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Atty. Steve Pigeon on Cuomo & Moreland Commission

Aug 3, 2014|

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Time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. NB. And why don't we -- is to talk politics this was the week where governor Andrew Cuomo came out. And tried to explain that there was no interference. In the -- commission the investigative commission set up -- of corruption and Albany. The New York Times a week -- Tuesday had a piece that documented what they said was interference. Cuomo spoke that you be on Monday to try and bumped down a little bit of that push back against it. He even trotted out statements from some of the commission members saying though they they didn't feel as if they were. Bullied or or or in any -- urged to not pursue certain things. And all of the discussion of this though because this politics and that is that season. There have been a lot of opponents of Andrew Cuomo able to come out and talk about this. Rob -- Reno running for governor says it's a huge breach of ethics. Effort teach out -- sensibly running a primary against Cuomo says it is corruption and something that needs to be looked at. It's pretty easy to find the critics but it's -- -- a little bit more difficult to find those other than Cuomo himself. Willing to talk about this one of those that is with us for the next hour here is Steve pigeon. Former chair of the Erie county Democratic Party. A close -- -- of political advisor to both Governor Cuomo. And -- Tom Golisano he's a guy that is not really shy or or. Shrinking violet and anyway either. And were awfully glad we're able to get into all of this with you Steve thanks for being here. And what's your reaction here let's let's start with the most recent thing. After Monday's speech. Where Governor Cuomo trotted out statements from other commission members -- per hour the US attorney said hey. That that borders on witness tampering please don't talk these people and tell them to publicly support it. What's your reaction to that segment of it and as we go on we'll get into a lot of the other stuff too. Well again I think that -- as I said the war I guess prefer. Very competent. Prosecutor and he won't -- it -- reasons -- feeling that way home I don't see it that way I think that Adam. Simply just talking to people saying what was your experience you should write about your experience. I'm. Not I don't see that as violating media. -- and he witness tampering laws so to speak. I'll salt. I I think that the governor does what what he's always I don't think he -- anybody grossly. And apparently a modest step that problem but he is a very Anton. Governor problem and it -- I'd find it very amusing. Then when we had a state that was struggle -- yours and we have Washington. That is rudderless right now where this gridlock and the government can function. He came into the situation. It was actually able to get out of Albany and get. Unbelievable model legislation passed. And seeing -- is being -- -- this story and he doesn't have by being very Antara. He does. I being very tenacious. Almost laser being mortgage. -- -- trying to do something has he has for them. You know about autonomy with both of them and attention into question -- he's done that some very big -- and watched it. And I guess critics can turn around and saying oh you're interfering with. I don't know why he. We're saying that the commission he appointed. Just apples and able to talk to. Com I don't see you know. He says he can cooperate with shouldn't -- -- a pretty broad as it says it is a fair. Competent. As well. US attorney. You know and I think that want to cooperation content than cute he's not evil city and conclude. -- Working with debt commission did not rise the level. Of any. Criminal activity. Your politics guy a lot of politics is messaging. And maybe I'm just confused here but I think I saw some mixed messages. When the New York Times came out -- their report we can go Tuesday the thirteen page rebuttal. Basically put forth the argument. I created this commission this commission is a creature of the governor therefore the governor's involvement is not meddling or or undue pressure. And then you be on Monday about a week later the governor trotted out the statement that said it's an independent commission. -- one hand I'm hearing a message that says it doesn't matter that it's not independent -- it's mind. And on the other hand I'm hearing a message that says but it's independent anyway do you see that as a conflict that can't be resolved. I can I don't because I can understand why the press. That report and very quickly and it went pretty blunt since. His opponents that won a couple of minutes of -- best record jumping on this one that you just unbelievably horrible -- -- much child. Friends family. You know helped a mother in -- boyfriend. He got a Hud scandal there for him to sit there and putt on the -- Kettle black music but here's. Here's -- here yeah what are we missing was the new year it's your convention. You can communicate. Com. You're also doing criminal prosecution. So you can't. I interfere. Want to decisions made. To prosecute or to target. Com so I think that's the net and lots and and what what is absent again the government wasn't. What the steps. Why would they didn't you know most of these prosecutors network -- -- but he is of course politically understanding -- working. And they needed a lot of guidance. I think there was solemn. -- -- didn't spirited. Arguments. About certain opinions. On something that is not an indictment. So giving your opinions. On a subpoena. -- -- -- -- Com and again that's probably opinions were -- that -- opinions were it it's Patrick and search. Was very poor. -- while he talked with them -- -- altar boy. So. I I think that that wouldn't want to import. So -- can you explain this and the discussion is good. But in the end of the subpoenas went out everything's okay there's no criminal wrongdoing. Well why don't think there's any criminal wrong doing communicating saying hey don't do that I think that's a mistake on understandably you're you're looking at as something that. You know is very clear under the law. Which is that you can make you know campaign donations. Com and just because somebody made a lot of campaign donation. Went on in all -- on the law. Doesn't make it illegal so you know I think that it but the nature of the argument. Yeah I wasn't. As I just know what. But the nature of the argument. -- Mean they're clear that there were saying your goal and I -- not just against. Dollars in government dollars and they were saying that you know that that there's just the fact that donations were made. On the -- bad as the system we live under in all fifty states and the federal government. I'm not I figured you're you're you're you're going dot -- world and they've made some subpoena them and they -- what sort of like I think that nuances is clear. That you know you can communicate. Once once they have decided if they decided to let go with this. Or all of the discussion was over. And they get their own independent right here as a member of that commission to do what they want trend since the governor -- semesters we have yet. Com he could certainly give them advice. Whatever he. -- the other ones are voting. So there -- times when -- -- and you don't history. When one board members have not agree that the government appointment. And this is government. So arm I'd say that the governor said he can cooperate. It and I think what went mr. -- looks the other thing that happened. I think what you may see is that they may take some action. Like continuing some of these things the mark commercial parking lot of remember when. The governor and at the moment of passion she did Cheney investigations. He said they'd be referred to the local district attorney's. There has been working. So what has -- key was stopping. You know investigations and stop the vehicle. But there was there's plenty of of you know there was. You know 1516. The age of some of the major how -- at the national. 8030930s. -- number and Steve pigeon is with us he's a political advisor to Governor Cuomo we're talking about the -- commission. Were putting out the arguments that it didn't necessarily get in the media at some of the nuances Steve says. About how independent commission is as some of the charges that have been leveled in the past week or so. Against Governor Cuomo if you'd like to join the conversation we do have phone lines open again 8030930. May be one of those is perhaps the -- Reno camp that says you know. This is just horrible and needs to be looked at and the governor stop that from being looked at we wanna hear from you or perhaps you're loyal to the governor -- you agree with Steve. I would like to bring up some of the points that -- underlined some of the points that he's bringing forth either way we would love to have you aboard 803 on 930. Now it's interesting Steve that you mention. The district attorneys because in the past day here. Mark Sasha has come out with a letter that he sent to -- Ferrara. And that specifically. Target you and talks about you a second try to summarize what he's saying. He goes back and he says that basically. When you were involved in the campaign for Paul Clark for county executive. There was some money issues there that weren't investigated by the DNA. When you were involved in the the the political action committee in the most recent elections. That was something that ultimately the board of elections and that is investigating but the district attorney did not. So Russia's contention is. That Steve pigeon is close to the prosecutors Steve pigeon is snapping prosecuted therefore mister -- our look at all of this again look at Steve pigeon. What's your reaction to what he -- Well I would first that it that this sort of what recent letter doesn't deserve the article that was threatened. -- see -- -- is. Probably bill as written doesn't 1215 times since 2007. The reason why neither -- attorney. Prosecuted me is that I didn't break a lot. And I want them involved with it was that the misdemeanors ever take back our campaign I want and involve any of those things. What you have with ministers -- very second. He was fired by -- For costs and to talk to anybody who worked in this returning -- it will Charlie. -- was a problem. He was fired for cause and get the blame that some. So sorry -- that's that would Bob McCarthy never writes. Is the person who received the biggest break in the history Erie county democratic attorneys -- that's what they'll. When he left but I'm voted governor's song. -- wanted to children shot another one of the children. If that would have been Joseph Smith from -- that would have been -- -- and there would have there would have been at least an investigation that -- Frank Clark and the children staying in this house. It was -- as. This could turn if anyone ever received a break it was him now he wants to talk of it and in what he's talking about. Trying this say. Bet that -- you know number. Donation was laundered through me. -- you know then he originally thought I had a -- because. But what I have -- I'm a political consultant I've been a political consultant for years in Tokyo where I was working for. And Kim -- Is he also immediate. And makes TV commercials he does he -- -- announcing a you know he does consulting. I've -- I was twelve years old. He was working for me. So he -- my god knows there's money from Jabber -- you know going to there's often drop in and. They're paying out there pay part and Tim Clark donated to his brother will of course took part would donate to -- brought. So my money. Reported that I might objections. Can do what I want that and by the -- -- -- comic. Who's to say that it morning I was staying template didn't come from somebody else or twelve other -- there were all all their money was not. You know there was not that in the account and Albers you know money -- you know going to count I had I had. Probably -- a client at a time in the LLC. So that's why nobody looked. I looked about he may try to make a big deal and introduce. Two trilogy of all -- to the campaign because I knew him. I gave them they get caught he when he called the scene of the crime in my mother's church where I -- Kim -- for coffee was some crazy. With donkey -- and I heard much about you know there are other people have been suggesting -- -- -- -- I'll bet. Well turns out later. -- -- by the Mike Mullen and catch. Arm and it was reported by the campaign not to be paid in cash register reported by the chipped it. While I was under -- -- I won't remember that campaign. I was under no duty to report. I didn't even know how he was in the nothing about it I just gave a recommendation right at the scene of the -- we're a little stick -- -- now well you -- we're -- talk. Okay I I will -- -- break a promise you that it will that we were late for our break we welcome back and I will let you speak that but we gotta get commercials and and we'll do that right this. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen. News radio 930 WB and this -- -- Steve pigeon is on the line with us we are talking in part about it aren't uncommon as quick I don't unnamed but I pick up right where we work. You were talking about some of the allegations made by mark -- Outside sources at the hearing he sued the this attorney and law in federal court he didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- And of course is an interesting when you read -- Also. He said the federal. District court in Connecticut which is the court right below the US Supreme Court that I influenced them. That I because they were all prompted a point -- I'm from Oakland. So you know not only URD -- of -- meet federal judges -- -- This guy is insane he he didn't make the case federal court or difficult decision to pick -- an -- -- he was wired for -- Two things a lot out now. Now that's war. Who's always out there are obsessed in and and and abusing his power by just. -- taking the entire. Resource for the board in following me around and in just investigating mean no one else. He. Got the went to David Paterson. I'm not David Paterson was mad at me. Because I don't -- -- so I don't I don't put aside he was very upset me personally I get. But his counsel when he was a senator. Was very upset me personally it was -- that would mean because I was so clearly -- in Kabul when he -- still planning on running and he thought he might run against com. He'd take a cheap shot at me. And take all these allegations -- Russia and ward and refer them to cool reaper are. In 2000. Course nothing ever came of that sort but what he's taught this lottery from -- -- -- are recurrent looked at -- this to Bob McCarthy knows that it shouldn't even wrote the article. -- chance to the last in the Western Europe progressive Democrats last year that. That war and such screaming about what they've also asked. But they went to the Mormon dimension and they they -- -- regardless -- their first stop I'm a donor to the can. And treasurer -- -- legally responsible party. And the treasurer did nothing -- the only thing they pointed out is it was a discrepancy. Between how much television was bought. We explained to them why that happened. I didn't board election one of our donors directly gave to the vendor by. And Christine there was a miscommunication Christians are the treasury just don't let that happen. Toshiba lists in kind contributions. Now I can sort of be suspicious if -- -- -- first time donor had never given its -- what you were trying to -- -- -- -- what this daughter had given about. 20000. Dollars before this last Friday. They had given -- -- -- -- she and noble that they did an anti attribution which you find out shipment. Now that's a mistake it's not a violation of law. So they know this better that there correction every under wrestling every person we now. Obviously not the first time that's what does not that you get on top doubts about it -- the committee she didn't when I was about another independent committees with state. He did when I was county chairman. But you guys. Here's a guy who routinely he's running a law office he doesn't -- for -- right before the election actually getting. Public subsidy were practicing wall. In these items like thousand -- -- -- into the ocean region bet he -- pull as many as employees of nearly no shortage. That you you know I think you'll beat the public is going to be fine. -- eventually. I'll key. Literally. Destroy the petition or edit an employee just repetition and the democratic of course you don't like the person who get the attention. I was asked about then the next segment is out of control. He'd get out of control he's been 88. Are holier than doll. Self righteous hypocrite. -- wants. He started and I first met him. You know in the 1980s. Steve. I. I understand people have made allegations against you that you certainly want to be on the record. And point out and I don't -- those allegations. I've never said anything about this you know I rarely about it but he should. Be good days and went and I -- that. -- -- what they write what you've seen is that they've been doing this. 2000. I get that and matter I I you're you're saying. I hear what you're saying and I know anyone who would defend against and talk about it will do that and also when I got back into the the more on commission after the break. It's it's another one of those things where we're up against the clock -- -- -- back I got I got enough on that we don't like okay we'll bring you back we'll do more about the more commission take coupled. Calls are coming into -- to break for news it's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line on news radio 930 WV UN. We're talking and hard about the moral information. Governor Cuomo's anti corruption investigation that according to some accounts actually squelched subpoenas -- suggested that subpoenas should be squelch. He's been accused of interference the US attorney for the southern district of New York. Is looking at that and some of the investigations. That the more on commission did not continue upon its termination by the governor. A Steve pigeon is here and because he's a confident of the governor a guy who can put forth some of the arguments that we haven't necessarily heard about the Mormon -- Now on the way Steve is also political operative there are certainly people making allegations against him. Marks are so former sanitary district attorney assistant district attorney in Erie county has sent a letter to read our our sank. There are things here you need to look at to. We're talking a little bit about that as well let that take a couple calls and talk more broadly about the -- commission and some of the issues out there. 8030930s. Number Steve thanks for hanging with -- -- -- thanks for waiting you're on the air. Yeah you don't. I I think we have here coal output spotlight to himself for what you get 330 million dollars in the campaign on the cake. What are ultimately transform the private sector. Okay it's it's it's lol mystery. It's the technically illegal state. OK and I think perhaps it's got it and try to crack on and somebody had a couple you know it's more than commission now I got the whole balloon right in the pop. So -- done do you see do you see -- row right and Cuomo kinda in the same boat. Both targeting targeting this stuff. I don't recall target I think I think he's the heart of the problem. He definitely part of the problem -- -- -- -- here in Albany what you put it I think is it fair and right it can pull out of the year. Not sure -- who -- investigating. That what put together. And that are a lot of it had and Paul warn his rebuttal or in his defense said some of us. A lot of it had been previously reported in drips and drabs but your times pulled it together and put a big bow on it basically. Actually put all again here you go now hopefully. The prosecutor in the seat but the people -- your state had been looking for in so desperately need haircut remote one of the most corrupt state in the nation. Okay. And I really hope it if I -- -- -- -- because I'm sure look a little that a pop. It put all the other they're all afraid of them -- deeply afraid that I want to be so free or. Steve got it got it got so much power OK any big companies. Becky MOK and making sure by in this election that we try to deal which is the only one I expect a little I think. That's a little bit in the situation any job he obviously. A lot mind. On -- he already has America we have systems are United States of America. Where you can make donations in the nation it is currently a lot of credit I consider giving him donations. Because they act like -- and at stake. In more exciting -- white a white belted out. I'm done. Take a breathless and don't let them send them to get to a. How can you arguably not a Western New York. With the job that you aren't with the attention that he's put on us he -- across the states. He he even made a -- statement that was the scene has a stake to leave and there's business in locating here. Because he's attacking that the spending problem protection problem the regulation prop eight bit computer our governor for goodness I think business. Not. -- donate to him for that reason. That is illegal transaction. -- -- -- A specific question for Steve so we can try to keep the back and forth moving. Okay would you agree get corporate welfare would actually don't. -- in the I don't get that kept -- year they get nothing. In its -- although both his is is reporter Pete all the rental -- New York with the order of the grand -- eagle. Eat eat up anything he can't hear -- Birdie Putt well the world. There assert that creates jobs that -- more taxpayers it creates. Support businesses that create more actions. And we have to compete with the other states. Governor is common and our companies in Baghdad to go to -- Carolina Florida and Texas we're trying to get tumbled back we need to use -- results do. Dot I try to stay neutral but but you're saying these companies are coming because I I think they are. I think their common their comatose like Motorola liquid Erie county you know it's -- -- they can't dictate your -- break into the tour the country up. Only leak nuggets how he's -- they're confident that your tenure for free we can get -- get tenure but were still high tech -- in the country. We're sure that I'm -- over. What like at a -- about all right Steve about. Well we're not I district -- -- and and I think you know I understand what I understand where a lot of people -- -- Michael we get a that users. On salt I don't believe this case so I don't think these companies are coming here. They're coming here to locate here and they are coming here have a future here I don't think they're just trying to take advantage of a. Politics you know and and that's to a tech scam -- the problem. But I understand why people are cynical and soul of. You know more -- but more -- in this desperate years that happened about thirty B port. Jimmie -- kind -- we had -- -- just before you were on the air with a Steve he he made the argument and analysis piece at capital New York dot com this week. That while Cuomo will still be reelected. And while he probably won't have any charges against him. That this kind of a Rhodes his effectiveness. That the narrative is no longer Cuomo the white night able to bring these sort of projects forward. And talk a little bit about -- I'm guessing that so Al disagree with two. You know I he's been carted down before I'm I can see light by analysts like -- might think that. But you know in in 2002 rectory and you know his political career was so there was over slow. This guys are resilient. Guys he's brilliant Jack I'll I think what people are going to be able to see once told stories told. Is that. You know that -- got the proper and like anything else. You know when it becomes answered a newspaper. -- just about anybody else but -- about reputable news out of things become a newspaper. Column. He'll write about something and not. But most times. The public -- not there's you know the end of I think this guy. As so many successful things -- happening so much potential epic. And the year two this'll be on the. Address the disbanding of the commission. Was it initially at kargil to trying get the legislature to move and then notes they moved he said hey we don't need anymore. Well remember she saw he when he announced the contention that he was doing the connection because the legislature refused. To do anything. Unethical reform or on on finance reform. He said it earned buffalo several times I was at this actually you be when it. You know he clearly setting using it as a tool to try to get legislation he got a legislation. And again -- -- of the commission recently you know we don't you don't need just a permanent. Bureaucracy again but he said in the end Fitzpatrick. Sat. That commission chair William Fitzpatrick. Yet -- obstetrics and Syracuse that tremendous. The payload of unquestionable integrity. -- you know that the local DH will be referred these cases they never planned on what -- chases -- that they were looking. -- on the -- and I think -- Cabrera does investigation you know she he would have been in a position to know that help you want to make sure. Yes you know that -- best that. But I remember quite clearly. But setting that its investigations and stop of the of the local DA. So -- So you know he he put together to put pressure on the legislature to get action he got -- action any any any you know -- the commission. All right I hate to do what you gotta take another break here on the other side we'll get into the slow further -- a couple more calls Steve pigeon is here. He's a political advisor to Governor Cuomo he's a former Erie county Democratic Party chair political operative of some note Moakley of some controversy locally to. We can get into a little bit more of that if you like. Straight ahead after this its headline news radio 930 WB yen or talking for the remaining ten minutes or so with Steve page and he's a political operative and aide to Governor Cuomo -- confidant I don't know how do we exactly call probably you're really I. I am and I'm -- -- -- informal. Informal advisor who as I do with said the matter buffalo and I inside it would. Senator Schumer and a lot of others but. You -- you know that -- -- local. Controversial. Which are left out. Was that you know I'd start him as it is -- on a national scale effort inside presidential campaign. I worked for President Clinton battling that campaign and administration. As an executive assistant secretary helped partially or. And also didn't assignment over the White House. That culture. I worked. For over a decade it was counsel to senate Democrats in Albany while I was in Erie county legislator. I have an operative. I'll I don't really do much locally. But I destructive internationally I I worked -- -- running a champion of the prime minister of Romania. Last year. Working Ukraine at work in Africa and it worked to Jamaica and working stage on campaign in Florida and California. Pennsylvania and Ohio I've worked. Or Iowa Caucuses for presidential candidate. So I. I was. Very close Hillary Clinton and her campaign. National co chairs. -- worked -- -- -- got someone has campaigned and worked with him about what savers I've worked with when he became the I put them together -- government President Clinton when she became the first. -- sponsor of the Clinton Global Initiative. Very involved with president Clinton Global Initiative. -- shall I you know about a guy. Who just posting locally I'm also didn't get all of these positions I don't normally say you can actually get. A lot of people here just not what we don't call in this -- about what but the reason I'm saying I didn't get here. By swapping the law following a lot in not understanding the -- election law works and -- and -- wondering. The only reason I the only reason I preferred units that it. -- -- that's -- because he believed. I I even though I I donated 101000 dollars this campaign in different orders Iraq switcher you believe I was -- Brentwood built Polly. Get to wave back in the 1980s and early 1998 and -- at what you know. Cute he's -- the reason why we don't have a Democratic Party in this county is because almost controlled by war. All all the prior to the same way all they do is like old sites that most people won't even know what they're about I was at lunch. One of the original. On the side yet we shall -- -- -- I was one of the people that was involved what did you sort you know party temperature reported -- Steve straight weeks ago. So we get along fine. These people want fight fifteen year old that's why does not Democratic Party in this. Because they're -- an end around by a by a small minded person -- hypocrite. I'll pretend like he's a government reform guy in -- -- worse losses. I'd ever seen and that that's sort of mortal. If you'll pardon upon I didn't mean to pigeonhole you as a local operative but I did want to to raise that point only because yes it's not the only thing you've done. But it's the kind of thing that that will bring out opposition. There are people out there that criticize you for it be at fifteen years ago or currently because of the work you've done. Let's try to squeeze in a couple more quick calls Rick in Cheektowaga hi you're on the air. The occasional little article you listed on the job -- had the -- This is involving political and governmental did you ever have a real happier. Well yeah you know I I I'm also I've left out I was talking politics -- but I'm a lawyer. -- hand -- and it I got a lot school and one index are great which of the -- on top from New York State. -- and I have worked many private sector. Positions in doing so right now I haven't held eight off import office. With the exception of the two years I was council of the majority in 2010. And eleven. 91011. I have not held. Political or government opposition. I -- other than the presidential campaign. Since 2002. With only who worked in the private sector like a bit. With only five minutes left I think it's too late to try and not make this program a referendum on Steve pigeon but -- -- -- A but that's about double the content I really. Eli and I what the reason I'm playing out here it is to make it deeper. That what people should realizes that it while -- is right this for the fifty are as its its usual. But it all that looked. It's old news. Is that you know I have done a lot of things in my life and I didn't do it by breaking the law. And the stuff that you think pre spread that that much -- has asked people are talking to you think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well well it it was sent to him by governor Paterson. In 2007 now the new saying is that Western Europe for -- but again I would donor -- that -- and I'm not a person legally responsible for next. I don't think it has an eating -- but it if you look at something of the committee would be at eight. All right -- Clarence helped broaden it out for us a little bit here hi thanks for calling in. I. Like you know -- that -- look at the by bringing it at that into New York. -- -- -- -- And yet like other businesses that are paying characters like renting it and hype that -- the state without giving them any help. Well that's always the problem right is that you try to get new business and some people at least. Leave because not thinking about -- -- and I think what he what he's trying to do it with the start of orchestra trying to get in technology jobs that are here. Jobs in the future jobs that we can build an academy on over the next fifty years I'll build those people literally think. Mostly manufacturing and older businesses that I don't think they're just leading visas are now we've been challenged as a country vital jobs. It is very difficult and and I hate to see I'm for let's help the people that are here. I think ever guilt or wait till but I -- he was in a position legally or. We're battling that it can be done about them but the challenges that they. Well I think that the -- it. My question but -- Soviet. Well what would you want to hear him say -- Can't say anything to help the businesses that are already -- struggling. The outbreak in new businesses that are gonna pay taxes. I think we do it I think we can do that you you've talked about two companies we wanted help. But there's a lot of companies that helped I think there's a lot of them left that it lacked true well we haven't but they've locked into. -- fill out an analytic earlier. You're right we are trying to help -- and everybody cheers out become on companies that have been here that you. In part about years and will do anything to try to keep them I think those -- you brought up there was -- at the New York. In the closing moments here Steve. Give me a prediction what do you think will come out of preached by our -- has investigation. Into the step that the Mollen Commission first started to uncover. Well what I I think it again I think it's great. And admiration for -- I think he's been terrific I think what probably what you'll see is a continuance of some of the things -- was looking -- I think you'll probably see more. Things come out but I don't think you'll see it from action against. Against the governor but he's also probing campaign finance spending. Including that of state senator George majors what do you see there. Well you know again we don't know about about what happened when senator made -- and in you know there was a time and I worked very closely with senator. Four years ago he was I knew he was tired of getting tired of that drive he just. Knowing that he's got something -- clearly something's happening they were subpoenaed. On budget but we don't know that it could turn into. You know and played -- right I would be surprised that didn't I think the fact that he's being looked at. Was probably just enough for the camera he was tire war fighters. So his stepping down despite the corn silk -- coincidental to timing of the the subpoena -- of throughout his aides working with Ferrara. -- is just not relate -- know. I think it's related I don't think it's related I think he knows he's got so -- explaining to do what he's he's got a tough time on it and. He I'm sure you believe he didn't do any harm -- I don't know I don't know enough about it to say whether he jittery debt. But I would think that just perfect but he -- got to put up with that. I'm being that you know he was getting tired of it right so he's Saudi warriors go bodies -- two years. Salaam and he told and told that difference well I just think you know. I think it's related terms that he -- each district. All right Steve you're good sports on an especially talk about some of the criticism that's been flung around at this time dribble to join morning. We're going on line that no that's okay important. That's that's what I like about this show is that what we're long enough and deep enough that we can go into those weeds as long we don't confuse people -- the -- -- the way thanks for your help. Thank you. Coming up next -- Meet the Press on news radio 930 WB EN buffalo.