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7-31 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Jul 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- I protest over the because the guys out for a walk one night decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a no -- I don't know I mean what. Didn't mind. People don't come to its life. He's -- local. It's Tom hourly. -- -- white women and good news radio. We're back here on news for -- of -- thirty WB Aaron. This is Michael good to import Tom -- it Tom is off this week on vacation. You've got me till Friday. And today is a rather big news day here in the Western New York in fact a big news day. In all of New York. I'll tell -- we've got somebody had spent the spent the entire afternoon yesterday talking about the Buffalo Bills I don't think we talked about politics. For thirty seconds yesterday perhaps we dipped into -- little bit with collars here -- there but it was a big day is you heard on the newscast. The Buffalo Bills -- billion dollar team. A billion dollar team that's it we're gonna see the Buffalo Bills purchased for more. More. Than the Miami Dolphins ones in 2008 that's remarkable. That's really quite remarkable now the question is is there are the bills worth. More than a billion dollars while everyone here in Western New York it's worth. It's priceless absolutely priceless. But the word isn't at this first came out of. A business first buffalo. They were talking about the fact that Terri the goal of the owner of the Buffalo Sabres. Had bid actually one point three billion dollars now that has not been confirmed. Are by the gore folks but. Let's face it Jim think over it a buffalo business first does not want to -- like this and his credibility. Is worth very much to him so when he puts the number up there and stands behind it. I believe him one point three billion dollars. Some people say ten or more. Group's bid for the Buffalo Bills by the deadline on Tuesday we know Tom Golisano didn't he says he's still -- eight. But he says that he didn't feel like the deadline was really applied to him and in fact. You can commit to talk to come -- with more a bigger -- it doesn't matter what time it is. It's certainly something that the bankers will entertain the private bankers who were working for the Wilson trust. But I was. Very curious to make sure that that was a true number one point three billion I've found no indication. That gym -- is wrong. I've talked to a lot of different people effect right before I came on the air today. I talked Donald Trump and Obama folks up there -- no I would do some work for Donald Trump here and I've been. Advising him limited fashion on his potential by bills. And and I want not a lot of talk about how big is big ones. He confirmed to me that if in fact here at the goal was bid is one point three billion dollars that it's going to beat him. -- A remarkable thing here now the one thing about mr. trump. He's his bid was all cash write a check no conditions and he swore to pledge to keep the bills in buffalo. For long -- team. All cash right up front one person one check -- -- There he owns the Buffalo Bills in wills and -- Is on their way with enough money to take care of their family for generations. Which is the whole point of the sale by the way. We don't. The Wilson family has been good to Western New York for a long long time we hope they. Don't take the -- the -- from the Canadian group as we know the movement actually. I don't care what John bond he says even if he says it. In -- two. -- -- music but. I don't care what he says he's going to move to Toronto bench he's gonna I would try to work with the buffalo will keep it in buffalo as long as we can. But of course he -- the plan is to move it to as soon as possible all the money with the habits wind up with him. Comes from Toronto for one reason. That's -- -- team but it looks like Terry who. Actual week. Put them in a spot. -- group may be put the spot in fact. There was an interesting article Toronto sun today John creek the writer -- very -- he's one of three here for writers of NFL writers. Including Tom Graham and some others that program but some others who I -- very close because they're very plugged in its -- creek seems to have. Everybody's -- right I mean certainly he's got everybody the information scenes but he says as we spoke yesterday we talked about the comments. -- one of the comments on the Buffalo News story -- -- One comment or who used the pseudonym said that the bid one point three billion could have been picked it seemed like an odd numbered open width. But if you did the math that priced Bon Jovi out of it. Not that the billionaires that are with him couldn't pony up more money in match the bid. But Jon Bon Jovi wants to be the front and if you wanna be the front front -- the principal owner of the Buffalo Bills. You have to have 30%. Of their ownership. So if you do the math. Apparently according to John creek. Bon -- could be worth upwards of 500 million dollars. But he would have to use substantially. All of it every single -- he has and he's not totally liquid. Every single nickel he has in order to match the -- by Terry cool and might bidding one point three billion dollars that big number right up front. -- the goal is sending the message to the Toronto group this team is staying in buffalo and if you want a bit higher come on I'm gonna do it too. Because -- has more cash. I don't appear more cash from the Toronto are billionaires were on Jovi but he's got more cash than just about anybody involved that's. He just made huge sale of our property leases. On areas of Pennsylvania -- That would he was going to use for ought to actually fret for natural gas and it gets really interest in the potential. The most likely older of the Buffalo Bills at this point Terry cool. It is. Makes his money from oil and gas from fracking from fracking. And I don't forget that Erie county or can it legislature last year of sorry earlier this year. Voted to forbid any fracking on Erie county land. Basically sending the message. With a back with the middle finger raised to the entire oil and gas industry. So here we have an oil and gas tycoon who was saving the Buffalo Bills and basically ignoring. The Erie county legislature went by the way Republicans behind. To condemn. The oil and gas industry. So. Pretty interesting I would love to see. Terry cool get the -- -- I've worked with Donald Trump by I -- I'm very supportive of his bid but mr. trump made it clear that he's going to be at what he believes the team is worth. And I think he's probably right in his -- -- of the real cash value the real monetary value with the Buffalo Bills is probably more close to. A billion or would that lasts but Terry Google has an emotional factor six. He wants to keep the bills in buffalo new pay whatever the price -- necessary to make that happen and he realizes apparently. Weird that pain threshold news. For Bon Jovi his cash. Bon Jovi he's willing to pay more than the than the you know Benoit but saint Ronald trump is willing to pay. Because he really wants to move the Buffalo Bills Toronto where they're actually worth more. So these premiums that are on that middle of the bid and kind of average value casket about a billion books. The premiums that Terry cool. And that's Jon Bon Jovi is builders are willing to put on the team price it out of the realistic market were. And may have like Richard Laura the owner of the pants blue ribbon these are the guys who might have been interested and that really is. Eager to. Throw money at the situation because they're looking for an NFL team I don't think -- particularly looking for the Buffalo Bills I believe. Donald Trump will end up with a team -- he. But it may not be the bills and if it's if if it's Terry -- Alright by me absolutely all right. So this this story by John -- in the Toronto -- I really recommend you read. Read that. And take it -- you can't not believe everything you read. I believe there's still a threat the Jon Bon Jovi will cost will be in buyer team and sneak it across the board I really believe that. And I think you know we may be surprised to find out the Jon Bon Jovi has more money or that he's willing to take second chair and let the billionaires from Toronto sit up front there are still some things. Afoot here. That could take -- team. So we ought to be very vigilant that we -- -- but Mary Mary Wilson and the Wilson trust know how much were counting them. We have to let the NFL though. Bit this town is not to stand for Jon Bon Jovi ownership group. It will be very very negative experience for Orchard Park next year's. But I'm I'm I'm encouraged I must tell you are encouraged our Islip on it right when I woke up and read. -- quick story I thought you know this is pretty good news you -- -- feel pretty good about the Buffalo Bills and we all by the way should -- keep our eyes on Terry who. And this is -- -- because if they pull this off. They're heroes in this community they're heroes. But as you know I wrote a blog called politics and white dot net I do not have the links to -- to that John creek story on you find -- on throngs on. Because that's not political news. The only thing I'd put on politics and -- political news. It's a political blog it's been around for about a decade or longer I've only for couple years. But. -- put on on via the left column of politics and wide dot net is called breaking in in that column. I post all the articles for that day that I think are relevant if you want to read just a handful of articles. Every day and be completely up on politics without having to sift through all the but say crap on the Internet. Just go to politics of -- that -- go to the breaking site click on this link and read those. I try to keep down the four or five. So the get through it -- answer drink coffee as you sit Everett who knows I haven't glazed donut and medium coffee with cream. But today we put 1234567. Stories up. On the breaking column politics and -- done because a lot of going. -- One thing in particular. We know yesterday. Of course that the Buffalo Bills were a billion dollar enterprise. The Buffalo News as a very interest extort a one you can fund breaking the Britain aside. Politics -- but politics involved in the courts. We also see. A bit of US attorney. Is threatening to investigate. Andrew Cuomo. Over his handling. Of the the the Portland commission that's a remarkable development -- reach just a little bits of New York Times story. I recommend you read the whole thing but it it's written by Susan Craig Thomas Kaplan and William rash bound. I believe was -- rationale that was actually each year deal on Monday with Cuomo covering his visit to buffalo he's the one the Cuomo kind of tried to make fun -- unsuccessfully Thomas Kaplan writes in the principal -- incredible journalist. The first paragraph in an escalation of the competition between the United States attorney in Manhattan pre borrow. And governor Andrew Cuomo over the governor's cancellation of his own anti corruption commission. Mr. Robert has threatened to investigate the Cuomo administration for possible to obstruction of justice or witness tampering. Now make make no mistake. If Cuomo committed crimes by by shutting down on the -- the moral of the commission that will come out. I don't know that he did I think there's a lot of elbow room there. I think he can do pretty much what he wants as the guy who convened whether it's ethical proper is another question but legally I don't think I don't hear anybody saying. -- broken any laws but here's the interest in part as I mentioned yesterday there it's not just the break -- the shutdown of the -- commission that is. A crime here it's not it's unethical perhaps -- it certainly speaks of the fact that it was unwilling to investigate corruption for sure. But here's what robbery is looking at the attorney general out of New York City whose whose name sounds more like a polka but it name -- -- He is saying that you if you were called yesterday what are actually Monday when Cuomo was here keep it for according to a letter. That was sent out by one of the members of the commission. I believe he's the district attorney the exit the Syracuse area and it's Patrick. Saying indeed nobody ever. -- and nobody ever the Cuomo administration Cuomo office nobody really messed with us I have not beaten. Intimidated. Nobody tried to stop us this -- solves this is all just off. And though -- -- he was here for his press conference squabble kept pointing at that letter to Specter by the way a Republican. In a town where the Republicans are often supported him well. So Fitzpatrick letter came out -- after Cuomo went off his press conference buffalo we saw more letters from -- to the commission members and treat Aurora. With south -- beer barrel polka. Beat. He cannot -- said you know what organizing letters from these commission members to cover your backside. For what she did amounts to. Witness tampering. You believe that witness tampering. I think it's spot on I tickets and these guys are witnesses each one he's commission members. Our witnesses to what happened how Cuomo was intimidating them manipulating them and eventually shut them down. I believe nine months early before they ever got to really ever dropping in bright and in fact that amounts to. Witness -- -- it's it's like like Nixon and Watergate it wasn't the crime that he went down four it was the carper. So we may not ever crime here we certainly have an ethical laps in an indication that the governor's not committed to clean up Albany. We may have crimes. That they have to do with this coverup afterwards. That's quite interesting because as a person whose work I've worked on dozens and dozens of political campaigns in America all over the world several different countries. When somebody takes a shot -- your candidate you go out you find people's surrogates we called them. To put out positive messages about your candidate press releases statements whatever it is interviews on talk radio. To make sure that your candidates. Reputation. Is reality. So when Cuomo saw that he was being taken to task by the New York Times last week on I believe Tuesday or Wednesday. And a remarkable two and a half page story there highlighted how he was manipulating. The. The -- The commission. He started moving immediately to take some of the commissioners and get those positive messages out there to two to -- him back. But in a in a criminal situation a situation. Where corruption is being investigated in fact a corruption investigation is being shut down. The US attorney. In New York City is saying it's this amounts to carper. The typical political move of finding surrogates to defend me. Amounts to cover that is absolutely remarkable I think you're spot on and I think Andrew Cuomo suddenly as a problem. But let me ask you this you know attorney general Schneider man Eric vitamin. According to poll 60% of the people in the in New York State have no idea who uses but he was responsible for office. Of this commission the more commission in fact he was able to appoint nearly -- third. Of the commissioners and he made all of them a -- deputy attorneys general. Under his office officially he deputized. Just like Estes. I think it was guns. All of them were deputies profitable star's chest that said Cuomo deputies in fact. Snyderman was responsible for this when Cuomo shut it down since then we've heard nothing. From attorney general -- snyderman. That's we're gonna talk about David is here's the issue can we take down Andrew Cuomo for doing all of this and the and the proper perhaps. Most likely not because he has. We have his opponent. Rob master Reno has an optical -- To try to win this Cuomo in deep deep deep -- they practice he has all the Ericsson name ID it's very difficult for and -- a challenger to be an agent. But you know who's vulnerable Eric Schneider. And the Republican opponent church and John Cahill is making an issue of this and that's what we're gonna do -- -- talk about not just the -- commission but really. Has why is Eric Schneider and Heidi -- -- -- why did he do nothing to continue this investigation and let Andrew Cuomo walk all the back. We'll talk about that and other things that we come back here on news radio 930 WB EM. Oh we're back here under 30930 WB and Tom Farley show on I apologize that music that is not my choice. That is. The Joseph. X I have to say this reminds me back on back in the day when I was younger in the late nineties. On my parents had a -- was called club hits and it was volume one. And that song was on it then the mockery and have a great great great if that went with this this was I think the mid to early ninety's. Here's -- -- -- to go to nightclubs and I was of age to do that in in in Russia I was in my thirties who lived in Moscow. No matter what night club I went to that came on at some point maybe once maybe twice in the whole place would just light up. I would throw open my mouth of course. I was -- finds the -- they had they had the Backstreet boys and everybody on its head against version of Paula Cole's where have all the help. -- -- great to -- that. Well what. Here we go we also know you won't even if you did find it out and make you -- play it's -- -- Africa it's. Well I think -- still possible to put it on all right the bigger door stops here. Oh what's that -- Solace in -- get into day today. Every Russian my club played scare every one that I still do it probably up. I told the store I first moved to efforts that miss that I've visited Russia. When they were trying to convince him to move over the Kremlin was courting me. From my job. I was taken out one night into the underground club scene in in Moscow in 1993 that was pretty significant icing underground a lot of the basements in. They were allowed to play the world. To. So it was an incredible experience that Whitman went into that would they consider to be the most crazy underground. Entered east achy. Nightclub in Moscow they called it from a nice thing out there. My first time when I went there I walked in I thought I was -- -- the increase punk music Russians with spiked your whatever. And I was over the bar and they were playing -- -- -- -- -- -- I play in an underground club again after open mind. I again about you know he loves -- I know I think after the edit that out of the podcasts. Michael brutal in for Tom Bauerle by the way you got you're stuck with -- so tomorrow comes off on vacation well deserved vacation by the way. This is not easy work I've really tried to learn as much like that I'm an amateur at this I'm not a broadcaster although. I'm enjoying pretending broadcaster and you guys are very very polite and very. It here I've just how nice guys have been and the listeners here. Very compliment I really appreciate -- try very hard and it's it's it's tough work especially when you have a full time job. And you're doing other things like I'm doing like run in this blog politics and wider and it's tough to keep up with. Politics here in New York but if you go to politics and -- done that I'd I'd I'd run a running list. Of the most important articles of the date western your perspective on politics today for champ Robert's article from New York Times to live with that there. The talks about how in Russia. The Russians. Are actually started to give a little bit fed up with -- interest in -- if you read it as someone who lived there for the better part of the decade. I'm actually a bit alarmed that they're getting fed up with Russia went with potent. It's not exactly prevalent yet the idea of the people are -- and maybe we should be so aggressive that's significant there's also. -- had an article from the daily news that talks about how demo a Democrat on Democrat campaigning. Democrat V Democrat. Primary campaign made mess up. The deal that Cuomo cart. So that the Democrats who or in an alliance with the Republicans in the New York State Senate votes the Republicans partially control that body that's. That may end up being broken down Democrats may not take over the New York State Senate the -- are still fighting among Democrats. -- hearing these renegade Democrats have been working with Republicans. In addition and I think -- this is very significant what we're gonna talk about today. A lot of news about the Moreland commission. And one thing that comes to mind that's very important and it is written in the times union you can see it at times dot com if you go to the breaking sectional politics and white dot net. There's a link to. This story by Brandon audience pretty good journalist over. The times in the political department actually -- the Brandon replaced Jimmy Bjork and Jimmy laughed and went to capital and capital New York dot com. -- on this show quite a bit. But according to. The law. This Moreland commission this corrupt the -- and commission to investigate corruption. It's actual name is the -- and commission to investigate public corruption. Went into court -- It was shut down. All he did was stand up and hold him that it's okay go home he actually left the panel and legal limbo. Because he never rescinded the executive order that he issued to establish that commission. So 23 of its 25 members argument you'll remember that in the last -- -- mentioned the attorney general. Eric Schneider men deputized. All of these people as attorneys general. As deputy -- -- so torn -- 835 members who were deputized still our deputies deputy attorney general. Each one of Lamar. End quote always say well I really didn't need his spokesman knock him of course. He's the didn't need to disbanded officially didn't he didn't do rescind the executive order which is like saying. I didn't shut the door but the door doesn't need to be shot because nobody tears go through that or wallets open in fact Cuomo didn't need to ship. So in fact the -- commission still exist still exist today right now. And there are still 23 new deputy attorneys general who ought to have because they're deputized report to attorney general Eric Schneider. So attorney general Eric Seidman now has. The -- commission to investigate public corruption in his -- he could pick it up right now and run with it and continue this investigation but he -- doing. He's hiding it's that he's not saying anything. At all nothing. He's -- In fact there's a story in the paper today. I didn't think there was interest in -- put upon politics and white dot net but there was -- reported in New York City newspaper. Bit Eric's statement the attorney general of New York State was seen having launched yesterday. With the US attorney -- Ferrara. Who is going after who actually Witten got the records at the moral and tried tried to. She read mine stand and he is pursuing them Orleans leads that they could be gotten more than -- expected to. So Eric snyderman is taking. The top line. To invite pre Peru are to launch and have its launch -- by the way. The City Hall restaurant in New York City a very high profile see and be seen place so that people will say well he's talking to the US attorney so perhaps he's pursuant -- helping doing something but it backed. John -- The Republican who ran against him -- saying that he's doing nothing and if you look round he is doing and that's we're gonna talk about today about should. Where is Waldo where is attorney general Schneider. Is even interested in this or is he running wake if he's afraid. Of the shadow. Of Andrew Cuomo. I'm not quite sure the answer that it would get some answers I think at 4 o'clock here on new freedom at the WB and we're gonna get some political perspective. From nick -- were the the chairman of the Erie county Republican committee he's gonna call and I value his opinion on these things were to talk about what numbers -- for example. Him. This guy Schneider -- even BP. Not in clear and -- askew during the show today do you actually believe there's an honest politician out there. You believe it. I -- politics second period. In my opinion. Gives call 8030930. Start ninth noted yourself or we'll be back right after pay her bills -- news -- 930 WB here. And you're exclusive AccuWeather forecast to -- Our or thunderstorm in spots during the evening might otherwise patchy clouds. Low sixty degrees clouds and sunshine tomorrow with a shower or thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon I have 81. Mostly cloudy department with a shower in the area mean we early load 63. -- Saturday times of clouds and sun with a couple of showers and thunderstorms. In the afternoon -- high. A 78 degrees -- all of these cold nights I love them I mean. It reminds me -- -- when I was living. In Florida on my tugboat. That it didn't matter how much Casey I add that nights in Florida in this in August and this time of year late July August. Unbearable. I lay in my house and Easter or by the way the nicest village. On the planet for you went east or New York. Lay in my house and east were my windows open at nine a little cool breeze this is heaven and no we suffer a little bit in the winter here. But. Men -- this weather's tremendous. Now I'm trying to find Tim -- tweet here I'm unable to do right now but Tim Graham. I actually said as you haven't party adoption. Joseph Bieber. -- -- That regardless of actual figures I'm told differential with the goal has gone Joseph B group discouraged about -- and successful as currently structured. That's interest when he says differential it's that whole analysis that that anonymous. Comments -- On the Buffalo News was going through yesterday that we read on on point by by pricing it at one point three billion. Bon Jovi can't come up with the cash just by air but it's got to be forced. And also sports -- Toronto awesome would it -- something. So this is this I trust grant grant doesn't do things like gadget freak you just say thanks put his name on things that that he doesn't actually believe 100%. I trust him I I think Bon Jovi is live on a prayer at this time I could -- I couldn't equipment in live about a career. On to -- -- retirees something couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Screw you Bon Jovi. All right well listen we're talking about the moral and commission were talking about. How bad has an effect on the attorney general -- we're gonna at the top of this hour for awkward to have. We're gonna have nick language the chairman of the Republican Party here you're county who has his finger plug and by the way a matchup you know decline were being. I would I play in politics a little bit locally and statewide mostly am involved in politics outside of New York nationally by. -- release is by far I believe I've met all 63. By far the best Republican chairman that's out there. He's far better -- the state chairman Edward -- finch Cox of the force. Who can't fight his way out of a paper bag but. You can't if you want some information on politics somebody to call the horse race the retailer who's up who's down one numbers here and there. Knew quite what it knows about hearts -- would ask him about this when asked about this race between. John -- And air snyderman it's very very closely in fact people are saying it's the probably. The only possible pick up for the Republican Party I'd like to think that we can also do better and do well. In the comptroller races -- the the governor's race but this one looks winnable. But it attached to -- dasburg mix. Opinion on what's gonna happen with them won't because this is it's our talent -- popular people in our our in Albany -- talk to people in New York City talking to people in Washington. This is one of those things we -- wait for the next shoe to drop. And the with -- on the other side -- there's there's a caterpillar. With a thousand legs and everyone has a foot. With a -- -- there -- -- thousand choose to follow on this whole thing and Cuomo is in a corner but he so far ahead. He's so popular so well -- The risk -- -- feed him it's an uphill battle Roberts would be much much better governor. But this guy Eric -- in the attorney general who was fallen down on his job on this Mormon thing completely. He's silent he's hiding like quite Cuomo was last week. Completely hiding he is vulnerable sixty plus percent. Of of New Yorkers have no idea who years that's a recipe for disaster for -- really is a recipe for disaster so he's gonna. Have. The mic like -- Help us understand the horse race and what's possible here with aren't more Olympic wealth gonna talk to John Cahill. At 5 o'clock he's among the top of the hour tell us what his opinion on this we have an invitation into attorney general Eric Schneider and but he is actually hiding from reporters who like him. And hiding from radio stations who. Would back him. And make excuses for him so he's not gonna come on WB and I think he's welcome. And if you listen because you don't talk about that your attorney general you're welcome to come on -- something needs to defend the fact that you aren't know we're. Nowhere. To be found. It pays the bills here on news radio 930 WB and will be right back.

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