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Aug 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it's. Julio Lugo who knows I don't you go yeah. Way hooked on the feeling. Which has been used X instantly. In all of the the previews and that for guardians of the galaxy which opens this weekend. This might be the first major scifi fantasy film. That uses an all oldies seventies. Soundtrack. But they never you know -- here in the from in the trailers were at The Who guitar part which for me. Was the biggest part of that stock sell I just want to give -- liberty. -- -- Sure everybody matters and he beat Bob stills and is here in studio with me and local and I played that -- record all it was I mean. I loved that song love that song or -- and I tell -- the soundtrack for this we're gonna talk about it a bit later is just fill. We're -- and knows funky. One key being incredibly catchy seventy songs that. Just attach to your mind like veil -- But good fun fun stuff. I'll graduate of the big box office. Before we look at anything else because this is of course not show art it's show business. All last week and it was a brain vs we had a Scarlett Johansson. In the mind expanding. Film. Lucy. Our programs the rock Dwayne Johnson in Hercules and and the brains vs drawn battle. Brains won by a long shot Lucy did before million dollars opening weekend. Well ahead of studio expectations and -- lit. No 3-D. To Vietnam the 3-D surcharge it's any European setting which usually does not help. It got -- -- and no I am so you didn't have IMAX charge and I. Which keeps -- a lot of younger teams and it still. Kicked Hercules is -- the budget was also only forty million dollars. Isn't gonna hold up. Who -- on the audience poll numbers were not great. And it's gonna have big action competitions weakened guardians of the galaxy I saw this last weekend. And two all the people who who got upset about Feldman and just didn't like because. The science aspect didn't make enough sense. I would like to remind them. It's not a documentary charter had a I thought the movie he was two ends of thought I had a great time. At. This flick. If you'd enjoy. CA and Scarlett Johansson but. And also enjoyed seeing Scarlett Johansson but Lucy just has so much to offer I I love this flick and I recommend it to anyone. And number two Hercules did thirty million dollars. It was less than expected but it's still Dwayne Johnson's biggest sole openings and the scorpion king. Fairly good audience polling. This film should do very well overseas but -- big budget on this so it's not gonna turn profit immediately it probably didn't you okay. And number three. Another mark my favorite movies this summer dawn of the planet of the apes. Another seventeen million dollars is now 172. Million it's already done a 180 million dollars overseas with. White if you countries large countries that it has yet to opened not in yet. Bomb that -- and money bills know. No it isn't. Is the play longer Ari are you are you looking -- to -- the bills rose to Tony is that's good parents you know he hasn't gotten to yet. Well. He probably doesn't have to because I think as most people know. If you wanna make a big bucks if you want to go into radio so. Everybody here under god you know. Pockets are pretty much in line with golden coins. Are. The -- He did 101000052. Million we did have one deal -- -- -- always tragic. We we put a movie line -- this film Michael Douglas and dying and Keaton. -- and so ago was opened up on 1800. Screens that needed four million dollars. This was one of the few who would say to. That we've seen in films. Where the male lead has had it's much more. Plastic surgery in east lists that the star. -- about. Michael Douglas of course continues to look like he's going through area G force test with Chuck Yeager. Nine Eaton looks. For percent actually for somebody her rage like -- -- and looked great. For any age did you look I'm -- I'm the expert here but I'll tell. Should be too surprised of the box -- Week here because I think we're starting to feed these. Let's call them Ellis romantic comedies. On home video than they do out in the theaters probably. 2.0. To -- -- that title of the movie is appropriate yet. And so. Yes yes indeed but that they. News that and talk about this week before you later added to what's happening at -- Shark NATO. This was shark may know two week. Shark NATO the second Juan certainly in my favorite title of the year. It I'm scifi channel. On now Wednesday night and I tell you this and this area this town is very proud of having the natural. Filmed here by grundy well. I guess it's all right but these people forget that shark may -- tool also had a lot of stuff here. You see two brand building. The block port caves and underground bulk writer and at the corner of Clinton in Washington street. The film has wonderful. Airplane homage. At the beginning with Robert Hayes -- the pilot. Trying to decide Robert wants chicken or fish he wisely chooses the chicken but unfortunately. You know sharks start crashing into the plane into captivating people -- this one of the fascinating things about the shark NATO movies. Apparently. When a sharp falls from the Scott. And lands and somebody will immediately bite there head off this this apparently is just off -- Al Roker did a wonderful job in the movie. Keeping a straight face. When he was stating how the sharks are falling from the sky. At a rate of two inches per hour -- this is why you need to work and some pop so you don't have a basement full on sharks. My idea I love the moment we're in -- proposed a terror arena. Using a ring. That was still attached. To hand. Which had been recently severed. By a shark you know they never do that the sales jewelry commercials where there there doing it with -- hand. That's on there we -- -- Perez Hilton eaten by a shark at a subway stop and we've got to find out that if a shark. Knocks the head off the statue of liberty. Rolled out on the streets of Manhattan for models. I tell you. If you haven't seen shark NATO to yet look for on the site collection will be coming to theaters in August and oh yes. We'll keep you updated if this is probably the best -- cents. -- separate. You're you're probably gonna be a little upset with because you and I talked about movies a number of times but comparing shark NATO to a shark -- it true. To the natural. Kinda offends me a little bit because. The natural had something that shark made it to never did it never could meet Kim Basinger. Yes. I'll give you. But did natural have any sharks. There you go and there is one moment and shark NATO to in which somebody uses a baseball bat to hit a shark. Out of baseball stadium and score home run not the natural didn't -- Robert Redford did you swung and hit it one shark may be he would have been competition. Maybe they should put Redford in the movie I rest my case you are you win you win you win you always win -- all other always liked you best. Sure. Let's. Let's broken -- but. Let's take a break up the -- we showed you will be back and we're gonna give you a chance. To winsome a movie passes right here on news radio 930 WBBM. Larry hunter filling in for sandy today were new in the movie show with Sen Obama. And or we've had a nice conversation about Kim Basinger all year off. And now I gotta come down. Right not me I I'm just thinking good -- thoughts but you. Your filthy filthy person. Who thinks a lot about Kim Basinger I don't blame you I don't blame you about that I'm above that sort of thing -- we're gonna just movie IQ right now. You can win a movie -- -- -- -- any dips in theater valid through December 31 the point five dollar today to get sent torrents pizza pub and grill on Miller's port and transit no expiration date. It's all eight total value of 43 dollars general contest rules apply you can win -- you can answer this question -- -- -- not. Plays he green skinned alien assassin. In the new film guardians of the galaxy. Named -- -- that Zoe Saldana is going to portray. In an upcoming film biography. Is she going to play eight. Billy Holliday. Beat Nina Simone or CE Sonny Bono can I. Let's explore or 987. I eight. And the if you're you you got a chance to -- no I don't think she skis. Now lobbied then she would have to learn for them because that's what these actors act as guardians of it you're excited about guardians of the galaxy Larry. Just look at my face wow. The year here are ready to have a giggle fit over there. This is goal latest. Marvel Comics. Screen adaptation. And this has been teased and promoted like crazy all year just -- case by them taking one of their lesser known comic book. Franchises. And bringing them to the screen this is Spider-Man the X man of the avengers people are not familiar with guardians of the galaxy so well. This film has gotten. Great. Rate reviews they should have them August. Opening weekend of the year they've already green lit the sequels and are working on the film itself. And basically. For this this comic. Book characters curtains and galaxy to complex started in the seventies so one things they did for the soundtrack. He's it is in full on seventies soundtrack our hero. Peter Quayle who likes to called himself star award. His mother dies when he adjustable in the hospital there. And he's immediately abducted by aliens. Who take him up to space the only thing he -- on them. To remember his old life and his mother by. Is this old. Mix tape is old cassette who's mother made for him. Which is just filled with songs like I'm feeling spears -- guy girl all the way child. Stuff like that. And that's pretty much on listens to for a whole life as you know. Those alien songs and so he just has that cassette tape of seventy song. The probably aliens -- yeah. Understanding the words that your it's a lot like today's music laugh all some people might might say that. Chris Pratt. Plays Peter -- here. Most people know him from his role as -- In parks and recreation these small roles in movies like money ball and zero dark thirty. He has gotten in incredible shape for this particular picture but he is just on the that costs -- Which you gotta be careful when you sit on the cost him because they'd be pointing. But he is on the cusp of being a major major star. He did the voice for -- in Lego movie this bill looks like it's going to be huge hit. Next summer he's starring in Jurassic world. So he is gonna take off big time Zoe Saldana plays the green skinned alien. She basically I guess is going to feature mostly. In roles of color in that her skin is green and this movie if you're -- she was blue in avatar I don't know what color she's gonna be doing in the future. But look for her to star in Crayola the movie. Vin Diesel plays who looked. He is a treat you like alien who can only say one sentence. I am grouped. Dave. Batiste from the WWE. He's tattooed strongman. Bradley Cooper. Voices. -- talking raccoon. Who is just kind of an obnoxious guy who believes he's the greatest warrior in all the galaxy. He is you know Star Trek episodes where the score really crazy group of aliens. Come on board. In this movie the crazy group aliens are the stars. There are the ones who are in charge of everything and that's nice things some superhero movies over the last few years have taken themselves. Very very seriously. This movie is on and on -- and really really funny funny enough to please both comic book geeks. And mainstream audiences. And colorful. And colorful this this kind of movie where I'm someone might say look I have a plan for us to succeed. This tells them what it is and the others complain about how that's not really plan that's more about concept for a plan. And everybody just argues about whether it's really a plan our concept for a plan usually this is a sort of conversation you see in a diner group unsigned felt. In this one. You see this while they're shooting laser guns. This is huge fund -- tickets early. In theaters may be sold out and it's one it's going to be a big big. -- public funds really does. Did we get a winner actress prize weighted where what area announced that -- when we come back after the break is okay all right we do have a winner. In our. Movie quiz. And we will come back with the answer as well right here on the movie show would sit up Bob I'm Larry -- they're filling in today for -- news radio 930. WBE end. Dear George Noory overnights one -- five news radio 9:30 AM. WBE and yeah. But you didn't know -- can play harmonica cars. Bad. Welcome back to the movie show acceptable Bob Larry that are sitting here today for sandy beach it was in Alaska missing the issue now. He's listening to a -- online of course whenever you want to just. Two and do temperature Internet browser onto WBE NN dot com go down to the movies -- And you can listen to any of the shows I'm sure most people on the crews are doing right now. Probably -- I would suspect it was included in the toward. Probably I know Alaska. Chicago places like this are listening audiences in north's. Specially -- All else you'll have a tremendous international following query. The biggest Jersey boys will be overseas. Well what the next movie. Where are you gonna give -- -- winner for all I'm sorry yes I have volatile which day you want to review the question Sher is always held and a is starring. In -- new film where she's going to play legendary. Singer. Who is she going to play. And the answer is. Nina Simone that's right. That is correct I couldn't say the last name. I was waiting for -- development out as a matter -- -- so many people got as a -- -- that we may have gotten everybody's ability -- -- -- have the option of Billie Holiday Nina Simone or Sonny Bono. -- -- -- Is -- some people have complained. About photos of Zoe Saldana. On the set so I feel is an African American. Actress. She's. Not particularly dark skin and dark skin which Nina Simone was so she's wearing much darker. Make up for this film and some people actually complained about black face. Accusations there which is odd to think an American being accused of lack faith it's such a weird weird touchy area nobody's complaining about her being green. Regarding the looks -- it every now -- -- Kermit the Frog complaining about that. -- The correct answer it's. A song. -- As they are right Chris on what what's -- answer. I was the winner that is gold and it gets billed as the winner again as congratulation to get a couple of movie passes to the distant theaters. And he also get a 25 dollar certificate twos and towards pizza and pop and you're always welcome to take guests from bush. Yes yes indeed. We get angry. At it hit it at that but next. We. -- really exciting movie here get on up. Now this is you're asking me during the break if this was -- Viagra movie no it is not. It is not at all this is a film biography of the one and only James Brown. Bomb bomb bomb them. This is Scott. A Feldman -- got James Baker -- -- like a two minute segment that's right there in Alaska. This. This is directed by take Taylor. Who had a huge hit a few years ago with a movie that help. And the the star of this is Chadwick Bozeman. As. James Brown here this is his second film biography. In just a couple of years here he played Jackie Robinson. Enough 42. And he was terrific and that whereas as Jackie Robinson was more of the reserve fellow. He really. Embodies the explosive. Personality of James Brown X ordinarily well here he is getting -- -- state. Reviews and I mean a lot of the excitement has been about the musical performances. Now I know it with these musical biography there's always the big decision. Do you use. The actual singers. Sound tracks. Or do you re create them by any actor I think most people help with Jamie Foxx did a remarkable job. In the movie race and doing impersonation. Joaquin Phoenix. In walk the line. I wouldn't say he sounded exactly like Johnny Cash but he really embodied the spirit of that. On this movie. Goes the route. On. Using James Brown's actual. Vocal tracks. But Bozeman of course. Asked to reproduce the amazing dance moves James Brown which unlike anyone else and in the engine. Having to realistically. Lipstick to James Brown is quite challenging. Or the right through this have talked about how. You get lost in the musical performances immediately. Release -- they town -- based on vibrant. And one of those the things that many people are praising is that for the most part you are seeing full performances here. If they're gonna do what his major -- you're trying to get the whole song that was one of the big complaints that many people had about Jersey boys. That there just wasn't enough. The song they would give -- the small snippet of the songs. Hear the songs are her such a major point of what makes the film exciting. This is very much an idea what they like to say warts at all. Presentation. James brown and that he he shows himself that he could be. A loyal friend. And also enormously. Selfish -- -- to an overpowering. Ego. He was a very very. Loving husband who still found time to be. Abusive to his wives he was a Smart businessman. Who of course drove themselves to bankruptcy. And an eventual. Car chase through Georgia with the feds. And the IRS. But I tell you I just as much as the film gives you reasons to just really. Really. Not like this guy. Every time. You see him start to perform just kind of don't care it's just really exciting. And infectious. It's also not -- beyond. Linear screenplay it hops all over the place. Which it's kind of nice all. -- this sort of think if you know the singer's life and all Daniel after the death. Trying to this is gone and now this is gonna happen -- you just know what goes on in their are not the case here. And all that they will keep common action from different directions kind of a rough edgy funky style which suits. The subject. You could see James Brown deal with the pressure. Of wanting to. People from industry and TV people wanting him to clean up his act for white audiences I don't wanna give out any spoilers but. She isn't James isn't particularly good with that idea out there and it you also have a sequence in which he come lately. Out shines overshadows and blows away the Rolling Stones. And two -- line performance being filmed. For a movie. And one of the cool things about that scene is that one of the producers. Of this film. Was Mick Jagger. Who is one of the biggest James Brown fans in the world and apparently he. Absolutely wanted that seemed and there are showing James Brown just keep it Rolling Stone -- It's my job. This is getting a lot of Oscar talk for Chadwick Bozeman and terrific performance as Octavia Spencer programs and Dan Aykroyd as his manager Viola Davis. Terrific cast. Highly recommend get on up. Which finished fifth fifth fifth top -- so that's Simba movies to review Puerto. And we'll come back with AccuWeather and our deal of the day right here on the movie show Larry -- for sandy beach with -- -- Obama. Welcome back to the movie shows in -- while Bob is to my left if I'm -- if I was standing looking out the window he would be to my right. Well this is true. Retreat printing that mental picture for people in -- I just I just wanted to see where your girl you used the word mental again and you know how that offends me. I had no idea. -- -- Touchy I got you should feel most of these words -- -- -- -- very offensive days it's -- and I admitted it usually does is not PC power -- I just hope in the bills are very offensive on Sunday -- well. That would be nice -- that's where words can really be confusing. Yes yes I've seen many football players for whom words are confused like. And if if even if it was me and Saturday. I wish I was in -- Well there you go well from the reviews. For this movie were gonna talk about now called wish I was here. Written directed and starring Zach Braff. If if you paid attention to the reviews that and you would think. If you if you said wish I was here you wouldn't be saying that in the movie theater because most of the reviews have been -- the darn rough for this movie so far. Now this is. Time. -- second film as a director in 2004. He did the movie garden state. Which got wonderful reviews had hit soundtrack good box office. It's taken him ten years through direct another one. And surprisingly. He decided to do a kick start a project for where he asked people. To donate to funds to to be involved in the financing of the picture. Which he basically did so we can have complete creative control and final -- The piece which. It sounds like might not have been. The the wise this thing for this particular film. Braff plays a 35 year old husband. Kate Hudson who has a couple of kids he's an actor was -- trouble getting work and he's dealing with. Here's goofy brother played by Josh dad who specializes in roles where he plays the goofy fill in the blank. And Mandy Patinkin and perhaps father who is on dealing with terminal cancer. This is a drama slash comedy. Along the line of garden state and -- the complaints that that many people have had. Is that it just follows so many of the beats. Of garden state. There's one website they even went through a long laundry list. And all of -- plot points characters and even camera shots that are flat out repeated. From that earlier hit. Unfortunately. The on word that seems to appeal Beebe appearing most often in the reviews for this film is self indulgent. -- I think is in that that that area that Woody Allen. He is again in that. The the usual that. -- character. Seems like kind of a likeable loser but when the material is weak. He just kind of seems like -- whiny -- where you just wanna say get over yourself men cannot deal with life and move on okay. So. I -- this is not doing too well box office wise but he'll probably be able to see it. On Netflix or wherever. Pretty soon the title alone is catchy it it doesn't. -- it to me today you know what it's like something of interest -- and it's grammatically incorrect. Yeah -- it sounds like they're trying to be just a little too clever. Well to club her. Should be probably had been the the tagline for the film. According to most most readers well like usual. I suspect there are some new releases on the -- certainly. Certainly. -- people who want a glimpse of heaven. Usually that that period. Field who have brought this is one of the many faith based hits from this spring heaven is for real. Greg Kinnear plays. A man whose son Colton. Goes through a near death experiences and says he went to haven't. And the movie did very well. At the box office. I saw there and -- budget and the trailer was impressive. Yeah I think he's gonna do very well on video sandy. Went and checked out this film how he liked it very much so I think his film it's going to have I'm very yeah. Very healthy life on video. And Netflix and and all that on demand type stuff over the next few months. I'm a complete opposite end of the spectrum it. We have under the skin with Scarlett Johansson. This is not what you'd call. A wholesome or faith based at home. On him I loved it. I thought it was just fashion. It is ninety minutes long but most people think it is much longer. Because it moves very slowly whole lot of scenes were improvised. This is one of those peculiar. Situations of yes I thought it was terrific definitely one of the best movies I've seen all this year. But then I know so many people that I would not recommend to 'cause it's just so dark. And bizarre. If you wanna check out my my thoughts on it I I do to review of it you can check it out on FaceBook page. Just scroll down merit and and you can find it fascinating. Film but it's weird it's weird ones -- laughter. Finally there's Noah. For people who just love rain. This has. Russell color. And ask Russell role. As fairly cranky. -- Jennifer Connelly is in America and Watson and Anthony Hopkins and -- today and just all sorts of animals. Don't think the movie answers. All questions. As far as you don't. All right you've got all these animals on -- what are you doing with their waste. What is the system that you have in place it's just small human crew are they doing it by schaeuble -- think they have enough manpower to keep that boat clean. What is safe and and I can understand stocking up on grass and things like that for the the budgetary handled the what do you do about the car or animals. Can become vegetarian Cisco is there on -- boat did you stock. More it's in chickens to -- it. Certainly doesn't seem to be in spirit whether it. Lot of questions question I don't think they look into those -- But watch me and considered these things for ourselves. Ago well. We have no we two of us here in the studio thank you ever do it is always good to be with you it's a lot of fun outreach Chris and Ryan thank you gentlemen for helping us out today. And I look forward to -- talking to view again in the future right here. You see you know apple cinema Bob Larry hotter you have a wonderful weekend and if it rains go to them.