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8-1 Beach and Company with Larry Hunter Hour 1

Aug 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Easily easily every time. It's like 930 WDE and that as the sun -- that that big ball and this guy right there I'm looking at bat is the -- all looks so nice. Would be nice if it stayed there the whole weekend. Good morning -- yeah. Hope you're ready for a great weekend here in Western New York lots are going and a lot's happening with the Buffalo Bills a lot of excitement in camp in this weekend. With Andre -- being inducted to the whole thing Tony is off today Chris Johnson. Is managing all the controls and buttons Ryan is going to be taking your phone calls today. And Chris did you happen to catch the Andre reed. Presentation last night on the NFL football network. I did not see that last night I've been reading a lot of his angry interviews and number I'm pretty entertainment today. I recorded it I haven't watched it yet. I I was busy doing a lot of things last night and I did not get to see it but I'm looking forward. Seen it but. I thought we might play a little quick trivia this morning because Andre reed is going to be talked about all weekend here in Western New York with the induction Saturday. Then the bill's game against the giants on Sunday. So. Chris -- both welcome how many seasons did -- play with the bills. -- Ryan thirteen fifteen -- hop hall. Fifteen. Yeah I didn't think it was that many like one now in a real staple. However. He played sixteen years in the NFL. What was the other team we played. Washington yes -- he played with the -- -- redskins' switch yet. We're gonna talk a little bit about this morning as a matter of fact not the Washington Redskins. But the Lancaster. Redskins. How many. Career receptions did -- catch. Its tenth all time in the NFL. 111000. I'll drop but there I didn't ask you how much money you have in the bank that I think is selling them. Some like 950 around there 951 very good chorus. Very good 951. Catches where was he born. What state was he born in Ohio. And. My. Think think think think what college did -- go to news. I actually know -- college in some weird when that starts with a K guys can't even her roots to owner -- -- over the apron it was a bizarre -- yeah. What stayed is that him. Same state he was born in Pennsylvania. I was trying to think of a football hop -- just wanna. I was either Ohio Florida and you'll wasn't taxes yeah daddy he's from my Allentown. Pennsylvania -- which I probably heard at one time -- was never really aware of self. Honey he's kinda liked it all up Pennsylvania -- New York kinda guy so maybe that's one of the reasons he. He felt so look comfortable being here have you seen -- lately have you seen how physically fit this -- still is. I have not I've heard a lot of interviews. Are women and any time you do see him he's always looks like he kept himself in good shape. So is not surprising yeah yeah -- -- guys assessment earliest. Well the bills went to four Super Bowls are right how many receptions did Andrei have. In those four Super Bowls combine it. Number I guess -- Dot was 1627. Told the that's surprising you know what don't they were down a lot especially the last -- are probably throwing a lot it and that's the that's the second most total career Super Bowl receptions. In NFL history and and you know probably has the the first most receptions. Jury right yeah yeah I mean -- Jerry Rice has just about every thing when it comes to grow wide receivers. And his total receiving yards am -- gonna be a guess that because I mean that could really be anything but it's 323. Receiving yards -- that that's the third most. In Super Bowl history so. If you look at some of these records and that's behind now Lynn Swann and and Jimmy's race. So. You you kind of look look at all this and you see while those stats really do say hall of fame. Just just no question about it yeah I'm surprised it took. -- to be honest as when he retired I think he was in the top three all time in receptions. Yeah absolutely I mean just in a note dollar tip I mean sometimes it does take awhile for guys it's not like baseball or -- -- we -- percent as it evolved and you know there's a steroid -- -- football the guys that have gotten in the last few years have been great players and you kind of get pushed back but it's a little bit surprising. There or other receivers. That appeared to be up. For induction or possible induction during that the last five years or so. And I I guess there were some players to I guess you have like five years. After you retire from the and it felt it to be inducted initially and I guess there were. A few other players whose fifth year was was coming around and probably some of the people felt that they eight. Need to to get in now and -- will still have a chance but I I remember going to the -- game and watching him and every time he caught the ball. On it it was just amaze zine. To see him go across the middle and get banged up and down and in it and get back up again. I just marveled at the guy he really was absolutely outstanding what rounded we draft -- -- For first now the first. Here now that he was correct corporate -- -- they're assembling hundreds is the case now I and fact I think we drafted Andre the year we drafted Bruce Smith. It was 1985 I think. That's the year we we drafted Bruce. As I could be wrong I I could be wrong there but we've drafted him in the fourth round and in 1985. Just trying to see if there's. Anything else hear that Adam might be funded. See about dude dude -- -- that's that's pretty much it. All I know we can do. What was the most number of receptions he had. In it in a single year when it was the highest number of receptions he had in a single year. I'm gonna say -- 85. I don't know if we ever hit 100. And 10000. Well if you take that too and divided. You got it right on the nose there in ninety. He had ninety receptions in 1994. And that totaled thirteen 103. Yards. And his longest reception that year was 83 yards. So it. Just got some statistics on Andre thought it would be a little fun this morning to it to go over that congratulations. Mr. -- you. Are well deserving of the honor looking forward to the speech. And I hear Marv Levy is going to introduce him is that correct Yang he's going to be there -- Jim Kelly of course is going to be there to disease. -- very captain I think from a hall of fame game so it's going to be fun and you know. I -- just like when when Gemini others went and there's going to be a whole bunch of bills fans there and some of the other bills policy errors on hand as well I'm sure yet. Exactly it's going to be fun and death. I'm I'm looking forward to seeing the ceremony here in the speech and and the game as well I I mean who wouldn't be if you're about a foot if you're a football fans who would not. The interested in watching Sammy Watkins. And his first game with the Buffalo Bills even though it's pre season but I means and some people got to have his eyes on him -- it is going to be fun. He's. Excited and ready to go he doesn't sound so much like it when you and hear him talk. He's more bodies more required -- was in studio after after the draft. Any answers every question he gives you get answer but he Timmy seems more like that cyber guide it's gonna go crazy on the field -- be a little more quiet off. That's fine with me -- -- myself -- he was that a -- was a -- do most of the guys we've had in the last couple years ever since we've been affiliated with the -- department graphics Stephon Gilmore was -- easy Emanuel was -- while you you don't have to tell me. How good you are what you wanna do to shall. Just initially didn't do it on the field and this this he's only won 21 years old. Now what three years -- on -- out to study was outstanding where to needlessly cause. EE appears to be mature beyond his years their call I've seen him called the best receiving prospects since Detroit's Calvin Johnson which is a huge compliment. Boy isn't it though. Well -- will get to see summit this weekend hopefully look forward to. Or let's take a break and we we got a little bit more the Stella awards if you weren't -- yesterday we get a little bit of the Stella awards if you. Are not aware of what they are will -- come back and and let you know after we take a break it sandy beach on Larry -- on news radio 930 WBE and good morning -- alive and local -- right here in the studio Larry hunter for sandy beach the sporting. On the first day of August 1 day of August my goodness Erie county fair starts next week they got the I'm Mary Poppins show up our partner we got a bunch of festivals going down a kingdom bound over it Darian lake. My goodness if you can't find something to do and have some fun buffalo in the summer Sheen on EU. The Stella awards. The Stella awards are named after -- -- back. Who was an 81 year old woman who sued McDonald's because she spilled their hot coffee on herself and she didn't know that coffee was -- So every year they come out with these Stella awards which are basically. Awards that are given by the courts. For absolutely read -- you list things that basically most people are most common sense individuals feel. That should have never been awarded a damn thing basically self. Ryan and Chris -- I'm going to read what happened and then. I will stop and you try and tell me what the award laws for this particular instance this was the fifth place award. I'll last year for the Stella awards that we went to Terrence Dickson of Bristol Pennsylvania. He was -- Hollis that he had just burglarized. And he was leaving by way of the garage. Now these people were on vacation. So unfortunately for Dickerson -- Dixon the automatic garage door opener malfunctioned and he could not get the garage door open. He also couldn't reenter the house because the door connecting the garage to the house was locked because he pulled that shot. So he was forced to sit for eight days. And survive on a case of Pepsi a large bag of dry dog food. So. He. It's hard to read this with a straight face -- it released so he sued the homeowner's insurance company claiming undue mental anguish. Amazingly the jury said the insurance company must pay Dixon how much. 850000. That's so I was gonna go 100000. And I well the the jury decided that the insurance company must pay him half million dollar is close and Alice. I'm half -- you burglarizing a house and you get a half. And that's only the fifth place award let's go to number four Gerry Williams Little Rock, Arkansas. He was awarded to some money and some other things after being bitten on the but. By his next door neighbor's Beagle. Hey I had a beatle -- OK. The Beagle was on the change. And it was in the owners fenced in yard. Williams -- not get as much as he had asked for because the jury believed the Beagle might have been provoked at the time of the but blight. Because Williams had clean climbed over the fence into the yard and repeatedly -- -- -- I don't know it's a dog. Remain. It can't be too brutal. Maybe just like -- yet about that. I have no idea I don't know what he's doing in the -- like that repeatedly he shot the dog with a pellet gun. And he got. How much money plus medical expenses -- 75000. Mean it this is this hires so it's got -- -- -- -- like 600007000. -- he only got 141500. But. They also covered all medical expenses. Of sorts 141000 and whenever it. Sort of 141000. -- just walk -- month. That would probably to climb a new pellet gun. That'd be soft that's only -- or -- want folks number three. Third -- a jury in. Ordered a Philadelphia restaurant. To pay amber Carson of Lancaster Pennsylvania. Some money after she slipped on spilled soft drink and broker -- And the reason the soft drink was on the floor laws. She smelled absolutely. Well somewhat somewhat -- somewhat -- she'd thrown -- at her boyfriend. She throw it better boyfriend then got up slipped and fell and she was awarded how much. 100000. 250113. Five. Very good -- 113. The model here just. Wonder what type of drink -- once I wonder if it was. Remember second second place in the Stella awards. Our rob Walton of claim on Delaware sued the owner of a nightclub and nearby city because she fell from the bathroom window to the floor. Knocking out or two front teeth now even know ms. Walton was trying to sneak through the ladies room. And snake through the ladies room window to avoid -- 83 dollar and fifty cent cover charge at the door. The jury seven nightclub ahead to Payer. How much. 50000. -- saying. 830121000. Loss. Loss medical dental expenses. Which effort to knocked out front -- a couple thousand pro all of us to avoid a three dollar and fifty cent cover charge and there. Yeah but you didn't. Crying through the ladies room window idiocy that's why you didn't slip and fall may be eating it caught that's that it's our nights we got a little time left first place. Mrs. Merv present ski of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Purchased a new 32 foot Winnebago motor home. On her first trip home from an Oklahoma university football game having driven onto the freeway. She set the cruise control at seventy miles an hour and a lot. I'll sleep as I was gonna say. And now. She probably left the driver's seat to go back to the back of the Winnebago so she can make yourself a sandwich. The motor home left the freeway crashed and overturned it. And not surprisingly. She sued Winnebago for not putting in the owner's manual that she couldn't actually leave the driver's seat while the cruise control was set. She was awarded. One million. 750000. Dollars slots watts plus watch plus -- no -- all I know motor home. Well folks I can't make this up. It's Friday we're gonna have the movie show coming up you stick with us it. They can be -- show would Larry -- on WBE. And. Sunny skies it's important -- 930 from the WBN -- -- good morning. So here's what's happening. The assault case against a buffalo farm manager might now suddenly. Become a case of murder William -- has died police say bar manager Jeffrey basal pushed him down the stairs at Molly's pub sending him into a coma. Up until now stagger had been -- excuse me base who have been charged only with assault and evidence tampering and attempted murder. But now that Sager has -- that could be changing. The bank represented the estate of the late Ralph Wilson -- to extend the deadline for bids to get in on possible purchases of the Buffalo Bills. For a little bit longer now the move could allow Tom Golisano the former sabres owner into bed. The AP says at the very least though right now current sabres owner Terry preschool. And real estate mogul Donald Trump moved to the second round Toronto and the Bon Jovi group unknown status right now. And there was a ceasefire between Israel Hamas this morning. That lasted about three hours but the rocket fire back and forth continues and diplomatic efforts are now intensify. Checking the WBN dot com thirty minute ticker now right after the opening bell the Dow after. Down day 300 point down day yesterday the Dow starts out now. Down 39 points at the beginning 161525. Right now. The NASDAQ down one point 94367. And the S&P 500 down three point nine and 1926. AccuWeather says sun today with showers or thunderstorms a high of 81 cloudy tonight again with showers early in the evening below 63. Clouds and sun tomorrow showers in the afternoon thunderstorms maybe a high of 77. And Sunday mostly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms a high of 78. Right now sunny skies 64 degrees and gave Tivo news radio 930 WB -- -- -- Welcome back nice to have you -- on this Friday first day of August mind goodness the years cloning -- and I remember. When I was in sixth grade I think one's. And ID was saying to my mom. Why does time go by so slow old mom. And mom said to me and I will never forget this he says as you get older. Time will go by much faster I felt like -- right. Probably one of the smartest wise -- things my mom maverick Amber's status as you get older. Time will go by faster and doesn't it well is Mets -- we pretty much all can agree on it just seems that as -- Yet more responsibilities. In our lives as we. Take on more duties as as we develop more friends as we build a family. All of a sudden it's like one. It's 7 o'clock holy crow I haven't had dinner yet. Amazing how quickly time ago. Yesterday. Was gulf state Chris got that out on the links yesterday the weather. I made it possible league played yesterday it was position day you know position days when. First place team placed second third place for them and and so forth we've got twelve teams in currently. And so we have positioned yesterday. And my partner and I bill written. Bills my partner and my partner for a couple years now he he kind of you know supports me is nasty candy he tried it keeps me going as best he can. And bill played very well yesterday and we were able to take more points. That our opposition. And we moved in the first place apparently so now everybody hates us for. Is it amazing how when you're the last place team more than -- place team in the league everybody's just so nice and polite to you. Hi how you deal and hope you have a great day good time good to see when you're in first or second but we got a week to week will be. UC NN sports is endless at the -- global losers are reynolds' account -- Never gonna. Exactly what the Yankees were winning all the time everybody hated the Yankees got honest you're a Yankee. And the Red Sox when they won -- not to lock -- a tough time now but it it's stretch runner won a few World Series Alec Stewart for years and -- in them. We have we our league is a very -- social leak it it's not a cut throat league week we go out and play and -- funds and you know if if you're ball needs to be moved because a little after -- go ahead put your ball and a good place it's it it's kind of a Fun League and we played a couple of really nice guys yesterday. And them it was a rich in that Peter. And they were very nice it was a good match we we have had a lot of fun. And I just love the game of golf just athlete but those of you who've never played it don't understand it think it's just chasing little white ball. I can understand where you're coming from because as you look at it. It's like that that's all it is I mean you're just chasing this this little white ball. But down. It it's a great outdoor sport it's probably the most difficult individual outdoor sport there is. Because it's extremely challenging and in the sense that. You know every single golf course is different there are no tool golf courses alike anywhere in the world if you play tennis basketball. Or baseball. There's rules as to how far apart the basis can be the size of the court the height of the of the net all those things it's it's the same. Every single golf course and every single golf hole is different. And and that makes it extremely. Challenging and a plus a lot of people walked the course and let's be honest. Walking California. Sold the worst hit the ball with more for your. All right let's let's get down to some serious things this morning. And what we want to talk oh by the way don't forget the movie show at 11 o'clock this morning and make sure you join us because that every week. We're gonna give away something for the -- movie -- And that we got some movie passes to giveaway to assess them passes for some food and tours as well so make sure you join -- -- -- this morning. At 11 o'clock for the movie show right here. At WB EN Bob is great he does such egregious acts of so much. Armed. Nicknames. As long as we're talking about golf. Golf really doesn't have nicknames the players in in most cases don't have a nickname because they're not a team but sports teams. Have nicknames. I don't know old. Of a sports team. Increase -- of exports and you know any sports team that does not have a nickname the thing I can think of is Major League soccer teams are sometimes just call like. Toronto FC which stands for Toronto football club in like baseball -- football. Colleges. And house generally -- me but you know if you wanted to. You can probably say well at sea could stand for something inappropriate. There's a lot of FCs out there right by a judge I don't just pick a nickname. I'm going on -- were a lot of Nazis on my report card in high school to maybe more outs -- sees as a matter of fact but. Most sports teams that I know of they have a nickname right. I'm trying to think what my high school wildcats. I went to west Tennessee and Syracuse are our nickname was the wildcats. Don't know how don't know who chose that don't know why I don't know why we have the colors of like blue and gold but we did. And we were the wildcats. Well high schools. Dot. Com a professional. A minor league. We got nicknamed the buffalo by -- -- the Buffalo Bills. There's been a lot of talk over the last. Years about some nicknames. Of sports organizations. That they are offensive. That their inappropriate that they're not politically correct. That down you know some people -- just offended by them and because. Some people are offended by them. We should change the name now Chris did you hear. What the -- -- -- Redskins announced about their name you know they -- the Washington Redskins have been under a lot of pressure the last few years. To get rid of their name because it's a little bit offensive did you hear what they did. The trademark right is that which -- refer to you via -- novice to the trademark away or gore what specifically Washington know what what the team did. The Washington Redskins did you hear what they did I don't think so they decided that many people were right. That their name is offensive and so there going to drop the name Washington. I've heard that joke told differently. As pretty problem around these parts now. Yeah well think about everything that's going on with congress and Obama and stuff I mean let's be honest and a more change and can be offensive. So just read it just it just call on the Redskins it all wedeman went in the name Redskins. Is offensive to some people to. -- or maybe they can get rid of both names and will be the only sports team to have known name the bills are plain. Somewhere in Virginia this week against a no name team. Be interesting. And I'd like to read you an article that was written. In the being newspapers -- familiar with the being newspapers it comes out once a week. There is a seven or eight or maybe even nine different additions of the B a they have them in. Easter roar they have midwest cynic no land canister the tunnel wanders Amherst. It's a very nice local newspaper they cannot wants a -- they have a lot of information about high school sports in there. Local news that many times you don't find. In the some daily papers. And this was written. A couple of weeks ago in all of the -- papers. Reference in the nickname Redskins. It's said the management of the B group newspapers. Has decided effective immediately to cease using the word Redskins. To identify sports mascots. At any level of competition. On the most local level this will affect how our staff will refer to Lancaster high school teams. We will refer to them as the land -- football team the Lancaster field hockey team etc. While we recognize that generations of Lancaster students and families associate themselves strongly with -- -- name. We also recognize that many native Americans. Are offended by. We make no effort to sway the opinion of the administration. Or board of education. Of the Lancaster central school district on this matter. Rather than perpetuate a controversial. Archaic nickname. We choose to exclude it from our journalistic vocabulary. What others do is for them to decide. Earlier this year the US Patent and Trademark Office ruled that the name. The Washington Redskins of the National Football League is dependent disparaging. Of native Americans and should be stripped of the trademark protection. That controversy. Has not yet been resolved. -- being newspapers. Have decided. That they are not going to include. Or use the name Redskins. When they describe. A local high school team. Some people have responded to that and when we come back after a break I'll read you some of the responses to that. And then I would like to hear from you about. That fear of offending someone. Because all of a nickname of a sports team. Is it appropriate are we just. Getting too damn politically. Correct. The Buffalo Bills you know what every time I get a bill. I get offended. Think about that. If you want a twist -- names. You can twist in name. And it appears to me that we've done an awful lot of twisting lately but yet we're being hypocritical in our twisting. We can't use the name. Redskins. In the -- paper. But maybe we can use the word Cleveland Indians that would be okay Larry -- for sandy beach on news radio 930 WBE yen. Last few years there's been a lot of talk a lot of discussion about nick. Names for sporting teams nicknames for high school sporting teams college. And professional. The -- newspapers has made a decision that they are not going to print the word Redskins. Anymore. Because it is offensive to some home. Is there anyone who doesn't find something offensive in their life. How have we gotten to the point where. We are. It appears that we are more offensive. Than we are -- enough sense. This offends me that offends me. I I'm getting to the point where it's like. You're almost afraid. To say some basic words because somebody might be offended. Now -- my parents you say to me if you're trying to get over it. Get on with your life there's more important things in life they're worried about being offended. And they also said to me sometimes someone will offend you by accident they don't mean it. Don't worry about it there are more important things in life. So after the -- newspapers. Indicated. That they are now. Not going to print the word Redskins in reference to land -- Sports teams. These were some of the responses that they got in the paper the following week. One of them says about the Lancaster football team we are talking about a team. We are not talking about a skin color. I think it's the most ridiculous thing you've ever print. And and here's another comment concerning. Not using the term Redskins. When you covers sports for land -- sports teams. It says I do not agree with your view of not using the term for the land -- mask. You need to be consistent. So locally you cannot use the west Seneca west Indians. And the Jamestown and red raiders. I find it funny that we are able to have. The San Diego Padres. And the New Orleans Saints as they are religious terms and many native Americans say the Indian headrest is religious. What about the New York Yankees as yankees. Is a scorer. Let's not use any term that can be considered politically incorrect. I like that response. Because I think it says kinda what my parents said. Sometimes things may offend you. If they do to get over it and get on with your life. Sometimes someone may say something. Accidentally. Or unintentionally. That offends you. They may use a word that that you don't think is appropriate -- or you don't line. -- over it. And get on with your life. So I'm asking you today. Do some of the nicknames. That are used or sport teams. Do you find it offensive. And I also asking you today. What do you find offensive. And why do you find it offensive. I'll give you something that offends me. I I've gotten over it but it has offended me. The term African American. Referring to a black person. That offends me. Why should it offend me. Because. There are white people. Who are born in Africa. And if they come to this country. Wouldn't you have to refer to them as African American but you can't. Because they won't let Hugh. Why can't African American. -- a white individual why do blacks have the exclusivity. Of the word African Americans. Why do we even use hyphenated. American. Let's get rid of it. You know I don't care. If your. Polish American. I don't care if you're Asian Americans. I'm American. Why do we continually. Have to define ourselves. As something Americans. It's annoying it's frustrating. And I think it's a fence so. Why don't we do it. Why have we lost our patriotism. In just being. Americans. Because. Isn't that really what we are. You know if if you wanna be. Italian American. That's fine. If you have a Italian heritage. That's fine. There's nothing wrong with making people aware of your heritage were your parents or grandparents or great grandparents were where they came from or where they lived. Nothing wrong with that. But if you are born in this country. You're American that's what you want. And why can't we accept that and why don't we just use that and set up all the additional nicknames and I finished. Your comments and thoughts are welcome does that offend you when somebody says I'm. Polish American. African American. 8030930s. -- numbers I securities free calling yourself the news radio 930 WP I'm a golfer America. WB yeah.

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