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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Heading to Canton - WGR's Sal Capaccio

Heading to Canton - WGR's Sal Capaccio

Aug 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Much of the nation's attention. This weekend. Especially Buffalo Bills nation will be focused on Camden Ohio the site of the NFL hall of fame. And routes to Camden right now is Al -- she'll shall. Is a sports guy with -- our brother in law radio station WGR Sports Radio 550 myself. I never heard a brother larger sister but a little bit I like brother -- if you. I thought you'd like that. Well listen you're on your way to camp right now along the trip goes out from Buffalo's. I actually were actually -- had two Cleveland's first -- -- from -- GR it myself we will be. I'm here to night 37 rockets from their studios are our Airways. To talk about a hundred Reid has had called saying it's a three hour drive in there and and it's about another hours so little more acute care and -- will be on Saturday night bringing everybody. Live and local coverage here under the ER or video site fifty all the speeches things like patent of course -- have a lot of -- focus on Andre. Which do you think is the bigger story Andre -- in the hall and everything he represents from the old glory days. Or the possibility of us seeing -- again with this new team and. Open. Under -- the bigger story this weekend you know unfortunately it's. Overshadowed by the opposite situation which I think that maybe per day or so we can all just gotta prepare the back of our minds and celebrate Andre that would be great because he deserves it and you -- greatest ever play any way to really long time to get in touch are the pre -- -- -- concern. -- -- audio capability to play on national TV burst heating of the year. First chance for our way to see them that. You know once you're out there and watch in the -- you're gonna see. The starters only for a little while that in the regular appreciate the Pope also enjoy country's ninth shipments Saturday and are relive -- glory years because it's been awhile where it would -- that. And Jim Kelly is expected ovarian cancer and also. Jim -- scheduled to actually not only being -- then. But be the honorary captain for the pre season game -- altering your game -- Harry Carson and New York Giants played. Art project so many years you all favor they will be the -- -- for quite for the first. Receiving it can be really court Jim it's up there guys and pros are open Andre period speech are and yet you're gonna be off the ground because I'm an appeal clobbering. I understand. That you mentioned speeches I know the induction is really just a formal process where some guy stands up there and says here's -- here's how great Andre is. The guy in this particular case is former coach Marv Levy what you expect there. Well you know my RV 88 to eighty primarily going to be 89 on Sunday so we're glad. State of mediator mediator going to be out -- when he -- -- Even then he's still an incredibly sharp. Incredibly witty and I expect some funny references. I'm not only Andre in the bills my old teammates Bangladesh are always great to talk through the great up there again. Doing that and it just it really brings back a lot of memories so it was built and who really grew up with others go to my exported years our school and college years watching those isn't it bring next -- is available at all. Shall one more question you guys expect him to see a lot of Buffalo Bills fans in camp knows we can. Absolutely back and we played at the ceremony used to be held outside the media on the steps basically. A year Jim Kelly went and so already built speed and showed -- that's why they moved it and now forever and then and then holding it inside the stadium so I think that many people. I think about everything that's going on this important you stop and built -- Marshal the support also knowing that Google apps built probably her. What 20/20 five years and we can get another one and it via an awful lot party in cancer. Shall have a safe trip them amid we will talking over the week on Monday morning. -- -- is with -- our sister radio station WGR. Sports Radio 550.

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