective as he does will be here also desert have patience to let -- -- skate moves that. And have an opportunity to create separation earlier that there outlets but he is dynamic there's no question he was -- that's -- but it's -- -- there -- -- That. It was not -- by linebacker EJ. Intended for him and and then you -- you had a double steps will be sent back -- -- and held up the line of scrimmage and the people all but. And able to make declaration but it will be really fun to watch him play and and they could get -- bought shares a lot of ways as well with the bubble screen there. Just there's there's a lot of different ways you can put policy hasn't -- -- -- actually church abilities so. It is you know because a lot of fun and and unfortunately didn't connect last month put it it really apparent. Well tell Padilla. Kmart the extra points for different last night they were kick from 33 yards out for you a fan of an idea. It's it's a little confusing when one -- yet. When the portrait that ball down fifteen yard -- But it -- and that particular point that they they feel like it's a play that business that has become. Relatively meaningless because 99%. -- -- he converted so interesting. They will happen is is that if teams elect to go to look forward to America by and so -- -- -- -- -- they're not such a coaches and they is it is. What what's the situation there what score is late game it is and and even in this situation or you. Well you have to go forward because you're secure victory. Then that have been we have an opportunity to go to Sony will factor in particular try to go to it. I think -- it'll make for some interesting decision making that you know that he. I think it's important part of -- put but it has become a little bit of -- meaningless play because these these. Plate stickers -- then that yet so that over the years that this is that they're they're converting on Thursday. An interesting market glad you had a great weekend thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate it. Okay you still pay its bills radio color analyst mark Kelso.

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