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Aug 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- feel kind is with us once again whenever we need things explained from Albany he's one of those we were you return to. Longtime Albany reporter he's with capital New York dot com Jimmy thanks for being with us this morning. More -- to be glad glad you're here especially I hear your busy guy these days new father at all. At -- and it said with a typical days and his eyes of late nights that sort of thing I'll talk more about the Moreland commission you had a piece this week collecting sort of does. And analytical take on it it was under the headline Moreland mass -- Cuomo's fear factor. Now one of the quotes here. People -- aren't the end of the US attorney for the southern district of north. You say has very publicly seize control Cuomo's narrative. Cuomo is no longer the white Knight he's the guy reversed positions multiple times. And now provides over an administration under federal investigation. Just another Albany politician. The contention I guess there if I can read between the lines as yet he will still win but he's lost some power and my putting too many words in your mouth. No I think bigger -- -- -- you talked to perpetual political -- circle -- that area I do right now. It doesn't seem like keep in any elect world being -- that can change. The biggest factor course eating what Arora has coming next. Whether there are going to be -- -- that there is going to be or apartment -- Governor Cuomo talk a -- you know we. Whatever it is have no idea what it is so it is asserting that Specter there's this rare and wide open. But practically what it means is that. The way to pull -- -- on -- With the New York side story document in very clearly how the governor interest here in this election. How he interacted with its. Popular here. How we interact through the commissioner -- that they looked at in the giant hole that's going to be independent. That's the reversal good to hear his -- explanation as to what the propriety of that war that people can see that. Are there aren't people budget from the scalable people -- a national level started we'll check of watching global Parse his words. Calling -- column about it. I know that piece that you're you have Jon Stewart on The Daily Show that you know that's ridiculous I you -- in the governor's statement. It's likely they'll win. Did this this sort of the sort of this sort of a blow. Is it sort of intangible -- that he showed people that. You can fight the governor that -- he would not be emperor to predict there that -- that the tired analogy but to a salt and pepper does not have. I'm quite as many clothes on as we thought he'd get. And so were the past years I've been covering Cuomo's administration -- capitol people are very -- to approach people are. Not. Eager to go against -- initiatives either the Republicans have not bigger and pushing on him. Whereas now I think people might look at him and think you know this guy maybe he's not acquitted the -- above bad if he's just another immortal and I think that we might see -- the governor does that reelection it's going to be a much more interesting idea because the people -- -- which -- -- election. Are going to have kind of look and say okay Belichick should be. One of the large clippers that may -- took a bit of the bloom off the rose this week did come. From preached by our our offices well tell me what happened there he sent a letter to almost saying -- come talk to my witnesses. So on Monday when the governor was -- all university at buffalo talking to the first part publicly about this article about this -- -- interaction which is commission. On the day -- -- very commission members started issuing statements talking about how their time on the board specialist productive probably enjoyed it out. They never felt they were interfered. And you know it just so happened that -- Walsh you list you know buffalo was referenced during these very statement. And so. You know it. And we'll look at that. Who we've we've got to get political -- wouldn't immediately assume that there -- some sort of coordination. That's not unusual. Is it illegal is wrong. The usual while it infections and good politics are a great -- -- bill the initiative or -- You volleyed up the union the business people -- ever -- -- might support a two to come out with you right. To sort of what does so that they could do that. It's that same kind of mentality that happened you know all the given that there is an ongoing investigation. Arora said -- wait a minute are you contacting my potential witness shouldn't. Compelling them to speak out on your behalf. Aren't so -- that was closely leak in New York. You heard publicly said just and the governor on Thursday it was -- -- sort of account for a while. And talked about how yes we could reach out to the relevant parties that were gonna be quiet. So I was. Public that chapter. Ever since the days of John Regis and adelphia here in buffalo I have been on the press list for US attorney -- Ferrara. And yet he's the attorney down in New York City so reporter appear you wouldn't think would be following them but I do. And I noticed that when this letter was as you say -- in New York Times it was not something he distributed widely. To all the reporters that are asking for all the materials regularly from him. In light of that was this more of a political slap across the face for Cuomo or is -- legitimate concern hey you're talking to my witnesses. I think it's probably a little bit more warmer a couple people would one more time and communications operative I spoke to about this -- You know and so he wrote the letter. Credited the mail before equal we've ever achieved. You read about it on the front page of the New York part of it that you could you could've been -- -- it a little -- ballot there. On the part of Ferrara. But I I think what's driving people wrong it's just this sort of in all of it are quote while I don't think there's a lot of love there and it doesn't part of it is that -- they expect Cuomo. Is you know got off to a real borrower news. -- the common and it -- I do my job or do my job Broward he felt the need for real. I I. Yeah I hit it it sort of slapped around a bit and I had -- -- -- you to do so again. Do we know anything about -- row -- politics he's a Democrat right is there is there. Can we in any way postulate. Gee he's doing this because he wants to run someday. Or is it just a matter of him looking his duty looking his job and -- this is part of what I have to do especially as as you say if I don't like almost a much. I don't think there's any scenario in which cleaning up the market Albany's bad politics for Bora. Better what you what do you looked to be an astronaut in the first and a walk on March it's an excellent avenue that. Athletic. So we don't know what you want to do but. You know you would not be dispersed prosecutor from the -- southern district of New York to seek higher office Tom -- of course it is that the president one day. I'm more recently Rudy Giuliani. What is the southern district crapshoot you course in -- and a you know let's suppose its presidential candidate the couple arms around. And so we took a little bit this year he's a Democrat he was appointed by -- It is important of course by the Justice Department but he comes out of the opposite senator Chuck Schumer the Democrat from New York. Who is not exactly how close Andrew Cuomo either raising. That's correct. Will go to this political route but we didn't quite know -- ambitions are good as I said. Are those that anything he does -- here can only help. Talk a little bit about what we know of the scope of the investigation. Early on when he grabbed all the files from the -- commission. And that point. That's right around the same time that state senator George -- -- stepped aside. One could assume that that that we -- -- is looking campaign finance. To what degree and we also assume he's looking at the entire issue of was the -- commission independent. Did Cuomo do something untoward in that regard. As that one is it the other or. I'm guessing probably both what what do you know or what have you been able to glean from what you've been able to observe. It is -- it was cute those -- It's certainly seems as though it started with the former. -- initial thought what do you have these open investigation that I want to look at them but will be looked at one US attorney has guardedly -- what the crop should. Can't push it does include they are looking at the circuit that that the commission buys into -- compared with the the operation. -- beat a -- investigators. Believe the federal grand jury testimony from the former still dark person for the former secretary. The commission executive director. There aren't they were just a simple matter of looking at those open investigation -- filed -- would you -- are -- She would beat the operation. Should more than anything else. So I and it certainly will be solved Ferrara. Talk about how global contact with all the pictures rather. Needs contact with these former commissioners would potentially witnessed temperate. That's in the indicates that there are article in question about the opera. -- And yet are many many have said that because all the subpoenas were ultimately served. That there was no obstruction here therefore no indictment would you follow that kind of thought yourself. Well the lawyer about a league observer not a judge so I I don't know exactly where it will lie in. Of criminality is later that in the legal experts have -- and my colleague who spoke into. There's there's disagreement about that bet there are federal statute that are incredibly broad. And so we will see whether or not a -- all sides here. All right great stuff more to come thanks Jimmy. Always. That's Jimmy -- kind from capitol New York death count.