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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Prepping For Fair Walk - Nik Wallenda; Pt II

Prepping For Fair Walk - Nik Wallenda; Pt II

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In studio with -- -- McQuillan. High wire daredevil to talk about news high wire walk next Sunday. -- the Erie county fair also in studio Marty Benitez. With the affairs public relations department -- before we ask you what your questions about your hard wire walking and how are you. Do so effortlessly. Telus are telling listeners again about Sunday's walk all the preparations that have gone in it would Marty you can jump into here. Yeah there's been there's been an exciting. Picks fighting exciting conversation between us in the fair for starring action over a year and a half ago they reached out to -- it's that we want is something be here -- affair. And you know the part that is that I'm excited about -- fact that I've performed the -- young child actually fourteen years old walking through the office soft -- and -- -- I am. So you know brings back a lot of great memories to beat the affair but we're doing a walk actually on Sunday at 8 PM. That will be longer than a walk over Niagara Falls and we nearly the same height. And it sure to keep everybody on the edge of their seats for sure and it's exciting game there's stuff going on the targeting leading the world's largest barbecue. There is a concert a pre. Pre walked pep rally were all appear on stage. And address the crowd a bit and again I I would encourage everybody it's coming just to make an entire day come out early and plan on being there for. Marty you and has something of that. Gathers a lot of logistics that go into a deal like this and if you're planning your visit we actually have a special web sites called the window walks the fair dot com that has maps it's got a map of the wire walks you can sort of police out where you want it got park yourself to watch -- go across the fairgrounds. A parking shuttle lots things like that so it's little wonder walks the fear dot com. Nick this walk and Sunday and thinking about it will -- growers be in need fuel. Well -- -- be directly beneath -- of course will never put anywhere else in harm's way so but they'll be very close within you know within about thirty feet of that wire they'll be able to well thirty feet outside of the -- at the wire and of course I'll be well above them up in the air but not directly and. I'm seeking to. I -- could they -- your concentration they could be you you know that you're electoral needs. Part of training is distractions you know as I'm walking wire in the backyard might they'll toss at pine cone apnea or something like that to try to distract me whatever it takes detailed. To make sure that I will stay focused no matter what matter fact one of the one of the things I love about performing in front of a live audience in this fair walk is the fact that I can actually look down in. And CD Crennel actually be -- -- -- microphone and I'll be talking to the crowd as well and probably do some interviews as they do this walk. Skew all you overcame the fear of -- financially. You never did have a fear that you because -- -- your -- your parents -- uses it felt pretty much you know of course I think everybody has that respect for heights and and what you might call fear I call respect but when I -- to edge of a ten story building -- look over the edge. I go wow that's dangerous if I fall over I'd get hurt. But I also know my abilities and again it's about the training often. I'm more nervous getting up to the wire that I am getting on that -- -- -- on the wire and comfortable and ready to -- one here that you're -- use of the Erie county fear will be unlike the -- you -- of the Grand Canyon and wonderful to Elizabeth it will be the -- -- over Niagara -- in the -- -- was there was no way to stabilize that -- so because -- that we could use a -- -- the weight -- it helps slow down the -- and he was two -- and -- almost the size of a tennis ball. The Lara -- walking over the affair on his five need to means that the size of a nickel which is what I've walked on my entire life my families walked on for generations. -- the falls the Grand Canyon the Erie county fair. What is next the. Well after the Erie county fair of that other events planned -- another TV special coming up in the fourth quarter of this year. I can't talk about the specifics of that yet but I will be beginning you know that he special -- Discovery Channel around the world. You know children. I you have three children 1613. It'll happen. One -- -- only you know it's funny they are all very good on the wire just like -- -- he started his little kids couple feet off the ground but at this point they all have decided that they wanna go to college and they're gonna pursue a different career which dad and mom are thrilled to be honest. Had they been performing with Hewitt Darian lake. They actually my son is actually one of the walk around characters -- Darian lake and one of my my oldest son is actually a stage tech. And my daughter she handles a lot of my social media but that's about it. Now you say that you're performing to do variably with family members and others who's with you my mom is actually performing their every day with me my wife there and the rest of the family my cousins are there. And we also have great performers from around the world your mom is up in Iowa she is my mom still performs you know my great grandfather said life is on the -- everything else is just waiting and for our family that's very true this is incredible in and of course they'll all be out there at the fair with me as well cheering me on my dad is my -- safety coordinator so he's flying in for the event. My mom will be right there my mom will be jealous that she's not on the wire with me that day. And my wife of course and all the kids leaders for. I think we all remember your dad talking to you when you did the Niagara Falls -- Will he be -- you don't know. He'll talk to me leading up to it but ought to be talking with one of my close friends time McFarland who tours with me and and travels and -- takes care some of the rigging. As well as host the show it at that Geary lake. Whom checks all the wires to make sure that they really are secure leisure award doesn't -- I have three layers of inspections on the first slayer then after that is actually my father. And then I have my uncle who's in the engineers and engineer in the military for about 35 years is now retired he works for me full time and he is that third layer. He does all of the all of the numbers crunching and all of that and he's there again just monitoring he doesn't do any physical either it is my father either July for the most part it's all about -- means -- goes up safely. Because he really that's what it comes down to as I need to know that that wires rig writes I can focus on all my skills my training. And not have to worry about anything else field. Nick thank you it was a pleasure to meet you thank you for coming in extra mile high wire walker nickel and they'll also understood you of those Marty Vinny has from the Erie county fairs. Public relations department about -- high wire walk over the fairgrounds next Sunday evening at 8 PM.

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