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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Made In Buffalo: Dave Debo On Buffalo Armory

Made In Buffalo: Dave Debo On Buffalo Armory

Aug 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Dave -- visited a local company loses all part of our maiden buffalo series. -- lose every America's best summer we've brought you details on lots of interesting. Things that are made here in buffalo. Everything from. It refreshment products to medications to even toys but I got something a little more on the serious side. Absolutely buffalo armory. Makes the raw ingredients for outlining humvees or even using body armor to save soldiers' lives. This is interesting because when you think of defense companies. I'm unfamiliar stay with smoke in East Aurora. Over the past twenty years they've moved from aerospace and things like health care. Some of the things they used to have that launched rockets and now control roller coasters so the idea. Of a start up company here in the buffalo area that's concentrating strictly on defense. Is pretty cool and then you take -- another layer and you look at their process. They say they're able to do it because. The way they treat this steel. Is. Quicker and smaller and better. Bullets don't go through it fragments don't go through it. And as a result they've got a market niche that they say. Well really and of growing company. By by the next six months maybe even adding two or three more -- know how big of a company is this a big game in terms of how much space to the occupying their plant. Not a lot they they started as a project of -- steel that's a steel company out of Rochester. They started thinking about the specialized product and specialized process and bit by bit they said well let's let's take some space we have in buffalo. And set it up sort of in the -- in the backroom of our shop. In a warehouse that -- steel poverty operates they have a production line. That that is not that large hallways with pictures online at WBM dot com. They employ about eighteen people now. And basically because of the way they do it. They say they're not your typical massive. Steel company they take these slabs of steel. They wrap them in basically copper wire they heat that wire up with Hugh amounts of electricity. And because they do it that way induction heating. It's a lot quicker. It's a lot faster. And it makes for a specialize in this where -- patent comes in and makes for a specialized micro structure inside the steal something that they say. Is a lot lighter again a lot quicker. And a smaller a smaller mail. In the back of their warehouse is well now how do they test their product to make sure that the product lives up to the company's claims this is kind of cool they don't do the actual testing here they send out to a company that does that. But in a conference room there you can walk in and on the table they have. These chunks of metal. And one of them in particular that that that stands out in my mind again there are pictures on line. It's a it's a buyout and -- half by eleven about the size of a sheet of paper. Piece of metal with a circle in the middle. And within that circle. They have to have at a certain distance eighteen bullets fired into. With none of them penetrating on the other side. So they have a lot of different companies that do the testing for them than they bring samples back in and say hey look nothing went through full metal jacket. But nothing went through and -- Was there one person. And in particular or more than one you know the world lightbulb lit up over his his or her head and got the idea of the inspiration to develop -- strong. They they knew this was possible so they did again they had declined steel facility in Rochester they started to sort of tinkering. And I don't know if one individual came up with that -- there was more of a collective effort. But they hired a retired major general from the army to supervise the project. They then once they said hey this can work. Brought up production manager -- who kind of built the assembly line that the production line here in buffalo and then they bit by bit started to add people. It's something they did just get a patent for in June and -- and said there's still learning because as they study that says they look at this deal on the way to steal sets up. They they realize that there are all sorts of other applications. They say they're still learning about what -- can do but they know because of these tests that it will stop bullets. They know that it's a lot lighter than the stuff the army is currently using in humvees so they think they've got a huge market here. And and tell that gets going and kicking around. They've got some civilian applications is well like the blades of snowplows. Or even agricultural mining equipment -- -- decides that including the Defense Department very quickly. Can they market their products -- other countries. I don't know about that I imagine they could. Certainly there are rules in some cases about. Sending arms overseas I don't know -- replied this product cannot. But right now -- -- their main their main market is civilian markets with the growth. Really where they expected to be on the military's -- take. They have those WB and -- people who visited. The buffalo armory there military rolled into town to town Wanda and they make our product of the morning that we've been telling you about it so special product. That's really made two potential jurors but as Dave just mentioned. Some civilian users are going to apply yeah sooner or later to.

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