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7-31 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And I. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. That issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so I can site. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Tom hourly and that's must be within 200 feet of the school. Or -- these live. It's local proof that this it's Tom hourly ask another question. Try to get this month this is the real -- knows it wouldn't. These are live here. -- -- So on news radio 930 and there really aren't aware of what it meant some -- -- things feel confident. What's that members close to double. We're back here and do -- at 930 WB -- -- -- show it's Michael Caputo. In for Tom who's on vacation a well deserved. It. We've been talking about the Moreland commission in play and our own version of where's Waldo where calling get Weyers the attorney general. Because New York State attorney general Eric snyderman is nowhere to be found. As the Moreland commission. On corruption was corrupted. By governor Andrew Cuomo New York Times says he did it. He says he did in fact the New York Times says today him trying to clean up after himself as a melting too may amount to a cover up. And actually. A manipulating witnesses. That's really a serious charge but what we're talking about today is the interesting angle that we -- here. Where attorney general Eric Schneider men had to -- responsibilities. That that we should all have been expecting from him. As citizens of New York State and he fell down on the job and I'm gonna bring in John Cahill who's running as a Republican. Against air excitement -- Eric running for reelection this year from 2000 to 2000 it's the sixth. Mr. Cahill served as chief of staff of the governor of New York State and that role. He is responsible for running. Everything in state government it was and it was the highest ranking appointed official. In the entire state and from 1997. To 2001 he served as commissioner. Of the department of environmental conservation. -- that's the eighties it had 3000 employees 500 million dollar budget now John -- is asking the voters to put him in. Instead of -- Where's Waldo AG Eric -- -- mister K -- thank you very much for calling we really appreciate your WB. Thanks a lot let me ask you. Mean you're you're -- you're in buffalo yesterday. And in the Buffalo News today which people if you go to politics and white dot net click on the -- the Buffalo News stories quite good. Your saying that this was actually even though it was a -- commission on. On. Corruption. And and and -- -- -- commission on integrity in -- whatever somebody words. This was actually the attorney general's commission right. -- really was of the members of the commission not only have this authority under. A little more like commission Michael but they were also deputized as assistant attorney general's. -- reported to have an obligation to report to the attorney general about there aren't going to know about the activities for the commission. So clearly the attorney general had to now while this investigation was ongoing. That there was also what the political interference and decisions made -- opinion is based upon political watchers are supposed to invest it or interest. And what did he do about it during that whole you one year tender picture. On the more commission apparently now that Michael. You know -- attorney general had an absolute responsibility. As the chief law enforcement officer of this state. People stand up and didn't stop any and all interference that may have the comment from any source and he did not think he ticket total past. Reality in which -- -- look what we had -- with the opportunity to more commission. To really change the culture Borbon and that's what the governor says that's what the attorney general took great fanfare at the amount spent. And look what we have had to have happened just an investigation. Of the investigation. And the attorney general have to be help to count on this. Because at the end of the day he was responsible for the actual workings of that commission and the utterly failed to. Bring that investigation into a culmination that would really lead to changed and -- Michael. Well the fact she actually have a responsibility to appoint a large share of those commissioners. Are appointed the members. 125. -- but a point he wanted to cultures of the bridge cultures and all of these members to worry attorneys. Where deputized as assistant attorney generals so yeah ties the reports this year frank and reports this year on Google on Google which were deputized Michael responsibility to accuse of the weekly reports. On the workings of the those investigations. Shortly following the war if the word beat each known. -- certainly based on the New York Times -- on another press reports. That there resented it meant there was pressure do may commission. About issuing subpoenas based upon political. Which certainly. The credibility of government company. Michael so. But all that -- -- from each regional at that point on opposite from the city. -- was -- well what was the -- And intentional once again. Any leadership when it comes to art collection at the seaport was -- the state. It's a long long as opposed to really making any change and it's just. Just another example along with examples of the -- journal. Not stand up for the workers would be scandal where. There are trying to view silence women who would that -- sexual harassment you go along with Chile's over. I'm not standing up for another horrible case of sexual harassment the assemblyman form some personnel both -- Where it was nowhere. And wears on and on these issues that are so critical to redeem. -- not a lesser accusing. The attorney general of committing crimes. Worker were accusing him of falling down terribly on the job. Whether you're what was. What I'm saying Michael that he had a responsibility to lead he had a responsibility. To ensure the integrity of this investigation that it wasn't. And anyway. -- from outside forces and clearly he utterly failed once again. To stand up and do the right thing for the people of the state. It's brand -- you know it's it's really came Michael I think all of us what that there's more commission with the enormous talent that it has with these new deputy attorney general. That we really might get to the bottom of the problems in Albany and all we have now again there's an investigation relying on the US attorney again to solve problems at all. Well -- and I think it's important. For the listeners here on Western New York where so far from Albany and really much further from. The locus of a criminal activity in politics of New York City. But we have. We need to understand what he should have done so we let's say okay let's say you'll. Are sitting as attorney general win the Moreland commission to investigate public corruption case -- rock is going on. And then we -- we know that one of the coaches aren't the pits Patrick put out an email to the group saying. Are basically complaining that they are being interfered with -- that they were that he could be treated as independent now we know that email went around it's very likely. Almost positive. That it would have gone to the attorney general since he was the boss. Of the deputies turn deputy attorney general who were working there. So let's say you find out in the middle of all of this goings on before it's disbanded except for a you see this email what does the attorney general supposed to do. Ability kind journalists supposed to do with what those that are allegedly went -- with a process -- in no uncertain terms. That it would not be tolerated. Are much used to what the US attorney did with respect to his -- today informing. Anybody who is involved in the pampering and an investigation would be held to account. Stand up and do the right thing only and an outside force now that that they put pressure on this investigation they themselves are going to be this that it. -- the wrath of the attorney general and all of the Powell is that that the attorney general has but I certainly didn't happen with the investigation of the more commission Michael we never heard one word. On these -- continued apparently you know through the existence of that. A commission. The attorney general never stood up -- privately or publicly apparently mr. Scott. It's to stop these defense to do the right bank and -- and if necessary. Clearly one note that it went Katrina with the investigation that they should be held to account -- just another example of urged might have been not selling its responsibility not showing any leadership. You can even point to what Governor Cuomo did with the governor Spitzer going back you know whatever -- now. -- years go right they did. Right the attorney general is an independent elected official with his own authority to investigate. And that is that the attorney general help the government to account. -- certainly didn't happen here the attorney general stood by and let distant -- -- this investigation get railroaded and not only is an unfortunate. It -- chose a total lack of leadership on the attorney general Michael. Now this is not new army we have. Of course the moral and commission problem which is is an ongoing situation we have -- Dennis -- present situation where. Where the attorney general vote chief law enforcement are publicity we never -- we have veto grow -- of the assemblyman from New York City. Who. Grabbed every breast within his reach. And he also released a two time -- right. Yeah he met -- he lobbied for the release of the two primary interest and in Long Island two women who were raped at -- point. The individual was sentenced to to jail by -- then prosecuted by -- maps or. And queens county and the the attorney general decides who lobbied for this individuals who leads with that any. Mr. -- of that evidence without contact him via prosecutors to put this person in jail. And the agent was successful that individual now is -- chemistry -- -- our level 36 times Michael to have this guy the attorney general is out of touch and we've. What is likely to New York with the right thing to do to keep port enforcement officer and over get back in his five days he was the guy was the chief. Response for Libya. Drug -- detection. Yes we have somebody who is more concerned about people who were selling drugs. Then people standing effort for people who need help like on the medical now why issue. And we that was an issue of real public health which I got out and spoke very passionately about about the need to take care. Individual typically children. Who had these types appearances serious illnesses. Which would be helped by medical now want whereas -- and now he's more concerned about the drug dealers and -- up these parents and children. They have to travel to Colorado for help. It just spent a total lack of leadership from the chief law enforcement official in the state over the last year and here's Michael. Well you know I I don't know hero well what Betsy we've spent -- we've spent some time talking together I think the world what I think you're -- and you would make an incredible attorney general you've got a shot don't yeah. Well I've always -- by average like you know lightly when you work quality care message. You'd you'd stick to the to the point that people are concerned about in this state. The thing you know I look this statement I'd -- problems they been up and could be much does this signal that. The bills -- practice yesterday. I love New York State and frankly we have only had spent the time. Can you know the people of this state and do it himself and hearing that I can't how many times ago state. Inaudible question I have -- -- the -- on the attorney general had an opportunity -- important people. -- -- been elected -- -- last -- And that the real strong hesitancy. About getting north of the tapping deeper and count to the pizza in York. That need to change Michael we need that somebody in Albany. There's going to aren't listen to trial the state your concern and had an impact on lines to New York we don't have that right now. And I did invite the attorney general he respectfully decline to defend his lack of action here but. Let me ask you this out of the listeners get to know more about -- on the Internet. Well -- -- I am on Twitter occasional foraging -- FaceBook. -- a decade over AG dot com. Michael. And I will be out about up in buffalo and Western New York many times over the course the next three months. So I looked at quoted saying you know and fellow buffalo on hands in the people and Mary Karen in Western New York over the course of the campaign and after the campaign Michael it. It's a pleasure and honor for me to meet people around the state the other concerns. Well thanks John you your righteous guy and and I appreciate taken the time and will reported seeing here in buffalo. Michael thanks -- ladies and gentlemen we're gonna go to traffic here on WB. Your exclusive AccuWeather forecast shower thunderstorm in spots during the evening otherwise patchy clouds tonight. A low of sixty degrees. Clouds and sunshine tomorrow with a shower or thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon high of 81 degrees mostly cloudy tomorrow night with a shower in the area. Maybe the early. Slow 63 degrees -- times of clouds some of the couple of showers and thunderstorms and highs of 78 degrees. Welcome back to news radio 930 WP and this is -- completely for Tom I enjoy talking junk you know I just better reflects a madam of well we are out on the road with Carl Paladino and twenty -- I've met so many people like to remember much about our conversations but I heard he was considering running for attorney general I happened to be in New York City. For meetings actually with. With and in decline wording and a miracle or the the lead attorney for the Republican Party here. And I he had -- witness. And I was very impressed I think that you should take a look at him I think he should take of even closer look. And Eric Schneider I know you don't know his name the reason why we don't know because he's done nothing. Nothing zero. And it's it's just. Something we need to pay attention to and if you're out there wondering why are all of these horrific Democrats like Andrew Cuomo and have an easy time of it getting reelected. I'm here to tell you that this guy Eric Schneider men. Is beatable. And not -- I know for a fact I know a lot of things about politics. He was beatable before this Moreland commissions -- Now he's really beatable. This guy KL he's ahead and statewide polls ahead of any the other Republicans statewide candidates. He's actually raising money he's got good connections. Into the fundraising groups around the New York State nationally. And it's somebody -- take a look at John -- But right now we're gonna pay some bills here on. News radio 9:30 PM it will grip back. -- back here on news radio I'm thirty WB CNN. -- who for Tom -- here in the top narrowly show I normally don't play the music of molesters. But I guess GOP is all about that. -- -- -- After nothing's proven way to look. At Michael Jackson's sleeps with children is bad but it's OK it's OK if he knows that in game. I don't think he does anymore. -- PP you know what he might have had a last wish where he got buried with some young young boys you know and in there had to be a few bodies around Neverland Ranch for sheer. Hot today on the -- show were talking about the moral and commission and not just about how to Moreland commission is affecting Governor Cuomo couldn't hurt him. But it's also about. How it affects the attorney general Eric snyderman who have the responsibility to follow this up in fact we know we know. From the New York Times story and by the way the New York Times that a good job two and a half pages blow in this out. But for weeks the New York Daily News has been doing smaller stories on these reports of manipulation in fact the complaints. From Fitzpatrick Republican district attorney in Syracuse but it the group of the governor need to be reminded that they were independent. All of these people on the Moreland commission. Were deputized officially. Officially. As attorneys general. Our New York State so bay -- officially. Reported back to the attorney general as his deputies. So there's very clear if the New York Daily News was writing about it and hearing about it certainly. The attorney general heard that the Cuomo people were calling in to the Moreland commission. On corruption on public corruption. Were calling in and as soon as they hurt the bit. A subpoena which is a power of the attorney general not the -- -- -- a subpoena. Had been issued to a friend or vendor -- Andrew Cuomo is enforcer weary Schwartz -- -- enforcer are watching this thing. I what's the right word for it would be. Well -- like a mafia enforcer. He called up. The the staff and the commissioners over at the more action and said you're gonna have to hold those subpoenas back subpoenas that have been delivered by the way. He got to pull back he got to Washington as the and it and there are folks over at the commission the cheap investigators are not -- Where you have to. It was undoubtedly. Undoubtedly. A pressure situation. And the first thing that the attorney general should have done according to John King who's running for turning against. Where's Waldo. Schneider. He's saying that the the attorney general's responsibility. To the voters. It is job description. With the call out the governor NC stop doing that these guys are independent in fact they work for me. Their deputy attorneys general stop trying to influence what they're doing. Very interest him. And now. That the New York Times is again on top of this story. And I'm -- read a little bit of something here there's a letter. From the attorney general of the US attorney's office. In the in New York City beat around which I think the guy's name sounds like the name of a year Earl Polk. Seen -- or. Will have the barrel of a sounds like a broker and an investigator but he's run and he's got. He certainly got the governor Robertson now. The attorney general being dragged into the letter from the US attorney's office. -- I would read history in New York Post the threat of a new investigation team in the letter. From the US attorney's office after members of the moral and commission to investigate public corruption. Came out this week to defend the governor was strong public statements. Quote we have reason to believe a number of commissioners recently have been contacted. About the commission's work the letter said according -- And some commissioners have been asked to issue public statements. Characterizing events and facts regarding the commission's. Operation. That my friends is witness tampering. Witness tampering because if there's any potential. That's. The US attorney reaper are in New York City. Is going to investigate Cuomo is corruption of the anti corruption commission. Then there's -- tampering with witnesses is he not. They're hitting their stories straight please gentlemen. The governor's office. Is calling the commissioners saying -- In -- -- -- use a little public covered here can you write this letter and effect will probably go straight for. Absolutely. Let me tell you the reason I know that's what happened is because I've been in campaign politics for a long long time I've done dozens and dozens and dozens. Of campaigns and whatever your candidate gets attacked by one side. You go ahead and get surrogates. To put out our positive statements about your candidate or in the compare it in the instance of trying to. But they are the skater blunt in attack from your opponent you -- or surrogates. To put out letters attacking your opponent. That's what the Governor Cuomo is doing he's actually treating the Moreland commission as a campaign issue. Not as an issue of corruption not as an issue. Of proper governments he's treating it as nothing more than campaign. Issue so he told his guys his team has enforcers -- proxy. As sellers -- He's telling them to go and get letters from commissioners who they tried to corrupt who they tried to be -- to manipulate who they tried to influence. It interfere way. It's statement saying -- -- in fact they actually got one of the first one they got was from Republican district attorney out of Syracuse. Named Fitzpatrick. The same guy who complained in an email that he was being influenced. Being infiltrated being. Being manipulated. We need to remind in the governor that this commission is independent. Was. And the governor was approach with asked about that email. When he was -- team Fitz Patrick weather which said the governor is a great guy and never did anything to try and interfere. He said all that emails take him on course. Courts. But the real question a year he has and that's something I want to call your 8030930. Star 930. We are no strangers here in Western New York. To corruption. To. Miss. Misbehavior in public office. It's happened here in west Erica had it tends to happen a lot more -- we we seem more. People being arrested from the Democrat party epic that's because Democrat operatives that are more -- the Republicans although the jury's -- -- that as well. But certainly more coming out of New York City they're there and you know we've got everything from -- grow -- the serial sexual answer out of -- Bronx. We've guard one after the other after the other being investigated and thrown in jail senators. Assemblyman at one after the other. But I want askew. Do you think all politicians. Are corrupt or do you think that we actually Arab sound who would do in the work of the people for the right reason. Do you think that their corrupt when they ride. Or do you think that they were the big get corrupted over time. It's 8030930. Start in thirty yourself I'll tell you what I think that's all right thank. I believe we've got some good people. I believe that list is getting shorter. And shorter and shorter and I believe attorney general. Eric Schneider. Has done nothing for. Albany is absolutely corrupt. Two of the marrow of the bones. It smells. A high heavens when you walk into those chambers of the legislature. That the rules are designed to be broken and bent. We do have Smart folks out there 030 -- thirty start I entered it yourself on we're gonna go to submit some advertising here. And will be right back. -- And you believe this stuff. -- -- days of you can -- Back here he's review -- thirty WB -- in the compound show. This is Mike. But with the talk talk talk on vacation I mean through the end of the week. It's vacation time here WB and this vacation time across Western New York I hope you're enjoying -- if you're on vacation. Thanks for tuning in here on news radio 930 WB yen. I am not one of those people who believes that our government is completely corrupt Alitalia. Since I've been back in New York. I've been accurate since 2010. In -- raced and raced here. And I've become more cynical I'll tell you that. I've become much more cynical I worked in Washington I worked in the national capital of several different countries. It worked in Moscow Russia and I -- face of -- -- awesome corruption in Moscow. I'll tell you one time -- story real quick before we go to traffic. I was responsible for what I moved over there of the -- Yeltsin administration was in some trouble they were in trouble because 85%. Of young people. Were. Consider themselves pro Yeltsin pro democracy but only 50% of -- were going to vote. Elder people. Retirees they call them pensioners there. Pensioners were 85%. In favor of the Communist Party in 85% of them were gonna vote so. Boris Yeltsin who. Art was going to stand for election efforts first time in 1996 needed to get the young people up because I helped start something here in the United States. Called rock the I don't know if you know that started when I was in Washington had a small role in starting it but I did public relations for. Rock the Vote during Hillary care in 1993. Report to Russia. So they have they actually hired me to go start Rock the Vote in Russia Kremlin in working for the crowd. -- I got very involved I did the first argue the planned the campaign plan for a particular the first musical concert with all the rock and roll stars of Russia. On the street in in Moscow street festival. And then we're planning. Trip all around Russia we -- to set up youth groups. In the different universities in their 89 states and Russia by the -- the united state universities at least and probably more. We had to go to we have to get the message out that -- the United States kids and all these states have to start grassroots organizations stitching together. And then encourage them to vote by at the end on national rock and roll who were concert that we -- -- To encourage people to different universe I went to an organizational meeting. Of youth for Yeltsin. In and a 1996. Organizational meeting in Moscow and I walked into a hotel at this flop house and tell. In the pickle spear pills above Moscow which is where the Olympics were back in the day Jimmy cart some talk -- -- tent. But I'll tell your. I would sit in that may sit well listen we're gonna meet with each individual one of these folks. Of these young people from all United States that -- the youth leaders from every one of these states Everett avenue to be we really don't want to be here. Because you know it's like to have formed a picture from -- -- get a -- doing this I walked out but I forgot my -- -- I came back up the elevator. Knocked on the Doran a young man let me Ian and I walked in and I saw. Cardboard box about the size. Of a box of diapers in the -- Little little margin. In inside where stacks of hundred dollar bills that amounted to about two billion plus dollars and they were handing them out these young people. Help them get out the vote in the State's cash money my friends millions of dollars rate for MySpace. Recognize walked out it was something that could have gotten me killed. And -- up -- if you want some corruption. Go to Moscow right now the next best thing Moscow corruption. -- New York State in the -- commission and how the governor corrupted in the attorney general did nothing about it right now to talk about traffic. Your AccuWeather forecast. A shower thunderstorm in spots during the evening otherwise patchy clouds tonight low sixty degrees. Clouds and sunshine tomorrow with a shower or thunderstorm in spots in the high of 81 degrees mostly cloudy tomorrow night with a shower in the area mean in the early. -- 63 degrees. Saturday times of clouds and sun with a couple of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon high of 92 and a high of 78. -- -- in 1970. Not that I was I was in high school time and we were stowed. Spent all my time in the library. In -- back in those days -- we had smoking lounges in the schools smoking lounges if you got a note from your parents. You can take breaks between classes and go out and smoke cigarettes. I don't never understood how that could happen -- I enjoyed it I smoked and so on and so I spent my time on the you don't see those via. How things have changed around here in Western New York no more smoking lounges. 8030930. Start I entered in yourself on we're gonna go to the last hour here few moments and I want you to give a call to the station. I'm very curious because. I I just don't have the feeling that we -- we're beyond -- over the we're around the quarter were beyond help at all politicians are corrupt. I believe -- yard talk to folks like Ross Thompson. Russ believes the vast majority corrupt talked to Carl Paladino he'll still shake his head and scoffing at it because in fact. He believes that it's. It's really quite a problem is corruption I think it's prone to in New York State IRI just got done talking about Russian opera that is -- -- and what I saw was nothing they would never -- American rhythm. But I -- I'm concerned about your state but let me ask you this. Most people think government politicians. That's the the main street view. Are they corrupt. Are more public servants corrupt than not corrupt or is this -- Warren commission problem. The exception to the rule 8030930. Starting thirtieth yourself I wanna hear from you because. I've got a different opinion because I'm a little bit too close to perhaps I don't really do elections anymore. I stopped doing them. In 2012. All my work now with corporations. I do help CEOs and corporations get involved in politics and open and advise them. As to who they should support that we should not support. In politics. -- bit in independent expenditure work. But I don't work for candidates anymore I would work for a statewide. -- say referendum. Let's say if New York State had a statewide referendum on whether -- not there should be gaining more casinos last ever. That's -- -- I might do because and I'll tell you why. Because referenda -- don't. They don't cheat referendums. Don't wake you up at 3 o'clock in the morning in rescue. Whether or not you're going to be and at the office that said. These are not people and it's easier to work for. For ideas that is for people I'd probably still referendum but right now I'm out of politics but after thirty years of doing -- I just I still hopeful about the guy who got me into this whole politics bag. What is Jack Kemp I grew up in his district which -- Hamburg area. I graduated from Hamburg. He was our congressman in fact he was of course -- are our quarterback. I had -- him for four. For signatures -- for autographs when he was playing when he ran for congress actually help a little bit it's a boy. On the -- -- -- around the door -- form. And I got into politics because of Jack Kemp actually went to internship. And his congressional office here in buffalo. University at buffalo. And I felt public. I started right form I guess who liked the way I wrote so he shipped off to Washington. To write for his presidential campaigns something. But I did for about two and a half years with a long time to work state and national election. People were doing that now for the Arabic dates back in Tuesday released -- running -- -- out. A year before the election now it's about to -- but after all that time thirty years -- and that kind of stuff. I just don't. I just don't really feel. That every one of politics for what you think 8030930. Start time -- yourself I'll take your calls here right now. We're gonna go to these messages.

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