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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Prepping For Fair Walk - Nik Wallenda; Pt I

Prepping For Fair Walk - Nik Wallenda; Pt I

Aug 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are in studio this morning with daredevil nick will lend happy to have him here. It's almost airtime theory county fair opens on Wednesday nick thanks so much for coming and thanks for a mile. Well you're performing every day Darian lake in -- getting ready for a huge event on Sunday tell us about it. That's correct and get ready do actually the longest walk of of this year for me it is over 14100 feet long to me well over a hundred feet high. It's actually a -- longer than the walk it was over Niagara Falls and I've wanted to come back to this area and do you basically give back to Western New York Western Europe has been incredible to me. And it's just an incredible opportunity when the Erie county fair reached out to me and we collaborated on this exciting event nick do you have any fear. At all. You know a fear gotten a -- my wife that's about it you know have a deep respect for what I do there's a lot of danger of course what I do but it all comes down to training and preparation. You know backstage or -- lake I've been preparing for this walk this is a long walk this is almost double or over double my average to walk. So a lot of training a lot of preparation and and again I'm just excited to be back -- back -- the year -- -- as you were standing at the beginning of that lawyer ready to go across the Grand Canyon or across Niagara Falls. Which one was more intimidated. You know they they were both intimidating in really every walk including walk -- beginning the Erie county fair when I step up or take them all to the same account the truth is whether I would be underwritten. You know 150 feet over Niagara Falls or a 150 feet over the Erie county fair fifteen her feet over the ranking the danger still the same wind comes up Augusta wind knocks me off. You know the the results are going to be the same whether I'm again wherever I'm -- so I respect them all equally and there's just as much danger and just as much excitement each walk that -- Did the Niagara Falls walk. Changed things for you. Absolutely you know and that's why I I have vowed to -- be back in this area back in western new York and and give back to this area because. It truly did you know of course my family name has been no we started back in the 1780 so well over 200 years and seven generations. But to for the nick part of what -- nick Poland to brand it definitely changed things. We see photographs are you holding this big wire. Shoulders that's the actual war you walker that is the wire that are walked on over the green canyon and Niagara Falls now of the unique part about those walks where I was not able to stabilize those walks with cables coming out of the ground so IDs a bigger cable. The walk -- below be walking on over the fair. On Sunday is actually the size of a nickel it's much smaller two inch diameter for Niagara Falls and ranking in. A nickel which is what I was raised to walking on a -- -- or the age of two about two feet off the ground. And to be honest I'm more comfortable on a smaller cable and a larger. -- signs of a nickel that's hard to even imagine. How long is this walk to -- is case is it should take about twenty to thirty minutes. And what time will be -- The walk will be at 8 PM on Sunday but there's a huge huge event the entire gators -- and a pep rally the world's largest chicken barbecue. And there's fireworks that -- there's a concert following their concert before the event concert following the event says actually stuff happening throughout the entire day. And I would suggest that all of the listeners would come in as early as possible and make it an entire day stake out your rounds where you can get an incredible view on that law. Gilbert we're joined in studio by AM Marty Vinny has to with a fair good morning. And Marty that Sunday's going to be -- I'm gonna guess the biggest day for the fair. We've been working on it now for about a year and a half and all the logistical. Cusick a -- putting on staging an event like this we have extra vendors we've got food trucks coming in from all over Western New York. Were -- -- -- looking at doing a quarter of a million chicken dinners all three heritage barbecue dealers are getting together for discounted dinners that day so we have more places to eat. More bathrooms more place picnic tables and we got shuttle buses from ECC and from Ralph Wilson Stadium continuously all day. So there's plenty of parking in that region the state usually about five minutes away -- that would have been the main concern parking and yeah that's probably get but with opening up a lot to BCC and Ralph Wilson five minutes and continuous shuttle buses all the way until. Until the wee hours of the night would that should not be concerned nick what -- bad weather and sunny what happens. You know that the only thing that would really stop me would be wins that would be you know hurricane force winds and actually want to learn 120 mile an hour winds during training. Nine -- miles. But really be lightening would be the only thing that would keep me off of that wire as far as Rainey everybody here of course in this region and really around the world saw me walking that wire. Through the mist over Niagara Falls -- isn't a huge issue. And you know again it's all about training and preparation. And there's not a whole lot and keep me from from making that walk how do you detect those threats of possible. You know again to a local weather stations that we have and we also work with local local meteorologists that well actually Telus and inform us. Any any big event just like the fair they have a monitoring station because it's dangerous not only for me for also for the the gas. -- nickel and he'll be back in the next half hour glad to have him here daredevil nipple and at the Erie county fair opens on Wednesday. -- -- speaks Skywalk is scheduled for Sunday night.

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