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7-31 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of a it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your family. -- -- -- It's live it's locals that mark. Being yeah. Third yeah yeah. Not being heard Tom hourly thing facts. On news radio 930 W. Back here on its radio 930 WB -- Michael Goodwin for Tom bounds off on vacation it is 409 PM 409. All you county workers. Climate your cars. On your way home 4 o'clock and sprint right out of that building. And I would too. Please get a stink up behind him. But anyway we are talking today about the moral and commission and the fact that the US attorney has -- Cuomo. That manipulating. The commissioners. Asking them to -- press release is defending his manipulation. His corruption of the anti corruption commission. Is actually it could be witness -- Just like Richard Nixon just like Richard Nixon it's not that break -- That but that forced him to resign from office it was the cover Europe. So here we have Andrew Cuomo probably would have gotten away with. Manipulating their anti corruption commission shutting it down because it got too close to his friends he probably would have got away with -- here in the deepest blue New York. We're guys like Andrew Cuomo where universally known. Cannot do any wrong. But we have. Not just Andrew Cuomo -- in this but also Eric snyderman who is the attorney general who is nowhere to be found he's like where's Waldo. Except he doesn't Wear that red and white striped shirt. Try to help everybody -- figure this out because and fat. Attorney general snyderman is in some trouble here. Nick like -- who's chairman of the Republican committee here in Erie county is on the line where this nick thanks for Carl and I appreciate. Me. Well nick knew it was politics better you do in this town and tell me. What is going on with the bullet commission why is this a problem for Cuomo and why's that problem for the attorney general. Well I think you know even taxpayer shouldn't be too surprised about this because. You know this is just and again the Albany game he can't shoot straight. And -- very special politician. In Andrew Cuomo to start an anti corruption task force which turns around you need to dirty here than it was when he started. Right exactly makes it works. Albany is is is a bigger disaster in one more on commission started. In yeah Andrew Cuomo and I think. Probably even more so -- -- -- erection Letterman. He's been attorney general now for yours if he had people on the street right now you know work turning journalist adult because we would do nothing attorney general. He's more interested in being eight. Social crusader that he is being. The people -- turn it exists. Now he's a great example of that and -- asleep -- the switch. No but I mean what what does he what does -- pursuing socially. Mean I I I my understanding is he's filing lawsuits for what this all. Lawsuit trying to talk about housing discrimination in any issues that really don't -- -- service we have a government right now it doesn't serve the people. On the scene in New York it's because the government is serving itself. -- -- with a governor you -- there with with some of the things that we that it can't relate to more on commission. And yes if the air China -- trying to make New York State a better place to lift he -- asset pool and Albany right away instead he's been asleep that this. It affected really just positioning itself for government. Prior being elected did you. That's right so he's he was in successful to begin. And that is a product of Albany he can't pixel. It's still you know we we have descended somebody that she wants to do the job doesn't want to wait his turn to be the next governor this state. Well we know now. That bit Andrew Cuomo did not rescind the executive order that form the -- commission which is required by statute to to put this group together. They're saying that they didn't need to be -- he just needed to save the door was closed even vote wasn't. But now. Since that the governor has decided that he's out of it. The -- commission officially still exists 23. Of them. Are actually deputy attorney general deputized by sheriff snyderman. So which vitamin could actually right now pick up this. Commission still continue with the work and clean up Albany could. He could've done it eight times -- -- Bible think field offices attorney -- in we've seen absolutely. Prosecute them if they're adamant he has been he'd do nothing attorney general and how many times you think this statement about. I mean you know probably twice -- -- -- -- his candidacy right have you seen you know press releases seem that he came here. The dual press conference for the mayor most of it was for political endorsements. You know he he he doesn't or upstate is for one in. -- got a competent attorney general and needed these crimes would not be committed if we had someone to actually enforce the laws against. Right. And this is what of this is what brings us to the topic today because not only is he attorney general lousy. In this thing he's wrapped up he stinks as much as Cuomo has probably more. He actually. Is beatable as. I -- very vulnerable if you see this stay wide polling you know they can do it's it's no secret they have the Republican candidates for all trailing right now. In itself mostly due to name identification in. If there. We don't we're not running people that it's a bit in high profile offices stated statewide name recognition. They're billing it throughout their campaigning in building their networks reaching the resource is that's here to get their message. You know it's no doubt that a group called all is it ahead if if you -- one hour television right now you'd probably see six -- Andrew Cuomo cold weather there you know. -- congratulating himself or a ticking -- mr. -- The same goes for the attorney general he's got about a seven to one fundraising advantage over John Cahill who's been in this recently for like two months. So but if you look at this they -- polling numbers John K hill is in the best position of any of the Republican candidates for state -- office he's running about eleven points. Stronger than than those others this is a race to watch a Giant Eagle can very well be the next attorney general states. Well I'll tell you that listeners Nolan if you if you don't know we're gonna have John Cahill on in the 5 o'clock hour at the top just at the same spot nick. Now -- we understand from the New York Times again today this team that's on Andrew Cuomo is finally. Lift them up -- We understand that the US attorney has a has warned. Cuomo on the -- commission and said. All of this organizing positive statements from the members of the commission could it be possible obstruction of justice or witness tampering right. How how hypnotic if this system that you and I were doing worry if we were being. Look into. It would be -- obstruction of justice. You know the heat he he's calling -- people to try to get their scoring -- in in mediation she just. Dead wrong it Cuomo doesn't believe the rules apply to him. Well he hit his father -- -- I mean. In fact the first time for -- maybe not the first time but certainly one of the first times we've heard from his father since he was elected since -- was elected governor he actually came out danced out. When that New York Times story came out defended his son said he was even more ethical than he was not saying much by the way. But he he do it took almost all the stops trying to keep trying to beat this thing right. It. Do you see this. -- story. Continuing through the election gives you and I both of people in the general voters especially the low information voters don't even pay attention until after Labor Day. Do you think this is still alive on Labor Day. I think this this is this issue seems to be continuing it is if I had to guess just by watching particularly out of -- Harley. Perhaps he's looking and they pick up. I an atomic -- a little bit about Qaeda were to meet him at 5 o'clock or what yet I know you know well. It was an intern for governor George Pataki so you know this this race a lot of pride in in in helping out John this year. You know you're not gonna meet a more decent public servant to John Cahill. Someone that is an expert in. State government someone that is done a lot of the jobs he's been state. Director of the department of environment conservation. He's he served as secretary to the governor which is -- is formal way of seeing chief of staff. And in that job you're running state government. You know it did it the right -- the governor of the state. I don't think there's anyone. More competent that we could put in the office of attorney general to actually serve is the people's attorney. You environmentalist. He is someone. Dentist. Serve the public oh -- agreed deal distinction. Any comparable. Well you know you were actually the guy who introduced meet him at that. Corn beef on -- -- -- place in New York City. I met the guy talked of a few times since that there's not a nicer guy around either. -- a great guy. You know very personable. From Yonkers. Satan -- district county. You know but he he's no stranger to buffalo I can tell you that you know line in his time. -- governor Pataki spent much time near buffalo and in working very diligently on a lot of the economic development projects. There were finally seeing ten years later come to fruition. A lot of this. That it can even though governor almost and take all the credit a lot of this money started. Being put together -- and the later days of the Pataki administration itself. It you know we. We -- John Cahill services it taxpayer she's done a great job he'd be given tremendous attorney general for the people -- So if we just got a little bit a couple of seconds here about about a minute that we're gonna go to traffic at that there's but one quick question. If he's got to beat. The do nothing attorney general Eric vitamin if John -- -- gonna beat him what role would Western New York play in that election. We're gonna play a pivotal role in every one of these citywide elections and send a loud and clear message. That we are not buying the almost snyderman. Song against this is not this is no better off and it Wallace. Four years ago unable took office. We have a fundamentally worse economy we have nothing but economic policy that are based on gimmicks and games. In not. Real sound economic populist tax relief in in making this a better place to live that people want to come to not because they're bright become. Well this is one of the most active Republican Party county Republican parties in the state. One of the most winning county Republican parties in the state and you actually have a pretty big event coming up. Can you tell us about this -- -- you have every year. We have this annual -- barbecue. In in Hamburg guts coming up by you can learn more about it that he she GOP dot com but it's our. Fifth annual chairman's barbecue which is Saturday August 9 the -- to see out there. Well I'm gonna be there. And if you're just -- the Republican Party give the guys up call at the Erie county Republican committee that -- to have -- committee person. But pay attention to the -- most vibrant race that's a victory in the making. Listen -- angrily thank you very much for your time. Thanks so much every day we're gonna -- pace of actually were to go to traffic right now here on -- I'm thirty WBN. In your exclusive. AccuWeather forecast. Showers thunderstorms spots during the night in the evening -- patchy clouds. Clouds and sunshine tomorrow shower thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon. I BD one mostly cloudy tomorrow night with rush hour in the area mainly early awoke 63. Saturday times of clouds and sun with a couple of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon are hard. Of 78 this just stand it's very important bulletin we're just getting in from CBS. The victims of shark NATO. Shark NATO to here in buffalo will not be covered by Obama care if you were bitten during the shark NATO you're on your own folks. You always have been. This Michael -- in fort Tom Bauerle your news radio 930 WB -- but we are talking today about this. This moral and commission and how of the coverup. Is going to be worse -- crying for Andrew Cuomo and in fact. In fact it may drag down his attorney John focus here's the thing that you need to now. Attorney general Eric snyderman is not Andrew Cuomo is best he's not. He's okay. -- -- -- They're -- each other in certain ways here and there I mean I know that it is Andrew Cuomo kind of quietly encouraged people criticize. Shattering not during the election season prepared during regular government. But now we see a commission that's rotten at the court that shut down when they get to close the governor by the Gartner. And during this entire thing while the governor is forcing them. Ordering them to pull back subpoenas -- party issued to Cuomo was friends. Eric snyderman is nowhere to be found he is afraid. Of Governor Cuomo people afraid of government. Everybody's afraid they're from if you look at the story in the New York Times that he sequel you see quotations. From people. Who were afraid to speak on the record. They're afraid to speak on the record and here's here's a great here's a great statement from the New York Times for at least some of those statements for prompted by calls from the governor's adversaries. The statements from commissioner defend in the government. According to people with direct knowledge of the situation who were unwilling to be named for fear. Of reprisal. When done Cuomo. Gets mad at you you've got a problem. I see areas serious problem. This story -- line employee and one of the bureaucratic. Departments of the New York State government who gave. An interview to the media a guy who was not authorized to speak to the media. And did nothing wrong in fact he helped the governor and help the government. Had a great interview and came off perfectly it was a perfect compliment to the story and the governor had fired. Because he wasn't authorized to speak to -- If you who speak to the media and your name is not in Cuomo. Or his name is not on your business card there will be reprisals and let me tell you something as someone who ran the a the campaign against him in 2010. Reprisals mean something but when it comes the Governor Cuomo. But give us a call here April 30930. Start 930 on the so -- ask you this one question. Is there an honest politician. Anywhere do you think. Would people get into politics the matter who they are no matter how good they are today just get run for the core. That's 28 threes are pretty started turning yourself on where to go to commercial break here on news radio 930 WB. -- -- -- -- -- We're back here on his radio I'm thirty WB yen. -- John Sherman doesn't like that and. It's 4:33 PM here in time barely show my name is Michael deployment for Tom Tom is back next week you've got me you're stuck with. Until tomorrow. We're talking about the -- commission how that might end up the cover up. Of what Andrew Cuomo did to corrupt the anti corruption commission may end up being what takes him down. But more importantly we're talking and more focused I think we're talking about what this. Means to the attorney general Eric Seidman who 40% of you out there in radio and have never heard his name and there's a reason for keys. Done nothing. And what we do know here is that he's afraid of Cuomo. Because he refused to push back on Cuomo won 24 of his deputy attorneys general were messed -- When he told them you don't subpoenaed my friend hole that. Bullock back now they ordered them to pull them back and they pulled the back by. There is everybody knows. That the government can't be corrupt politicians can be -- All up and down main street we know we know it all out here in Western Europe it's nothing new arts. But aren't they -- are more public service corrupt than not or is it just the exception when you find somebody who -- that's what I wanna hear from you. Policy at 8030930. Start 930 on your cell phone talk what you think and do you think. That this -- commission problem's gonna mount anything. 8030 right -- start 930 on your cellphone. We've got Mike from Alden crawling and Mike you and thank you very much called it. -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't think your question about the politician -- -- I think about 95% of mark -- exit row -- eight he'd be it he should serve the people what do we got to see him. You know 154000. Now to serve the people in New York City at the topics are concerned the public why else -- Eight. It's fire -- enemy if it was -- came -- to say that the very next week. -- -- Shell -- Rochester wait for antique firearms checking everything and make sure he wouldn't apply it. Okay that issue which Al cold speaking out in what the deal and he couldn't do it. Basically attorney general snyderman who he's no friend of almost they do not like each other but he will do. Whatever it takes the stand his good side. Audio call them outwardly irregular and sometimes I I I sit and airports in the -- I think how great it was a bit. If he Carol -- you know it has walked into it that splits up the paint in Albany is baseball bat. And I if you can look for what little there actor you know -- -- you've got -- twenty -- And I think are starting to get here in what a great entry New York it would have been. Well what really quick story really quick start knocking the key to long but you know where that baseball bat thing came from. I'll tell you working for a real real quick to Wear it again April threes or 930 start 930 yourself. So Carl wind -- -- all of us -- myself in decline -- whole team went down to New York City for the Republican Convention. Where the Republicans were conniving to trying keep Carl off the -- so he could not speak. Luckily for us of the youngest member of the Republican chairman. All succeed in the state nickel angrily at a gambit that he put together with another expert. That bit that basically fooled the the Republican leadership and allowed Carl to speak and we knew that was coming. In fact they figured it out it was something like 1 o'clock in the morning something like that they told me we've got a -- you're gonna have to come up with a speech. For Carl Paladino to nominate himself for governor unheard of never been done before. Ever in new York State Department so why nobody else's it now for dinner Carl -- Very generous guy by -- all over team dinner and appears to relax the night before the convention. I had to go back to my room and -- men and and put together a speech for -- I sat there for a bit to find out what he wanted to say you know had put on paper form could. Far too busy department people themselves. I'm glad I'm trying to think of -- to try and make news trying to come up with something. That. Of that globe will will penetrate the noise in and make it into the media so the -- message will give up this early in the campaign you know. I couldn't I was tired -- been a long and believe me when we were campaigning we are on empty all the time it was it was tough. So I go ahead unless I go ahead lay in bed now on the campaign with Carl Paladino you shared rooms with another person because we were trying to -- money. I had another campaign -- -- senior campaign -- in my room. I've been bad right on the sweet. And much the aid there was sleeping in the bed next to me told me that I sat up straight in my bed. And I said without using the actual words I got it. I left the word out. I went over my computer that we sitting on the little desks there in the Hilton and I wrote the following line which I thought the set the tone for a lot of things. The two candidates running against Rick Lazio's who was a go along get along establishment Republican and -- and at the history of being loser. And that we also had a Democrats the Republican leadership including Edward. Ridley finch Cox the force the chairman. By blood. And trying to was trying to recruited Democrat Steve Levy to run for governor. And we knew that they would do nothing. So we several these lines. One candidate out there wants to clean up Albany with a broom. And he won't. The other wants to clean up Albany with a mop and he can't. I'm -- clean up Albany with a baseball bat. -- because we must and the place went wild wild now. We were criticized for being too violent etc. etc. But at that time if you remember Carl Carl Paladino is numbers the likelihood of winning the Republican nomination was very slim was very early. But that baseball bat things stuck with and by the way I still think it takes a baseball bat -- Albany and -- embraced. -- embraced that I think are still -- the way. I was -- the campaign I think if Carl Paladino had gone to Albany things would be remarkably different -- Karl. Pledged. On the day he arrived at he would form a Moreland commission that's technical term it's brought through the Moreland things. You have to -- Warren commission has got to do with the statute that it's that makes the so but he was gonna put together morally commission on -- -- And it would have empowered them. I'd just like attorney general snyderman power of these folks as attorneys general. With the power to subpoena anyone they want it. But I'm quite certain that Carl would follow that through all the way incident quitting in the middle because we got to -- forums. Your wedding in the world war if you don't -- you don't try to cops on them. In that game let's keep this thing that hit the ball rolling. On with you what why are it would -- I hit it eight. All that. -- investigate. Right right. My right absolutely -- percent I'll buy -- -- thanks Mike. -- Thank you George in buffalo you're on the line. Okay think -- -- -- in that particular offshore. Would like to say they don't have a finance you. Definitely look at financial incentive to take away our collection what if they would treat if they weren't you. I know what to get to George I know which -- getting to these guys when they commit a crime when they commit a crime if they're found guilty they get to keep their pension. Right and I could hear your voice like it here. Yeah -- and federal prosecutor in Manhattan trust me color what shape is okay because this guy he's not attracting any. You get little warning and a accurate everybody get phone call at that particular call up. It. Georgia welcome bank -- -- to -- on the money though -- on the money it's all about the tension. I hope called -- -- limited. But called -- -- technical approach beautiful people get it done but they'll alienate people interest telling people what to change particularly much. Probably isn't any time George you give me call anytime you want you know we've got a whole bank calls here I want every -- 8030930. In the question. I have for you. Is you know most people think government politicians are corrupt are they corrupt we got a caller -- those ads -- -- like 95% of them are corrupt I don't. Number I think Clark a love it could look up. Yeah they're Obama -- a -- and I sort -- These guys make a comment about about working and Obama with -- Ukraine including denigrate -- united. State intent what we need to make we still got -- about countries you know part black president might do you find what it looked like. OK if you think electorate are black. Political between Ukraine and make -- statement. Directory we -- I'm here deterrent. Thanks for -- call I appreciate it listen we're gonna go pay some bills here on -- and I'm thirty WEB -- And and. Here under review by their government. Yeah. Tom -- show my name is -- Lieberman or Tom Thomas down on vacation you're stuck with me until Friday. We're talk about the -- commission. And really I have a question for you and -- we're gonna answer this question is much -- during the broadcast. Are all to our politicians corrupt or just what what you think 9% 40% 50%. Are they -- are more public service corrupt than not. These politicians. Just. Too far gone to save. Or is this whole -- commission problem an exception to all the public servants are honest and and working for you that's what I wanna hear from here on 8030930. Start ninth cellphone. Our politicians just too corrupt to give us. I'm not quite sure but -- in forest bill what's your opinion on this. I don't like. I -- distinguished gentleman very -- sure I was. I think that that -- this service I definitely think. There are all crooked and -- mine. Well you know I've I've done dozens and dozens and dozens of campaigns. Literally. In the seventies number -- and number. -- out in the United States and states are mean all across the United States and internationally have done. Half of by elections were in the former Soviet Union. And I can tell you my opinion. I try only worked all that work with honest people you don't know of course and you might elect them in their -- -- flip. Some of the people I've worked for have turned into being somebody I'm sorry that I got elected. But I don't think they are all crooked you know I don't think the army and I think there are people out there who really. Believe in what they're I would I think for example are pretty -- the station knows. David DPH we use him as an example Clinton or relief well that guy is on us is that they as well he's got his enemies mostly people he's beaten and elections. But he is audit says the days long and if you asked him to do something untoward for example I asked him. I told David you're gonna have to go negative on your -- on your opponent you're gonna have to talk about what they did in their personal -- David. Would never do. Never DiPietro would never do that. And you know there are a lot of there a lot of politicians out there were honest to a fall. I agree Mike I think Paladino would probably want Obama -- debt. Try to put it all and they -- they -- immunity then. You know pretty much -- any chance of nor have our side of the -- they have a say in what goes on. Well you know what you're right I -- -- loss for a couple of reasons I dare some of that blame as the manager of the campaign I've made some mistakes. -- -- sure -- got to vote for the guy and I honestly think that you shouldn't have been any worse than than. That's currently got an adult. -- you're right but here's the thing Carl spoke the truth everywhere he went even if they didn't like it. Unvarnished truth I saw him stand up in front of a crowd. Are predominantly African Americans and tell them the things that they did wanna hear. And I I was like Carl what he's doing he's like I'm telling the truth. And there's not a bat in politics there are people for example we're also politically correct right now. I mean there was this story that -- historian. About lock port actually wait meal would you hold on could -- expert I have to go to -- Obama second. Okay great record traffic one moment. While we got 66 excuse me 66. Degrees here in Buffalo, New York greater -- studios it is for 52 PM. And we are actually. On the line with -- from forceful I wanna remind you listeners were at 8030930. Starting thirty and your cell phone and our question today news. Are all politicians corrupt or there's some out there -- increased non -- I cut you off -- the middle what you're saying. -- Actually no actually I I cut myself. I want her talk about how Karl was speaking his mind the truth even though people didn't want to hear it and there's a great example today. The police department it's in USA today I don't know if you heard it's it's in USA today it's on -- walker it's on all the national shame shame shame sites. The police department in -- New York described a shooting spot suspect as a negro. In the -- and the police report. And the next line to the label on the the next the next to the line labeled complexion. Nineteen year old -- -- is listed as a negro it's followed by. There are being absolutely run up and down the flag pole you know for describing a suspect in a crime. As a dark negro. Now I don't think I've heard that word in a long time I would never use the word negro I think it's outrageous. Two to use of a normal speech. But I'm not quite sure I mean apparently this happens all the time -- Laporte it's something. It's at the script her and there are police lingo and they are getting killed for -- again and killed four. Well you could choose -- words carefully. But even -- politicians cricket dignity you know conflict. Not all of them are but there's such a great percentage of them that aren't labeled them all. Yeah well -- let me ask you you would you ever use the word negro. Now tribe which are not -- -- say I honestly that I never said you know of a racial slur in anger out there who like him. I can't -- -- -- that would put it. But you have been locked port police are saying that's not a slower and all kinds of people -- out of the woodwork especially at eureka legislator Betty Jean current -- take him task. I don't know what to see him. That particular storm to cover up everything else that -- enough that's okay you know but he won't he's -- -- -- -- they. -- -- it's a good pilot dog poop on it to some of that you know people look over here not over there and seeping into magic. Could just I would like to see -- more on commission to restart it again and I just. I'd look on my neighbors. I don't wanna control what they're doing -- I wanna sit there and tell my neighbor he can't he can't. And I'd look at Michael I think I'm a good person and if I'm that person that would do that some kind of people you. Want to do -- you. Right. Well let me tell you this. You're right the more than commission isn't even shut down right now officially. And the attorney general. Are -- well. And hey it's it's meant that it's if it is what it is his right up but we're -- I tell you. -- I urge you to tune in at the top of the 5 o'clock hour it's only a few minutes away and listen to John. Premier and that you Mexico remember Tom actually pick the proper pressure you know Islamic thought at all but that you have put their expertise in the Russian background and and it's really been nice to two here you. Well -- thank you much it's an honor for me I have a lot of respect for Tom -- You know Tom -- in a lot of ways is the voice of buffalo. I know that angers a lot of people who were bloggers but he's the voice of buffalo it's an honor to sit in form and these guys really work hard it's it's tough -- Particular expertise that -- -- good well -- The check is in the -- thank you very much really. -- Portugal pay some bills here on news radio 930 WB ENN.

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