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7-31 Michael Caputo Hour 4

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- you're the most annoying sound of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you couldn't possibly be anything to over. They're being told. Felt when it's live -- local ethnic food and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. We're back here is ready at 930 W -- 608. PM. -- 608. Michael put in for Tom hourly. -- on vacation army to. I'll tell you what this mock this Moreland commission will be talking about it today and I'm -- -- call we've got a couple of slots open on the phone lines here callers please hold on. Take your calls in just a minute but I want you folks tell V. Most people think government our politicians. Know they're corrupt. That's what we here in buffalo back did you hear -- small towns across America what do what do you think our politicians all corrupt. Are more of our elected officials corrupt than those that are not. Or is this whole Moreland situation. An exception in most of the good folks 803. 0930. Start 930 on your cellphone. Let me know what you think. But Don in Orchard Park thanks so much for -- union. Hi Michael how are you very good thanks get I think the questions. Right on the mark however I think we have to stipulate that even one. Dishonest politicians want to. Well that's for sure were good. It sounds like casino -- in you know I you know it might. By the bar high. Well I mean the fact is we should have no tolerance for even at that -- -- And I think a lot of people. Sometimes we'll dismiss the elections and their electoral process from the -- a whole armed underpinnings of democracy if you well. I think they're all rotten they're all dishonest when in fact do your homework read about them go to you know Tommy's. Look into the background of people and then hold them to a high standard I think. If the public does that the politicians will find it a lot harder to do things that are. Not that and their interest in the public's interest. Do you think that goes all the way down the local level like for example the town of Orchard Park got to keep your eye on folks. I think you might have to even have done lower levels yes but I think that within that say the top of Orchard Park -- salaries are. You know -- of the photos speak I know a member of my family was elected twice since school -- no no money that's a lot to work out. And that was. 25 years ago and that was great kids. And now many many local school boards for example do not pay a -- and her you know maybe just. Pay your travel expenses if you go to Albany is something I -- I think when you get into the quarter million dollar range you know I think when you start making its way more than what the average person it and that district makes. Which is the case. First of Lehman Brothers now I think it's attractive to make more than at the net and more than that and it's not your air bridge guy who goes. To Albany anymore it's the people who are at the insiders. And they're always looking for more inside. Well you know our legislature -- state legislature is part time. It's part time and and they're expected to have a job that's a look at the citizen legislature and and if you remember you are actually over the last couple years got to be friends with -- Ago. Who they were trying to run out of town based. They indicted him twice on the same charges first time they were thrown out of the Supreme Court second time a jury of his peers -- found him not guilty they stood up. Standing ovation. After the the verdict was read. Meanwhile in Orchard Park I think some years ago maybe. 78 years ago. They were his they were hunting down insurance agents apartment. -- and they -- in the end after reduces the Spitzer go right. The the leader of the town where ignored him and activists say it was cooperating with Spitzer whose people came in and threatened the small group of insurance agents. Who for years have been collectively competitors. Trying to find insurance for the town. Am the Spitzer people came minutes that you're going to be sent to jail. -- record of working assuming you were gonna we're gonna like you were gonna run you through the newspapers and lets you pay a 101000 dollar plus. Feat today to the government and admit guilt. End. Some great people at Orchard Park who never did anything wrong. We're forced to accept that in fact it -- it killed two problem. Two of them died early. So what do that was a good friend of mine who is very close to my family she was a community leader someone who was loved by every one. And this false accusation and hurt that bad the fact that she didn't have the money to fight the big -- fight the man. She had to admit guilt and paid ten grant she didn't have within a year she was dead. And that's a key points having money to defend yourself and and year insinuating and and and truly. Innocent people could hurt. K and the Westmoreland the market commission is this proof of that and we currency in the -- Several months other elected who have liaison friendships and associations with. And sometimes it's the innocent people. Who are. Very severely hurt and cannot afford butlers or right it is a given where their kids to college education in their retirements than I do firmly believe. Lot of innocent people. Who are staffers say or. Advertising guys are writers or whatever they can get hurt. When somebody disappoint them and someone does go down another path. I'll tell you there's there there's a small group of people in Orchard Park people you know Madonna because you. Purity engaged person. About. Right but I understand. Vote. People in Orchard Park listening know exactly who want talk. The people who railroaded those insurance agents and forced them to sign something that wasn't true and -- money they didn't have and drove to them to an early great. Those people there is a very warm place in hell reserved for. A very and that's all -- pursuing corruption but in fact it was political crap. And we see all that stuff that Spitzer did off fell apart anyway but two great people and Orchard Park died because their hearts were broken. Com Michael I like the fact that Charlie is bring out the -- you always bring up a little points and maybe people's -- -- report but I really think they are because a look at the whole political picture which he can't forget that the -- Right Madonna. Thank you very much for call and it really appreciated the excellent -- -- in Niagara Falls thanks for whole month. Yeah I. Yeah yeah I think it an apparently don't. Me think what government is borne its born corrupt. And will tell. What they do. -- Are you in the private sector. Can't let alone. -- -- -- We let it get away when this -- putting together except -- one. Yeah. But what they do whether regulatory wiser try to take you to try to close shop. It. Well ports we don't have a lot of time but I yeah so you think that inherently. Well it sounds like the top for an entire show. But yeah I'm sorry that's happened do you think it's because you know. What home. Yeah. Well let me ask you this -- -- its other corrupt individuals doing this. Or do you think the government is just it's you know slowly grinding your bones because that. -- Well listen as this thing comes together you give us called -- And our thanks to him. At 8030930. Star 930 on yourself don't you think government is corrupt that's my question to you. Or is this whole Moreland commission thing just an exception April threes -- at the restart ninth editors often. Randy in -- thanks for holding. I might go. Absolutely. I think these gentlemen -- -- very well and tensions. And I think the corruption actually is the system. I think once they get in there with this again. Hope improve things. Maybe. This is so overwhelmed by the structure. The corruption of the structure and -- you'd need to raise money. And and the focus and change is where it needs to. Try to stay in team to you know continue. And that corruption is the caucus. The -- the ideology. But I think from the get go these guys really do their -- would wallets. And you know I I think people like Patrick. My hand and -- a Tip O'Neill and you know some of the good old boy that really. Out of the country first. It and big victory narrative about the the fund raising it and agrees that to hand I really believe it. The systems Europe that the people unfortunately. When you get entangled with Internet structure. Corruption that's the appropriate word -- the core problem in playing with the big boys she got to sit at the roundtable with the pockets -- yet to come into play. You know strategy. In his lap there's a -- and -- the media. It felt differently. And in big mystery really what's in the interest of our country so. That the mixed signal. Yet the air quality and it but I think the system has really. Which is you're actually going to be a team player. -- -- Well I'll tell you that it's a good question and and I wanna I've I've just posted a story that I wrote. On my FaceBook my -- with my FaceBook about Joseph Bruno are you familiar with Joseph Bruno Randy. They Gloria I know. New York up. Write the story I wrote about Joseph Bruno I wrote arch for Brighton park -- comment on their website that our road at some time ago. I called the article the crucifixion. Of -- -- because they charged him with basically corruption. They tried to prove it -- -- -- that most charges were tossed but the two that they did prove were then thrown out by its Supreme Court action. And then. The US attorney. In Albany turned around and indicted him on the same stuff again which is of course double jeopardy right. And Joseph Bruno just about just last month. Was found absolutely not guilty by -- let me tell you something the judge in that case was horrendous he's the -- go after him. For being completely. Morally corrupt when he got the verdict. I just -- on to -- -- last week. I've been working with the department and he sat down he told the story when the verdict came to the judge's hands. He looked at it and he and he put on the table to put his head in his hands and he sat there with -- head in his hands. For five minutes silent the entire court waiting for missing something. And then he read out not guilty not guilty not guilty and then -- the jury. The government guilty stood up and gave us the former senator -- applause here's the thing indeed he spent something like five billion box. In order to get himself not guilty and this. Thought you US attorney in Albany or the judge or whoever they wouldn't let him go in and I'll tell you you know what you know what -- told me last week. He told me that the reason. This happens the reason he got caught up -- it and it was comical because they're there part time legislators and there are no rules. The rules they have ever so Lucy concede that these guys really don't have any fence -- follow. Yeah but you know you are age during the burial and they see you have a thirty year history of all the inner workings are. But -- would you not agree I mean. A rescue -- what's second we got to go to traffic don't go away. I cannot I wanna -- -- 8030930. Start 930 on your cell phone. I -- know what do you think government is inherently corrupt or you'd think this corruption going on Albany is just an exception to -- you receive an -- -- we had some some. Eight million Jewish world and operate the same age group and we've we've seen the evolution. They say you know Tip O'Neill and I mean they can't. Had a beer -- out of -- CP. Boy that fumble on a -- you have similar views but they found a way to compromise for the best interest. In. And it would no longer just so obvious. And the agenda. Raise money. You know and the focus. It's pink slip away from really what was divestitures that it the other thing that's really ironic is that we. Have such a wealth of knowledge and information. Within the United States and these people can sit down. And I believe kind. Very significant ways to resolve much of our problems. It would I worked in Russia Indy. The Communist work with the -- work with the Democrats trying to get things done in if they can entice them. The Communists in Russia they wanna start heated. The fascists and -- and there is a fascist party Russia. They wanna I wanna choke it to death and the Democrats and -- small. -- in Russia. -- George W. Bush. And Barack Obama would be in the same political party. Shocking right. That's how close our politicians already are. There is so there is no of Vladimir Zhirinovsky the head of the fascist party. In Russia there -- no I'm sorry I. There's no -- -- Zyuganov who the head of the Communist Party in Russia. They worked together to get farm bills passed and things like that. I can't tell how much I value your knowledge because you are. First -- You're very knowledgeable but you also applied common sense and that I always felt people need to use common sense. And what happens is. This distraction that occurs because of the big ol' boy system. It is if they weasel word corruption age yes. They need to be you know engaged. And that question that I would vote -- You know what that term limits and I think use the example of you know let that cut off -- -- -- four years don't give a twelve yours you know do that she's in the senate and. I think -- got the right idea. And I mean I can't really bad. Because you know everybody thinks oh my goodness -- he's apple and when he got to bring the pork call -- got to take care about but these guys who live and and Washington. And you lose contact with there's this that you and they really don't. Did it. Well I'll tell you what they were let's take breaker second rated and adamantly want that I don't know the numbers I lived in Washington for a long time work there this week. I worked there a -- the vast majority of the congressmen who are beaten you know defeated at the polls or retire they don't know how. They stay in Washington. Exactly. Home but Eric Cantor the -- society would issue him. And he did well outside of -- you know his old district. And boy that was an awakening. That was it is waiting for all of us not just for the politicians for the people who vote the if you get up off -- -- And cast your -- you can make a change I don't have a problem with -- but -- the voters spoke. Well what would you not agree that we have a wealth of information that's really appreciate it down. And just agreed to agree that would -- figure out the best interest that they resolve all -- many problems that exist in this country. We can't solve all such as 90% of these problems. I mean minor tweaks you know so security expanded -- two years. Yeah you're right -- listen we're gonna have to go to breaker but all those if you were holding on the phones right now. Don't go away were to get right back to you after these messages on WB yeah. It's all -- on his -- when it all went wrong. Justice Brothers sold and downloaded through for the song. -- listen -- some time to evolve into his glove some things you do for money and and so you do for love love love. That's all I else. But he couldn't stand alone. Besides it's reflected its victims including nine summing things villages money. Some you'll do fine. But the things you do through. -- Come back into the new line yeah I'm. Mom this company news. You into the mind. Now -- see things. As -- I mean. Jim -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The younger okay. I mean. Rain in the -- Some moments -- for -- -- -- -- -- Back here -- news radio 930 WB in peace and love buffalo that's for you Randi thanks for -- and he's right. We could do a heck of a lot more to gather. We can do apart 8030930. Star 930 on your cellphone gifts call here and the reason I watch the call. Is a little bit different that what you tell me. Most people think government and politicians are corrupt do you think they're all corrupt -- -- think. That the as they sit there and fester and rocked. In the shares. In congress and senate and the legislature in Albany. 8030930. Start 930 under cellphone Jake in Jamestown thanks for Oman. Hey. There. You know like in Europe that -- that the user is one great way. I like -- so. They would say in Laporte -- right. -- and but you know I have when I was in high school this is just so. A good story sort of speak it in any guys' sisters -- there's nobody nameplate but. I had a friend -- in -- you have a mayor and the mayor he just went to visit when they just got impromptu we do that you know. They're good friends you know this is his uncle. He's in that position in volumes and it Kristi is going up there and all that they go because -- -- and he actually on the stack them and -- right there. She did pull this one you know under the table you know I -- -- and Alia. And some years later. You know his offspring. Became important member and -- division of -- the court system. And it still there. Functioning. Hopefully you know hopefully he's doing the right thing you know and a. Well you know here's the here's the one thing I've noticed that we have some people running for office now who've run for office in the past people whose parents have been caught. A break in the laws do something cropped -- -- policemen and an elected official or something. End I find that it isn't right here. You know I I think that that young people meet the children of folks who have done something wrong tend to learn from the mistakes. Of their patents. You agree with Patrick. I think it could good possibility you know and I think that the mayor in question was doing in such a modest wage. As such cannot ever ever. Garnering notice it so he was really very. Not not humble that's not a good word. Larry -- about how he did it so he was doing it I guess it because -- that's way it is yet. Let -- agree any kind of made a point that he didn't -- intend to make was. The environment this system -- how the law the cut by you know and in the -- does the -- really got a cold streak get. To nail you know. It can increase that fertile. Environment. Where and you know I think we can they had just went through in a decent. This Spin Doctors very. Masters in. Be careful. I've been victimized I'm being victimized I've got an idea I need an attorney for I've got documentary evidence of fraud and misrepresentation. This prosecution is home. Well let's not tell -- after following so closely senator Bruno's situation and a lot of people work like he's the big guys in. In -- so we've got to beat or I can tell that guy I just love them at the keys as benevolent it's you could be the key -- He treated his constituents -- you talk to any of his constituents he brought back as I've brought back the break him all the time. Here's the problem we have an Albany and I think this is what's gubernatorial candidate -- asked to Reno these. The hours are problems with corruption. In Albany can be dealt with. With law it's. With legislation. We have the most -- ridiculous. Ethics laws and ethics guidelines in Albany and they refuse to do anything about it you know it is jobs over. It is an arrow and made attorney on a very big and powerful perhaps the most big and powerful law firm. On the does. A trial or your work in New York in Manhattan and he refuses to detail what he does for them he says he reviews cases and makes recommendations. But Jake he makes a million bucks almost a million bucks a year off. But at the news and others still will we know this is part time jobs. -- on the environment they don't want the environment and -- Therefore anything that comes up and I replied we don't want your -- Right and that's that's right this this my conversations with Bruno or have been really relieved I find this guy right fascinating. I'm so fascinated by by by Bruno. It I'm actually talking with him about co writing his book he's he's an incredible guy he's just the most. Affable guy you've ever met in Jake I I was with him last week at the publisher's office in New York I can take our walked in a few minutes after he did. He's 84 years old in 84 years old you are getting any -- old. And he could had any woman in the place he had a all the out of his hand the guy was so sweet and nice and affable and -- knew what I. Everybody was looking at him with I'm watching my grip on some of the -- we're looking at a mincing any grip on I want yeah. It's -- now a great guy but he's you know I'm actually I think gonna have him on the show. They went into the consulate there's a conduit there it's a cocky conduit. This day Matt a critical -- conduit. It's an Intel conduit. And it they perpetuating conduit and continuing ongoing dynamic if you -- hit it conduit of. Nick's behavior. Read. And miss intends. And hurting people like you say mean you know in the won a lot of people live and you know -- -- for a. I know I have a very dear friend. Who's in. State prison right now for -- A very close friend and rival -- not guilty. I believe it was was dogs. By by -- by his by US attorney in New York City. They can make mistakes in their corruption. It forced. When it comes to a criminal level Mike is that that becomes a whole another dimension to it then you know I'm and it becomes more like. Not only are you Britain has not ripping this guy I mean it's. It is even wore those -- the concern for human decency you know you weren't -- to compassion you know I mean for another man. I want you to step on a cockroach but I don't think got to pick them outside I can't nine -- -- -- still my world that. -- human being you know I mean c'mon let's be human here you know I love. That's -- -- with timing you are doing and and candy you know it it begins goes our hearts like Randy and you know we really look forward to you know enough. But it it did did that the downside is that -- greenbacks are still in demand that it not only the green bad. The power -- and I want to be connected. Well questions. They want so I know ego the -- god bless you for the work you're doing in. And handed and Campbell there shall equated it. Well listen Jake thanks for college you know a lot like shared with the U Carlin when I'm on any time. Unless you Jake Davis and we're gonna take a break here on news radio at 930 WB EAM. And we're back folks here on news radio 930 WP yen the Tom Bauerle show. And with John Sherman on the phones. And the real Joseph beamer on the board we've had a pretty good data and see if I can deal disclosed. But I'll tell you listen we we talked a lot today about the -- commission. I know everybody's looking at the governor for this and they need to be looking at don't look at what he did to the commission has not -- bad is it legal. And ethical it speaks volumes about he's not committed to cleaning up corruption in Albany look at the cover up. Just like you did with Nixon. He would have made him do. With that break and the cover up. He had his hands and its program walks look at the cover -- that's -- creep or are the US attorney in New York City is looking at right now because. It appears very clearly. That that that the governor is manipulating. Influencing getting the story straight with a different commissioners he appointed. Some of the resisting in the speaking record public but some of them were doing exactly what he says opening up positive statements I was never influenced. I was never ever told what to do. And we all know that's balls even the New York Times the appropriately. It's balls. Take a look at the -- commission dole look at what he did with the commissioners look at how he's trying to cover it up. Secondly another way to look at this Portland -- we've talked about for four hours. Attorney general. Eric Schneider the man who always in charge and back. Of the -- commission he deputized. That means -- at -- -- swear to uphold the law if they were deputy attorneys general under his. Tutelage they reported to him he undoubtedly went out of doubt and he says otherwise he's lying. He noon the -- the Cuomo's. Our enforcer local Nazi Larry Schwartz. Was manipulating. Was demanding. That they hold back subpoenas have been dropped on almost friends' bodies vendors partners colleagues. -- Pull that back. A subpoena that was already delivered got pulled back. And that my friends. Was something that attorney general Eric -- completely ignored. And now he's nowhere to be found he's like where's Waldo. -- of anywhere you know they found yesterday. Eating lunch with US attorney -- Ferrara. And the most high profile restaurant in politics. In New York City you don't think that's a manipulation of paid six in the New York Post of course that each. Look closely much different than Warren commission there's more to this than meets the guy it's not the commission and it's the cover up. And it's also not the governor. It's the -- I'm sorry it's the attorney general Eric -- Look closely referenced it is not what -- scenes and the show to -- -- gonna come off one by one. From this caterpillar. We'll talk to tomorrow here on news radio 9:30 WBZ am. --

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